Top 21 Holton Buggs Lessons, Quotes and Training Ideas

I’m a big fan of Holton Buggs. To the best of my knowledge, he is one of the top 10 highest earning network marketers in the world, earning well MORE than $1 million per month!  I’m not sure if he is currently earning that amount, but I know he has in the past with Organo Gold.

I’ve studied his training for quite some time now. I recently watched a 90-minute YouTube video of him doing some training with Eric Worre at the Network Marketing Pro Event. I took so many notes and learned so many great ideas that I can apply in my own business.

What I want to do in today’s post is share my top 21 Holton Buggs quotes, lessons and training ideas. Please keep in mind these lessons are paraphrased from what he said in the video, since I took notes. They are listed in no particular order.

Top Holton Buggs Quotes Lessons

Top 21 Holton Buggs Quotes & Lessons

# 1: Most people miss the work part of network marketing.

Work is the most important word in network marketing. If you want to be successful and really make the big bucks, than you have to do what most people aren’t willing to do. You have to consistently work your business every single day for a period of several years.

Contrary to what you might have been told, this business is hard work. It will probably be the most difficult thing you have ever done, but it will be well worth it if you get started and stay the course and build it big.

# 2: Create a culture in your team where ego doesn’t get in the way.

Don’t get too big for your own britches and make sure that you keep your ego (and your team’s ego) in check. You are no better than anyone else, even if you are the top earner in your company. As you experience success in network marketing, don’t forget what it was like to be a brand new distributor. Create a team culture where people want to stick around, because they love the team, even if they aren’t earning money in the business.

# 3: Just because you don’t take my road doesn’t mean you are lost.

Never treat your prospect badly just because they think differently than you and aren’t interested in your business opportunity or products. Be a network marketing professional at all times and remember that everyone has the right to their own opinion, even if it’s different from yours.

# 4: People want to know that you’ll be there for them.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. As a sponsor, you have an obligation to support your team, to help them and train them. Don’t sponsor people and then leave them high and dry!  Be accessible and answer their questions, provide some direction and help motivate them. By all means, spend most of your time with your superstars and work with the willing, but be available to everyone on your team.

# 5: You cannot out-friend me!

Network marketing success comes down to building lots of long-term relationships. If you want more growth in your business, focus on building more friendships. Be nice to others. Show a genuine interest in them. Be interested, not interesting.

# 6: Rich people don’t take vacations.

Rich people live their life where they want and do what they want, when they want to do it. When you live life on your terms and do what you want every day, you won’t need a vacation. You won’t need to take WEEKS off to refresh your batteries or escape your reality.

For most people, this is probably difficult to understand. In the network marketing profession, you can travel the world and get paid to do it. You can make your own schedule and work when you want! You can have a better quality of life than most millionaires, even if you aren’t earning millions yourself.

# 7: Stop allowing other people make you feel guilty for wanting to be rich and successful.

Don’t let anyone steal your dream, ever.  When you attempt to do anything worthwhile in life, you will have your fair share of critics. You can either let your critics stop you, or you can ignore them and press forward. And whatever you do, don’t get advice from broke people. Instead, get advice from people who have what you want!

Income is not the only measure of success

# 8: Income is not the only measure of success.  

Success means different things to different people. Yes, having a nice income and having money in the bank reduces stress and makes you feel successful, but there are other factors, too. Personal growth, helping others, travel, living life on your terms, not having a boss, and other things are also important. The key is to identify what is important to you in life, set your goals and work toward those goals every single day.

# 9: Have an abundance mentality.

Most people sell themselves short and totally underestimate what they are capable of! It’s true, we become what we think about. Starting today, work on your self-talk and self-image. Think abundance. Think wealth, happiness and success. You deserve it. You are capable of great things. Trust me, there is plenty to go around, but you do have to earn it!

# 10: Get your customers on auto-ship.

In network marketing, you get paid to create volume. You can sponsor people until the cows come home, but if no one uses or sells the products, you won’t make any money. Getting people on auto-ship is essential. Not only does it create volume, but it also gets people using the products. While this word does scare some people, you need to realize that 100% of the people you talk to already have most of their current bills on auto-ship. It is not a new concept. Whatever you do, get people using the products.

# 11: This is a profession.

Just like being a doctor, lawyer, economist, or surgeon, network marketing is a profession. You can have a long, successful career in network marketing if you do the work and stick with it for the long haul. It’s not easy, but success in anything isn’t easy.

If you want to become a network marketing professional, you must become a student of the industry. Read books, listen to tapes, find a mentor, attend events and learn everything you can about the industry, your products and your company.

# 12: Become an artist in the MLM Industry.

Think of yourself as an artist; someone who creates something and uses your own special talents and abilities to build your dynasty in network marketing. We are all unique and we should focus on our own strengths and skills so we can succeed. Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Build your business in a way that works for you. Figure out what you are naturally good at and focus on that.

Observe the masses and do the opposite

# 13: Observe the masses and do the opposite.

In life, average people don’t do much. I’m not knocking average people. If you want to achieve success in anything, you should study what the top 3% do and model their behavior.  Ignore what the other 97% do.

I had a mentor tell me that 100% of the people not in network marketing don’t understand it, or they would be involved. And, 97% of the people IN our industry don’t understand it, or they would be taking their business seriously and building it big.

# 14: Professors don’t make much money.  

The most successful people in MLM are typically the ones in the trenches, building their teams, not the people doing the training. Yes, there are exceptions to this rule, but not many. One of the best things you can do is find a leader in your company, and in your upline, who is in the trenches building their business and jump in their hip pocket and learn everything you can from them. Avoid listening to trainers who aren’t actively building a team.

