Top 20 Purium Products of All Time

This post covers the top 20 Purium products of all time…

Purium Corporation is a Long Beach, California-based multilevel marketing company that manufactures and sells organic weight loss, along with health and wellness products.

I am using a variety of resources in determining the top 20 products.

These include online reviews, sales figures along with the recommendations of friends and family who have used Purium products.

I am not personally affiliated in any way with Purium Corporation.

I am just providing this info for your education.

The Beginnings Of Purium Corporation

As Amy Venner puts it, in the 1990’s David Sandoval and Amy had a business in which they made private label products for a large business.

As it seemed they were gaining success, the company left them sitting with products and no buyer.

At the same time, David felt unhealthy. He saw a need to change his eating patterns and lifestyle.

Putting these 2 things together, Amy and David felt that they could help their own health and well-being, and also help other people’s health.

top 20 purium productsThis is how Purium was born.

It was originally called Platinum Health Products but changed to Purium Health Products.

The idea was to offer products that were completely GMO-free and came straight to consumers from the Farm To Family.

Using a multilevel marketing business format, David and Amy foresaw that not only would they be helping people’s health, they could also help their wealth.

Purium Corporation has a huge portfolio of products.

We will take a look at some of them today.

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The Top 20 Purium Products

#20: CONTROL Whole Food Meal

This low calorie, chocolate flavored powdered meal mix can help you control eating patterns, but will still provide you with needed protein and nutrients. Purium claims it works great if mixed with almond, hemp or oat milk. The protein you receive is vegan.

#19: Carrot Juice Plus

Carrots are full of nutritional value for all humans. This product is a blend of carrots and rice bran. You simply mix 1 scoop with 8 ounces of water and receive the nutrients your body needs.

#18: Herbal Fiber Cleanse

Using all natural herbs and fibers that are known to help cleanse the human intestinal tract, Purium offers this product. Detoxify your body by taking 3 capsules twice per day.

#17: Bee Energetic

Those delightful honeybees do not get their energy from sugar or caffeine; they get energy from pollens. You can get energy the same way bees do by taking this supplement that uses plant powders. When you need energy, just take 3 capsules.

#16: Power Kids

We all want our children to eat properly, but in today’s world, that is difficult. This raspberry flavored nutrient mix is designed to give kids the nutrients their bodies require. Plus, it is USDA certified organic, and is GMO free.

#15: Advanced Probiotic Blend

Our stomach and intestines need the good bacteria to help our digestive system and maintain a healthy intestinal tract. These capsules will also help support a strong immune system. Just take 2 capsules each day and you will notice a big difference.

#14: Kids PLC Pack

This pack designed for kids contains MVP Kids. This chocolate mix is loaded with vitamins, minerals and protein. Just add 1 scoop to almond milk, rice milk or another milk substance.

Also included is Power Kids nutrition drink. Instead of soda, this raspberry-flavored drink mix is a healthy alternative. It contains a healthy blend of vegetables and fruits. 1 scoop with 8 ounces of water for a great drink.

#13: Super Lytes

This is a great product for active people who need to be rehydrated. It supplies needed electrolytes which will give you the needed energy for your active lifestyle. Take 3 capsules throughout the day.

#12: In Focus

This product for kids is a blend of herbs that will help keep your child’s focus during school and sport’s activities. Parents have noticed extreme behavior changes in their children, all using natural substances.

#11: Super CleansR

Using herbs, this product performs a deep cleansing of your body. It battles parasites and allows you to have a healthier ingestion system. It is recommended to take 2 capsules per day for 10 days.

#10: Immuno-Max

There are those who claim that since taking this Purium product, they have not gotten sick since. Using a proprietary blend of herbs and plant extracts, Immuno-Max is designed to build your immune system to top level. The recommended dosage is 6 to 12 capsules per day.

#9: Super Amino 23

This product is a highly digestible protein that is vegan. It is designed to build lean and mean muscle. It is a great aid for workouts and exercise routines. The recommended dose is 5 tablets per day.

#8: BIO 5 Piece Set

The BIO skin care treatment system is a big selling item from Purium. In this set, you get:

  1. Regen capsules to regenerate your skin’s cells

  2. Relax capsules are designed to relax your facial muscles

  3. Cleanser

  4. Serum

  5. Cream

And, you also receive a BIO travel bag free.

#7: Apple Berry Power Shake

Get the vitamins and minerals you need in this great tasting shake mix. It creates energy and reduces your appetite, plus the apple berry flavor is wonderful. Just 2 scoops with 10 ounces of water.

#6: Organic Tropic Oil

This is raw coconut oil that makes foods taste great. It can also be taken raw to build your immune function. Some have even used it as a shampoo.

#5: Organic Barley Green Juice

It helps with your digestive process and is known to support a healthy immune system. 1 scoop mixed with water daily will help you live life to its fullest.

#4: Activated Barley

This is a good carbohydrate that can help provide you with needed energy. Just add 1 tablespoon to your favorite drink, or use it as a substitute flour in your recipes.

#3: L.O.V. Super Meal

This meal replacement shake mix is completely USDA certified organic and provides the nutrients your body needs. Just add 4 scoops to coconut water, coconut milk, almond milk, etc… and enjoy.

#2: Best Of Greens

This comes in at #2 and very close to #1. This superfood provides greens from both the land and the sea. We all need our greens, and this product gives them to us. Just 1 tablespoon with 6 ounces of water will feed you full of greens.

#1: 10 Day Transformation

This is what Purium is best known for. Transform your life in 10 days using this system which includes:

  • Power Shake

  • Apothe Cherry

  • Super CleansR

  • Super Lytes

  • Shaker Bottle

  • Tape Measure

  • Gym Bag

Expect to lose weight with this system!

Final Thoughts

Those are what I discovered to be the top 20 Purium products. Have you used any of them? Tell us your thoughts.

If you feel there should be other Purium products on this list, you can share that with us too.

If you would like to try any of the Purium products, or possibly become a Purium independent representative, I suggest you visit the Purium website in the reference section below.

Thank you for visiting. Please leave all comments or questions in the comment section at the end.


This information is for educational purposes only.  I am in no way affiliated with the company.  The products are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  1. Purium Corporation Website

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