Top 23 Sarah Robbins Quotes & Rock Your Network Marketing Business Book Review

What I want to do today is share my top 23 Sarah Robbins quotes. I recently read Rock Your Network Marketing Business: How to Become a Network Marketing Rock Star by Sarah Robbins. Amazon recommended me the book based upon my previous purchases, so I figured what the heck. Why not give it a try?

I have to tell you, I really LOVED the book. It was a short, but fun read, and was loaded with great tips. My personal copy of the book has so many highlighted passages and sentences. These little “Golden Nuggets” are really good.

rock your network marketing business

Top 23 Sarah Robbins Quotes

I’ve decided to share my favorite Sarah Robbins quotes from the book that really hit home with me. Each quote is in bold and italics. I also provide my own two cents for each quote immediately after it. They are listed by where I found them in the book:

# 1: Keep in mind it only takes a few power partners to change your life!

It’s true, you can make a lot of money in network marketing from just a few key leaders. You will have to go through a large amount of people to find those leaders, but it’s well worth it. In fact, most top earners in our industry make most of their income from just two to five people, even if they’ve personally sponsored hundreds of people.

# 2: I’ve had more than one hundred people join me as business partners. Of those, I have about thirty people still working our business at a moderate pace. Of those, I have ten top leaders in our pay plan at this time. Of those, about three people account for a good majority of my income. 

This just goes to show you that this business is a numbers game. To find quality people, recruit quantity people. Most people you sponsor will do very little, if anything at all. Work with the willing.

# 3: You can’t motivate people who are unwilling to do what it takes to succeed.  

You can only lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. Success minded people are already self-motivated. Your job is not to motivate people, but to find motivated people. It makes more sense to spend 90% of your time helping one motivated person than it does trying to spend 90% of your time helping 10 unmotivated people.

# 4: Five contacts per day keeps the leads coming my way.  

Talk to five people a day and you will always have a full pipeline of prospects. Make sure you talk to new people each day, rather than approaching the same prospects over and over. Plus, if you keep your pipeline full, you will not be emotionally attached to each person you talk with.

# 5: Commit to a minimum of five years in your business.  

All businesses take time to build. You can’t expect to build any type of successful business in a year or less. It’s just unrealistic. You have to take daily action to build your business and have a long-term view. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Unrealistic expectations about business is easily the # 1 reason people quit network marketing.

# 6: Quitting is the surest way to fail.  

You won’t succeed with anything if you quit. Never give up! Sticking with it is half the battle. The other half is doing the work.

# 7: I recently read that as many as 95 percent of those who remain in this industry for ten years or longer, working steadily at building their groups, reach their highest level of pay in their respective business.  

Stick with your business, do something to grow it every day, and never quit AND you will have HIGH likelihood of succeeding in this amazing industry.

# 8: Not everyone who joins is fully prepared to be a business owner.

Owning a business is not for weak-minded people. It takes a special person to succeed in ANY kind of business venture. You must be mentally tough to deal with the rejection, setbacks and temporary failure. Most people are employees because they do not have the self-discipline or work ethic that is required to succeed in a business.

# 9: You can work your business part-time, but not some-time.  

You need to pick a work schedule to build your network marketing business and stick with it. You must be consistent and work your business (on the money producing activities) six days per week, every week. Your business must be a top priority, right after your faith, family and job. If it’s not a priority, life will get in the way and you will end up putting your business on the back burner to do other things.

# 10: It’s important that you set aside minimum 10-15 hours of income producing activity per week if you desire to duplicate a larger network.

You won’t build a big business working a few hours per week. You can make some money doing that, but if you want a full-time income you need to put in a full-time effort.

# 11: One of the keys to building a strong, sustainable business is developing a healthy sized, happy customer base.  

Find lots of customers. All businesses need customers. That’s a good source of residual income. For every distributor on your team, make it a point to have five to ten customers.

# 12: A majority of my six figure per month income comes from the customers who have joined our team.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Every rep should maintain 2-10 personal customers and teach their team members to do the same thing. Without customers you won’t be in business very long.

# 13: Gift your products at every occasion.  

Be a product of the product. Use your products yourself and give them away as holiday and birthday gifts to friends and family. It’s a great way to introduce people you know to the products.

# 14: Sign up all of your customers on your auto-ship program that your company offers.

Get people using the products as soon as possible. That is how you earn your immediate profits and residual income. If customers only order one time, you are leaving a lot of money on the table and wasting your time in the business. The real money in this business comes from repeat orders.

