Top 43 MLM and Network Marketing Books of All Time

Welcome to my post, the top 43 network marketing and MLM books of all time.

Let me begin by telling you that putting this list together was fun and challenging.  I’ve read so many great MLM related books that it’s hard to narrow it down to such as short list.

For the purpose of this post, I am ONLY including books that are specifically about network marketing.  I hope you enjoy my list.  At the end of the post, feel free to share your own thoughts.

The MLM Road Map# 43 The MLM Road Map by Ray Duncan

I had to put this book on my list because I really LOVED the sample classified ads in the book.  The book itself has some good points, but the ads make it worth the price tag.  If you’re thinking about using classified ads to grow your network marketing business, you should definitely pick up a copy of “The MLM Road Map.” Read my review of “The MLM Roadmap.”

chicken soup mlm# 42 Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul by Mark Victor Hansen

This book is part of the Chicken Soup series.  It’s a collection of short stories written by successful network marketers.  Each person shares some of their personal experiences in their business and provides tips for success.  They also talk about their struggles and provide hope for new and unsuccessful networkers.  There are a few really good nuggets in this book.  Read my review.

Network Your Way to Millions# 41 Network Your Way to Millions by Russ Paley

Russ is one of the top earners in Melaleuca.  This a good book, especially for someone who is new to the network marketing industry.  He shares his journey about what he did to become successful in his primary company.  My favorite part of the book is the interviews he did with his successful team members.  There are some really golden nuggets in those interviews.  He also interviews a CPA (at the end of the book) who shares some good tax tips about owning a home based business.  Check out my review.

david williams book# 40 How to Prospect and Recruit Using Postcards for a MLM or Network Marketing Business by David Williams

This is really a unique book.  It’s the only book I’ve found that is designed to teach people how to build their network marketing business with postcards.  Most people are obsessed with building their business online, but they don’t realize how much potential there is with direct mail.  There’s also a lot less competition with direct mail.  What makes this book so brilliant is the strategy he provides to show you how to use postcard marketing effectively.  Read my review about the book.

Paula Pritchard Cover# 39 Owning Yourself by Paula Pritchard 

Paula is a legend in the network marketing world, having built teams of more than 200k distributors.  In fact, she’s been a top earner in several different companies.  Here no non-sense type writing style is fun to read.  She’s short and to the point.  She teaches you the basics about getting started right, getting your team to grow, assuming leadership responsibilities and setting a good example for your group.  Check out my review of her book.

network marketing for dummies# 38 Network Marketing for Dummies by Zig Ziglar

This book is really for the new distributor.  Learn whether or not MLM is right for you, how to evaluate a company and their management team, setting yourself up for success, what to do after you sign up, the art of prospecting, creating satisfied loyal customers, duplicating your business, characteristics of successful distributors, ten things you can do to take your business to the next level and so much more.  What I like about the book is that it is well organized, very insightful, comprehensive and full of great tips. Read my review.

mlm junkie success formula# 37 The MLM Junkie Success Formula by Gerald Peters

I’m a big fan of Gerald Peters.  He’s one of those successful guys that most people have never heard of.  What I like about this book is that it is unlike most other network marketing books.  It talks about building your business through the mail, having your own system, and having multiple streams of income.  He talks about why so many people fail in our industry and what you can do about it.  Read my review.

How to Create a Recruiting Explosion# 36 How to Create a Recruiting Explosion by Tom Schreiter

Big Al is one of the most respected trainers in our industry.  He’s been doing MLM longer than I have been alive.  If you are trying to recruit LEADERS into your network marketing business, this is the book for you. His humorous writing style makes his books fun to read.  This one is a quick read but he covers tons of different creative tips you can do to find quality people to bring into your team.  I’d order a few extra copies to give to your serious people as well.  Read my review.

networking book cover# 35 Networking: The Natural Extension of You by John and Giselle Sexsmith

This book is written by a couple that has earned more than $30 million in the industry.  They are top earners with Nu Skin and have achieved tremendous results through the years. This book shares their story, provides success tips, teaches you how to find the right company and what you need to do to get started.  It also talks a lot about the mindset of the top earners.  Read my review of the book.

big al book# 34 How to Build MLM Leaders for Fun and Profit by Big Al Tom Schreiter

This is another great book by “Big Al” Tom Schreiter.  This book teaches you how to find leaders for your business and how to build your business using direct mail.  The books is entertaining, funny and loaded with great content.  I really enjoy Big Al’s writing style.   The bottom line is if you want more leaders you should definitely check out this book. Read my review.

business of the 21st century# 33 The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki

This is the best book on this list to give your prospect.  This book talks about why network marketing is such a powerful business model.  It covers the power of network marketing, residual income, leverage, the low start up costs, the business school aspect of network marketing and so much more.  You should have 10-20 copies of this book on hand to give to your prospects who are “unsure” of network marketing. Read my review.

skinny on direct sales# 32 The Skinny on Direct Sales: Your first 100 days by Jim Randel 

This book is really unique.  It’s actually in cartoon format.  It’s designed for the brand new person in our industry.  It will help them develop the right mindset, have realistic expectations and know what to expect.  The book is humorous, easy to read and loaded with great tips.  It’s a quick read.  Heck, you can probably read it in an hour.  And I think that’s the beauty of it.  Read my review.

