Top 40 Cool Gigs on Fiverr to Grow Your Home Business

In this post we’re going to discuss 40 cool gigs on Fiverr you can leverage to grow your home business.

The key to success is growth in any business.

Whether you are the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation, or you are simply running a small home-based business, you want to grow and no matter your position, you need help in the growth of your business.

cool gigs on fiverrYou can’t do everything yourself, even if you are excellent at what you do.  You need to outsource whenever possible, to free up your time to focus on the money producing activities.

In today’s world, more and more successful business personalities will tell you that they owe much of their success to freelancers.

A freelancer is a person who has certain talents and skills, and they will offer those services to the highest bidder. While there are a plethora of websites that offer services of independent freelancers, you can also find freelancers via their own personal websites.

Many of these freelancers can be expensive, but they are usually quite good at what they do.

But, I do know of a website where you can attain the services of a wide variety of freelancers at reasonable, or should I say: cheap prices.

That website is called Fiverr.

The reason for the name is that all services start at $5.

You may wonder how freelancers can afford to work at such low price structures.

The system is set up on an “upsell” method.

Freelancers offer a basic service for $5, and they offer “extras” for an added cost.

As an example: you may want a blog post and the freelancer is willing to provide 100 words for $5.

Now, anyone who understands how blogging works knows that a 100 word post is not wise.

It is smart to have at least 500 words, so you are going to be forced to pay that Fiverr freelancer more to attain the word count you desire; but, the price is still reasonable.

Fiverr can be a great tool to help you grow your business.

Top 40 Cool Gigs on Fiverr

In the paragraphs below, I plan on showing you the top 40 cool gigs on Fiverr to grow your home business.

Just so you understand, a gig is simply the job a freelancer offers on Fiverr.

I suggest that when you are searching for a freelancer on Fiverr, you pay close attention to their ratings and any feedback from other clients.

This can help you determine if the freelancer is right for your needs.

You will also want to explain your needs in detail to the freelancer so they can price it accordingly, and you will receive exactly what you desired.

Ok, now here are the top 40 cool gigs on Fiverr to grow your home business. I believe these Fiverr gigs can help you outsource a lot of your work, so you can grow your business quicker.

1: Blog Posts

As I had mentioned earlier as an example, blog posts are often needed by those of you who have a home business. It can be difficult to keep up with all other tasks and also find time to “bang out” a quality blog post.

2: Video Transcription

Videos can help you grow your home business, but there are some people who just do not watch video. It can help immensely if you have your video transcribed so those potential customers will be able to read what is on the video.

But how do you find the time to transcribe a video? Why not hire a Fiverr freelancer to do this task.

3: Website Logo

A home business needs a website and therefore, a website logo. If you are like me, logo design is not in the talent bin. Logo designers can be found on Fiverr. See these:

4: Product Models

Top of the line models can be quite expensive. But, you need a model for your home based business products. You can find one on Fiverr.

5: Voicemail Greeting

It can make a huge difference if your business voicemail has an outstanding voice greeting the customer with a message. You can get one on Fiverr.

6: Website Critique

It is a great idea to have your website critiqued from a 3rd party. You want your website visitors to have a great user experience. I suggest hiring a Fiverr critiquer.

7: Infographic Design

Infographics are great methods to make people more aware of your business and the niche you are in. You can get an infographic designed at Fiverr.

8: Landing Page Design

When you have a home business that relies on gaining internet attention, you need a website landing page. You can attain professional landing page design at Fiverr.

9: Video Intro Or Outro

As I said earlier in this article, videos are a great method for demonstrating your home business or products. Using professional intro’s and outro’s are a great method of showing you are professional. Get them at Fiverr.

The first 9 have links to some great freelancers at Fiverr. For the rest, I will just provide some great gigs to grow your home business, and I will have the Fiverr website link at the end of this post so you can search for the best one for your $5.

10: Translation

Your home business could grow substantially if your website content, newsletters and advertisements are translated into other languages. You can get the translations you need at Fiverr.

11: Ad Design

Whether you are running an ad on the internet or your local newspaper, you can get it professionally designed by a Fiverr freelancer.

12: Research

Maybe you need research done for a blog post you are going to do. The research can be the most time consuming and can take you away from your money making tasks in your business. Have a Fiverr freelancer do the research for you.

13: Business Card Design

Every business owner should always have a business card. While you may be able to design your own, why take the time when you can get a high-quality business card designed for $5?

14: eBook Cover

Writing and publishing an eBook is a wonderful way to bring attention to your home business. But, the cover can bring attention to the book. Get it designed by a Fiverr pro.

15: Podcast Intro Or Outro

On #9, I mentioned the video intro and outro. Podcasts have been a great way to grow home businesses too, and having a professional intro and outro is the best way to gain podcast attention.

16: Website Migration

In some cases, you may find a better deal and better service for your website at a different host. But, migrating your website can be time consuming and frustrating. There are several freelancers on Fiverr who will do this chore reasonably.

17: Video Editing

Your business needs professionalism. If you publish an unedited video, a small mistake can cost you dearly. Have it edited by a Fiverr freelancer.

