Top 37 Ways To Make Money Online Fast

I want to share different ways to make money online fast

This blog is primarily about multilevel marketing or network marketing. MLM is a great method of making money, but I would never mislead you and say that it is a fast method. It takes hard work and I will tell you that making a profit immediately does not usually happen.

Now, there are many different methods for making money online fast.  That does somewhat depend on your definition of fast, because making money in a blink of the eye seldom happens unless you are committing a crime.

ewen chiaAs a person who makes my income online primarily, I have decided to share with you the top 37 ways to make money online fast.  Some of these methods are faster than others.

Some can earn you big money while others may just give you some coffee funds.

But money is money and we need it to survive.

Starting from #37, I will work my way up to the #1 method.

Let’s get started:

Top 37 Ways to Make Money Online Fast

#37: Check The Money In Your Wallet

The money you do have may be worth more than you think. If you have a $1 bill with a “crazy” serial number, there are people who may be willing to pay big money for it.

Just go over to and check to see if your bill is wanted.

Just a quick story about how you can be surprised in this way; I was into coin collecting and had come across an article about the amount of mistakes made at the mint.

I decided to start buying mint rolls of pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters. I found an oddity in some new nickles.

Now keep in mind that I only paid face value, and these were straight from the mint.

The nickel had a cartoon stamp coming from Jefferson’s mouth that said, “No More Oil War.”

In less than a week, I sold that coin for $47.

#36: Get Paid For Surfing The Web

There are many companies that will pay you just to be able to see how you surf the web.

You can try:

This helps them understand how people are using the internet.

#35: Write A Slogan

There are companies willing to pay for catchy slogans.

Most of these are contests where you are going against other slogan writers, but if you have that knack, try:

Maybe you will come up with that next catchy slogan everyone has on their tongue.

#34: Trade Stocks

This requires risk.

But, if you have that feeling Apple stock or gold is going to rise, you just may want to invest money to make money.

But remember, you could lose money this way too.

You may want to study Warren Buffett before you use this method.

make money online fast#33: Name Companies

This is similar to the slogan idea; the idea is to come up with company names that have not yet been trademarked and have domain availability.

This works on a contest system too.

#32: Write An eBook

I have made money with this method, and you can too.

The money may not be as fast as you desire, but it does depend on your writing ability.

When you get your eBook finished, there are several sources where you can publish, and they will send your royalties normally monthly.

Some authors publish both eBooks and paperbacks.

#31: Do Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a fine art that few people are good at.

If you have the talent, there are plenty of people who will purchase your work online.

#30: Clickwork

Clickwork is a cool website where you can agree to do simple “micro-jobs.”

Just sign up and you will get paid as you complete small tasks.

make money online fast

#29: Be An Online Juror

There are several websites that contract with attorneys to perform mock trials to determine possible outcomes.

They are hiring online jurors to make decisions based on testimony and evidence.

This is a great way to make money fast.

#28: Review New Music And Musicians

You can get paid small amounts to listen to various new songs and give your opinion.

If you like music, you will love getting paid to listen to music.

#27: Online Focus Groups

Just by participating in focus groups and giving your opinions, you can get paid fast money.

I suggest you visit the following link.

beach money#26: “Flipping” Domains

This is another investment type of method to make money online fast.

If you have a good idea on the next “hot” domain name, you can buy it and put it up for sale for a lot higher.

Or you could even put it on an auction block.

Do remember that you could lose money on this venture too, or you may be “sitting” on a domain for a long time.

#25: SpeakWrite

If you can listen and type, you CAN make money online fast.

Many people want transcriptions done and this site is a great place where you can contract your services.

#24: Peer-To-Peer Lending

Have you always wanted to be a banker?

With the newest crowd source methods, you can be the banker and loan money to people who are in need.

You will earn interest that is much higher than any savings account.

But do keep in mind this method of making money online carries a level of risk.

This is one of the leading sites for peer-to-peer lending:

#23: Liveops

This is a great way to earn money fast by becoming a call center agent…from your home.

You may handle customer service for any number of companies.

#22: Share Your Knowledge At Skillshare

You can earn money quite fast by teaching other people things you know and understand.

Skillshare offers many online classes, and they may pay you to teach one or more of these classes.

#21: Medical Transcription

Why not sit at home and make fast online money doing medical transcription.

If you know medical transcription, you will love this.

This online site will make sure you are paid.

money mindset#20: IZEA

Simply put, you create and you get paid.

You make money blogging, Tweeting, taking pictures…whatever.