wave 4# 31 The Wave 4 Way to Building Your Downline by Richard Poe 

This book is loaded with tons of great wisdom.  He shares several good success stories, teaches you how to evaluate compensation plans, explains how the industry has changed during the past fifty years, and he tells you what to expect in the future.  Learn how to pick a good company and learn the tips to succeed in the industry.  As I see it, the best part of the book is the stories he shares of people who are successful in the industry.  They talk about their struggles and successes, and how everything fell into place.  It’s a great book. Read my review.

duplication book# 30 Duplication: The Key to Creating Freedom in Your Network Marketing Business by Eric Lofholm

The beauty of this book is the simplicity.  The book is just 48 pages long and it’s a very quick read.  This is the book you could give your brand new distributor, so they could learn what they need to do to grow their business and get started right.  It’s short, to the point and loaded with great information.  It has a lot of good reviews on Amazon.  The bad ones are because of how short the book is, but I think that’s the strong point myself.  Eric is a well respected consultant and the book is co-authored with Judy O’Higgins, a top producer in our industry.  Read my review of Duplication and decide for yourself.

MLM Magic Front Cover# 29 MLM Magic: How an Ordinary Person Can Build an Extra-Ordinary Network Marketing Business from Scratch by Venus Andrecht

This is really and old school book and I think that’s what I enjoy about it so much.  Venus is such a down to earth lady and her writing style is really easy to follow.  I found out about this book on Amazon.  It’s old and out of print, but you can still pick up used copies on Amazon.  One of the biggest takeaways I got from the book was the importance of having a newsletter to stay in touch with your leads, customers and distributors.  There are also tons of other great tips in the book that I know you will enjoy.  Read my review of MLM Magic.

Network Marketing for Facebook# 28 Network Marketing for Facebook by Jim Lupkin and Brian Carter

This is a great book for any network marketer looking to build their business on Facebook.  It’s loaded with simple, yet effective tips that you can do to generate leads and build your brand.  My favorite part of the book is the interviews he did with other network marketers who used Facebook to build their business.  These interviews were with six and seven figure earners and many of them shared their best tips.  My copy of the book has so many underlined passages that I found helpful.  Read my review of Network Marketing for Facebook.

# 27 Making the First Circle Work by Randy Gage

This book focused on the most important part of network marketing – YOU. Learn how to make your first circle work, so you are a person worth following.  Learn how to be a good example for others to follow.  Learn how to be the person that naturally attracts quality people into your business. The book is a quick read, but it is absolutely loaded with great tips.

big al tells all# 26 Big Al Tells All: The Recruiting System by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

This book gives you practical, non-conventional ways to recruit people into your network marketing business.  Not only is the book loaded with great tips, but the stories are funny and entertaining.  I really like his humorous writing style. It’s great to learn and laugh at the same time.  “Big Al” is a legend in network marketing is this book is a must read for any network marketer. The book is really a fast read.  I’ve read it several times now and learn something new every time I read it. Read my review of Big Al Tells All.

steve fisher ignite# 25 Residual Millionaire by Steve Fisher

Here’s another great book from a top earner in our industry.  My copy of this book has so many highlights and underlined phrases in it.  It’s worn out because I’ve read it a few times and it’s just loaded with great success tips to take your network marketing business to the next level. Steve is a legend in our industry and he definitely knows what he is talking about. His advice is practical and helpful.  It definitely had to make my top 20 list!  Read my review.

joe rubino book# 24 The 7-Step System to Building a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Dynasty: How to Achieve Financial Independence through Network Marketing by Dr. Joe Rubino

I really enjoyed this book.  I first read it way back in 2006.  Dr. Rubino is a great writer and he has two books on my list.  This book covers vision, planning, prospecting, enrolling, training, personal development and stepping into a leadership role. This book is content rich and has plenty of great stories in it too.  I think this book would benefit novices and experienced distributors alike. Read my review.

ultimate guide to network marketing joe rubino# 23 The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing by Dr. Joe Rubino

This is an awesome network marketing book.  It covers the stories and success tips of more than 30 top earners from different companies.  You learn about everything from following up, to direct mail, to working the numbers, leveraging the party plan, motivating others, etc.  What makes it really special is that there are so many different perspectives in it.  Each person shares their personal success story and lessons.  My copy has hundreds of highlighted quotes and dog eared pages.  It is a must read!  Read my review of the Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing.

power mlm# 22 Power Multi-Level Marketing by Mark Yarnell

Mark has THREE books on this list, more than any other author.  He has had more influence than anyone else in my business other than Jordan Adler.  This book is for someone who wants to be a heavy hitter and make millions.  Mark holds nothing back.  Once again, this book is ONLY for someone who is really serious.  Mark earned more than $30 million in our industry before he passed away a couple years back.  What I admire about him is that he holds nothing back.  He is a man’s man and calls it like it is.

randy gage book# 21 How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine: The Science of Network Marketing by Randy Gage

I am a huge fan of Randy Gage.  This guy has been there and done that.  He is a highly respected distributor, trainer, coach, author, consultant and entrepreneur.  He is a man’s man. This book is incredible.  It’s now in its fourth edition.  In the book he shares so many practical tips that every network marketer needs to know.  The book is huge, but practical and to the point.  His writing style is easy to follow and his knowledge is amazing.  Make sure you add this one to your personal collection.  Read my review of How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine.

