The Top 32 MLM Skin Care Companies

Today, we’re going to talk about the top MLM Skin Care Companies, as I see it.

Women, as well as men, have a desire to take care of their skin. People want to look and feel beautiful as long as they can, especially the Baby Boomers.

Many entrepreneurs have recognized this fact and have started multilevel marketing companies based around the skin care niche.

Walk into any major retail store in the United States and you will see skin care items staring you in the face.

Skin care is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it only makes good sense that MLM Companies are taking a piece of the pie.

This is great for ordinary folks, because they can become a MLM Rep, have very little financial risk, work part-time, and build up a residual income selling skin care products.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you the top 32 MLM Skin Care Companies, as I see it. I know we will not agree on these rankings, and that is perfectly fine. This information comes from independent research online. 

Facts About the Skin Care Industry

Facts About the Skin Care Industry

Before I share the top 32 MLM Skin Care Companies with you, I’d love to share a few facts about the skin care and cosmetics industries. I personally find this information mind blowing.

  1. In 2016, more than $84 BILLION worth of beauty and personal care products were sold in the USA alone
  2. Skin care makes up approximately 37 percent of the cosmetics market
  3. L’Oreal revenue in 2015 was more than $28 BILLION
  4. The leading cosmetics brand in the USA is Neutrogena
  5. Approximately 64,000 people are employed by the USA Cosmetics Industry

mlm skin care companies

Top 32 MLM Skin Care Companies

Now, starting with #32, I will work my way to the #1 MLM Skin Care Company.

# 32: Shaklee

Known all over the world, Shaklee has great products that customers and representatives love. While the company offers a wide variety of products, skin care and personal care are on the list. You can see the Shaklee products at their website here.

  • Shaklee was founded in 1956 by Dr. Forrest Shaklee.
  • Shaklee’s headquarters is in California.
  • Shaklee’s product lines include: nutritional supplements, weight-management products, beauty products, and household products.
  • Shaklee’s most popular skin care products include: Shaklee Youth Advanced Renewal Cream and Shaklee Youth Moisture Lock Cream.
  • Shaklee has made a commitment to run the company in a “green” fashion.

Couldn’t believe it but Shaklee did it again. My face is looks and feels 10 years younger and that was after only 60 days. Now it’s been 2 years and Wow, Wow, Wow, no one believes my real age. Thank you, Shaklee !!!

~ Carol

# 31: Isagenix

While Isagenix is a very popular network marketing company in the health and wellness industry, they have also shown that they are quite competent with their skin care and personal care line. Isagenix has been making strong moves worldwide, and many are discovering it can be a great business opportunity. Check out the top 20 Isagenix products

  • Isagenix was founded in 2002 by John W. Anderson with Jim and Kathy Coover.
  • Isagenix’s headquarters is in Gilbert, Arizona.
  • Isagenix’s product lines include: weight loss, well-being, performance, essential oils and personal care items.
  • Isagenix’s most popular products are: Weight Loss BasicPak, Isabiome and e+™.
  • Some awards Isagenix has earned include Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies, The American Business Awards, and Direct Selling Association Top 20.
  • Isagenix states that they have the world’s greatest health and wellness products and business opportunity that together would transform lives both physically and financially.

Isagenix is a trusted and respected organization that exists to inspire and empower individuals, families, and communities to live their best life through a journey of nutrition, health, and overall wellness.

Source: Isagenix

# 30: Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan. While they carry a wide variety of products, their bee derived skin care products are very popular. This is why they get the #30 spot. It seems many people love Forever Living.

  • Forever Living Products’ headquarters is in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Forever Living Products’ product lines include: cosmetics, skin care, dietary supplements, and personal care.
  • The company’s most popular products are: Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Freedom and Aloe Lips.
  • The company received the 2017 Pure Beauty Award in London.

Forever Living’s skincare products contain the finest ingredients, using the purest form of aloe vera. These skincare, anti-ageing and cosmetic products are gentle on the skin, and work to enhance your natural beauty. With a commitment to quality and purity, we are passionate about helping everyone around the world to look and feel better!

Source: Forever Knowledge

# 29: Aloette

Aloette has been growing substantially since it started. While some claim that they have somewhat higher prices, many customers will tell you that the products are such high quality that they are worth the added price.

Aloette will probably move higher on this list in the near future.

  • Aloette was founded in 1978 by Tricia Defibaugh.
  • Aloette’s headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Aloette’s product lines include: skin care, cosmetics and personal care
  • Aloette’s most popular products are: Visible Aid Skin Restoring Cream, Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Re/Lax Aromatherapy Bath Salts.
  • Trusted for over 40-years, Aloette is an industry leader in cosmetic research, development, and sales.

I have sensitive combinational skin. If the product is not moisturizing enough or has too much oil, I will have a break out. I have tried so many different brands. I have been frustrated about solving my skin problem. I was introduced to Aloette C-cream. It is good in summer, but maximum moisture complex is a must for me in winter. Aloette moisturizer is the best moisturizer I have ever tried. Maximum moisture complex not only hydrates my skin without any grease. My skin becomes even more radiant and healthier. I am so impressed with the products and start to use the whole skin care set.

~ Catherine

skin care products are great for network marketing

# 28: Monat

This a new MLM that is taking the skin care business quite serious. Opening in 2014, many people are jumping aboard the Monat MLM bus.