# 15: Whatever it is you’re doing it shouldn’t take more than two to five years to make a six figure income.

Whatever business model you choose, whether network marketing or something else, it shouldn’t take you much more than a few years to build up a large business. If you’ve been with a company, or business model, for a few years and you aren’t making much money you are either in the wrong business model, or you aren’t doing the required work it takes to succeed (this is normally the case).

# 16: Don’t compare yourself to other network marketers.

Most people make the mistake of comparing their weaknesses to someone else’s strengths. That is a bad mistake. Everyone is different. If you’re going to compare anything at all, compare who you are and who you are capable of becoming. Realize that the people you see on stage at your company’s event are a finished product.  What you don’t see are the trials and tribulations they went through to grow as a leader and build their business.

# 17: Remove the word average from your vocabulary.  

Stop having such low expectations for yourself and selling yourself short. You are capable of great things. When you focus on what average people do, or try to be average yourself, you won’t accomplish as much in life as you could if you thought well of yourself. If you’re going to do anything at all, set high standards and focus on getting a little bit better every single day.

# 18: Excuses don’t work!

Have you ever met a successful person who made excuses? I haven’t. The truth is, you can either make money or you can make excuses, but you can’t do both. One of the reasons that people become successful in the first place is that they take 100% responsibility for their own life. They don’t have a victim mentality. You can keep playing the blame game, or you can man up or woman up and take responsibility for your own actions. Choose wisely!

# 19: Your group will do what you do.

This is one lesson I don’t really agree with. I WISH everyone on my team did what I did. The truth is, most people will do very little, if anything at all with their business. What you want to do is set a good example for the people on your team, and inspire them by your own personal example, in case they decide to do what you do.

# 20: When you’re good at what you do people will ask  you to sponsor them.

People seek out the best possible people that they can. People are naturally attracted to winners, champions and professionals. For instance, would you rather get surgery from an experienced surgeon, or from a surgeon who just graduated medical school yesterday?

You don’t need to answer that. I already know the answer. My best advice for you is to become the type of person you want to recruit. Work on your skills, attitude and mindset daily.

Treat people the way THEY want to be treated

# 21: Treat people the way THEY want to be treated.

Treat others with respect. Be open and to the point with others. Don’t badmouth, pressure or be mean to others. Never let someone else get the best of you.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are my top Holton Buggs quotes and lessons. Holton Buggs is one of my heroes in the business, even though I have never worked with him.  He is filled with lots of wisdom about how to build a successful network marketing business. While he does have his share of critics, you definitely can’t take away the fact that he knows what he is doing when it comes to network marketing.

On a side note, what have you learned from Holton Buggs? What is your favorite lesson mentioned above? What is another lesson you learned from him that I didn’t mention above. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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11 thoughts on “Top 21 Holton Buggs Lessons, Quotes and Training Ideas”

  1. I too am a fan of Holton Buggs. I particular admire the culture he has created within his own organization and the respect he brings to the industry.

    1. Holton Buggs definitely has the organizational culture down, probably better than anyone else in the industry other than a few of the top Amway Diamonds. I’ve learned so much from Mr. Buggs, even though I am not part of his team. Thanks for the comment.


  2. You know Chuck, as I read this I really hit on #12. Be an artist in the MLM industry. It makes so much sense. Creating is the key to winning. If we create something new, people will go for it. That doesn’t mean you don’t stop selling or sponsoring, you just find new and innovative ways to do the same things. You create art. I need to read and watch more Holton Buggs. Lots of wisdom comes from him.

    1. I agree Greg. We must all create an art, in whatever it is we decided to do. What you do isn’t anywhere near as important as how you do it. I look at myself as an artist, just like Holton Buggs explains. I appreciate your comment. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  3. This is great info and your site is really energizing me to get back into business actively. I have been struggling lately but I have to see things differently. This site and this article in particular is giving me some great pointers as to how to get started again and rebuild. Thank you for sharing. I had never before heard of Holton Buggs and I had not been doing my research. I am making a new commitment today. Six figures in 2-5 years. I am shooting for that!

    1. That sounds good to me, Brie. Two to five years is very realistic to build a large team and nice residual income. Sometimes life just gets in the way and we have to recommit. I wish you all the best.

  4. Totally in agreement that Holton Buggs’s training on YouTube are commendable. I also got to like Erric Worre and the bond of ideas that seem to exist between them. Thank heavens you took the notes too. The videos seem scarcely searchable and it is a good thing to get the teachings in one place. I particularly liked the idea that people want to know that you are there for them. Indeed the chief weapon of MLM is relationships. Am surprised to learn about the lifestyle of rich people, and their avoidance of vacations. That was new I must admit. But come to think of it, there is so much truth in that. Abundance mentality and not allowing people to downplay your thirst for wealth is a sure stumbling block for a great career. Thanks for the information. The posts have become a lighthouse to point me out of failure as I roll out into MLM.

  5. Hi , Thanks for valuable information I’m always looking forward to you MLM Weekly Training Update emails, it’s been over 2 years I have been looking into MLM marketing. I feel confused and lost with all the information out there. I’m completely new to online marketing just looking to earn decent income to support myself and family as I struggle financially and rely on my family to support me. Looking forward to learning from you and building my confidence to take the first step to success and financial freedom. Thank you Nas from UK

    1. Nasreen,

      There is definitely a lot of conflicting information online. The best thing I can do is tell you to find a mentor and then block out all the noise out there.

      I appreciate your kind words about my website and weekly training update. I’m glad you find the information helpful and I hope you continue to stay a subscriber.


    2. As Chuck said, block the noise, but the key is finding out what is noise and what is viable information. I can tell you that you have found a great spot to get good and reliable information on both starting your network marketing business and maintaining it. This website will not mislead you. There are many out there that will tell you things about MLM that are misleading. I suggest always checking out other sources to make sure what you are hearing is good info.

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