Big Money David Roller# 20 How to Build a Big Multi-Level Marketing Business by David Roller

This is an old out of print book that many of you have probably never heard of.  It’s more than 25 years old and I found it on Amazon by accident.  Even though the information is old, it is still very relevant.  This book shares tons of success stories (my favorite part of the book) plus plenty of real world tips you could follow to build a successful business.  David provides plenty of tips on retailing, recruiting, team building, training your team, duplication, and much more.  It’s well written and organized and definitely worth buying. Read my review to learn more.

raising a giant front cover# 19 Raising a Giant by Robert Crisp

Former Amway Triple Diamond spills the beans in this masterpiece.  Many top earners have called this the best book about the industry!  I don’t think it’s the best book, but it is wonderful. Bob has a great writing style that is humorous and to the point.  My copy of this book has about 400 highlighted and underlined passages.  It’s filled with little golden nuggets of wisdom. Bob shares his journey in Amway from humble beginnings to success to failure.  Read more about Raising a Giant.

street smart network marketing# 18 Street Smart Network Marketing by Robert Butwin

Robert is a legend in the network marketing industry.  This book is a practical guide that any network marketer can follow to build their own dynasty.  He shares his tips for success, how to get started right and how to work in depth. It’s an easy read.  It’s well organized.  And the content is great. It was first published back in 1997, but the information is still very relevant. Read my review.

gabi steiner mlm# 17 From Person to Person by Gabi Steiner

Gabi Steiner is a legend in our industry.  She’s also a dynamic trainer and speaker.  She is the top earner in her company and she’s an amazing leader.  This book is just loaded with great wisdom.  There are so many nuggets and practical wisdom that you can use and apply in your own network marketing business.  Overall, I give the book a 10 of 10 and consider it a must read.  Read my book review of From Person to Person.

ken dunn book# 16 The Most Important Minute in Your Network Marketing Business by Ken Dunn

I am a big fan of Ken Dunn.  I learned about him from the MLM Mastermind Event.  This book is a masterpiece and should be one of the first reads for every new network marketer.  This book is about getting started right and helping your people right out the gate.  It is a fairly quick read, but well worth the small investment.  Ken really is a great writer and it’s hard to put this book down.  It’s loaded with great tips and my copy has so many passages underlined.  Order a copy for every new person you sponsor and let this be their getting started manual.  Read my review of the book.

The Four Year Career front cover# 15 The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke

This book covers the myths and facts about network marketing.  It is jam packed with great success stories and is a quick read.   This book is really inexpensive to buy and is a great prospecting tool to give to your prospects. It provides a 101 overview of MLM and also gives you some Golden Nuggets you can use to grow your business.  You can also have a custom edition made for your MLM Company. It’s the only MLM book of its kind that I know of that lets you do that.  Read my favorite quotes from the Four Year Career.

best worst first# 14 Best Worst First: 75 Network Marketing Experts on Everything You Need to Know to Build the Business of Your Dreams by Margie Aliprandi and Martha Finney

This book is really awesome.  It’s a collection of tips from 75 successful network marketers. These are all top earners in their respective companies.  They share their best tip, their worst mistake and what they recommend you do first in your business if you want to be successful. Each story is about 4-5 pages long.  It’s well written and fun to read.  There are so many different viewpoints, so I think the book is a must read for any network marketer.  My copy of the book has hundreds of quotes underlined.  Read my review.

relationship marketing# 13 Relationship Marketing-View From the Top and What It Really Takes To Get There: Network Marketing Guide to Massive Success! by Steve Thompson 

This book is a conversation with a top earner who has been there and achieved HUGE success himself.  He’s one of the top earners in the entire industry.  The book focuses on the personal development and the person you need to become if you want to make it big in network marketing.  I really, really enjoyed this book.  If you were to look at my personal copy, you would see TONS of highlighted passages and dog eared pages.  Read my review of Relationship Marketing.

greatest networker# 12 The Greatest Networker in the World by John Milton Fogg

This is one of the first network marketing books I ever read, when I first joined the industry back in 2002.  The book is in a parable format and covers a struggling network marketer who is about to give up and quit the industry for good.  Before throwing in the towel he gets to connect with a very successful distributor and learn the ropes of network marketing.  Needless to say, this is a must read.  It covers the emotional roller coaster that most network marketers go through, and it is also loaded with great tips.  Best of all, the story is fun and entertaining. Read my review of the Greatest Networker in the World.

go pro book by eric worre# 11 Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

I’m a big fan of Eric Worre.  This guy does a TREMENDOUS amount of great things to help others and to improve the reputation of our industry.  He is the creator of Network Marketing Pro® quite perhaps the most popular MLM website online.  When he announced that he was going to publish a book, I immediately purchased it.  The book is very simple to read and full of great information about prospecting, showing presentations, following up and getting customers.  His writing style is very enjoyable and very easy to follow.  This is a must read book for any novice or experienced network marketer. It’s also a great gift idea to give to everyone you sponsor.  Read my review of Go Pro by Eric Worre.

