Top 7 Free MLM Lead Generation Techniques

Are you looking for free lead generation tips and techniques? If so, I can give you a few pointers. There are several ways to generate free leads online and offline. I will cover some of my favorite free lead generation ideas below.  They are listed in no particular order.

1. Referrals: Without a doubt, referrals are my favorite source of leads. Not only are they my favorite source of leads, but I’ve also found them to be the best quality source of leads. Regardless of which type of industry you are involved with, you should ask your current and former customers for referrals. If you treat people right, and provide excellent customer service, you shouldn’t have any difficulty getting referrals. All you have to do is ASK.  Another great idea is to create a referral program, where you compensate people for giving you referrals.  The bottom line is that everyone you talk to should lead you to other people.

2. Prospecting: Most people come in contact with 100-200 people each day, if not more. I recommend you stick your hand out and introduce yourself to people.  Strike up a friendly conversation by asking questions. Put a smile on your face and listen to what they have to say. Make a positive first impression and get their business card or phone number. You can follow up with them about your products or business a couple days later.  Think about it this way: If you talked to two people a day for a year, that would be 730 prospects!  Even if you only sponsored 10% of those prospects, that would be 73 new personally sponsored distributors.

3. Sizzle Cards: I love sizzle cards.  While they are not completely free, they are very, very low cost.  I have my sizzle cards made for about one to two cents each.  A sizzle card is a like a combination of a business card and flier.  It has a catchy headline, a few benefit statements and a call to action.  You should print them on bright colored paper and leave them in public places and give them to people you meet.

4. Your Blog or Website: If you are serious about your network marketing business and have a long-term view, I highly recommend you have your own blog or website. The purpose of a website is to brand you as a leader and to showcase what you have to offer.  On your blog, you can have an opt-in form, like I do.  You can give away something for free, in order to generate leads.

5. YouTube Videos: YouTube is a very effective way to get free leads.  You don’t need a website either.  Videos are easy to make and upload.  Focus on educating and entertaining people and provide a link to your capture page below your videos (in the description box).  Set a posting schedule on YouTube and upload at least one to two videos every week.  Be consistent and within a year or two you can start generating some good leads.

6. Drop Cards: A Drop Card is very similar to a sizzle card.  It’s about the size of a postcard. One of the more popular drop cards is the fake $100 bill.  You simply drop these drop cards while you are out and about running errands, you give them to people and you leave them in public places.  Your drop card might have your website on it, along with a call to action.

7. Fliers: I like using fliers to grow my business.  Fliers are really cheap, and you can hand out a few hundred in an hour or so.  I think it’s best to give fliers to people in your target market, rather than just anyone.  For instance, if you sell wellness products, maybe you could hand out fliers outside of the gym.  The more targeted your target market, the better.

Final Thoughts

We just covered seven of my favorite free MLM Lead Generation techniques. Obviously, there are many other great ways to generate leads. While I think it’s wise to advertise, you can also expand your business by using some of the guerrilla marketing techniques mentioned above. The key to success is to pick one strategy, come up with a game plan, and take massive action CONSISTENTLY for a few YEARS.  Nothing good will happen overnight.

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Chuck Holmes
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6 thoughts on “Top 7 Free MLM Lead Generation Techniques”

  1. I like the idea of sizzle cards, can you recommend a good company to get them from, I would like to get some made for my Advocare business.

    Thanks for post!!

    1. I make all of my sizzle cards myself, Justin. I just make them on my home computer and then take them to the print shop to have them printed. So, I don’t really have a company that I recommend. Vistaprint might be a good starting point.

  2. I am going to try out the drop card routine. Something just tells me that this would be a great system. If it is something that looks valuable, people will tend to bend over and read what is on it. I love the $100 bill idea, but I need to think up something new and different. Do you have any ideas?

    I also must agree that referrals are great leads. Most people will not give you a name and phone number unless they know that person likes what you have. Referrals are some of the best leads you can get.

    Thanks for this post Chuck; everyone likes free.

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