Top 20 Pink Papaya Products & Company Review

In today’s post, I will provide a review of the top 20 Pink Papaya products, as I see it. 

There is just something about the name of this MLM Company that brings a smile to my face. First off, I grow papayas and love them, but I have never witnessed an actual pink papaya.

Are you familiar with Pink Papaya? You will be once you read this post. I am going to review the company and provide the top 20 Pink Papaya products.

So scroll down and learn about this company and please understand that I am in no way affiliated with the company. You are receiving a completely unbiased review and I am judging the top 20 products using online reviews, sales figures, product pricing, reputation, and recommendations of friends and family that have used Pink Papaya products.

Pink Papaya was created by sisters Susan Huneke and Karen Woller

Pink Papaya History

While growing up, Susan and Karen played and dreamed of owning their own business. While many children do not follow through with their dreams and ambitions, these two girls did. In 2006, Susan Huneke and Karen Woller founded Pink Papaya.

Their tagline was Inner Balance – Outer Beauty.

Based in Los Gatos, California, Pink Papaya has three ways you can participate in the Pink Papaya dream:

  1. As a customer

  2. As a host

  3. As a consultant

Customers have discovered that Pink Papaya products are reasonably priced and are high quality. Hosts are those who love the Pink Papaya products and by having a party, they will get free products. Consultants are Pink Papaya sales reps/distributors. They earn money by selling products and building a team.

Overall, when I look at the Pink Papaya system of operation, I would say that it is a solid opportunity to start a successful home based business. Since Pink Papaya has been in operation since 2006, they have managed through the time when some MLM Companies falter.

The leadership at Pink Papaya is solid and they care about their consultants, hostesses and customers. Not only that, they give back through various organizations that help local needs. Add that to the fact that all Pink Papaya products are made in the United States and they use the best ingredients that do not require using animals to test them.

Top 20 Pink Papaya Products

Top 20 Pink Papaya Products

Now that you know more about Pink Papaya, let’s look at their top 20 products.

# 20: Copacabana Mineral Powder

This product adds an air of radiance to dull skin tones. By applying it on your cheeks, forehead and nose, darkened areas will illuminate and provide you with that radiant look. This has been a popular Pink Papaya product since its inception.

# 19: Cranberry Orange Hand Scrub

It heals cracked and damaged hands with a gentle exfoliation process leaving your hands soft. They say to use a small amount and massage it into your hands two to three times a week. The fragrance is delightful too.

It has a great oily grit that really rubs off the dead skin. Rub and scrub and enjoy the smell. The cranberry orange combination reminds me of pink grapefruit and is very pleasant, if not a bit strong (probably don’t even need that extra fragrance they add). Scrub, rinse, pat dry and then, if you are anything like me, this is where you realize the oil has stayed on your hands leaving them silky soft and smooth and you will waste the next ten minutes caressing them. The smooth skin stays through several hand washings and even days later your hands are still softer than normal.

~ Abbey from TheOtherSink

# 18: Botanical Facial Toner

This product gets the pH balance back to normal levels in your skin. The balance repairs and hydrates your skin. By using it morning and evening, you can bring your facial skin back to its proper condition.

My skin feels fresher longer. Even if I end my skin care for the day with the moisturiser, I don’t get the dirty feeling halfway through the day as I always experienced with other products. I feel totally fine stepping outside without anything beyond the moisturizer on my face. It’s nice having that feeling. I don’t have any redness or dryness from cleansers that just lack the simple ingredients that my skin longs for.

~ Nicole

# 17: Ultra Luxe Night Repair Creme

This product was designed to eliminate the aging process on your facial skin. By using this luxurious creme every evening, it will penetrate and repair your skin using a proprietary mix of botanicals.

# 16: Cremewear Shadow

These shadows that come in various tones are a favorite for eyelids. The formula is lightweight and glides without having creases. The Pink Papaya Cremewear Shadows come in these tones:

  • Frosted Plum

  • Beach Bum

  • Never Shy

  • Eye Spy

# 15: Organic Aloe and Charcoal Cleanser and Mask

This new product has been a complete hit. It is like getting a professional spa treatment without the extreme costs.

This duet will absorb the junk and gunk that goes into your skin on a daily basis. It will then leave your skin hydrated.

# 14: Lavender Mint Pedi Balm

Some say our feet have a direct connection to our soul. Rubbing this popular Pink Papaya product on your feet will make your soul jump for joy.

It refreshens, rehydrates, and soothes achy and tired feet. It also leaves a delightful fragrance.

# 13: Body Cellulite Scrub

This wonderful scrub helps your circulation process, and it smooths your skin. It exfoliates and stimulates circulation to rid your body of nasty cellulite. Most customers use this in conjunction with the Pink Papaya Body Firming Creme.

Pink Papaya is a direct sales company specializing in cosmetics and home spa products for women

# 12: Soothing Eye Makeup Remover

This product uses a dual benefit. It cleanses your eye areas and also treats the area by rehydrating it without any oils that can damage your eyes. It helps to minimize the fine lines.

# 11: Botanical Face Wash

This wash is a cleanser that is gentle enough to use morning and night. The botanicals will help balance and hydrate your skin.