Insider Tells All front cover# 10 Insider Tells All: The Ultimate Recruiting System by Mike Demetro

Dang, I love this book.  This guy is a sponsoring machine and he provides a blueprint you can follow to be an exceptional recruiter. I really love the part about creating a tracking system for your business.  He also gives tons of great advertising tips and sample ads and teaches you what to say when you talk to people on the phone.  I knew about this book for several years before I ever read it, and I’m sure it cost me a lot of money by waiting to buy it! Get a copy of this book on Amazon and study it, especially if you don’t know what to do in your business. Read my review.

recruit and grow rich# 9 Recruit & Grow Rich by David Ward

This book is a hidden gem.  It talks about the importance of recruiting and also provides tons of tips on how to do it effectively.  David is a six figure earner in his company.  He’s personally recruited hundreds of professionals into his business.  My copy of the book has so many quotes and passages underlined.  I learned about this book while surfing on Amazon.  I saw all the great reviews and decided to take a chance on it. Get a copy and study this book. He has another great book called “Recruiting Up.” Check out my review of Recruit & Grow Rich.

# 8 Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell

I read this book when I first joined Amway in 2002.  I remember picking up a copy at a Barnes and Noble bookstore.  Mark Yarnell is a HUGE success story and his book is loaded with great information about how to get a team going, how to get started right, how to train your team, and much more.  Every successful distributor I know of has a copy of this book in their Leader’s Library.  So should you! This is one of the best-selling MLM books of all time.  Read my review of Your First Year in Network Marketing.

Beach Money Front Cover# 7 Beach Money by Jordan Adler

This great book was written by a guy who failed for 10 YEARS before he started achieving any type of success in MLM.  In fact, it took him 10 YEARS to sponsor his first person.  Today, he is one of the most respected trainers and speakers in the network marketing industry, plus he has a team with tens of thousands of people in it.  What makes this book so unique is that Jordan shares his actual story in network marketing.  He shares his successes and failures with a nice personal touch.  I absolutely love this book.  Read my review of Beach Money.

45 second presentation# 6 The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla

This is a wonderful and classic book about how to connect with people and share network marketing with them in a very non-conventional, but practical way.  Don Failla has been in our industry nearly 50 years now and he has approximately one MILLION people in his downline, so he definitely knows what he is talking about.  This is a book you should give to every person on your team.  It’s also great to give to your prospects.  I have a worn out my copy and I re-read it a couple times every year.  Read my review of the 45 Second Presentation.

# 5 Your Best Year In Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell

I just read this book for the first time in November 2014.  Dang! That’s all I can say about it. I had to revisit this page and update my list.  His other book, “Your First Year In Network Marketing” also ranks high on this list, but this one is even better.  Mark tells you the truth about what it takes to succeed in this industry.  He talks about numbers and tells you the lies about duplication.  He talks about the importance of developing your own system and your own method of operation, rather than doing what your upline does.  This book is for the newbie and experienced distributor alike.  Get a copy and read it! Study it!  Read my review.

magnetic sponsoring# 4 Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard

This book changed my life.  I read it back in 2009 for the first time.  I’ve read it about 100 times since.  Magnetic Sponsoring teaches network marketers how to use attraction marketing to grow their businesses online.  Mike teaches people about online lead generation, funded proposals, self-liquidating offers, building a list, positioning yourself as an expert, and countless other subjects. Just about everything I know about online marketing and attraction marketing I learned from this book.  Even if you have no desire to build your MLM Business online you can still apply many of these lessons in your business offline.  This book is easily a 10 of 10 and a must read for any serious network marketer. Read my review of Magnetic Sponsoring.

building an empire# 3 Building an Empire by Brian Carruthers

I would have added this book to my list sooner; however, I only recently learned about it.  I have tremendous respect for Brian.  He has personally recruited over 1,000 people into his business and he consistently recruits 10 people or more every single month.  He is a million dollar earner with his company and he is a highly respected leader in our industry.  This is quite perhaps the most comprehensive network marketing book on this list.  Order 10 copies and give a copy to each of your serious team members.  You will be glad that you did. Read my review of Brian’s book.

# 2 Six Figures in Six Months by Clay Stevens

six months to six figuresThis book is epic and completely life changing and it comes in a VERY CLOSE second place on this list.  It really is a blueprint about what it takes to succeed in our industry.  It is a parable in a fiction style format, so it’s really fun to read. It talks about so many life changing concepts about why people fail in our industry and what to do about it.  It’s designed to teach you how to teach your new people to succeed, so they can start right and get a PREDICTABLE results. It teaches you that sponsoring a lot of people is not enough.  It talks about attrition and how to deal with it.  I just learned about this book in January 2015, even after spending nearly 13 years in the industry.  It’s definitely a game changer.  Buy 20 copies and give them to your team!  You will be glad that you did. Read my review.

