Top 7 MLM Companies in Egypt

egyptMLM, direct sales, network marketing, all are similar in nature. There are many people who voice their opinion that any and all of these are illegal pyramids. But the fact is, nearly every organization and business operates on a pyramid format.

I have found that if, like any business, you put in the hard work and dedication, you can be financially free by having a home based MLM business.

Now it is true that a few of the businesses that have used a MLM format have been unsavory just as some traditional businesses have done some bad things in the name of greed. That is why you should always be diligent about researching a MLM company before joining.

That is why Chuck started Online MLM Community and also why I love writing for this blog. It is a way for you to learn before jumping into a business.

Today, we are going to travel to the land of pyramids. Not pyramid schemes, but actual pyramids… Egypt.

These are the top 7 MLM companies in Egypt. And at the end, I will put links to the company website.

#7: Oriflame

Oriflame cosmetics was founded in 1967 by 2 Swedish brothers. This company has expanded into all parts of the world and Egypt has been a prime location.

Even with strict import regulations, Oriflame has been staying strong in Egypt.

Oriflame is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

#6: Tupperware

Let’s admit it, housewives in all parts of the world hate seeing food go to waste. But how to store those leftovers?


Tupperware is greatly accepted in Egypt and this company which was founded by Earl Tupper in 1948 has continued to be popular worldwide.

#5: Avon

This company that offers a wide range of personal care items was founded back in 1886. Once headquartered in New York, the company now controls operations from London, England.

Avon is loved in Egypt but tighter government controls has made it harder for Avon doing business there.

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#4: Amway

You are probably familiar with Amway. Founded in 1959 and headquartered in Michigan, Amway has a wide variety of products. There are nutritional supplements, water and air cleaning systems as well as cleaning products.

You see Amway operates in well over 100 countries and Egypt is no exception.

You can visit the Amway global website to learn more. It is in the reference section.

#3: Osool

Osool is an Egyptian based direct sales company that sells jewelry.

It was founded in 2014 and has made great strides in its home country.

I would not be surprised if Osool becomes a worldwide jewelry company.

#2: LEO

It stands for Learning Enterprises Organization.

It is a full blown entrepreneur training system that was started and headquartered in the United Kingdom. LEO has grown and also has offices in Cairo, Egypt.

This great direct sales company is training future entrepreneurs.

#1: Qnet

20 years and going strong, Qnet was formed in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and headquartered in Hong Kong. The company could be compared to the Amway of Asia and the Middle East as they market and sell a huge range of products.

Qnet has had its share of controversies, but the company keeps striving through and has a plethora of happy representatives as well as customers.

Qnet easily holds the top spot in Egypt and continues to get stronger.

Final Thoughts

I was originally going to make this a top 10 post, but MLM has been hampered in Egypt with extreme government regulations on imports.

Many MLM companies who are willing to do business in Egypt cannot afford the extremely high tariffs.

Are there any Egyptians here with us? Is there any other MLM companies that should be on this list? Do you agree with my findings?

You can post all comments and questions below. Thank you.

And since there is so much talk about pyramids, watch this video:



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