With these high quality products, distributors are able to allow the products to sell themselves. You can see the top 20 Monat products here

  • Monat was founded in 2014 by Luis and Rayner “Ray” Urdaneta.
  • Monat’s headquarters is in Doral, Florida.
  • Monat’s product line is hair care
  • The company’s most popular products are: Frizz-Fix Smoothing Hair Primer, Thermal Protect Styling Shield and The CHAMP™ Conditioning Dry Shampoo.
  • Some awards Monat has earned include the 2018 Making a Difference Award by the DSA and the 2016 Gold Stevie® Award.

The skincare line has an anti-aging focus, and is formulated to help improve skin texture and elasticity while minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Monat’s skincare philosophy comes down to a four step routine- cleanse, prepare, target and replenish. One collection is for dry/sensitive skin, and there is also one for normal/combination skin. Products can be mixed and matched.

Source: The Derm Review

# 27: Yanbal International

Yanbal is another Latin cosmetics and skin care MLM that is well accepted in all of South America. Yanbal keeps growing by leaps and bounds, but as of yet, we do not see much of this company in the United States.

Yanbal is entering the United States market. Maybe you can be a U.S. Yanbal distributor. Here is the Yanbal International website.

  • Yanbal International was founded in 1967 by Eduardo and Fernando Belmont Anderson.
  • Their headquarters is in San Isidro, Lima, Peru.
  • Yanbal International’s product lines include: fragrances, makeup, face care, body care and jewelry
  • Yanbal International’s most popular products are: DUAL-PHASE MAKEUP REMOVER, OSADÍA COLOGNE FOR MEN and LLAVE CRISTAL SET.
  • Yanbal is much more than a beauty and jewelry company. They change lives!

A company inspired by, and created for, women. We empower women through our incredible business opportunity and exclusive products. For the woman who is looking to build her own independent business, we provide exceptional rewards and earning possibilities, as well as the support of a business development team to guide her from day one.

Source: Yanbal

# 26: NYR Organic

It all started in 1981 in London, England. The NYR stands for Neal’s Yard Remedies, and the goal was to create all-natural skin care products from what Mother Nature provides us.

NYR Organic has grown into a popular skin care MLM. Visit the NYR Organic website here.

  • NYR Organic was founded in 1981 by Peter Kindersley.
  • NYR Organic’s headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Their product lines include: skin care, body care and hair care.
  • NYR Organic’s most popular products are: Beauty Sleep Concentrate, Frankincense Refining Cleanser and Organic Defence Hand Spray.
  • It is one of the top organic skincare companies in the UK, Japan and Dubai, with direct selling channels in the UK and US.

Our Mission:

To improve the quality of people’s lives by sharing our expertise and encouraging a more natural, holistic way of health, beauty, and well-being.

Source: NYR Organic

# 25: AmorePacific

AmorePacific is one of the leading skin care and cosmetics companies in South Korea. They started operations way back in 1945 and have grown to extreme proportions since. Here is the AmorePacific website.

  • AmorePacific was founded in 1945 by Suh Sung-whan.
  • Their product lines include: skin care and cosmetics.
  • AmorePacific’s most popular products are: YOUTH REVOLUTION Radiance Concentrator and VINTAGE SINGLE EXTRACT ESSENCE.
  • Some awards AmorePacific has earned include the 2016 RED LIST AWARDS, PRESTIGE BEAUTY & SPA AWARDS, and Cosmopolitan BEST OF THE BEST BEAUTY AWARDS.

Asian Botanicals are the core of AMOREPACIFIC skincare. Believing that beauty secrets are found in nature, we unearth the wisdom of Asian Botanicals and use these ingredients in the ultimate skin care products.

Using Green Tea, Bamboo Sap and Red Ginseng , among other ingredients to form our patented complexes we nourish the skin on a deeper level, utilizing the best of nature and science.

Source: AmorePacific

# 24: Perfectly Posh

Founded in 2011, Perfectly Posh is built on the premise of pampering yourself. With a well-rounded product line of body and face care, Perfectly Posh is on the ladder of stardom. Watch for huge growth from this pampering MLM.

  • Perfectly Posh was founded in 2011 by Ann Dalton.
  • Perfectly Posh’s headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Their product lines include: skin care and cosmetics.
  • Perfectly Posh’s most popular products are: Posh to Meet You, Bundle, BFF: Best Face Forever Face Wash, Moisturize 911 and the loved Caffeinated Face Crème.
  • Perfectly Posh offers Pampering products made in the USA with gentle, natural ingredients.

Posh is where you go to find out how pampering it is when good ingredients come together in fun and innovative products—all at amazing prices. Whether you’re planning a whole day of relaxation in an at-home spa, or you just need a few minutes each day with a rejuvenating face mask or your favorite deliciously scented hand crème, we have everything YOU need to make yourself feel absolutely incredible. Pampering is personal, and with all that Posh has to offer, you can create the perfect experience that’s all your own.

Source: Perfectly Posh Facebook page

# 23: New Era Health Industry Co. LTD

This MLM has a goal of being within the 3 top MLMs in the world. New Era is a Chinese MLM that was started in 1995.

With three product lines and high quality skin care being one, they also have health food and personal care products.