# 1 Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing: 100 Free and Low-Cost Ways to Get More Network Marketing Leads by Jay Levinson

Guerrilla MLM front coverThis is my top MLM book of all time.  This book is loaded with great strategies to take your MLM Business to the next level.  The book is loaded with innovative ways to get more leads, customers and distributors, such as how to advertise in newspapers, have home parties, leverage trade shows and flea markets, and so much more. After you read the book, you will have an arsenal of ideas you can use to grow your network marketing business. This is the perfect gift to give every serious person, or new person on your team.  It’s loaded with the “how to” of network marketing.  This is the “tactical” information you can use starting today to sponsor new people and find new customers.  It would also be a great training manual for every new person on your team.  Once again, this is my favorite MLM Book of all time because of how practical it is. Read my review of Guerrilla MLM!

Must Read Non-MLM Books

There are also HUNDREDS of life-changing books that are great for network marketers, but aren’t specifically about network marketing.  Some of those titles include:

  1. The 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness by Jim Rohn
  2. All You Can Do Is All You Can Do and All You Can Do Is Enough by A.L. Williams
  3. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  4. The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwarz
  5. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  6. The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

These titles have really influenced my life.  I consider them must read books.  Here is a complete list.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed my list of the top MLM books of all time.  I would love to hear from you.  What is your favorite book on this list?  And what book did I leave off that I should have added to the list?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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59 thoughts on “Top 43 MLM and Network Marketing Books of All Time”

  1. This week’s book of the week is “The Greatest Miracle in the World” by Og Mandino. Og is my favorite author of all time. This book has nothing to do with network marketing, but it’s hands down amazing. It talks about how we are each a miracle. If you struggle with low self-esteem or confidence, this might just be the book for you. It’s also a great book to give to your team members.

  2. This week’s book of the week is “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber. I absolutely love this book. What I love most about the book is that he talks about why businesses fail and what to do about it. He talks about the importance of systems. He talks about the difference between working in your business and working on your business. He talks about the difference between the strategic and tactical work. I read this book for the first time many years ago and it has had more impact on my business than any other book. If you haven’t read it before, order a copy here on Amazon.

  3. This week’s book of the week is “Who Stole the American Dream?” by Burke Hedges. I really love this book. It’s designed for prospects and people who are new to the industry. It talks about pyramid schemes, the downfall of the American Dream and the power of network marketing. I like to use it with prospects who have never done the industry before.

  4. This week’s book of the week is “Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive!” by Harvey Mackay. I really love this book. I’m reading it right now. It’s loaded with tons of wisdom and tips about sales, leadership, time management, productivity, etc. It would benefit anyone in any business, even network marketers.

  5. This week’s book of the week is “The Purple Cow” by Seth Godin. I really love this book. The whole thesis of the book is that you can transform your business by being remarkable. In other words, be so good at what you do that people naturally talk about you, your products and your service. This is not a network marketing book, but it’s definitely worth the read.

  6. This week’s book of the week is “Failing Forward” by John Maxwell. I really love this book. It talks about how people fail their way to success, not succeed their way to success. Success is never a straight line. Instead, it has a bunch of zigs and zags. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned. If you’re struggling with temporary failure or fear of success, this is the book for you.

  7. My book of the week this week is “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger. I learned about this book more than 12 years ago when I was an Amway distributor. This book is pretty old, but the content is still extremely relevant. If you have difficulty sponsoring a lot of people, getting people to make a decision, finding customers, or getting your team members to do much, this is the book for you. There are so many tidbits and nuggets in this book. Read it. Study it. And apply what you learn. Buy a few copies for the people on your team.

  8. This week’s book of the week is “The Magic of Thinking Big” by Dr. David Schwarz. I’m not sure if I’ve recommended this book in the past or not, but even if I have, it’s worth recommending again. This book had a profound impact on my life. I’ve learned that most people think small and sell themselves short. If you have this problem yourself, this book is for you. Another lesson I learned in the book is that “action cures fear.” There is so much wisdom in this book that my personal copy has about ½ of the book underlined and highlighted. If you haven’t read it before you are missing out.

  9. My featured book of the week this week is “Guerrilla Multi-Level Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson. I’ve recommended this before and I will continue to do so. This is the only MLM book I have ever read that teaches you to come up with a game plan that matches your strengths and abilities. It helps you develop a business and marketing plan and gives you tons of different ways you can build your business. It’s a must read book for anyone who wants to be successful in their network marketing business.

  10. My book of the week this week is “Endless Referrals” by Bob Burg. I really love this book. As a network marketer you need more referrals. You also need a plan so you INTENTIONALLY get referrals, rather than leave it to accident. This book will teach you how to do that. It will help anyone get more referrals in any business. Order a copy. Study it. And apply what you learn.

  11. This week’s book of the week is No B.S. Sales Success by Dan Kennedy. Everyone reading this post who has the desire to build a successful business should read this book, and every other book written by Dan Kennedy. He is my # 1 business mentor of all time and he has taught me almost everything I know about marketing.

  12. My book of the week this week is “Multiple Streams of Income” by Robert G. Allen. This is one of the first business books I ever read after I got involved in network marketing, back in 2002. It talks about creating multiple streams of income in your life and offers many great ideas, one of them which is network marketing. The information is still relevant today.

  13. This week’s book of the week is called “Best Worst First: 75 Network Marketing Experts on Everything You Need to Know to Build the Business of Your Dreams” by Margie Aliprandi. This book interviews 75 top earners in our industry and each one of them shares their best tip, their worst mistake, and the first thing they recommend. It’s a must-read book.