Go check it out:

#19: Crowdsource

Here is another great location to make money fast online.

Just sign up and choose from many various jobs companies need completed.

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#18: Sell Your CDs And DVDs

You can bring in some real fast cash online by selling your used CDs and DVDs.

The best site I have found to do this at is:

#17: Mobile Apps That Pay

There are some mobile applications that will pay you.

There are various ways these work, so I suggest you check some of them out:

And those are just a few.

#16: Sell Your Games

Maybe you are tired of that video game and need cash, but there is someone else that wants to play that game and will pay cash.  You can list your games on eBay or Amazon and make money online fast.

hire a virtual assistant#15: Virtual Assistant

There are many entrepreneurs that need certain tasks done that they do not have the time, patience or skills to do.

You can be their business saver and get paid online money to do so.

Here is a great link where entrepreneurs and virtual assistants can come together:

#14: Make YouTube Videos

The way you get paid through this means is via Google ads.

That means you need a lot of videos and a lot of views.

What are you waiting for?

Start making those videos…

#13: Upwork

This is a website where people can contract other people for many types of freelancing jobs.

You may know another language and can translate, or maybe you can provide accounting services.

I have worked for several clients through Upwork, and I highly recommend this site:

#12: Blog

Start a niche blog.

There is some cost involved in buying a domain and hosting, but you can make good online money when you put ads and write quality content that draws many visitors.

You will also want to gain subscribers and you can send them special offers.

#11: Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

Yep, that’s right…

You can make money online just by staying healthy and losing weight.

So it is a win/win opportunity.

#10: Sell Your Books

Many books will bring great prices, especially if they are textbooks.

The link I am providing lets you search for a book vendor that will pay you the best price for your books.

I highly recommend using this site:

#9: Internet Research

This is primarily a search engine evaluation job where you can make great money from home online.

You work the hours you want, so you can make money fast or slow.

It is completely up to you.

#8: Tutor

Helping students get through difficult subjects can be rewarding, fun and profitable.

You can tutor with your home internet connection and make great money doing so.

I suggest you visit the following link to learn more:

dale carnegie quotes

#7: Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is similar to Clickwork that I listed earlier, but many claim that Amazon Mechanical Turk pays better and has more available tasks.

It is a perfect way to make money online fast.

#6: Website Tester

There are many companies that want to know if their website is user friendly.

The best way they have found to do this is by contracting with many people to use the site and give their feedback.

This is a great place to get paid to test websites:

ebay business#5: Sell Your Stuff On eBay

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Just create a seller’s account on eBay and list your stuff.

Make sure you account for shipping and you can make money online fast.

I suggest using your payment method as PayPal.

#4: Do Fiverr Gigs

Do you know Photoshop?

Are you good at creating logos?

No matter your talent, you can offer gigs at Fiverr and make money fast and sure.

You will want a basic offer that only costs $5 and goes up from there.

#3: Freelance Writing

It is my profession, and I make quite good money with it, but writing is not for everyone.

If you believe you have what it takes to write high quality articles, blog posts, press releases, etc, you may want to try freelance writing.

You can easily get your “feet wet” by taking some jobs at

#2: Sell Photographs

There are many websites you can use to sell your photographs online and make money.

Some of the best ones are:

#1: Online Surveys

This is the number one way to make money online fast.

But you want to make sure you are using a reputable website that will pay and will not put malware on your computer.

I recommend:

Final Thoughts

You now have many ideas and ways to make money online fast.  I highly suggest you keep moving forward with your network marketing business, but any of these methods can help you make fast money.

What are your thoughts?  Have you used any of these methods?  If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below.  Thank you… Now go make some fast money!

Additional Idea

Get paid to shop.  Get money back when you shop at your favorite stores.







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2 thoughts on “Top 37 Ways To Make Money Online Fast

  1. Make money fast either online of offline is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I can remember from my childhood days having a coconut stand in the US territory of Guam – Imagine that a 6 year old Entrepreneur selling coconuts from a stand. Forget that you can go in any yard on the island and pick up your own coconut, but who could resist a 6 year old business mind.
    Some of these ideas are genius. Who would have thought I could look into my own wallet and have a business in there selling money that I already have. Very nice.
    Get paid to surf the web? I should have been a millionaire by now, I surf but haven’t been paid for it. Maybe, I will start.
    I like #29. I like the show Bull with Michael Weatherly, where he uses mock jurors, now I can be one. Now if a talent scout finds me, I can star on Bull.
    If anyone is stuck for a way to make money online, I suggest this list. Thank you.

    • It really is a great way to make money online fast.

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