  • New Era’s headquarters is in Shen Zhen, China
  • Their product lines include: health care, cosmetics, and personal care.
  • New Era’s most popular products are: New Era Combination J Tablets, and the New Era Number 12 Silica.
  • The company is dedicated to the research and development of health foods, nutrition, cosmetics and chemical commodities.

New Era Health Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. It was formerly Yantai New Era Natural Nutrition Co., Ltd. and a holding subsidiary of China New Era Holdings Group Co., Ltd., with its headquarters in Beijing. At present, the company has developed into a collection of raw materials collection, scientific research, production, sales, training, and service, including subsidiaries, branches and other companies, and has become a pillar enterprise of China New Era Holdings Group.

Source: New Era Health Industry Group

# 22: Menard Global

With their start in Japan, Menard has grown to amazing heights all around the world. They offer an opportunity to earn a nice income while supplying some of the highest quality skin care and beauty products made.

Menard will surely keep up its strong growth, and is bound to climb higher on the list shortly.

  • Menard Global was founded in 1959 by Daisuke Nonogawa.
  • Their global headquarters is in Nagoya, Japan.
  • The company’s product lines include: skin care, cosmetics, and fragrance.
  • Menard Global’s most popular products are: MENARD herb mask, Menard authent cream, and also the MENARD fair Lucent medical cream.
  • Menard Global is dedicated to providing only products scientifically proven to be safe, beneficial and effective.

What we offer our customers is more than a product. We offer something intangible: Magokoro comes with every one of our products. To us at MENARD, Magokoro means a sincere dedication to brightening people’s lifestyles and contributing to society through beauty.

It means treating everyone with kindness. And it means thinking sincerely about what we can do for our customers’ beauty, then putting it into practice. We hope to be your most trusted beauty advisor and consultant. “Seeking true beauty”: to us at MENARD, these are words to live by.

Source: Menard

# 21: Seacret

The secret behind Seacret are Dead Sea minerals. A somewhat new MLM, Seacret is on a continued growth cycle. These products are greatly accepted and will continue to climb on the ladder of success. 

  • Seacret was Founded in 2011 by Izhak Ben Shabat, Moty Ben Shabat and Betty Perez.
  • Seacret’s headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Seacret’s product lines include: skin care, cosmetics, body care, and hair care.
  • Seacret’s most popular products are: Mineral-Rich Peeling Gel, Gold Core Timeless Moisturizer, and M-Fresh Mineral Salt Toothpaste.
  • Seacret is the exclusive name behind the luxurious skin care and spa product line, based on salt, water, mud and ancient – perhaps even mystical – minerals, found in only one place on earth: the Dead Sea.

The entire SEACRET beauty product range is enriched with water, salt or mud-based Dead Sea minerals for which there is no natural or synthetic substitute in the cosmetic pharmaceutical world. The mineral composition used in these cosmetics is so special that it cannot be successfully imitated in any lab.

Source: Seacret Australia

# 20: K.K. Assuran

This is a highly popular Japanese cosmetic and skin care MLM. You will not find websites attempting to sell these products, as they use the “old school” technique of knocking or ringing doorbells. You will find these top quality items if you visit Japan. 

  • K.K. Assuran was Founded in 1994.
  • K.K. Assuran’s headquarters is in Fukuoka, Japan.
  • Their product lines include: skin care and cosmetics.
  • It is a $289 million company that specializes in cosmetics and personal care products to be sold in a person to person marketing style.
  • K.K. Assuran has over 500,000 distributors to distribute and houses over 321 employees.

We believe that women can use everyday basic cosmetics to make their daily lives, and their lives enjoyable and dreamy, so we founded and founded this company.

~ Takaaki Higashi, President

# 19: Tyra Beauty

Nothing can sell better than the backing of a top-notch celebrity, and Tyra was started by the famous Tyra Banks. This MLM is climbing the charts. Watch for it to climb higher as Tyra shares her beauty secrets with independent representatives.

  • Tyra Beauty was Founded in 2014 by Tyra Banks.
  • The company’s headquarters is in the greater Los Angeles area.
  • The product lines include: skin care, cosmetics, face care, tools, and accessories.
  • Tyra Beauty’s most popular products are: B.I.G. LASHES, MATTE LIQUID LIP COLOR, and Foaming Face wash.
  • Some awards Tyra Beauty has earned include Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training and Best Company of the Year 2018.
  • Tyra Beauty is a cosmetics brand for women. It offers a range of beauty products and cosmetics for the eyes, face, and lips.

The Clean Machine is my favorite product out there for my skin. Not only it removes my makeup, it cleans my face, but it is also fun to use. Also, it has helped me get rid of most of my acne and my aging spots. I was amazed and people can really tell the difference in my skin. Combining the clean machine with the rest of the skincare line makes me get compliments and has given me my confidence back. I am in love with this product!

~ Dahianna

make money selling skin care products

# 18: Noevir Holdings

It is quite evident that the Japanese females put a lot into their skin. Noevir Holdings is a huge direct selling company in Japan that primarily focuses on skin care and cosmetics.

Listed on the Tokyo stock exchange, Noevir continues to climb in value.

