Top 7 Tips for Calling Your MLM Leads

Today, I want to share some tips for calling your MLM Leads.  For the purpose of this article, I’m going to assume that you are not cold calling people.  Instead, I’m going to assume that you are calling leads that you generated yourself.  If you want advice on cold calling people, you should read this post.

Once you’ve generated a lead, it’s very important to give them a call and talk to them. Don’t take shortcuts and try to do everything by email or on Facebook.  I know that using the phone might scare you, but trust me, it will be your best friend!  The phone lets you work smart. It allows you to “connect” with your lead and differentiate yourself from everyone else who is trying to do everything online.

top 7 tips for calling your mlm leads - asks question

# 1 Ask Questions

The person who asks questions is in control of the conversation!  Never forget that.  You want to remain in control of the conversation at all times.  The only way to really do that is to be the person asking the questions.  Have 10-20 questions written down that you can ask your prospect.  Here are a few example questions:

  • Why are you looking to start a business?
  • What type of businesses have you done in the past?
  • What type of business would you like to have?
  • What are you naturally good at?
  • Which part of our ad excited you the most – the products or the business?
  • Have you ever done network marketing before?
  • How much time a week do you have to work a business?
  • Do you have XXX amount of money to start a business?

These are just a few questions that come to mind.  Ultimately, you want to ask a few good questions so you can PRE-QUALIFY your prospect, to see if they are a good fit for your business.

# 2 Listen

This sounds like common sense, but most network marketers really mess this up.  After you ask a question, be quiet and listen.  Let your prospect talk.  Take notes and listen to what they are saying.  Don’t interrupt them or be in a rush to respond to what they say.

# 3 Pre-Qualify

As I mentioned a moment ago, you are trying to pre-qualify your prospect BEFORE you set up an appointment with them to show them the plan.  You don’t want to waste your time with tire kickers and dead beats.  You want to make sure the person (1) wants their own business, (2) has the desire to work, (3) is coachable, and (4) has the money to get started.  There is NO reason to show a presentation to someone who isn’t pre-qualified.

# 4 Set an Appointment

The purpose of your call (other than pre-qualifying someone) is to set an appointment with them to give a complete presentation.  You do not want to give them too much information or try to show them the plan right then and there.  Stay in control of the conversation and set a time to give a complete presentation, only if they are pre-qualified.  Don’t let the prospect take control of the conversation.

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# 5 Be Nice

This should be common sense.  Be nice and kind to everyone, even if they treat you like a jerk. Be a professional.

# 6 Be Confident and Have Posture

Don’t come across as desperate or needy.  Be confident and have posture.  Believe in yourself, the industry, your company and product line.  You don’t NEED any one person.  Don’t be afraid to “take it away” when needed.  Remember that people are attracted to leaders who are experts and professionals.  No one wants to buy or do business with someone who is needy or desperate.

top 7 tips for calling your mlm leads - Be confident

# 7 Be Short and to the Point

If you are doing things right you shouldn’t be on the phone with any one prospect for much more than five to ten minutes.  Any longer than that and you are talking too much.  Ask a few questions, pre-qualify your prospect, set an appointment to do a complete presentation and then get the HECK off the phone!

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are my top 7 tips for calling your MLM leads.  Remember that the phone is your best friend.  As you are generating leads online or offline, it’s very important that you pick up the phone and give them a call.  Spend a little time to ask questions and pre-qualify them and set an appointment with them to see a complete presentation.  Never try to explain your business in detail on the initial call!  Be confident, have posture and try to have fun!

What are your thoughts?  What are your best tips for calling your MLM leads?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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9 thoughts on “Top 7 Tips for Calling Your MLM Leads

  1. I wanted to add something that is very important. You hit on it with #6 about being confident and have good posture. Many who call immediately apologize for calling. Saying you are sorry for calling is a sign of weakness, and most people will jump on that immediately. Think about it….you have nothing you need to apologize for. If they didn’t want phone calls, they wouldn’t have a telephone, or they would have it turned off.

    The second part is: when you meet them face to face, dress appropriately. Under or over dressing can be a hindrance to what you are trying to accomplish.

    • I do think that people tend to underestimate the impact the way they look has on others when trying to promote your business. Some people believe that if they do a good enough job presenting the company or the product then that will be enough, and honestly it should be. However, the way we look is a much larger representation of who we are as business people. If we dress professionally, then people tend to believe that we are in fact professional and organized in our business dealings.

  2. Listening and being kind are such simple steps, but steps that are also often not taken. People can be so caught up in sharing information that they over-talk their leads or cut them off in an effort to tell them just one more thing. Also, it is quite surprising how brash people can come off in their effort to try to convince someone to become a part of their team.

    • We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. We should use them in that proportion.

  3. Hi Chuck,

    Excellent post. I wish I could disagree with something , but I can’t. I will say that it is absolutely amazing what people will tell you, if you let them!

    • Yes, you can learn a lot by asking questions and listening.

  4. This was a very good post Chuck. There are two things here that I feel are of utmost importance. As an ex telemarketer, listening is probably the biggest problem with people who call to sell and network market. In many cases, prospects will tell you the answer to getting them to buy or sign up if we just listen, but in many cases, we are so busy trying to talk over them, we are not hearing what they are telling us. The other one is being short and to the point. There is nothing most people hate more than a short story turned into a 2 hour novel.

    • Everyone would benefit by becoming a better listener.

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