Top 27 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant

Today, I will share my top reasons to hire a virtual assistant.

As a business owner, whether you have hundreds of employees, just 1 or 2, or you are a Lone Ranger, you may want to consider contracting the services of a virtual assistant.

While there are many business owners who balk at the idea, there are many more who have discovered that by hiring a virtual assistant, they have made their job easier and it has helped their business immensely.

If you have hired a virtual assistant at some point in time, I am sure you will agree.

If you never have, and have reservations against doing so, I suggest you read today’s post in its entirety because I believe it will help you understand how a virtual assistant can be a huge benefit to you.

Don’t worry… I am not affiliated with any virtual assistants and I am not here to “pitch” you on hiring one.

But I will direct you to some places you can find good virtual assistants at the end of this article.

Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Top 27 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

What you will read below are the top 27 reasons to hire a virtual assistant, as I see it.  These reasons are listed in no particular order.

# 27: You don’t have to pay fringe benefits

The costs of paid vacations, insurance and other fringe benefits for employees can be humongous.

When you hire a virtual assistant, they are normally contract labor and therefore you do not have to pay fringe benefits.  This will save you a lot of money on labor related expenses.

# 26: Virtual assistants are normally always available

If you ask a regular employee to work some weird hours, you will probably hear every excuse known to humans why they can’t.  Stay past 5?  I don’t think so.  Show up on a Saturday?  Let the rebellion start.

If you ask your virtual assistant to man the customer service calls from 2 AM until 4 AM, you will probably get a “No problem.”

If you hire a virtual assistant on the other side of the world, you can have them do all your needed tasks while you sleep (since they are on a different time zone).  There’s nothing like waking up each morning with an inbox full of completed tasks.

Virtual Assistants Are a Cheaper Alternative to Hiring Employees

# 25: You don’t have to pay for coffee breaks

I once worked for an employer that measured coffee breaks, bathroom breaks and water cooler chat sessions.

During a company wide meeting he gave us the lowdown. He broke down the statistics and claimed that each day the company was paying $2,335 for non-work breaks.

When your virtual assistant takes a break, you pay nothing.  I always try to hire people by the project, rather than by the hour.

# 24: Virtual assistants are flexible

Plainly speaking, you can have virtual assistants do nearly anything that can be done remotely.

Sorry, but they probably won’t be able to clean and stock the restroom or make a pot of coffee.  On the other hand, they can purchase items online for you, respond to customer’s emails, remotely clean viruses off your computer, and just about anything else you can think of.

# 23: Virtual assistants will do research

If you need to find how many multilevel marketing companies have women CEOs, your virtual assistant can do it.

If you want to know the closest supermarkets to your business, your virtual assistant can find that too.

No matter the research you need, a virtual assistant can do it.

# 22: No employee conflicts

Employee disagreements and conflicts can be an issue in the workplace.

This is one issue you will not have with a virtual assistant.

Since each virtual assistant works remotely, you won’t have the typical work drama.  Thank goodness!

# 21: Virtual assistants will write blog posts

Many businesses now maintain blogs, but it can sometimes be difficult to stay consistent with blog posts.

You can have your virtual assistant write blog posts for you, or you can have them find someone else who can.

This can guarantee that you have articles posted on a consistent basis.

# 20: Virtual assistants are normally unbiased

While many employees may be scared to tell you how it is, a virtual assistant is normally unbiased and will be honest even if it hurts your pride.

“How does the website I built look?”

The employee will say “Great boss.”

The virtual assistant will say “It looks too busy and unprofessional. There are too many colors and the banner looks like it was made by my 6 year old; would you like me to do some mending on it boss?”

The question is: do you want a yes person, or someone who will tell the honest truth?

# 19: A virtual assistant can manage social media

Just like a blog, your business Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin pages need to be managed.

When a question is asked, an answer needs to be given.

Posts need to be made regularly.

Your virtual assistant can do these things for you, so you can focus on more productive things.

# 18: Gives you another brain behind the wheel

The fact is, your virtual assistant has their own business too.

This means you have a virtual mentor, if you want it.

Your virtual assistant can give you their advice on business decisions.

If nothing else, it can give you a fresh perspective in your business.

# 17: You won’t have to train a virtual assistant

The cost of training an employee can be astronomical, and it’s also very time consuming.

You will probably not have to pay to train your virtual assistant.

Just tell them what you need done, and it gets completed.

# 16: To handle customer service

Your virtual assistant can handle the customer service side of your business.

Have them handle the emails, phone calls and live chat.

# 15: You are overwhelmed

Just knowing you can count on a virtual assistant will take much of that overwhelming feeling away.  What I like to do each day is make a to do list.  I put a letter “V’ by any task that I can delegate to my virtual assistant, and then I focus on all other tasks.

# 14: Will help your online presence

I hit on this subject earlier with blog posts and social media, but having a virtual assistant can greatly help your online presence.

Just consider the fact that they will share the posts they make with all the people they know.

And, most virtual assistants have a large list of followers.

They can also leave blog comments, respond to blog comments, and like your social media posts.

# 13: Because your business has grown

Business growth means more work.