  • Noevir Holdings was founded in April 1964.
  • The headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Their product lines include: cosmetics, skin care, pharmaceuticals and health ood.
  • Noevir Holdings’ most popular products are: Speciale Cream, emulsion Rich Lotion, and the 505 Revitalizing Balancing Lotion.

Thinking firstly of “Everything for our customers” the Noevir Group provides products useful for beauty and health.

Source: Noevir Holdings

# 17: Verefina

The founder of Verefina learned very early in life that many women are putting dangerous substances on their skin. She vowed to develop all natural products that would be safe, but still provide the supple skin that females long for. 

  • Verefina was Founded in 2011 by Jennifer Lugo.
  • Verefina’s headquarters is in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Verefina’s product lines include: facial care, cosmetics, skin care, essential oils, fragrances and natural remedies.
  • Their most popular products are: COCONUT MILK BODY POLISH, OLIVE OIL LOTION, and LIP BALM.
  • Verefina helps people live healthier, happier lives by creating pure and natural health and beauty products that are free of harmful parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colors, and artificial fragrances.

Our mission today is to provide safe and natural beauty and wellness products to women and their families looking for an alternative to chemical-laden retail products. Our goal is to introduce new and continuously improve existing natural products through a process of ongoing research and development. We invite you to experience Verefina products for yourself – they will nourish you and bring out your natural, true beauty.

Source: Verefina Facebook page

atomy ingredients

# 16: Atomy

Atomy started in South Korea and is quickly gaining worldwide fame in their extensive line of skin care and cosmetics. It is growing substantially in the Philippines where a new office was recently opened. Here is a list of popular Atomy products

  • Atomy was Founded in 2009 by Han Gill Park.
  • Atomy’s headquarters is in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.
  • Their most popular products are: Evening Care 4 Set, Foam Cleanser, and the Skin Care 6 System.
  • Some awards Atomy has earned include the 2013 Most Excellence Award and the 1st Sejong Enterprise Awards.

Atomy skin care is a luxury Korean product and they use fresh organic herbs and plant ingredients that have been ultra-purified to remove any toxins.

Source: The Atomy Lifestyle

# 15: Votre Vu

It has always been known that the French develop exquisite skin care products and cosmetics. Votre Vu was founded by a French family, and it has been a favorite brand of many actors and actresses.

Using the MLM business model, representatives can easily sell these high quality products.

  • Votre Vu was Founded in 2008 by Harold Zimmerman.
  • Votre Vu’s headquarters is in Paris, France.
  • Votre Vu’s product lines include skin care and cosmetics.
  • Their most popular products are: BÉBÉ DUETTE lip balm & hand crème and LES SORBET frozen sérum for the face.
  • Votre Vu handcrafts healthy skincare & makeup with rich plant and marine based extracts native to France that deliver beautiful results to your skin.

We promise to make every product with the same attention to detail that we believe should be applied to the essentials of life—taking into consideration the needs of your skin, the specifics of your environment, and offering the opportunity to make your life more fulfilled at every level. We advocate the use of our products as part of a balanced life that also includes a healthy diet, sensible exercise, and a sense of whimsy.

Source: Votre Vu

# 14: Willa

The Willa target audience is girls. They are showing girls how they can save their skin from the many damaging effects, and also earn a good income doing so. Willa has been climbing higher and higher as younger women find this as a viable entrepreneurial opportunity.

  • Willa was Founded in 2008 by Willa Doss and Christy Prunier.
  • Willa’s headquarters is in Greenwich, Connecticut.
  • Their product line is skin care.
  • Their most popular products are Willa Face Friendly and Willa Naturals.
  • Willa believes in simple, safer, better-for-you formulas that harness the power of nature, deliver proven results, and are fun to use.

We believe beauty is how you feel about you, not what you see in the mirror.

We believe in simple, safer, better-for-you formulas that harness the power of nature, deliver proven results, and are fun to use.

Source: Willing Beauty

# 13: L’Bri Pure & Natural

From this modest “wing and a prayer” beginning in 1998, L’BRI has steadily grown into a strong, profitable company with thousands of successful independent sales Consultants and leaders. Fully 40% of monthly sales come from the repeat purchases of long time loyal customers.

Linda and Brian believe that their success comes from their unyielding insistence on providing outstanding products for their customers and world class service to their Consultants. They recently purchased a modern, well-equipped office/warehouse facility with the room to support their goals of doubling their business in the next three years and having successful sales Leaders and Consultants in every state and city in America.

L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL: A company with a mission to change lives for the better, one face at a time!

Source: L’Bri website

# 12: Belcorp

Belcorp was started in Peru in 1968. Belcorp allows representatives to sell their extensive line of skin care and cosmetic products primarily in South America. The highest selling product line through Belcorp is L’Bel.

  • Belcorp’s headquarters is in Lima, Peru.
  • Belcorp’s product lines include personal care and cosmetics.
  • Their most popular products are: Esika Nail Polish and Esika Perfume.
  • Some awards Belcorp has earned include: 2016 Best Beauty Buys Award and 2015 Bronze Award.

Belcorp is a Peruvian multinational with almost 50 years of experience in the beauty industry. Belcorp believes in women, recognize their entrepreneurial spirit and strengthens their capacity to transform their lives and environment. The company’s main brands are L’BEL, Ésika and Cyzone.

