Top 20 MLM Jewelry Companies to Consider

What are the most popular MLM Jewelry Companies? Within the network marketing and direct sales world, there are plenty of companies that specialize in jewelry. I’d bet there are at least 50+ different direct sales companies that offer jewelry as part of their product line.

Some of these companies are great. Others are not so great. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to cover the top 20 MLM Jewelry Companies, as I see it. Please note that I am not affiliated with ANY of these companies. They are listed in no particular order.

Top 20 MLM Jewelry CompaniesTop 20 MLM Jewelry Companies

# 1: Avon

Avon offers reasonably priced jewelry and the pieces are of lasting quality. The company has been in business over 100 years now. Of all the companies on this list, I’d argue that Avon easily has the best prices on jewelry. Plus, they have a respected brand name that people trust.

We are driving change for women’s economic empowerment by supporting our beauty entrepreneurs to achieve success; providing opportunities, helping build confidence and networks, and enabling them to be successful independent business owners.

Source: Avon

# 2: Younique

Younique is a trendy network marketing company that offers jewelry, and a variety of other products.

Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.

Source: Company’s Website

# 3: Vantel Pearls

Vantel Pearls is such a cool jewelry company. You can purchase fine pearl jewelry or if you want, order an oyster that has a pearl inside.

At Vantel Pearls, we love pearls. We love jewelry. But even more, we love life.

We believe it’s about the journey we take together. The courage to take on challenges, and to discover, much like the pearl in the oyster, that we can emerge strong, shimmering, changed for the better.

Source: Vantel Pearls

direct sales jewelry revenue

# 4: Park Lane Jewelry

Park Lane has been manufacturing jewelry since the 1950’s. Always keeping pace with trends, Park Lane has new designs coming live on a regular basis. Plus, they have specials on exquisite pieces.

Our Mission:

Park Lane Jewelry was founded with a revolutionary idea and a noble objective; to offer women and men entrepreneurship that adorns their life with style and success. Dream it & achieve it with Park Lane Jewelry.

Source: Park Lane Jewelry

# 5: Stella And Dot

Named after the Grandmothers of the founders, Stella and Dot has become a recognized name in fashion jewelry. From my understanding, the Stella and Dot customer service is first class.

According to the Stella and Dot website:

We wear our heart on our sleeve

Our mission is to create flexible income for women—and we do even more.

# 6: Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Known for “electric” blends in jewelry, Traci Lynn Jewelry is based in Florida. The jewelry from Traci Lynn is as unique and bold as the person wearing it. It sends a statement that is lasting.

My goal is to motivate people to step out of their comfort zone, inspire them to greatness, and to change their lives. It’s about letting people know that they can do anything they set their mind to if they see the bigger picture. We have the power to change our own financial future and our destiny.

~ Dr. Traci Lynn, CEO and Founder

# 7: Bead For Life

Bead For Life is on a mission to help end world poverty. If you are of the same mindset, this just may be the right MLM Jewelry Company for you. This is giving those who are poor a way to become blessed with love and compassion.

Our Mission:

BeadforLife supports poor women in Uganda and Africa through the sale of jewelry created with recycled paper to educate people in America about deep poverty and offers a pathway for them to make a difference. BeadforLife invests existing and future profits from sales into entrepreneurial training programs for women living in poverty, so they can open small businesses, increase their incomes, and leave poverty behind.

Source: Bead For Life

diamonds have grown to become the most popular gemstone

# 8: Origami Owl

Origami Owl was founded in 2010 by 14 year old Isabella “Bella” Weems. She just wanted to earn enough money to buy a car when she was 16.

Our Mission is to be a Force for Good; to Love, Inspire, & Motivate people to reach their Dreams & Empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.

Source: Origami Owl

# 9: Nikken

This MLM Company is known for magnetic technology. Jewelry is made with that technology. Nikken has grown quickly. It is popular all around the world.

The Nikken mission is both simple and inspirational—to help people discover Active Wellness.

Source: Nikken

# 10: Compelling Creations

The tag-line is:

Wear It. Share It!

Compelling Creations is a Christian based MLM Company that is not afraid to share their faith. The Compelling Creations jewelry is all Christian messages.

# 11: Bella Shaye

Bella Shaye is headquartered in San Diego, California. They have a fine selection of jewelry appropriate for all ages. The company is also excellent at training you for your home based jewelry business.

My advice is always to my sales reps/ jewelry consultants who start a business of their own with us, is not to give up. To ask themselves daily “What can I do differently?” Each day to get the results they want and also to ask themselves how they can stand out above all the others in this field.

~ Denise Snow, Founder and CEO

# 12: Premier Designs

A member of the Direct Selling Association, Premier Designs is a favorite of many women. Founded in 1985, they are headquartered in Irving, Texas.

With necklaces, charms, earrings, watches and much more, Premier Designs continues to grow stronger and stronger in MLM Jewelry Sales.

Our purpose is to enrich every life we touch. Provide people a way to find identity, achievement and success. Meet the personal and financial needs of all who become part of our Premier Designs family.

Source: Premier Designs

more than 29 million people purchased jewelry online daily

# 13: Sabika Jewelry

A company made by women for women! They want to share some Sabika love with you. Sabika does help women find success in a seemingly man’s world.

A company by women for women, our jewelry is made for every woman, every day. Sabika was founded with the intent of bringing beauty, joy and opportunity to women of all ages and diverse backgrounds, and delivers a new level of fun and sophistication to the home party experience.

Source: Sabika Jewelry

# 14: Azuli Skye

It seems that Azuli Skye offers some of the best guarantees on their fine line of jewelry. Never heard of Azuli Skye? Starting in 2011, the majority of jewelry sold from this MLM Company carries a lifetime guarantee.

