Top 47 Ways To Make Money From Home

For the last 8 years, the income I make is primarily done from within the comfort of my home.

When I was starting out as a freelance writer, I also was examining other methods to bring some cash to the table, as the first year or two was not consistent with available work.

Like many of you reading this post, I fell into the trap of buying someone’s publication telling me ways to make money from home that I could have found on the internet without paying them $20 to tell me I should have a garage sale.

As long as you are willing and you have the ability to work at home without being interrupted, there are plenty of ways to make money from home.

Personally, I make more money working from home than I did in the factories, plus there is no commuting, and I have more flexibility in my schedule.

In today’s post, I am going to share the top 47 ways to make money from home.

I used statistics to see what some of the top work at home jobs are and I have ordered them starting at #47 and working down to #1.

I will also share some links to websites where you can learn more or even sign up to start making money.

So scroll down and find the best jobs to make money from home.

47: Sell Used DVDs And Cds

There is a huge market for used DVDs and Cds.

If you have already watched or listened to them, why just keep them around gathering dust?

Also, you can sell your friends and families used Cds and DVDs and give hem a cut.

Here are 2 sites you can use:

  1. Decluttr

  2. Second Spin

Or, you can read this book on how to do it.

stylist marketing46: Hair Stylist Or Barber

There are many people making a good living fixing people’s hair in their own home.

You will want to see if you need a license, but this can be a lucrative way to make an income.

45: Party Planner

Many people do not want to take the time to plan a party.

It could be a simple birthday party for a child or a major banquet for a large corporation.

All it takes is advertising your party planning home-based business and you will start getting phone calls.

Here is a great article on starting a party planning business:

44: Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an art form that many have neglected in their thoughts of making money.

Calligraphy experts are needed to do simple postcards up to wedding invitations.

If you know calligraphy, you could make a lot of money.

Here is an article that explains more:

43: Create An Online Course

Everyone of us have a talent or skill that other people would like to learn, so why not teach them and make money doing so?

You can create an online course using video, books and whatever else you need to teach he course, and charge for it.

A great program to do this is Teachable where you have complete control.

42: Be An Online Travel Agent

While it does take some classes to gain certification as a travel agent, I may be well worth your time.

Help book people’s vacations, business trips and more, all from the comfort of your home on your personal computer.

Many independent travel agents make upwards of $40,000 per year.

Here is a great course for you to learn how to do it.

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41: Grow And Sell Produce

You don’t have to own acres upon acres of land to make money in agriculture.

Just plant a sizable garden and sell the produce.

No matter where you live, you can grow fruits or vegetables.

I know many people here in Puerto Rico make good money selling avocados, papayas, oranges and more.

Here is an excellent article from the University of Minnesota:

40: Raise Chickens

This falls into the same area as #41.

You do not need a huge area to raise chickens, but it is wise to have a strong chicken coop.

You don’t want dogs, cats or any other animals killing your chickens.

You can make money selling eggs or even frying chickens.

Learn more from the Farmer’s Almanac:

39: Telemarketing

Many sales companies have stopped using telemarketing operations within their offices and have decided to either hire or contract telemarketers to work in their own homes.

This is a great way to make money from home especially if you like talking on the phone.

You can find telecommute telemarketing jobs here:

38: Grow And Sell Plants

make money
Our Red Palms
Copyright G. Boudonck

Just walk through a plant store and look at the prices.

Why not raise the same plants in your land and sell them?

By the way, if you need a Red Palm Tree, I will sell one for only $150.

37: Consulting

You are surely an expert at something, and many companies would like to have you expertly advising them in that area.

Here is an article that fits the bill:

36: Breed And Sell Dogs

If you have the love of dogs that some people have, you may want to consider this high profit home-based business.

There are some breeds of dogs that sell for a lot of money.

Some of the dogs that bring the biggest sales are:

  • Samoyeds

  • English Bulldogs

  • Chow Chows

  • and Lowchens

Learn how to become a dog breeder.

35: Medical Case Manager

If you have a nursing degree but have no desire to work outside your home, here are a great deal of opportunities for medical case managers to work in telecommute positions.