Source: Direct Selling News

# 11: Jeunesse Global

Located in Florida, Jeunesse Global has become a huge force in the MLM business world of skin care, cosmetics and personal care. I predict that this company will climb even higher in the next few years. Check out the top 20 Jeunesse products

  • Jeunesse Global was Founded in 2009 by Wendy R. Lewis and Randy Ray.
  • Their product lines include skin care, face care, anti aging and weight-loss supplements.
  • Jeunesse Global’s most popular products are: NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation, Instantly Ageless – Vials, and NEVO® ACAI GRAPE.
  • Some awards Jeunesse Global has earned include the DSA Ethos Awards, Golden Bridge Awards, and Women World Awards.

The Jeunesse Family creates positive impact in the world by helping people look and feel young, while empowering each other to unleash their potential.

Source:  Jeunesse Global Facebook page

Nu Skin has 200+ products

# 10: Nu Skin

Many of you may wonder why Nu Skin doesn’t rank higher in this list. While they make a great line of skin care products, their sales have been higher in dietary supplements, which are not skin care related. Nu Skin is a worldwide phenomenon, and will continue its growth. Check out the top Nu Skin products

  • Nu Skin was founded in the year 1984.
  • Nu Skin’s product lines include skin care and nutritional products.
  • Nu Skin’s most popular products are: ageLOC Transformation Set, Tru Face essence ULTRA, Celltrex CoQ10 Complete, Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid, and the Glacial Marine Mud.
  • Nu Skin is a premier anti-aging company committed to providing quality skincare and nutrition products.

Over 100 different botanicals that perform a variety of functions—including antioxidants, cleansing agents, emollients, humectants, skin conditioning agents, skin protectors, and skin soothing agents—are used in Nu Skin products.

Source: Nu Skin

# 9: Neora (formerly Nerium International)

Neora is one of the fastest growing MLM Companies in the world. The Neora skin care products have demonstrated amazing results as shown in before and after pictures. Many distributors are enjoying huge profits selling the Nerium skin care products.

  • It was Founded in 2011 by Jeff Olson.
  • Their headquarters is in North Texas.
  • The product lines include anti-aging, skin care, wellness supplements and superfoods.
  • Their most popular products are the SAL-14™ (Age IQ Formula), Circadiplex™ Blend and Plus EHT® Brain Formula.
  • Some awards Nerium has earned include The MarCom Awards, Best in Biz Awards, and Stevie Awards.

My skin loves Age IQ. This is the best my skin has ever looked. I turned 50 in February and I have never felt more confident.

~ Alex F.

# 8: Younique

Younique is a unique skin care and cosmetic MLM who finds that social media is the top tool for their distributor’s success. This MLM was started in 2012 by a brother and sister team. It is making huge moves which gives Younique a #8 spot in this list.

  • Younique was Founded in 2012 by Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft.
  • Their headquarters is in Utah.
  • Younique’s product lines include cosmetics, face care, skin care, tools, and fragrance.
  • Younique’s most popular products are: Set of 3 Moodstruck Splash Liquid lipstick, Touch Mineral Skin perfecting Concealer, and the Lip Bonbons Tinted Lip Balm.

Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.

Source: Younique

the skin care niche

# 7: Natura Cosmetics

Natura is a Brazilian MLM that was founded in 1969. It seems that many Latin females love this MLM. Natura’s revenues are extremely high in Brazil and South America. And, we will see it growing further too. Here are two awards the company has earned:

  • Most Innovative Growth Companies 2014 on Forbes List
  • Natura is the largest Brazilian cosmetics company by revenue.

We offer products in several categories: bath, body care, face care, hair care, perfumes, and we use vegetable ingredients from the Brazilian biodiversity, harvested in partnership with local communities.

Source: Natura

# 6: Arbonne International

This California based MLM Company has spread throughout the world with a huge catalog of products, but skin care is their primary profit source. Highly recognized, we will watch closely to see if this MLM Company can overtake the #1 position. The odds are good if they keep their current operation methods. See the best-selling Arbonne products here. 

  • Arbonne was founded in 1975 by Petter Mørck.
  • Arbonne’s headquarters is in Irvine, California.
  • Some awards Arbonne has earned include the Best New Skin Care Product 2017 and 2017 Best New Skin Care Treatment.

I love Arbonne products. Like a few of you, when I first began using them I broke out but it seemed to be due to my pores releasing all of the toxins or getting use to the new products because after a few weeks it cleared up and I have had no other problems. I have found no place on their site where they say they are all natural, they state they are botanically based, but not all natural. Everyone will always have their own opinion but I for one love all of arbonnes products. I have one daughter who uses their Clear Advantage and her skin has cleared up from break outs and another who uses one of their other face products, the FC5 but I love the Re9 because I want to look as young as I can for as long as I can. It even feels amazing on my skin.

~ Teresa R.

# 5: Amway

Amway is the largest MLM Company in the world. While they are best known for Nutrilite, they sell BILLIONS worth of Artistry Cosmetics each year. That’s why I had to rank them so high on this list. 

  • Amway was founded in 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel.
  • The Amway headquarters is in Ada, Michigan.
  • They also sell home care, personal care and nutritional products.
  • Amway does somewhere between $8 and $10 BILLION per year in revenue, making it the largest MLM Company in the world.