I recently started using this after using the botanical facial wash. I’m liking it so far. There’s no smell. It looks like water.

~ Monique3

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# 10: Facial Defense Triple Protection Gel

This protection gel helps protect against the damaging sun rays with SPF 15. It also helps hydrate your skin. This is a top selling Pink Papaya product.

# 9: Hot Pink Pouf

This mesh pouf in hot pink makes your body wash last a lot longer, plus it helps to exfoliate your skin. The hot pink keeps everyone knowing whose pouf it is.

# 8: Green Tea and Kukui Anti-Aging Shampoo

It is gentle enough to use daily and the botanicals in this wonderful shampoo restore your hair to your natural state. Many have claimed great action even on color treated hair. It leaves your hair smooth and silky while repairing damaged cuticles.

# 7: Undereye Treatment Gel

This gel eliminates puffiness and fine lines that show aging. This gel helps improve circulation around your eyes to give them a vibrant and healthy look. It is gentle enough to use both in the morning and at night.

# 6: Pumpkin and Goji Berry Facial Mask

This top selling Pink Papaya product has been the rave. It detoxifies and moisturizes your skin to leave a youthful appearance. It is also gentle enough that you can use it three times per week.

This mask is the most amazing mask I have ever put on my face!! Just smooth a thin layer on, do some chores…or watch TV 🙂 then wash it off with a warm rag. Your face will feel fantastic!! Clean, smooth and moisturized!!

~ Nhorelka

# 5: Lash Thickener

This is another popular Pink Papaya product. The lash thickener leaves you with full lashes. It also conditions your lashes to provide you with thick and beautiful eyes that will be noticed.

# 4: Hydrating Lip Balm

A super selling hydrating lip color that is loved by many. It actually puts vitamins in your lips to give them a plush and plump look. This product comes in these colors:

  • Strawberry cream

  • Black currant

  • Dragon fruit

  • Raspberry sorbet

Pink Papaya employs the party plan system so anyone can host a party for the company and earn host rewards

# 3: Soothing Body Gel

This is the perfect product after a long, hard day, or a hard workout. Blended with a variety of botanicals and essential oils, this gel provides a relaxation effect that makes this one of the Pink Papaya top selling products. It soothes tired muscles with all natural ingredients.

# 2: Brightening Color Correcting Cream

This cream adapts itself to your natural skin tone and actually corrects any skin blemishes. It will fade those shiny areas that can annoy you and will create an even skin tone. It also is a protector against the sun’s rays with SPF 20.

This cream comes in:

  • Fair

  • Light

  • Medium

  • Medium deep

# 1: Serum C Radiance Boost

Overall, I find the reviews overwhelming for this Pink Papaya product. This serum has high concentrations of Vitamin C that fight the signs of aging and provide immense protection for your skin.

The Serum C Radiance Boost exfoliates your skin’s top layer and then proceeds to hydrate the under layers. The experts say to use it daily and nightly and then follow up with a moisturizer for great effects.

The Serum C Radiance Boost is a lovely serum that is absorbed right into the skin. The Ultra Luxe Night Repair Cream feels light yet moisturizes wonderfully. They have light natural scents and caused me no irritation or issue. I was really pleased with the improvement I saw in my skin and wouldn’t hesitate to try more from the line.

~ Christa

Is Pink Papaya Worth It?

From everything I have researched about this MLM Company, I would have to leave a loud yes to that question.

As a Pink Papaya customer, you are receiving high quality products that are made in the United States and are not tested on animals.

As a party host or hostess, the benefits are huge. Just for having a party, you receive a $15 product certificate. Depending on the amount of revenue the party generates, hostesses receive a certain amount of hostess dollars they can use to buy their own Pink Papaya products.

As an example, if the party you have generates $550 in revenue, you would get $100 Pink Papaya dollars and you can also get 4 half priced items.

I was looking at the great testimonies many have had starting a Pink Papaya consulting business and I find that many are enjoying a better economic outlook for the years to come.

Here are just a couple of the testimonies:

I can be my own boss while making an income that has paid for a safe vehicle for my family of seven, sent us on vacations and helped us buy a new home. ~ Jenny in Wisconsin


I am part of a family I love. The ladies in Pink Papaya have become my family. The business allows me to have the freedom to be a wife and mom first. ~ Dori in Colorado

Company Shuts Down

As I was updating this post (October 2021) I discovered that the company went out of business in 2017. Here is what the person said on their Facebook post dated February 16, 2017.

Pink Papaya shut down yesterday after 11 years in the direct sales industry. I hate to see companies close their doors, especially in this model. It isn’t just business. Many lives have been impacted today. Good people have lost income. Families have been put in turmoil. My thoughts and prayers to all those negatively effected by today’s news.
Final Thoughts

Overall, I believe that Pink Papaya is a great MLM Company. I find no negative reviews which is surprising because there is usually someone that isn’t happy, but from what I find, Pink Papaya bends over backwards to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Pink Papaya is a member of the Direct Selling Association and follow their code of ethics strictly. If you would like to purchase Pink Papaya products, be a Pink Papaya host, or even start your own Pink Papaya business, I suggest you visit the company’s website.

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