# 15: Talking to people is now what you do for a living, so it must become part of your lifestyle.  

If you want to make it to the top of your company’s compensation plan, you must talk to people. You are in the people business. Even if you use online techniques to grow your business, you will still need to call the people and cultivate a relationship with them. If your mouth is closed your business is closed.

# 16: Don’t beg and don’t chase – you are looking for those who are looking for what you have.  

Sift and sort your prospects. Don’t come across as high pressure or desperate. People can sense that and they don’t like it! You are mining for gold. You are turning over rocks and sifting through dirt UNTIL you find your gold.

# 17: If you replace every no with a referral your contact list will never run dry.  

Every time you talk with someone, whether they are interested in joining the business or not, ask them for referrals. Everyone knows a winner! I like to ask people the following question: Who is the most motivated, entrepreneurial, success minded person that you know? That is the person you want to connect with.

# 18: Some people need multiple exposures and while the timing may not have been right the first time they were exposed, that can change later.  

A NO today does not mean NO forever. Make sure you keep in touch with everyone you talk to. The fortune is in the follow-up. Stay in touch with EVERY person you ever talk to about the products or business, at least once every 90-days, until they buy or die. Many people who tell you NO today will eventually be on your team in the future, if you stay in touch and never use pressure or hype.

# 19: She works with the willing, focuses on income producing activity with her team (calls and events) and keeps the rest plugged in.  

Work with the people who want to work. You can’t motivate people or make anyone do anything. Spend your productive time with your productive people. Be nice to everyone and give everyone access to the system. Save one-on-one time for your leaders and doers and give everyone else group time.

# 20: Leaders never miss an event.  

Attend all events and get your people to do the same thing. This is an event-driven business. The more people you have at events, the more money you will make!

# 21: Meetings, calls and big events are what catapult people to success.  

Get people to events. That’s where they will get their belief in the business and build their enthusiasm. Do weekly calls or plug your team into your upline’s weekly calls. Promote events like your business success depends on it. It does!

# 22: Whatever you do duplicates, so don’t train on things you’re unwilling to do, set the pace for your team and never stop recruiting and building.  

Lead from the front at all times. People will do what you do, not what you say. Set a good example and let the people who want to step up, step up! Lead by example and inspire people by your actions. And remember, dictators won’t survive long in this business. Each person is their own CEO. They do not want you to be their boss. They already have a boss at their day job.

# 23: Pick a company and stick with it. The grass is never greener on the other side; the grass is only greener where you water it.  

Don’t be lured away by the shiny object syndrome. No business is fast, free or easy. There is no such thing as an overnight success! Every time you switch companies you lose credibility and momentum. Until you pick something and stick with it, you will keep struggling.

About Sarah Robbins

Sarah Robbins is the top producer in her network marketing company (Rodan & Fields) and she is a seven-figure income earner. Prior to getting involved in network marketing she was a teacher. She had no business experience prior to starting her Rodan & Fields business. Although I have never met Sarah in real life, or worked in her company, I have tremendous respect for this amazing lady.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I really enjoyed Sarah Robbins’ new book Rock Your Network Marketing Business: How to Become a Network Marketing Rock Star. Overall, I give the book a 9 of 10 and highly recommend it to any new or serious network marketer. This book was published in 2013 by Rockin’ Robbins Publishing.  You can purchase a copy here on Amazon.

What are your thoughts? What Sarah Robbins quote listed above is your favorite and why? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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3 thoughts on “Top 23 Sarah Robbins Quotes & Rock Your Network Marketing Business Book Review”

  1. From all the quotes you put here, it must be an exceptional book. There are several that really stuck in my mind:

    #9 is very important. Network marketing is a business and it needs to be treated as such. If you work on no schedule and just fly by the seat of your pants, failure is a good chance.

    #13 By gifting, the people who received will tell other people. It is the greatest advertisement of all.

    #16 Don’t beg. Being desperate does show, and it doesn’t help at all.

    All the rest are very good too. I just may have to buy this book.

  2. This is a post similar to that of Bill Quain, that has treasures of business wisdom hid. This is especially considering the individual profiles of the authors and the business situations that made them say these things. To begin with I have purposed to buy this book solely on the account of this survey. What stood out is that you cannot really motivate unwilling people to achieve success. Applying that to myself, I think what has cost me a fortune worth of opportunity loss is my indifference towards great business avenues in the past. MLM for instance was not a celebrated topic in my mind, so my friends could not really convince me to do it. It was also great to be reminded that quitting is the surest way to fail. Indeed, a minimum of five years is needed to judge a business as a non-performer. Most of the time, the business is perfectly okay and the business person is the real stumbling block.Thank you for sharing the wisdom. I feel like I have read the book!

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