Our mission is to empower you to share your passion for beauty and recommend products with confidence.

Source: Amway Global

# 4: Oriflame

Oriflame has been a well known name in skin care and personal care for many years. Two brothers started Oriflame in Sweden in 1967. Its headquarters is located in Sweden.

Oriflame has gained high attention worldwide, and continues to grow as distributors share the extensive product line. Check out these popular Oriflame products. 

One reason Oriflame does so well is their price point. Most of their products are VERY inexpensive, so just about everyone can afford to buy them!

We respect nature and strive to use natural ingredients. Many ingredients derived from fruits, flowers and plants are used in our formulations and our designs combine functionality with simplicity, elegance and respect for materials and resources.

Source: Oriflame Facebook page

mary kay ash quote

# 3: Mary Kay

We see the pink Cadillac and we know that it is a Mary Kay representative. You can also tell by their near perfect complexion. That is because they use the products they also sell.

The founder of Mary Kay, Mary Kay Ash passed away in 2001, but her legacy lives on stronger than ever. Here are two Mary Kay Ash quotes you might enjoy:

We must have a theme, a goal, a purpose in our lives. If you don’t know where you’re aiming, you don’t have a goal. My goal is to live my life in such a way that when I die, someone can say, she cared.


A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.

  • Mary Kay Cosmetics was founded back in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash.
  • It is currently managed by her son, Richard Rogers.
  • The Mary Kay headquarters is in Dallas, Texas.
  • They offer a wide range of skin care and personal care items.
  • Mary Kay has received numerous awards to include Best Company of the Year 2018.
  • Mary Kay does business in nearly 40 countries around the world.

Every Mary Kay skin care product is the result of innovative technology combined with proven-effective ingredients. That’s why you can trust the products you use to deliver the real results you want.

Source: Mary Kay

# 2: Rodan and Fields

Rodan and Fields is a well known brand of high quality skin care products. You have probably viewed infomercials about this product line, and you can build a great Rodan and Fields business in your home. Here is a list of popular Rodan & Fields products

  • Rodan & Fields was founded in 2007 by Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan.
  • Rodan & Fields has their company’s headquarters in San Francisco, California.
  • Some awards the company has earned include: ALLURE 2017 Best of Beauty Awards and ESSENCE 2017 Best of Black Beauty Awards.

Rodan + Fields skincare philosophy is based on Multi-Med Therapy: The right ingredients in the right formulations in the right order deliver visible results.

Source: Rodan & Fields

# 1: Avon

Yes, Avon is still a powerhouse in the skin care business. They do nearly $9 BILLION per year in sales revenue. Founded in 1886, Avon continues to lead the way in the MLM Skin Care world. 

Daily, Avon representatives are sharing the extensive product line to their co-workers, friends and family, and people cannot help but purchase some Avon products.

Avon may struggle from time to time, but they are still the BIG DOG! How many Avon representatives do you know?

In 2018, Avon skincare products generated approximately 1.5 billion U.S. dollars in net sales.

Source: Statista

Final Thoughts

In review, these are the top 32 MLM Skin Care Companies, as I see it. What company is your favorite skin care company? Do you agree with my list and rankings? Feel free to leave a comment below and tell us your favorite company. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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82 thoughts on “The Top 32 MLM Skin Care Companies”

  1. Care for one’s skin is important. I believe the first step for skin care starts from what we take in in terms of food and others follow. This is because our skin is a reflection of what we eat.

    1. Yes…

      A big YES….

      Very few people ever mention that. I’m glad you brought it up.

      One of the quickest ways to improve your skin is to drink more water and eat a healthy diet. Getting plenty of rest and exercising often also help.

  2. I am familiar with three MLM Skin Care Companies in my country. The one that really stands out is Oriflame. Most of the companies on this list do not do business in my country. One thing I love about Oriflame is their prices! They are really affordable compared to many other skin care companies. Great post. Thanks.

    1. I love Oriflame. I used a bunch of their products when I was deployed to Kosovo for a year. I also sent some home to my wife while I was there and she really liked the products, too.

  3. This is a great post, Chuck. I can tell you spent a lot of time writing it.

    I think skin care is a good product line for companies that are mostly women. I really don’t know a lot of guys that use skin care products. I know some do, but not most of the people I know.

    If I was going to join a company, I would want something that appealed more to men as well. Maybe a nutritional product line, or a really diverse product line.

    Just my two cents. Thanks.

    1. Yes, most MLM Skin Care Companies are predominantly women. Not 100%, but a huge majority of the sales reps are women. That’s fine though, since nearly 80% of all direct sales reps are women.

      That being said, it can be difficult to get a man to be excited about skin care products. Some will get excited, but for the most part, the fellas focus on other types of products in our industry.

  4. Skin care is a great business. Most women use skin care products and some men do. Even better, skin care has great markups. These companies can manufacture something for a few dollars and sell it for 10x or 20x their cost. That’s great for them.

    1. Yes, skin care products typically have huge markups. Some skin care items that sell for $50, $100, $200 or more, only cost a few dollars to manufacture. Of course, they’re not all marked up that much, but there is definitely a great profit margin in most skin care products for companies and sales reps.

  5. Avon is great. Their products are trusted and quality-wise is good. I’m not familiar with the rest of these companies, but I’ve been buying Avon for many years now.

