The Top 32 MLM Skin Care Companies

Today, we’re going to talk about the top MLM Skin Care Companies…

Women, as well as men have a desire to take care of their skin.  Many entrepreneurs have recognized this fact and have started multilevel marketing companies based around that particular niche.

mlm skin care companiesWalk into any major retail store in the United States and you will see skin care items staring you in the face.

Skin care is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it only makes good sense that MLM companies are taking a piece of the pie.

And, due to the fact that MLM allows everyday people like you and I to start our own home-based businesses, we can also have a piece of that skin care pie.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you the top 32 MLM skin care companies.

Disclaimer: This article is just my opinion.  Individual results will vary. 

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Top 32 MLM Skin Care Companies

Now, starting with #32, I will work my way to the #1 MLM skin care company.

top32 mlm skin care companies

#32: Amway

Amway is probably one of the largest MLMs in the world. While not primarily a skin care MLM, Amway does offer many various products that customers use for skin care.

Amway deserved their place in this list, and they have many other products to go along with their skin care line. Read our review of Amway

#31: Aloette

Aloette has been growing since it started. While some claim that they have somewhat higher prices, many customers will tell you that the products are such high quality that they are worth the added price.

Aloette will probably move higher on this list in the near future. Check out the top Aloette products here. 

#30: Natura Cosmeticos

Natura is a Brazilian MLM that was founded in 1969. It seems that many Latin females love this MLM.

Natura’s revenues are extremely high in Brazil and South America. And, we will see it growing further too. You can see what Natura offers here.

#29: Monat

This a new MLM that is taking the skin care business quite serious. Opening in 2014, many people are jumping aboard the Monat MLM bus.

With these high quality products, distributors are able to allow the products sell themselves. You can see the top 20 Monat products here. 

#28: Yanbal International

Yanbal is another Latin cosmetics and skin care MLM that is well accepted in all of South America. Yanbal keeps growing by leaps and bounds but as of yet, we do not see much of this company in the United States.

But it is entering the United States market. Maybe you can be a U.S. Yanbal distributor. Here is the Yanbal International website.

#27: NYR Organic

It all started in 1981 in London, England. The NYR stands for Neal’s Yard Remedies, and the goal was to creat all-natural skin care products from what Mother Nature provides us.

NYR Organic has grown into a popular skin care MLM. Visit the NYR Organic website here.

#26: AmorePacific

AmorePacific is one of the leading skin care and cosmetics companies in South Korea. They started operations way back in 1945 and have grown to extreme proportions since.

Here is the AmorePacific website.

#25: Perfectly Posh

Founded in 2011, Perfectly Posh is built on the premise of pampering yourself. With a well-rounded product line of body and face care, Perfectly Posh is on the ladder of stardom. Watch for huge growth from this pampering MLM.

Perfectly Posh website.

#24: New Era Health Industry Co. LTD

This MLM has a goal of being within the 3 top MLMs in the world. New Era is a Chinese MLM that was started in 1995.

With 3 product lines and high quality skin care being one, they also have health food and personal care products.

#23: Pink Papaya

In 2006, two sisters teamed up to create Pink Papaya. The idea behind Pink Papaya is to have spa parties and treat people to a spa like life within their own home.

The idea has taken hold and there are distributors all over offering Pink Papaya products. Here is a list of the Top 20 Pink Papaya products

#22: Menard Global

With their start in Japan, Menard has grown to amazing heights all around the world. They offer an opportunity to earn a nice income while supplying some of the highest quality skin care and beauty products made.

Menard will surely keep up its strong growth, and is bound to climb higher on the list shortly.

Menard Global website.

#21: Seacret

The secret behind Seacret are Dead Sea minerals. A somewhat new MLM, Seacret is on a continued growth cycle.

These products are greatly accepted and will continue to climb on the ladder of success. Visit the Seacret website here.

#20: K.K. Assuran

This is a highly popular Japanese cosmetic and skin care MLM. You will not find websites attempting to sell these products, as they use the “old school” technique of knocking or ringing doorbells.

You will find these top quality items if you visit Japan. See more about K.K. Assuran.

#19: Tyra Beauty

Nothing can sell better than the backing of a top-notch celebrity, and Tyra was started by the famous Tyra Banks.

This MLM is climbing the charts. Watch for it to climb higher as Tyra shares her beauty secrets with independent representatives.

Visit the Tyra Beauty website here.

#18: Noevir Holdings

It is quite evident that the Japanese females put a lot into their skin. Noevir Holdings is a huge direct selling company in Japan that primarily focuses on skin care and cosmetics.

Listed on the Tokyo stock exchange, Noevir continues to climb in value.

Noevir Holdings website.

#17: Verefina

The founder of Verefina learned very early in life that many women are putting dangerous substances on their skin. She vowed to develop all natural products that would be safe, but still provide the supple skin that females long for. Here is the Verefina website.

#16: Atomy

Atomy started in South Korea and is quickly gaining worldwide fame in their extensive line of skin care and cosmetics. It is growing substantially in the Philippines where a new office was recently opened.

Here is a list of popular Atomy products

#15: Votre Vu

It has always been known that the French develop exquisite skin care products and cosmetics. Votre Vu was founded by a French family, and it has been a favorite brand of many actors and actresses.

Using the MLM business model, representatives can easily sell these high quality products.

Votre Vu website.

