The Top 7 Candle MLM Companies

In today’s post, we’re going to review the top 7 Candle MLM Companies.

As a child, I was quite involved in the Boy Scouts. While I did quite well attaining Merit Badges, the memory of the candle making badge I was trying to earn still gives me nightmares.

It was mid-winter in Fort Dodge, Iowa. It was still Christmas vacation and mom and my step-dad had to work. I made my way to the hobby store with money I had received and bought a candle making kit. On the way home, I stopped at one of my friend’s house to have him come and witness that I had indeed made the candle. He was a Boy Scout, too.

I followed the directions carefully… All except the one that said you should have adult supervision. I lined up the candle molds and held the wicks in place with pencils as the directions said. The pan was heating up and the wax chunks were melting. I added the coloring.

I turned to throw something in the trash and I heard a gasp and yelp from my friend. Turning, the flames were shooting up. I did what any amateur firefighter would do – I threw water on it. Never throw water on flaming wax!

The water spread the flames and we had a full-fledged fire. While I was in a panic, my friend recalled the firefighting lessons… Use baking soda or flour… That is what we did.

Long story shortened… Insurance paid for the damage but it didn’t pay for the 20 belts I got to my bare butt cheeks. I decided I would never attempt to make a candle ever again. It is only purchased candles for me.mlm candle companies

Top 7 Candle MLM Companies

With that being said, here are the top 7 Candle MLM Companies, as I see it.

# 7: Enchanting Scents Designs

Founded by Gail Rener in 1998, Enchanting Scents Designs started as just a hobby and has grown into a profitable MLM Company.

While I am not impressed with the company website; it seems to have been designed by an amateur, I do see many testimonials to the quality of this company’s candles.

Our representatives have the freedom to sell the products the way they choose. Reps are allowed to choose the fragrances they offer their customers in any sales venue: home shows, craft shows, flea markets, fairs, websites, etc. Start-up cost is $15.00, including a personalized website. There are no inventory requirements or monthly sales quotas.

Source: Enchanting Scents Designs

# 6: Soylicious Candle LLC

Using a party-plan system for selling these all-natural soy candles, Soylicious was started in mid 2014.

Soylicious is headquartered in the New York Hudson Valley. Soylicious sells 12 various fragrances of candles and prices are quite comparable to retail.

As for the compensation, those who have parties and sell a certain amount will receive candle credits.

My handcrafted soy candles are available in a wide variety of scents, colors and sizes. I use only the highest quality, non-diluted fragrances. I use non-toxic, biodegradable, Eco-friendly natural soy wax made from 100% natural soybeans. My candles contain no paraffin, beeswax or petroleum wax. The wicks are 100% cotton – they contain no lead, zinc or metal of any kind.

Source: Soylicious Candles LLC Facebook page

# 5: Scent-Sations

In 2002, three men saw a need for a candle that would burn clean, smell fresh and last long. These three men were:

  • Bob Scocozzo
  • Charles Umphred
  • and Carmen Milazzo

They founded the candle MLM, Scent-Sations. Headquartered in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Scent-Sations has branded the high selling Mia Bella candles that sell quite well all over the U.S. and Canada.

In seeing distributor reviews, the compensation plan is fun, fair and profitable.

Mission: To provide an opportunity for a better life through unique, high-quality products, excellent compensation and business integrity.

Source: Scent-Sations Facebook page

# 4: MojiLife

Everyday in America, a fire starts as a result of a candle.

Darin Davis knew this and set out to develop a flameless candle. A candle that would still give the fragrance and soft light without the danger of fire.

In 2013, MojiLife and its signature product, the AirMoji was a reality.

Headquartered in Lindon, Utah, MojiLife’s independent business owners have not only the AirMoji, but they also have many other products:

  • Essential oils
  • Cleaners
  • Home décor
  • and much more

Our mission culminates with our motto, “Enjoy Every Moment”. For us, that is not only a call to live life to the fullest but to enrich others through our charitable missions of service and support. Independently, each of us can offer assistance. Together, we can enrich lives, and communities, making a difference for children in exceptional ways!

Source: MojiLife

candle sales in the USA

# 3: PartyLite

When Mabel Baker made candles in Cape Cod back in 1909, the neighbors were delighted. The sweet odor just put smiles on their faces.

In 1973, what Mabel had started became PartyLite based in Norwell, Massachusetts.

The company has independent representatives all over the world. These reps can sell

  • candles
  • flameless fragrances
  • home décor
  • and more

At PartyLite, we believe that direct selling is more than making money. It’s about a steadfast commitment to customer service and ethical business practices.

Source: PartyLite

# 2: Scentsy

While not actual candles, but rather wax warmers, the concept is the same. Melted fragrances in wax that give your home a delightful odor.

You see, Orville Thompson was at a swap meet and met some ladies selling these wax warmers. The entrepreneur side kicked in and Orville and Heidi Thompson soon owned the new business that would be called Scentsy. That was in 2004.

With a huge range of home products including wax warmers, home based Scentsy business owners love the company and the compensation.

Our Mission: To bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul.

Source: Scentsy

# 1: Jewelry In Candles

I give this Candle MLM Company top honors because of their unique candle system.

You see, there is a jewel in every purchased candle. Could you find a

  • diamond
  • opal
  • garnet
  • or maybe a ruby?

It all started in 2012 in Jeffersonville, Indiana and has grown huge.

Now, Jewelry In Candles has a huge range of products their distributors can sell.

Jewelry In Candles is an amazing company and rightfully deserves this #1 position.

At Jewelry Candles, we believe that surprises make people smile. We know just how fun it is to receive a prizes in unexpected ways, which is why we began crafting candles with jewelry inside. We joined the market in 2012, and quickly gained popularity on Facebook. We love how enthusiastic everyone is about our fun, high-quality products – it inspires us to keep coming up with innovative ways to bring you joy!

Source: Jewelry In Candles

national candle association stats

Final Thoughts

There you have my opinion of the top 7 Candle MLM Companies. Do you agree or not? Please tell us your thoughts below.

If candles are your passion, maybe one of these Candle MLM Companies would be right for you. Thanks for visiting and please share this post with other candle lovers.

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6 thoughts on “The Top 7 Candle MLM Companies”

  1. Hey! The article about the selling of candles was so good too! I’m going to send this to a friend of mine who sells candles. But I think everybody should read it.

    I usually don’t care so much about the scent of the candles I bought because I’m not picky about smells but I always choose a candle for what they look like! I love to have many of them around my house and looking nice and elegant.

  2. As a person who loves home decor and aesthetic vibes, I am a huge fan of scented candles. I have received scented candles as gifts and it made me really happy. The above listed companies looks amazing to me, but the most attracted me is “Jewelry In Candles”. I mean, no wonder it is at the top of the list, it sounds amazing that they put jewelry inside candles, it is such a clever way to attract the customers, I mean who does not like free gifts? I also like the idea of “MojiLife” for developing a flameless candle, it is such a fantastic idea to avoid fire accidents. Making candles can be fun and peaceful but dangerous, as long as it is made with caution, its fine. I am so going to check out the “Jewelry In Candles” company for sure.

    1. Yes, everyone loves a free gift and most people love jewelry. I know most ladies do. Just imagine, you get to burn your favorite scent and get a free piece of jewelry in it. Talk about a win-win!

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