You can see some here:

social media manager34: Social Media Consultant

Does your life revolve around Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social sites?

There are many companies that need someone like you to help them manage their social media accounts.

Most of this work you can do at home, but the company may have you come to a meeting every once in awhile.

33: Product Testing

Many companies need products tested before they put them on the store shelves.

Some of these companies will allow you to keep the product and also pay you to test it and submit a review of the item.

While I don’t believe this can make you full time wages, it can be good extra money to help with bills.

Here is an article providing companies that pay for product testers:

32: Answering Service

It is so much more professional having a real person answer the phone and taking a message than having a machine do it.

Many businesses are looking for people at home willing to provide an answering service for them.

I am putting a video below that explains how to start your own home-based answering service business.

31: Translation

If you know other languages, there is a huge need for people to translate material into other languages.

I know this is so because as a person who gains freelance jobs through Upwork, I am often given requests to translate things into Spanish.

These potential clients assume I know Spanish because I live in Puerto Rico. Sure I can count to 60 and I know what the word for bathroom is, but that is about it.

If you have the ability to translate, I suggest you check out Upwork.

30: Online Research

Some clients are looking for people to perform online research.

There are even websites that you can create an account with and take jobs where you simply find answers to people’s questions by searching online.

Here is an article that tells you some websites you can use to land online research gigs:

29: App Trackers

There is a way you can make money at home every time you use your mobile device.

Just by installing certain applications that track your mobile usage, you will be paid.

Some you may want to try are:

28: Be An Online Juror

These are a type of focus group that needs individuals to act as the jury in “mock” court cases.

Pay for these can be substantial, plus this can be quite interesting.

If court cases are something you enjoy, I know you will love making money from home being an online juror.

Try these websites out:

27: Virtual Bookkeeper

You do not have to be a CPA, but it does help that you understand numbers.

Many small businesses and individuals operating online stores need the talents of someone who can manage their books.

Sometimes there is just so many tasks in the running of a business that outsourcing the bookkeeping side is a wise move.

Here is a free training series to become an online bookkeeper.

26: Technical Support

Are you that person everyone comes to when they are having issues with their computer?

Do you know your way around fixing issues with a website code?

There is a huge call for good technical support people, and starting your own home-based technical support business could be very lucrative.

It is wise to have certification, and this article can tell you more:

25: Evaluate Search Engines

Sometimes search engines get things wrong.

They run on algorithms and do not actually see what we see.

That is why there is a need for search engine evaluators.

I will tell you up front that you will not get rich doing this kind of work at home, but it can help pay the internet bill and put some extra food on the table.

You can attain this kind of work at home job here:

24: Audio Transcription

There is a huge need for audio transcribers.

Many people want meetings, videos and other audio recordings written, and they are willing to pay top dollar for transcriptions.

If you can listen and type, you can transcribe audio.

This blog article explains how to start a transcription business:

23: Sell Used Books

If you are like me, you have many books sitting around that are gathering dust.

Why not sell them?

Maybe your friends and family will give you their books to sell too.

Here are many websites where you can do this, but the best way is to set up an eBay or Amazon seller account and sell them there.

22: Data Entry

There are many businesses and individuals who are seeking independent people to do data entry from the comfort of their home.

All you need is a computer and internet connection and you are on your way making money by entering data into the format the client requires.

You do need to be wary because there are several scams.

The following article will lead you to safe data entry jobs:

21: Work For Amazon

Amazon has a program where you simply do various tasks online.

The payments may seem low but when you consistently perform, they add up quickly.

The name of this program is Amazon Mechanical Turk.

You can sign up here:

20: Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is a huge source of income for many people.

With the many legal firms, doctor offices, insurance companies and others needing medical transcription, you can make great money doing this type of work from home.

One of the best companies hiring medical transcription people is Athreon.

Visit their website here:

19: Fiverr

I have hired freelancers on Fiverr and so have many other people.

You can essentially offer any of your talents to people around the world.

  • Make logos

  • Take pictures

  • Write a blog post

  • Make a cartoon

  • and much more

You can join Fiverr here.