    1. Yes, Avon is great. One thing that really stands out to me is their PRICES. Most MLM Products are very expensive (not always), yet Avon figured out a way to keep their products affordable to the masses. I think that is one of the biggest reasons for their long-time success, their price point.

    1. I won’t say a specific company, but I would say to look for natural and organic. Once you learn how to read a label, you will see that many skin care products have harmful or questionable ingredients. The natural and organic might cost more (not always) but it’s a good feeling knowing what’s going in your body.

  6. Thanks alot for taking your time to analysing the top 32 MLM skin care companies in the world. Their is no doubt, skin care products are in-demand because everyone wants to keep the body glowing and looking attractive.

    1. Most definitely. People want to look and feel beautiful as long as they can, and they will gladly pay for it. Some of the companies on this list offer some AMAZING skin care products.

  7. This is a great list of skin care companies specializing in MLM. I’d argue that they became so successful because they delivered a high quality product that people really wanted. Some of these companies are 40, 50, even 100 years old. That’s very impressive.

    1. Skin care will stand the test of time. Women will always want to look and feel beautiful. If a company can offer a product that is high VALUE, people will buy it. Some people want inexpensive items (like Avon) and other people will step up and pay hundreds of dollars for skin care (like Rodan & Fields). There is truly something for everyone in the MLM Skin Care market.

    1. Every business in every industry has some horror stories online. You just have to search for it. The larger the company, the more horror stories there normally are. Most of the MLM horror stories are from disgruntled or jaded reps who did not do the work and ended up quitting. That is quite perhaps the last person I would listen to.

    2. I don’t know about most of the MLM skin Care Companies here but I am sure of, Forever living Products, Mary Kay, and Oriflame. These companies have been in my country for over 8-years and they are still doing well.

      1. Those are all great companies. I’ve used Forever’s and Oriflame’s products before. Nothing bad to say about them. I haven’t tried Mary Kay, although I do know it is very popular.

    1. The one thing that really makes Avon stand out to me is their price point. Of the hundreds of MLM Companies I have evaluated they do have the best price points: something anyone can afford.

    1. It depends on your definition of value. In many cases, the store might have better prices than a MLM Company. Not always, but in many cases. However, MLM Companies often have unique, patented products you can’t buy in a store. Plus, you get the opportunity to sell them and make money. That is also “value” in my opinion.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my list of skin care companies. This list is a good starting point. Once you whittle your choices down to three or four potential MLM Skin Care Companies, I would then take more time and research each company in depth until you find the one that is the best choice for you.

  8. That is a huge list for me, and everyone cares about their skin to always look beautiful and youthful. So beauty products such as anti aging and wrinkles will be the main attraction that will be offered by skin care companies.

    1. Yes, the beauty industry, cosmetics industry and skin care industry are all huge with plenty of upside potential. If a MLM Company can come up with a good product at a fair price, there is a high likelihood it will work.

  9. Very successful companies, in my country, is very common to find products from Ymbal, they have very good quality and good prices. I have also heard about Belcorp but I haven’t tried their products yet.

    1. Awesome. I haven’t tried either of those companies skin care products yet, but I’m sure they are really good or they wouldn’t have survived for so long. If skin care is your passion, I would find a local MLM Company selling skin care at affordable prices. Also, check to make sure they don’t test products on animals, and if possible, find a line of organic skin care, so they are no dangerous chemicals in the products.

    1. I’ve used some of Forever Living products myself, but not their skin care line. I did like their Aoe Vera juice though. They are a good company that’s been around over 40-years, and they do billions of dollars in sales each year.

  10. Wow, this is amazing…! I just found out that there are many MLM companies for skin care. And it is true that this is a great opportunity for a business, because everyone cares about their skin care.

    1. Yes, skin care is a great product line for the MLM Industry because it is ordered, used up each month, and needs to be reordered. Here is a stat I found online about the skin care industry.

      By 2025, the global skin care market is estimated to be 189.3 billion U.S. dollars. The skin care industry has witnessed a shift from demand from older consumers to a growing younger consumer base.

      With that much market share, even if the MLM Industry takes just a small piece of the pie, many fortunes can be made.

  11. This is a well comprised list of the top skin care MLM Companies. I appreciate the research and time you put in to write this post. Knowing facts about skin care is essential to everyone. But, the research does not get to African region. May I understand the reason for this man?

    1. With the internet, anyone worldwide has access to information about skin care (or just about any other topic). All you have to do is get on your phone and do a quick Google search.

      Not all of these companies do business in Africa, for whatever reason. Other companies on this list do have a presence there. I suggest people look for a locally based MLM Company so they have the support, quick access to the products, and the information they need to build a successful business.

  12. I may not know much in terms of beauty products, but this is not surprising. As humans, people want to look and feel beautiful. There are a lot of international brands here, but then again that is how big this industry is. Good list.

    1. Yes, the skin care industry is huge. By 2025 it is expected to reach approximately $200 billion in sales worldwide. That is a lot of money. Even if the MLM Industry takes 10% of those sales, that is close to $20 billion.

  13. Thank you so much for the amazing list! I might try some of the companies from the top 10 in the list. However, I didn’t expect some companies to make it to the list. Looks like I might reconsider to look as well.

