Top 20 Yanbal International Products

Headquartered in Peru, Yanbal International is a household name in many South American countries and is also gaining recognition in the United States.

Yanbal International manufactures, markets and sells cosmetics and beauty products using a multilevel marketing business format.

Today, I am going with figures and reviews to tell you the top 20 Yanbal International products. But first, I am going to give you some of the history behind Yanbal International.

About Yanbal International

Yanbal was founded in 1967 in Lima, Peru. It was founded by 2 brothers… Fernando Belmont Anderson and Eduardo Belmont Anderson, but in 1988, Eduardo separated and founded another cosmetics company called Belcorp. That happened because of a strong disagreement and has become a family feud to this day.

Yanbal International did run on a direct sales format and changed over to the MLM format.

Now, Fernando’s daughter, Janine Belmont runs the company.

The Top 20 Yanbal Products

You may not agree with me, but starting from #20, I am giving you my opinion of the top 20 Yanbal International products.

#20: Stellar Moon Bracelet

The moon and the stars on this silver plated bracelet are adorned with sparkling crystals. It adds a unique charm to the wrist of whom wears it.

#19: Elemental Hoops Set

A set of 3 hoop earrings. They come in gold-plated, silver plated and ruthenium. One will surely match your attire.

#18: Professional Makeup Brush Set

A brush for every need; eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, etc… Made with super soft synthetic hair. This a huge seller from Yanbal International.

#17: Cinnamar Necklace

This long necklace is 24 karat gold-plated and has imitation pearls in cream, brown, gold, and light pink.

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#16: Unique Woman Eau de Parfum

This perfume has a blend of violet, magnolia and cassis flower to give you a fragrance of a lovely garden.

#15: Lifely Necklace

This is a beautifully designed silver plated necklace with a stunning array of crystals. Goes great with any outfit.

#14: Gaia – The Essence Of A Goddess

This delightful perfume has orchid, jacaranda flower and magnolia to magnify your inner and outer beauty.

#13: Petal Rose Blush

Gives your face a natural rose lift while also hydrating your skin. Plus, it adheres well and lasts for long periods.

#12: Arena Mist Bracelet

This is one of the bigger selling bracelets from Yanbal International. It is a solid bracelet that has a bright, bronzed gold (24 karat) finish.


This perfume brings out your delicate side. It is a blend of French mimosa, litchi and cedar crystal. A charming scent.

#10: Ebony Cristal Necklace

This gold-plated necklace is fitted with an ebony “tooth” which holds some amazing crystals at the top. A beautiful piece that can only be purchased online.

#9: Fucsia Femme Nail Polish

Fucsia is the “in” color now and this nail polish is the perfect fit to stay in trend. It dries fast and goes on evenly as if a professional manicurist did the work.

#8: Crece Extreme Mascara

A top-selling Yanbal International product, this mascara provides more length and more volume. Very few mascaras can give both, but Crece Extreme does.

#7: Candent Cristal Earrings

These cool earrings are 24 karat gold tone and hold grey resin stones and crystals that sparkle above the stones.


This perfume is intense and loved for it. It has a woody scent with rose petals, sandalwood and cassis flowers.

#5: Opal Luxe Necklace

People may wonder if you robbed a queen’s jewelry box when wearing this. It is a Palladium plated necklace that has blue, green and purple resin stones; white, blue and yellow crystals and champagne beads.

#4: Solazze Necklace

This is a one of a kind… 2 chains, 1 is bronze gold and the other ruthenium plating hold the pendant that is mixed with the same. It holds a translucent resin stone with fine crystals around the outer edge.

#3: Hydra-Lip Lipstick-Rojo Scarlet

A great selling lipstick, this is waterproof, lasts up to 12 hours and a favorite of many women. If scarlet is not your fave, there are many other tones to choose from.

#2: Aqua Set

This is a matching necklace and earrings. They both hold magnificent light blue crystals and the necklace also has 2 resin stones; 1 is purple and the other blue. It all is set in silver plating.


Ahhh, the chocolate and vanilla scent with a hint of rose petals just draws attention. This perfume absolutely gets the #1 spot with ease.

Final Thoughts

Yanbal International has some great products and it seems the pricing is reasonable. I also understand that independent representatives love the Yanbal compensation plan.

If beauty and cosmetics are your passion, this just may be the home business for you.

You can find their web link in the reference section below.

I predict that this MLM company will soon make a “splash” in the United States. What do you think? Have you ever purchased any Yanbal products?

If you have any comments or questions, you can post them in the comments area.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor Online MLM Community is affiliated with Yanbal International. This information is provided strictly for educational purposes.

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