Top 20 Votre Vu Products

Are you familiar with Votre Vu?

You will be when you finish reading today’s post.

I am going to tell you a little about this network marketing company and why it is becoming so popular in the United States.

I am then going to tell you Votre Vu’s top 20 products using online and off line revues, as well as sales figures.

Now, I am not affiliated in any way with Votre Vu, and I have never used any of the products; I just don’t look to wonderful with lipstick…

I am giving you this information just in case you may want to become a Votre Vu independent distributor or use any of their products.

How Votre Vu Came To Be

For many years, there has been a family in France who have crafted high quality anti-aging skin care products.

The products they created were offered in high end spas and dermatologists throughout Europe.

Many of the European elite used these products.

In 2007, 2 American entrepreneurs traveled to France to find the best skin care products available to bring to the United States market.

They quickly grabbed hold of the quality they found with the products this family had been making for so many years, and they realized that they would be able to offer these high end products at lower prices than other comparable products.

In 2008, Votre Vu was founded and with the wonderful products offered, the Hollywood elite fell in love with the product.

People like:

  • Tori Spelling
  • Harry Hamlin
  • Marisa Tomei
  • Adrian Brody
  • and many others

Makeup artists all throughout theater and film swear by the Votre Vu product line.

And since Hollywood loves Votre Vu, everyday people have fallen in love with Votre Vu.

Not just because of the great products, but also because they can start their own Votre Vu business and make money.

Top 20 Votre Vu Products

Here are the top 20 Votre Vu products starting with #20 and working up to #1:

#20: Lip Lustre Vitamin E Lip Gloss

Comes in a wide range of tones, this lip gloss is fortified with green tea and Vitamin E. So not only does it gloss, it conditions and protects your lips.

#19: Sweep Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Using the magnificent cleansing power of rose water (rosa centifolia) and bluet water (centaurea cyanus) to take eye makeup off with a sweep. It hydrates the skin and leaves a soothing effect. It is made to support all skin types.

#18: Tragic Magic Rescue Creme

Made to come to the rescue of those people with hyper-sensitive skin. It puts a protective defense over your skin protecting you from the free radicals everywhere. Based with lime, this crème has

  • jojoba
  • rose hips
  • soja
  • avocado

All of these work together to protect.

#17: Luxee Yeux Eye Beauty Balm

I have often heard that many people can tell a person’s age by looking at their eyes. But Votre Vu makes this more difficult with this product that hides those aging signs that show around a person’s eyes. Using calendula oil to reduce inflammation and jojoba oil and Vitamin E to correct any damages.

#16: Tres Magni-Feet Creme Pour Les Pieds

Our feet take much abuse and this wonderful crème provides a refreshing blend of energizers to help you feel fresh and delightful. With a blend of verbena leaves, arnica and chamomile and shea butter, your feet will love you for the attention you are giving them.

#15: Beaute En Bronze

Ladies love this bronzer duo. It has a shimmer blush and a matte bronzer. It works as a natural eye shadow and also protects your face from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

#14: Palette Play Quad Mineral Eye Shadow

Here is a big selling item from Votre Vu. Having four color blends of eye shadow, you can perform a Picasso like look on your eyes. With Vitamin E and Jojoba oil, your eyes are protected and the colors last throughout the day. And Votre Vu has 3 different combinations of 4 colors for you to choose from.

#13: Formule 1 Men’s 3 In 1 Wash

Votre Vu also has some products designed for men. This 3 in 1 wash makes life simpler for the busy male. You can use it to deep cleanse your body, hair and scalp. Leaves a nice citrus scent that is also a great cleaning agent.

#12: Eiffel Power Mascara

Because of the way the eyes of tourists are drawn to the famed Eiffel Tower in Paris, eyes will be drawn to your lengthy and magnificent eye lashes. Many women just love this great mascara.

#11: Parfait Nuit Anti-Aging Crème de Nuit

This nighttime anti-aging crème is so popular, it is difficult for Votre Vu to keep it in stock. No matter how much is manufactured, it sells out quickly. It has Vitamin A, rosewood oil, ylang and jojoba oil all working together to erase all signs of aging.

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#10: Le Joli Crayon Smudge & Set Soft Eye Liner

Eyeliner is a must for the sophisticated woman. And this brand is considered one of the best. Choose from a wide array of tones including:

  • charbon
  • azure
  • aubergine
  • chablis
  • marine
  • violectra
  • and chocolat

#9: Champagne Kisses Organic Enhancing Lip Balm

Your lips will be delighted when you splash on this balm enhanced with grape, celery leaf, shea butter, tomato and almond oils to not only protect your lips, but leave a fantastic taste.

#8: Lingerie pour les Yeux Anti-Aging Eyelid Smoother

Wrinkles and other signs of aging can be erased with this high selling Votre Vu product. Comes in light and medium tones and you can wear your lingerie anywhere, anytime.

#7: Full Benefits Crème de Jour for Mature Skin

The discovery that the Japanese Wild Yam has amazing benefits for aging skin led Votre Vu to use that great super food in developing this anti-aging crème that can be used all day long. It is a favorite of many mature women.

#6: Peau Équilibrée Crème de 24/7 for Oily Skin

Oily skin can be frustrating. Using all natural substances, Votre Vu designed this product to rebalance your skin’s properties to keep your skin hydrated, but not oozing oils that can frustrate you. This is a high selling product from Votre Vu.

#5: Fleur Blanc Tonic for All Skin Types

This is another Votre Vu product that is difficult to keep in stock. Since it is handcrafted in small batches, there is a waiting list to get more of this great tonic. It leaves that wonderful white lily fragrance.

#4: Attentive Crème de Nuit for Sensitive Skin

This is a night crème that was designed for those who have a sensitive skin. It hydrates and helps the skin recover from the stress it faces on a daily basis.

#3: Vu-On Rouge Color Accent for Lips & Face

Just a swipe with the pop-up stick will give your face that color you desire. This is another huge seller and it comes in:

  • amourette
  • bouquet rose
  • ma cherry
  • and french tulip

#2: Duette Luxe Lip Balm & Hand Crème

This duet came quite close to being the top product. You get a wonderful dual product with luxurious lip balm and rich hand crème in one package.

#1: Amour D’Ore Les Vitamines Pour Vous

This refreshing mist spray nourishes your skin’s texture with a wonderful blend of oils and protects with Vitamin E. Can be used all over your body including your hair for a delightful and refreshing feeling. This IS the most favorite Votre Vu product.

Final Thoughts

What is great about the Votre Vu product line is the fact that you are getting products that many of your favorite celebrities are using.

The assumption is that they would be extremely expensive, but they are not.

Have you used the products? Please tell us your opinion and if any of you have any questions, you can post them below.

Thank you for visiting and please do us a favor… Share this with others on social media.

Thank you again.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Votre Vu. This is not a paid review. It is here for your education only.


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