18: Press Release Creation

You can let the world know about your home business and products/services with a press release. Get one created for you through Fiverr.

19: Website Content

Maybe you have bought a domain and hosting for your home-based business, but you need high quality website content to get good rankings in the search engines. You can get the web content you need at Fiverr.

20: Business Listings

You really need your business to stand out in your local area, your State or country, and in any other areas that are prime targets for the business you manage. You can do this by being listed in directories such as Yelp and Yellow Pages. There are Fiverr freelancers who are quite skilled at doing this.

21: Product Reviews

If your business has a tangible product, it can help you by having some reviews of that product. You can hire a Fiverr freelancer to provide that review. But please, make sure they actually use the product. You may want to send them a free sample.

22: Data Entry

Most businesses have data that needs to be entered into spread-sheets. It can be time consuming and is not a profit making part of the business. It just makes good sense to utilize a freelancer to perform this task, and there are many who offer data entry services on Fiverr.

23: Blog Comments

One of the best ways to gain attention to your blog, which then brings attention to your business, is to have comments on that blog. One good comment can create a stir of other comments. Get the blog comments rolling by hiring a freelancer to post some comments.

24: Photoshop Tasks

Great websites have great photographs. How do they make these photos so good? The answer is basic fixes with Photoshop. You can have these done for a cool $5 from a Fiverr freelancer.

25: Testimonials

This is another area that needs to be carefully handled. Please do not get false testimonials. You should contract a Fiverr freelancer that has actually used your product or service; or you may want to send he or she a sample.

26: Voiceovers

Personally, I do not have a microphone voice. While I may look “pretty” on video, my voice screams ugly. But, just contracting a Fiverr voiceover freelancer can make me sound magnificent. There are many great voiceover personalities at Fiverr.

27: SEO Friendly Articles

Installing keywords and phrases within your content can lead to higher conversion rates and more sales. There are certain Fiverr freelancers who are wonderful at putting those “keys” in the right places moving your home business website to high places in search engines.

28: Personalized Gifts

Maybe you have a home business in which you create. Why not become a Fiverr freelancer and offer your services to clients making personalized gifts? It is a great method to add another revenue stream to your home business.

29: Diet Plan

In a similar method as #28, this is another one where you can be the Fiverr freelancer and add more revenue to your home-based business. If your business is geared around health and well-being, why not sell your simple diet plan for $5 on Fiverr? Add a monthly and yearly diet plan up sell for more.

30: Video Script

You know that your business would do better with an explainer video, but what do you say? You can hire a Fiverr freelancer to develop a great video script for you.

31: Social Profile Enhancement

Social profiles can make or break home-based businesses. Make sure your business social profile is the best it can be. There are Fiverr professionals who can do it for you.

32: Test Your Mobile App

Many people have started using smartphones and tablets. You realized this and developed an app for your home business. It needs to be analyzed and tested, and there are many freelancers who are willing to do it for $5.

33: Brochure Creation

A great advertising scheme are brochures. You can have a brochure designed at Fiverr. It may be a little more than $5 for top quality, but still less expensive than most other places.

34: Request A Photograph

Maybe you want a certain photograph of a bird, butterfly, cat or dog…whatever. Just make that request to some Fiverr freelancers and they can supply the photo you need.

35: Flyer Creation

Just like #33, there are freelancers who will create business flyers for you. There are also Fiverr freelancers who are willing to hand your business flyers out in their city.

36: Whiteboard Videos

It has become a new phenomenon in business explainer videos. The person simply writes the info on a whiteboard on video. You can have one created via a Fiverr freelance video pro.

37: Newsletter Writers

As is said: “The Money Is In The List.” To keep your email list updated on your products, services and niche information, you need a regular newsletter. But writing newsletters can take up precious time. Why not just contract it to a freelancer from Fiverr?

38: Cartoons

So you have customers who like humor. Have them laughing when you display a cartoon developed by a Fiverr freelancer.

39: Illustrations

Similar to cartoons, maybe you need some drawings. There are many freelancers at Fiverr who are willing to provide reasonable illustrations for you.

40: Editing

Maybe you like writing your own blog posts or web content, but your spelling and grammar are at a 4th grade level. Have your writing edited by a spelling and grammar pro from Fiverr.

Final Thoughts

As you can plainly see, you can get nearly anything done to help your home business grow from Fiverr.

I just recommend not being too picky for $5, or pay more for higher quality. Just explain your needs exactly, and the Fiverr freelancers will normally meet those needs, or will revise to have you satisfied.

Go check Fiverr out by visiting this link.

If you have used Fiverr or are a freelancer, we would love to hear your thoughts about the site. You can post any comments or questions below.

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  1. Chuck, this article is going to be huge.
    I’ve never seen a comprehensive list like this with actual links to merchants on Fiverr.
    I’m just blown away, what a great resource.
    I love using Fiverr, but there’s still a lot of crap on there.
    Adding your personal favorites and top rated professionals will save a lot of time for everyone.
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