18: Sewing

Is your sewing machine like another part of your body?

If you love to sew, you can make great money sewing at home and own your business.

Mother Earth News explains how you can develop a profitable sewing business a home here:

17: Rent A Room

If you have an extra room or an area in your basement or garage, you could rent it out and make money that could help you pay the house payment.

I suggest you check the person’s references carefully.

Be sure and have a written contract and check your local regulations on doing this.

16: Sell On Amazon

Many people have discovered a profitable venture called Fulfilled By Amazon.

Here are two ways you can use Amazon FBA:

  1. You can purchase “on sale” items at stores and resell on Amazon for a profit.

  2. You can make your own brand and find a supplier.

Many people have quit their regular jobs and just sell on Amazon.

Here is a family who did just that and share their secrets:

15: eBay Seller

Similar to #16, you can create an account as an eBay seller.

You can sell used items and much more on eBay.

I know that the owner of this website, Chuck sells some cool items on eBay.

Here is eBay seller central:

14: Website Tester

Everyday here are new websites registered.

The webmasters do not have the time to go through and test all the small things in a website.

They need to see how website users will react, and they will pay you to do so.

These sites pay:

13: Baking

Everyone loves cakes, cookies and other baked items.

If you love to bake, starting a business in your home may be just the ticket.

12: Sell Photos

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to sell photos.

Many websites want to use your photos, bu they do not want to pay professional photographer prices.

I recently joined a mobile app called Foab where people can buy mobile photos I post.

Just search for the app in the Playstore.

There are other websites where you can sell photos too.

  • Fotolia

  • iStock Photo

  • and more

11: Handmade Crafts

If you are an expert at crafting, you can sell those crafts online.

You could start your own sales website or sell via eBay or Amazon.

There are many ways to sell handmade crafts if you just use your imagination.

10: Dog Sitting

When people go on vacations, they often need someone to watch their pet.

There is good money in dog sitting if you have the patience and you love animals.

Just run an add in your local area and you may even consider having a website.

9: Freelance Photography

I mentioned selling photos earlier, but this entry is for the person who is an expert photographer.

Don’t let that expensive camera and lenses just sit unused, start selling freelance photography from your home.

My mate’s son does this and has an excellent website you may be able to learn from:

8: Blogging

You can make a lot of money with your own blog.

Many people ask how.

Simply put, you put affiliate ads from Google, Amazon and others.

You can also use your blog to sell your own products.

The experts over at Pro Blogger explain how here:

7: Virtual Assistant

There are many website and business owners who need someone to be their assistant.

It could be things like posting in Facebook or Twitter, editing content or LOL, making virtual coffee.

I see many of these positions available at Upwork:

6: Online Surveys

There are a huge amount of survey sites that will pay you for your time.

There are also scams, so be diligent in who you choose to do surveys with.

Some pay cash and others will pay via gift cards.

I regularly participate in the YouGov polling site where I have received several gift cards.

5: Customer Service

Many businesses are contracting home based workers to handle customer service.

Just do what you need to do at home and when the phone rings, you take care of the customer and their problem.

Here is a site where you can get a job like this:

4: Babysitting

This is an age old method of making money at home.

Having a daycare business can be profitable, but there are many rules and regulations.

Be sure and check all the regulations in your local area before you take on this business.

3: MLM – Direct Sales

There is no way I could leave out this home based business format.

After all, that is what this website is all about.

I won’t push the MLM I belong to.

I suggest you delve through the website to find what MLM business would be right for you.

2: Online Tutoring

You can help students with various educational studies all from the comfort of your own home.

The pay can be substantial.

Check out this link to learn how to be a tutor.

1: Freelance Writing

This is the top way for making money from home.

It is my business, and it can be yours too.

Write online content, blog posts, press releases and much more.

I own and manage a website that helps people learn the way to succeed at freelance writing.

Come and visit

Here’s a great book about how to become a freelance writer.

Final Thoughts

You really do not have to travel to make money.

You can make good money right at home.

I hope this list provided you with some ideas and helps you.

If you have any questions, or if you have other work at home jobs you know of, please post them in the comment area below.

Thank you.















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