#14: Willa

The Willa target audience is girls. They are showing girls how they can save their skin from the many damaging effects, and also earn a good income doing so. Willa has been climbing higher and higher as younger women find this as a viable entrepreneurial opportunity.

#13: Oriflame

Oriflame has been a well known name in skin care and personal care for many years. Two brothers started Oriflame in Sweden in 1967.

Oriflame has gained high attention worldwide, and continues to grow as distributors share the extensive product line. Check out these popular Oriflame products. 

#12: BeautiControl

BeautiControl has been climbing higher and higher in acceptance. Many women have discovered great products at reasonable prices that entices them to start their own home-based BeautiControl business.

#11: Belcorp

Belcorp was started in Peru in 1968. Belcorp allows representatives to sell their extensive line of skin care and cosmetic products primarily in South America. The highest selling product line through Belcorp is L’Bel.

#10: Rodan and Fields

Rodan and Fields is a well known brand of high quality skin care products. You have probably viewed infomercials about this product line, and you can build a great Rodan and Fields business in your home. Here is a list of popular Rodan & Fields products

#9: Isagenix

While Isagenix is a very popular MLM in the health and wellness industry, they have also shown that they are quite competent with their skin care and personal care line too. Isagenix has been making strong moves worldwide, and many are discovering it can be a great business opportunity.

Check out the top 20 Isagenix products

#8: Jeunesse Global

Located in Florida, Jeunesse Global has become a huge force in the MLM business world of skin care, cosmetics and personal care.

I predict that this company will climb even higher in the next few years. Check out the top 20 Jeunesse products

#7: Forever Living Products

This MLM company was founded in 1978. While they carry a wide variety of products, their bee derived skin care products are very popular.

This is why they get the #7 spot. It seems many people love Forever Living.

#6: Nu Skin

Many of you may wonder why Nu Skin doesn’t rank higher in this list. While they make a great line of skin care products, their sales have been higher in dietary supplements which are not skin care related.

Nu Skin is a worldwide phenomenon, and will continue its growth. Check out the top Nu Skin products

#5: Nerium International

Nerium is one of the fastest growing MLM companies in the world. The Nerium skin products have demonstrated amazing results as shown in before and after pictures.

Many distributors are enjoying huge profits selling the Nerium skin care products.

#4: Younique

Younique is a unique skin care and cosmetic MLM who finds that social media is the top tool for their distributor’s success. This MLM was started in 2012 by a brother and sister team.

It is making huge moves which gives Younique a #4 spot in this list.

top mlmskin care companies

#3: Mary Kay

We see the pink Cadillac and we know that it is a Mary Kay representative. You can also tell by their near perfect complexion. That is because they use the products they also sell.

The founder of Mary Kay, Mary Kay Ash passed away in 2001, but her legacy lives on stronger than ever.

Here are two Mary Kay Ash quotes that are strong:

We must have a theme, a goal, a purpose in our lives. If you don’t know where you’re aiming, you don’t have a goal. My goal is to live my life in such a way that when I die, someone can say, she cared.


A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.

See the most popular Mary Kay products

#2: Arbonne International

This California based MLM company has spread throughout the world with a huge catalog of products, but skin care is their primary profit source. Highly recognized, we will watch closely to see if this MLM company can overtake the #1 position.

The odds are good if they keep their current operation methods. See the best-selling Arbonne products here. 

#1: Avon

Yes, Avon is still a powerhouse in the skin care business. Daily, Avon representatives are sharing the extensive product line to their co-workers, friends and family, and people cannot help but purchase some Avon products.

Avon may struggle from time to time, but they are still one of the primary competitors. How many Avon representatives do you know?

My Favorite Skin Care Product

order nowFinal Thoughts

Well there are the top 32 MLM skin care companies, as we see it. What company is your favorite?  Do you agree with my list and order? Feel free to leave a comment below and tell us your favorites.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

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AuthorGreg Boudonck

Greg Boudonck is a freelance writer and author of more than 50 books. He is also a distributor in a health and wellness MLM Company. He lives in beautiful Puerto Rico with his wife and two dogs.

8 thoughts on “The Top 32 MLM Skin Care Companies

  1. Sadly BeautiControl closed in 2017. I miss the company and I miss the top notch anti-aging products.

  2. I believe Rodan + Fields has definitely moved up the list since this was posted. I became a consultant after loving the products for months and my skin has never looked better!

  3. This is a good list. I will (happily, because I chose to become a consultant in 2016) share that Rodan & Fields did officially take the #1 spot for premium skin care for North America in 2016. This is very impressive, and exciting for anyone​ involved, especially because we are currently ONLY in North America. Rodan & Fields will be launching in Australia in May, and already have consultants​ there ready to share what this amazing company has to offer! If I sound like I’m biased, it’s because I obviously am. :). Either way, being in the #1 spot in the only countries it’s sold so far is pretty awesome!

  4. Great list of companies, Chuck! Years ago I was with Mary Kay, and they’re definitely a top tier company. But you’re missing the hidden gem of L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL. They’re up & coming, and I expect we’ll hear more from them soon.

    • I agree! I love their product line!!! Very natural and light.

  5. This is a great list of skin care companies Greg. The most popular ones I can think of are Arbonne and Rodan & Fields. Mary Kay is definitely up there as well, right along with Avon. Great post man. Thanks for sharing.

    • You are quite welcome Chuck. Researching things like this is fun and enlightening.

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