  14. This week’s book of the week is “Being the Best You Can Be in MLM” by John Kalench. I just finished reading this book. It’s an old out of print book, but still very relevant. It’s loaded with great tips and golden nuggets. I actually found a copy at a yard sale and bought it for 25 cents. You can get a copy on Amazon.

  15. The book of the week this week is “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. My friend Tara gave me this book as a gift and I have to tell you it is one of the best three books I have ever read. I put it right up there with “The Magic of Thinking Big” and “Think & Grow Rich.” It is a masterpiece.

    The theme of the book is that everything we do is either working against us or for us. Successful people are no different than unsuccessful people, except that they do little things every single day that move them closer to their goals. This gives them the “slight edge” and allows them to get a little bit better every single day.
    This is a great book for anyone who is in a rut or simply wants to take their lives to the next level. Overall, I give it a 10 of 10 and consider it a must read.

  16. The book I’m reading right now is “Insider Tells All: Ultimate Recruiting System” by Mike Demetro. This book is AMAZING. I first found it on a Facebook ad several years ago, but I just ordered it last week. It is an exact system that anyone can use to build their network marketing business.

    I got my copy in the mail yesterday and I should be done reading it today! I can’t put it down. I plan on buying copies for my serious distributors on my team next month. I think it’s that good. This guy sponsored 229 reps in less than 90 days, so he knows what he is doing. I bought my copy used on Amazon for just $4, which includes shipping.

    1. I will add that to my reading list, but not put it on this list. This list is only MLM related books. My other list includes books that are not related, but will help network marketers.

  17. I’m new to MLM and found your site while browsing online. You have a LOT of great information here and I can’t wait to dig in more :). I absolutely adore the Chicken Soup series but I haven’t yet read the one about network marketing. Thanks for writing a review on the book; it was very helpful!

    You must have spent a lot of time writing reviews for all these books. I’m not that good at writing reviews but I love to read books so I’ll start going through this lists and start my network marketing education.

    1. I’m glad you found the list of books helpful. The top 10 on my list are DEFINITELY worth checking out. I would start with those and then move on to other titles.

    2. I have to agree with you Greta…How does Chuck find time and the words to write all these great reviews?

      It is because of people like Chuck that network marketing is gaining a better reputation.

      Like you, I am going to start reading many of these books so I can gain more knowledge on MLM and network marketing.

      Reading is one of the best means of education and it is an inexpensive education at that.

      Thanks for sharing these Chuck.

      1. Thanks for the kind words. I try to update this list every three to six months as I read more books that are worth recommending. I have a few more to add to the list. I will do that sometime in December.

  18. I don’t see how you were able to narrow down your list…there are so many great ones! Of the ones you shared I had only heard of half of them. I am bookmarking your page for future reference.

    Thanks for the information!

    1. I also believe you can purchase them through Amazon India as well as Amazon Kindle.

      I know Amazon operates a great system throughout India.

      I have sold my books there, so I am sure you can get most of these in India too.

  19. AWESOME suggestions regarding books for the MLM / Network Marketing industry. I created my own list of my top 5 BEST Network Marketing Books here: (some similar books as your top 33) 🙂

  20. Georgia Avery

    This was so great of you to post these reviews on all of these books for us. I am definitely sending a link to this page to several people I know who will be thrilled to have it.

    When I was working in corporate America and traveling all of the time, I was always listening to Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar. I found them so motivating and delightful to listen to. As far as non-MLM books go; Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kyosaki changed my life. Robert pointed out how the rich look at money versus how the not-so-rich look at money. I was making a good salary and commission and had the company take the maximum out for my 401k, but the rest of my money was so often spent frivolously. Robert’s book changed my spending habits and challenged me to write down my financial goals and pay closer attention to them. As a relationship person, the other non-MLM book I find worth its weight in gold is Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages. If you can understand what motivates a person or what makes them feel special, then you will have a much easier time creating a strong friendship, helping your team members achieve success or building a great customer base.

    I read your review on #15 ~ Raising a Giant by Robert Crisp. Your last line caught my eye. “Bob shares his journey in Amway from humble beginnings to success to failure.” Did he loose it all in the end? Robert Kyosaki wrote about how he had become a millionaire by the age of thirty, then lost it all, only to make it all and more again, but much more slowly the second time around. I was wondering if Robert Crisp had a similar journey.

    Thanks again, Chuck. I hope you hear from some of the folks I am sending your way.

  21. I’m admittedly am not an avid reader of marketing books nor am I involved in the business of online marketing. But if I were to recommend a book to anyone attempting to get started in this business venture I’d direct you to Dr. Joe Rubino’s “The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing.” The book is tailored either for seasoned online marketers or a beginner hungry for online success. Joe Rubino is highly successful in this field and gives his secrets to becoming successful in online marketing. He also includes valuable information from other online marketers from names like Mark Stevens, Kim Klaver, Art Jonak and many more who will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to becoming a online marketing icon. This book is a must buy for anyone looking to start a successful business in this field and who better to get your information from then the legend himself, Joe Rubino.