    1. Yes, all of the skin care companies in my top 10 list are worth checking out. It really depends on what type of skin care products you are searching for. Some people just want the cheapest. Others care about the ingredients and how they test the products. Find a company that aligns with your values and what you are looking for and try out their skin care products.

  14. This is a great list, Chuck. I don’t know ANY women who don’t use skin care. Everyone has skin. This is such a huge market. The one thing I have noticed about a lot of MLM Skin Care products is that they are SO expensive, especially compared to what you can buy at Wal-mart or on Amazon. The only exception to that rule might be Avon. Even if the products are good, and can do incredible things, the average person can’t afford to buy it.

    1. Yes, skin care is huge. All I have to do is look in my wife’s closet and see all the different products she uses. Most women are the same way. I even have a lot of guy friends who use skin care products every single day. When choosing a skin care company to represent, there are several factors you should consider.

      1. The price point
      2. The ingredients in the products
      3. The wholesale retail markup
      4. The commission structure
      5. The reputation of the company and products

      Of course, you should try out the skin care products first. If you don’t see a value in the products at the suggested retail price, find a different MLM Skin Care Company to promote. Just my two cents.

    2. True, you may be able to get cheaper skin-care products at Wal-Mart or from Amazon and the like, but you usually get what you pay for. You usually cannot return a product that has been opened just because you don’t like it, or (gasp) because it doesn’t work. With an MLM representative, you can almost always try the product before buying it, or maybe even get a sample to take home.

      1. Yes, you definitely get what you pay for. Cheaper is not always better. More expensive is not always better. You have to take your time and find the right skin care for your needs and budget.

    3. The two main things that many women look for is skin care and weight loss. There are many companies out there for both. I think what sets one company aside for the others are definitely the price point and ingredients.

      One misconception is that if the product is expensive it’s good, that is so far from the truth. An expensive product can have mostly chemicals and a little of “the good stuff”. When choosing a great skin care product I would look for natural ingredients first, then if price point is an issue you can narrow it down from there.

      1. Yes, price point and ingredients are very important. Most people will skimp on the ingredients if the price is cheaper though.
        However, good ingredients cost SIGNIFICANTLY more than cheap ones with dyes, fillers, chemicals, etc. You can’t find good skin care products at Dollar Tree prices.

    1. Sorry to hear that. From what I found online, BeautiControl had more than 50,000 reps when they closed and they had been in business more than 35-years. That’s pretty crazy. What saddens me the most is the employees who lost their jobs and the reps who lost their income. From what I have read, it failed because of mismanagement. This happens in the MLM world and in the real world. This is one reason it’s so important to have multiple streams of income.

  15. I believe Rodan + Fields has definitely moved up the list since this was posted. I became a consultant after loving the products for months and my skin has never looked better!

    1. Rodan & Fields is definitely climbing up the list. They were founded in 2007, as a MLM Company, and they do more than $1 billion in yearly sales. They sell a nice variety of high end skin care products. Some of my favorite MLM Leaders are in this company.

  16. This is a good list. I will (happily, because I chose to become a consultant in 2016) share that Rodan & Fields did officially take the #1 spot for premium skin care for North America in 2016. This is very impressive, and exciting for anyone​ involved, especially because we are currently ONLY in North America. Rodan & Fields will be launching in Australia in May, and already have consultants​ there ready to share what this amazing company has to offer! If I sound like I’m biased, it’s because I obviously am. :). Either way, being in the #1 spot in the only countries it’s sold so far is pretty awesome!

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying your experience in Rodan & Fields. They are definitely growing, and they’ve expanded into Australia and Canada. I could easily see them in the top spot in the next few years.

    2. Yvonne,

      I know a couple people that use the Rodan & Fields products and like them. If they have good ingredients and a competitive price point they should continue to do well. Having a company that you can stand behind is sometimes hard to find. Good luck with your business!

      1. Yes, I know several people using Rodan & Fields. Although the prices are much higher than many other skin care companies, the reviews are really good. They are definitely worth checking out.

  17. Great list of companies, Chuck! Years ago I was with Mary Kay, and they’re definitely a top tier company. But you’re missing the hidden gem of L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL. They’re up & coming, and I expect we’ll hear more from them soon.

    1. I just did a little bit of research on this skin care MLM company. These are their four pillars:

      1. L’BRI would offer natural, safe and affordable skin care, beauty and nutritional products that work.
      2. L’BRI owners and executives would be passionate about helping others enjoy more beautiful lives.
      3. L’BRI would be 100% family owned with no outside investors.
      4. L’BRI would be built from the ground up to support its independent sales partners.

      Source: Click Now

      I also like that they offer free shipping on some of the orders.

  18. This is a great list of skin care companies Greg. The most popular ones I can think of are Arbonne and Rodan & Fields. Mary Kay is definitely up there as well, right along with Avon. Great post man. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I did not see Melaleuca on the list, and I think that they are worth mentioning. Both their Sei Bella and their Affinia lines are superb! The prices for both are actually quite reasonable, too. My daughters and I have all switched over to Melaleuca products and are very happy with the results.

      1. Yes, they do have some great skin care products at great prices. When I update this list of skin care companies in the near future, I will be sure to add Melaleuca to the list. Thanks for the comment.

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