But that growth may not justify hiring another employee.

By having a virtual assistant, he/she can pick up the slack and keep your business growing.

# 12: You won’t have to make a closet into an office

Adding more employees means adding more space for that employee.

But where would you put another office?

Do you have enough parking?

You don’t need to have more space if you hire a virtual assistant.  This can save you money on rent.

# 11: You only pay for work that gets completed

It can be frustrating when you realize that you have been paying an employee an hourly wage and you see they have been posting on Twitter during work hours.

With a virtual assistant, you pay them for work that is completed.

If they are on social media, they are not getting paid.

# 10: They have the uncanny ability to multitask

How was it your virtual assistant was able to write a blog post, handle 2 customer service issues, type out a spread sheet and write posts in your social media accounts all in the last 2 1/2 hours?

Don’t ask…

Just know that they can multitask in a Superman kind of way.

# 9: They can do the tasks you do not know how to do

Maybe your virtual assistant won’t fly in to change the spark plugs in your Lexus, but many of the other business things you just do not know how to do can be covered by your virtual assistant.

# 8: Gives you the ability to have more leisure time

A key to business success is to automate your business as much as possible.

Do not be afraid to give your virtual assistant more responsibility.

By doing so, you can have more leisure time and spend some quality time with your family.

# 7: Will work part or full time

You can work a virtual assistant 3 hours per week or 50 hours per week.

Part time or full time, your virtual assistant will work the hours you need. And, if your virtual assistant can only work a limited amount of hours each week, you can hire more than one.

# 6: You have access to more talent

When you are searching for employees, you only have the ability of getting talent from your local vicinity.

When you are looking for a virtual assistant, you have worldwide talent a your fingertips.

# 5: You will have less stress

If you were to ask a group of doctors what the top killer is, I believe you would hear the word stress.

Stress creates other problems that lead to bad health.

When you hire a virtual assistant, you are taking a lot of the stress off your back.

# 4: You will have increased production

This is just a given!

When you add the experience of a virtual assistant, your production will naturally increase.

# 3: They will do the mundane tasks

Virtual assistants are willing to take on those mundane tasks that no one else is willing to do.

Someone has to do them, so give it to the virtual assistant and watch it get done.

But pay them well!

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A Good Virtual Assistant Can Free Up Your Time So You Can Focus On the Most Important Things

# 2: Allows you to focus on the money making tasks

If you are in the office doing administrative tasks, who is out talking with clients and gaining more contracts?

Give your virtual assistant the administrative tasks and you can put your focus on making more money.

# 1: Save you money on operational costs

This is the top reason to hire a virtual assistant.  Just consider the other money saving things I listed earlier, not to mention that:

  • A virtual assistant has their own computer, software and other tools.

  • The electricity bill

  • No commuting

  • No overtime pay

  • Etc…

When you look at their charges, you may be seeing rates higher than you would pay an employee, but are you considering the whole picture?

Let’s say you are paying an employee $18 per hour and you figure the virtual assistant would come in at about $32 per hour.

It sounds like a huge difference but you are not paying the various insurance bills, the fringe benefits, the breaks, the space and purchasing all the equipment that person will need.

Plus, you will probably have to train that employee.

When I start adding the figures, it seems to me that $18 per hour employee is costing you approximately $44 per hour.

So it seems the virtual assistant would be a much wiser decision.

The Cons

I gave you a whole list of pros about hiring a virtual assistant; I thought it would be fair to provide some of the cons.

  • No face to face contact. Unless you are willing to fly your virtual assistant to your location. I would suggest Skype to be the next best thing.

  • Communication barriers. Sometimes languages can cause confusion. As a person who lives in Puerto Rico and knows “muy poquíto Español,” I understand how language can cause confusion.

  • Dedication. Keep in mind that your virtual assistant also has other clients. Don’t expect that they will be fully dedicated to you.

  • Time differences. If your virtual assistant is in a different time zone, this can also cause issues in some cases.

  • Security. If your virtual assistant handles some data that is personal in nature, you may be taking a security risk; but keep in mind hat the same holds true with a normal employee.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I believe it just makes good business sense to hire a virtual assistant.  The cost savings alone are more than enough reason, but when you look at all the other reasons I listed here, it only makes good sense.

At the start of this post, I told you I would lead you to some sites where you can get high quality virtual assistants. Try these:

Here is an excellent video explaining how to hire a virtual assistant:

What are your thoughts?  Have you or do you now use a virtual assistant? Are there any reasons to hire a virtual assistant that you can think of?

We appreciate any, and all information you would share.  You can leave all comments and questions below. Thank you.








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2 thoughts on “Top 27 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant

  1. Wow, I can copy myself. Anytime I need something done even if I don’t know how to do it, I can find someone with the expertise/know how to get it done. It is nice to know that I don’t have to make a physical place for this assistant in my office, I don’t have to micro manage them and I can pay them for only work that is completed. I have always wanted to clone myself, now I know how to do it.

    • I’ve been using virtual assistants for quite some time. They make life so much easier and the little money you spend is well justified when you factor in the time that you save.

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