  22. Following through a list of top entries to the field, there is an MLM book that rises above the competition. Readers will be glad to pick up on The Four Year Career. There are actually many different readers that quickly look for new topics. Some of them are even searching for a new career option to improve on their lives. The MLM book has helped people improve on their approaches and adapt in all new ways.

    Readers will appreciate the friendly approach detailed in the extensive guide. It succinctly explains a complicated topic in a way that makes sense to the average person. Some may wish to develop a bonafide career out of this approach. The Four Year Career is founded on the concept that careers themselves are cyclical. They need to follow approaches that work like no other, building on the success that people have enjoyed.

    A new MLM book keeps readers in the know and ready to discuss important options. New editions invariably come out with more discussions on how users can utilize a sales approach. New contacts need to be consistently formed to keep people in the know. The MLM book is a specialized option that helps newcomers hone their sales approach accordingly.

  23. David Winters

    A book I wish I had read ages ago!

    I have been struggling to have confidence and a belief in my ability to network and create a successful business. Fortunately I came across this book, Making the First Circle Work by Randy Gage. This guy is a bit of a phenomenon and is hugely successful. He’s helped many people and his book helped me to identify my role in my own life and destiny.

    It gave me the skills and knowledge to feel committed to my role and to be the best that I could be at it. From facing challenges and special tips and tricks that will help guide you to pulling the right customer crowd to you to being able to maintain a positive, professional and successful business.

    I noticed the book was considerably shorter than others I have read – but don’t let that distract you, this is a bonus because the information is intense and dense!

    Although this is the case, it is easily understandable and linked always back to yourself and whether you are determined enough, focused enough to stick by what you believe and want to do or create – it’s not for everybody but for those of us who need some guidance, this is exactly a short sharp jolt into the real world of MLM and being successful at it.

    One of the points that really resonated with me was the fact that I cannot expect anyone to do a better job than myself – I set the example, the tone and the success of my business – others will follow/be guided by that.
    Your turn….

    1. Making the First Circle Work is a great book, especially for new network marketers. At the end of the day we can only control what we do in the business. We have no control over what others do. This book will teach you what you should be doing so you can lead by example and achieve success.

    2. Thank you for that great comment David. For some of us, short and intense books are the answer. In many cases, I have a difficult time reading long books because I sporadically read and I sometimes forget what I read earlier. I then don’t get the book completely read because I am going back and rereading it.

      I will have to find this book by Mr Gage and read it. It sounds like a book that may help me a lot. It is true that the only people we can change to make a system work is ourselves, so just knowing that Randy has the same thought pattern as I do makes me more excited to read his book.

  24. Michael Marks

    Multilevel marketing presents a tremendous opportunity for anyone who is interested in becoming financially independent. Many books have been written on this subject over the years. It is vital that you read a book that can help you excel in this fascinating business endeavor.

    Randy Gage knows what it takes to become a top player in network marketing. His book, How to Build a Multi-Level Marketing, is my favorite MLM book of all time. In this book, Gage uncovers all the secrets that have helped him make generate significant passive income. These secret techniques are also used by many top network marketing stars around the globe.

    How to Build a Multi-Marketing Machine taught me how to choose a company that is ideal for my goals, how to identify scams, and how to recruit the best people for my marketing line. I also learned how to create a solid presentation for my business.

    Network marketing is an exceptional business opportunity for anyone who is willing to pursue their dreams of financial independence. How to Build a Multi-Level Marketing Machine gave me the confidence and skills to become a successful network marketer. This is why it is my favorite MLM book of all time.

    1. I love this book. I just wrote a review about it on my website today. I think this is definitely a must read book for any new or experienced network marketer.

    2. It does sound like a great book. I had read Chuck’s review of it and I believe this book to be one of the better books on Network Marketing. I especially like the part where Randy helps us learn how to identify scams. There are so many scammers in today’s world, that having a good blueprint on how to identify them is important. It is sad that so many of them are using a network marketing approach to scam too. This gives all MLMs a bad reputation even when they are on the up and up. I believe as network marketers, we all need to help fight against the many scammers. If you discover one, report it.

  25. “From Person to Person: Earning a Stable Income From Referral Marketing” is an MLM guidebook written by the great Gabi Steiner. As someone struggling in the world of MLM work I felt that I needed a push in the right direction in order to jump start my business and, accordingly, my brand as well. So I flipped through page after page of resources before settling on “From Person to Person”. The book looked friendly and seemed to have a simple goal: teach success in a field that success could be learned.

    The first thing that I really ‘took’ from her book was that you can succeed in MLM by knowing your goals, clearly and definitively. She wrote extensively on knowing how to sell your product but she did it in such a way as to clearly outline what needed to be done. One passage that I found particularly enamoring was her advice on pulling in partners. She advocated marketing your program as a business opportunity rather than a product. This insured the fact that you would be pulling in business people and not customers.

    The last thing that I really pulled from the book, and perhaps the most important, was her idea that you shouldn’t be the central focus of your team. The less that your team relies on you, the better. You want to put people around you that are dependent and capable and won’t always look to you for help. That was an important lesson for me to learn ,as I love to micro-manage everything.

    At the end of the day what “From Person to Person” offers is simple. The book gives its readers a set of easy to follow guidelines that can be tracked straight to success.

