Top 40 Excuses People Make for Quitting Network Marketing and MLM

People quit MLM for a variety of different reasons.  If you stay with MLM for the long haul, you will hear just about every excuse imaginable as to why people decide to quit. In most cases, the excuse isn’t the REAL reason they quit.  It’s just something that sounds good and JUSTIFIES their decision to get done the business.

That being said, here are some of the common and funny excuses that I’ve heard during my past 11 years in the industry.

1.  My spouse wants me to get done.

2.  It’s too hard.

3. I’m too busy.

4.  My dog is sick.

5. My sponsor didn’t build my business for me.

6.  I didn’t know I would have to work to make the money!

7.  5-10 hours a week is just too much time to work on a side business.

8. I’ve found something better where I can make six figures within my first month.

9.  This isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

10. The company messed up when they processed my order last month.

11.  My friends told me this was a scam.

12.  No one wants to join my team.

13.  People won’t become customers because they say the prices are too high.

14.  I watched a video on YouTube that told me the company was a scam.

15.  I don’t like my sponsor or upline.

16. The economy sucks.

17.  I don’t like owning my own business.

18. Everyone I sponsored quit the business.

19. The business isn’t fun for me.

20. You didn’t build my business for me.

21. I don’t want to do home parties and house meetings.

22. I don’t want to lead other people.

23. I don’t want to have to get up on stage and talk to a large group of people.

24. I’m going to be coaching my son’s football team, so I won’t have time to do this.

25. I’ve found a better business opportunity.

26. I don’t want to listen to training calls and conference calls.

27. I started dating a guy and I don’t have time to build the business.

28. I’m starting a new job and I won’t have time to build the business.

29.  I’m moving to a new town.

30. I went to a convention and one of the successful reps said the word “God” in one of their speeches.

31. I tried it for a month and didn’t make any money.

32. I can’t figure out how to grow my business using Facebook.

33. The product line is too big.

34. The product line isn’t big enough.

35. The compensation plan only pays up to the 97th level.  Even though I’ve never sponsored anyone yet, I think I should get paid on the 200th level.

36. Everyone I sponsor I have to babysit.

37. I don’t like dealing with people.

38. I don’t like talking to people.

39. I showed the plan to my cousin Luke and he didn’t join, so I know it won’t work for me.

40. I don’t have the skills to do this business.

Of course, these are just some of the excuses I’ve heard during my 11 years in the industry. I’m sure there are millions of other excuses that people make about why they decided to quit MLM.

Here’s the most important part of this post.  An excuse is nothing more than an excuse.  I learned a long time ago that you can either make excuses or you can make money, but you can’t do both!  That is so true.

Successful people take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and success.  They man up or woman up and realize that their success in life and in business is 100% their own responsibility.

What are your thoughts?  What are some of the funny excuses you’ve heard people make for quitting MLM?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

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5 thoughts on “Top 40 Excuses People Make for Quitting Network Marketing and MLM”

  1. The most common excuses I have heard on this list are “It’s too hard” and “I’m too busy”. I am not really sure why people come into the MLM industry with this idea that it will be smooth sailing and easy money. Very few people are willing to make the time and invest the energy required to see a solid level of success. Sometimes it is disheartening because I have had really great people who I saw the potential in who quit before they gave themselves the opportunity to really do anything of significance. If people could learn not to give up so easily I think they would be surprised at how much they actually go on to achieve.

  2. My favorite one is “I worked it for a month and I didn’t make any money”. Really? I’m not surprised. Who really believes any more that you can invest a month of your time and make a huge difference in your life? The people who think that MLM is just a big lottery ticket do, but they are so wrong. You have to stick with it.

    I like Eric’s comment: in life, you can either make excuses or you can make money. I could not agree more.

  3. You’re right about excuses. They are just that. When I learned to stop making excuses and take responsibility for my own life and where it was going, things got easier. No one wants to believe that they are the reason their business didn’t succeed, but in the end every choice you make will have a consequence good or bad. People make the mistake of thinking that when they are involved with a multi-level marketing business that it isn’t a real business, their business and they are responsible for it.

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