    1. I love this book Jason. Gabi and I are in the same company. She is the ultimate professional and really knows what she is doing. She has been “in the trenches” from day one and sets the pace for everyone else to follow.

    2. It does sound like a great book, but I do have one issue/question….In many cases, we are told to lead with the products, but she seems to be stating just the opposite. It seems leading with the business opportunity seems to turn many people off. I have discovered that getting a customer first, and then showing them how to get their products cheaper or free by becoming a partner has been a successful system. I would like to know other people’s thoughts on this…especially yours Chuck. Maybe it just comes down to finding what works best for each of us.

  26. I have always enjoyed books from the Chicken Soup series. It is truly amazing how one could find just about any topic that provides a special meaning. Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul is one that I find especially motivating and uplifting.

    Many of us see network marketing as a challenge, yet exciting at the same time. While this book does not exactly share the X, Y, and Z of the field, it does aspire to share different experiences of entrepreneurs who discuss the various pitfalls they have encountered. The trials and tribulations these experts have endured make it all the better to appreciate when success arises above the top.

    This book is helpful and highly recommended because it provides true accounts of those in the network marketing field. It proves that you do not have to feel alone, stuck, and a failure when things are not going as planned and when everything you have tried does not seem to work. Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul takes you on a journey to understand that one needs to keep on trucking and maintain a positive outlook on life to get ahead.

    1. Hi Eva,

      Yes, I like the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series as well, although this book wasn’t quite as good as I expected. It’s still pretty good, but falls short in some areas.

      Thanks for the comment.


      1. You know Chuck, I have been asked to write for the Chicken for the Soup series, but just have not put my time or presence into it. I was thinking you may be a great candidate to write a book on something regarding the network marketing topic on it. Just a thought, but I also know you are extra busy. I just thought I would throw it out because you are a very good writer, and an even better network marketing teacher.

    2. I haven’t personally read this Chicken Soup for the Soul edition yet, but after your comment I do. I like how you pointed out that other network marketers explained “pitfall” and issues they have had. I have always been one who likes to learn from other people’s mistakes so I don’t make them. It makes it much easier in the various struggles in network marketing if you know where other people had downfalls, so you can keep from having them. Thank you for your comment and review.

      1. We already have a Chicken Soup for the Soul book for our industry, but my favorite MLM book by a collection of people is Best Worst First. You should definitely check that out. 75 top earners contributed to that book.

        1. I will put Best Worst First on my reading list. Do you have a link to it?

          Oh, don’t worry, I believe I can probably find it.

          I really love the idea of multiple top earners putting their ideas into one book. This can help us get all the pros in one place and find out what works and what doesn’t work.

          Thanks for sharing that Chuck.

          1. This was a good book. Like you, I enjoyed hearing all the different perspectives in one book. It was like a breath of fresh air. Of course, I didn’t agree with everyone. What fun would that be? But, I did learn something from everyone. I mostly just took the nuggets that resonated with me and focused on those.

  27. The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla transformed my business and I am certain it will do the same for yours. Don gives a clear explanation of what network marketing is and how to make your business work for you. For this reason alone, this is my favorite network marketing book of all time and I recommend this book to everyone in my downline, as well as anyone who shows interest in getting into the world of network marketing. What really sets this book a apart from others, though, is its focus on helping you to cut out all the unnecessary words in your presentations and pitches and get straight to business. I hadn’t realized just how indirect so much of what I was saying was, and just how this could be negatively affecting my business. But with Don’s methods, I was able to identify my main points, focus on that point while presenting it clearly, and land more sales because of it. I can’t recommend this book enough.

    1. Don is one of my personal mentors and I would have to call this book a masterpiece. The Napkin Presentations are spot on and hold true. This is a good “blueprint” for anyone in our industry to follow. Don has been there and done that and he knows what he is talking about.

    2. Now this is one book I have read. You are absolutely correct in the fact that so often we are spitting out pointless words in our presentations that actually turn people off. The majority of humans are always in a hurry and just want you to get to the point. If you get to the point quickly, but cover everything you need to cover, you will discover more sales, and will also have happier people. They will not hide from you because they are afraid you will draw them into a long, drawn out conversation.

      Yes, I also will give an 11 stars out of 10 for this great Don Failla book: The 45 Second Presentation.

  28. Some very good books on the list. Though it isn’t a ‘how to’ book specifically, I think ‘Coach, The A.L. Williams story about Billionaire and founder of Primerica is a very useful one to anyone in multi-level marketing. His story is inspirational. He proves that following your passion is the way to go. Do what you believe in and the money will follow.

    1. Thank you for that information Ty, I believe I will have to read that book.

      I have to say that there are 2 authors in this list that I love to read. First, and foremost is Dale Carnegie. I guess he is not in the Network Marketing list, but in the must read non MLM books, but he can give inspiration. The other one is Zig Ziglar. I just love listening and reading his works. I find that I could sell anything after listening or reading Zig.

    2. “All You Can Do Is All You Can Do” is one of my favorite books ever, but it is more of a success book than a network marketing book. I am a big fan of A.L. Williams. He is one of the most inspirational men in the world. I have that book on my reading list page, just not on this page.

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