While I love fashion and jewelry, the favorite part of my job is helping other women live their lives on their own terms. This business has made it possible for me to live my dream of helping other women see all that is possible and then helping them achieve it.

~ Deborah McNaughton, Founder & CEO

# 15: Chloe + Isabel

With jewelry that will give the impression it cost a mint, this MLM Company has gained a huge following. Chloe and Isabel also have lifetime guarantees and the reason they can keep prices affordable is by eliminating the middleman.

By designing + sourcing directly from our NYC studio, + selling through our amazing community of Merchandisers, we remove multiple layers of retail mark-up. We’re thrilled to offer our customers exceptional, beautifully-crafted pieces at affordable prices.

~ Chantel Waterbury, Founder & CEO

# 16: Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose makes jewelry for your hair. This unique MLM may be just what you are seeking. The uniqueness is cool and many women love the artistic fashions they can use in their hairstyles.

Our mission is to share an opportunity for others to build a business that they will be proud to own and enable them to thrive personally.

Source: Lilla Rose Facebook page

# 17: Endless Xpressions

A somewhat new MLM Company, Endless Xpressions has handbags, jewelry and more. The company has even added lines of cosmetics to their amazing portfolio. Prices seem to be quite reasonable. This makes it easy to sell Endless Xpressions items at your next party.

According to their website, Endless Xpressions is a company that specializes in “all things fun for women”. The creator of this company felt that women shouldn’t have to go to so many different places to find the newest trends for themselves or the most in-style gifts for friends and family.

Source: reviewopedia

paparazzi geraldine souza

# 18: Paparazzi Accessories

Have you been to a Paparazzi party? If you host one, you can get free jewelry.

Paparazzi Accessories are always fabulous, always fashionable, and always $5. With new styles added daily, you can shop anytime and look like a million without breaking the bank!

# 19: Just Jewelry

Based in Ohio, Just Jewelry is a trend setter. Offering a wide range of styles to match your mood, Just Jewelry is growing fast. Based in Ohio, Just Jewelry is mission minded and donates 10% of all sales to local and international missions.

Just Jewelry is on a mission to impact our communities, our country and our world! By purchasing our products, you too can be a part of this incredible mission.

Source: Just Jewelry

# 20: Fifth Avenue Collection

This Canadian MLM Jewelry Company has a great reputation for delivering high quality products.

Many independent representatives have been happy they joined. The Fifth Avenue Collection makes you feel as if you are wearing jewelry that only the rich and famous can afford.

We offer women a career that gives them personal and financial rewards outside the home without compromising their commitment to family life.

Source: Fifth Avenue Collection Facebook page

Food for Thought

You can visit any of these company’s websites to learn more about them. Please know that I am not affiliated with any of these companies. In addition, all names are registered trademarks.

These are some of the well established MLM Jewelry Companies with a good reputation and plenty of market-share. But there are many, many other MLM Jewelry Companies, too.

So, if you don’t see your company on this list, don’t fret. You can do a search online to find more MLM Jewelry Companies to choose from.

Additional Considerations

Your key to success is to find a MLM Jewelry Company with a great product line, a fair compensation plan, a great reputation, and great training.

I suggest you start out as a customer first and try out the products. If you like the product line, and they are a good price, even at the suggested retail price, you should consider joining the company as a distributor.

If you do decide to partner up with a company, make sure you find a successful sponsor who can help you out.

Should you partner up with one of the MLM Jewelry Companies? That really depends. If you already make and sell your own jewelry, I would stick with that, since you would have a higher profit margin per item. If you like to sell vintage jewelry on eBay or Etsy, that is another good option.

That being said, these MLM Jewelry Companies are a great fit for some people.

My best advice is to be an educated and informed person. Evaluate your options. Do your research. And then make a decision that is best for you.

Tips for Success with MLM Jewelry Companies

Tips for Success with MLM Jewelry Companies

The key to making money with these MLM Jewelry Companies is to love the products and to learn how to sell. When I say sell, I’m not talking about being a fast talking, high pressure type of salesperson either.  Instead, I’m talking about being a professional who knows and loves their product line.

Many top consultants sell their jewelry via in-home parties and events. This is a great way to introduce your products to potential customers. More importantly, people get to touch the jewelry and try it on first.

Another great way to make money with these MLM Jewelry Companies is to share the catalogs with friends, coworkers, and family members.

You are really only limited to your creativity. Find a method that works for you and stick with it.

The top producers combine recruiting and personal sales. This allows you to build a team of reps and earn an override from their sales. Plus, you can earn an immediate retail profit from your own personal sales.

If you want to make a large income with any of these MLM Jewelry Companies, that’s what you will need to do: build a team and make a lot of personal sales.

Sell Your Jewelry Via Home Parties

Home parties are a proven way to make sales and work smart, especially when selling jewelry. There are few things more powerful than getting together a group of five to ten people in a comfortable home setting, and sharing your products with them.

Home parties let you work smart and earn a nice bonus for one to two hours worth of work. It’s a lot easier than trying to sell jewelry one-on-one.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before You Join a MLM Jewelry Company

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before You Join a MLM Jewelry Company

Here are a few things you should evaluate BEFORE you join a MLM Jewelry Company.

1. How long has the company been in business?  

Ideally, you want a company that has been around at least five years, preferably much longer. Most new companies fail, so you want to team up with a company that is established and has been in business at least a few years.

I’m not knocking start-up companies. I just prefer to work with companies that have been in business a few years. The last thing you want to do is partner up with a company, work hard, build a big team and then have the company go out of business.

2. What type of market share does the company have?  

What are the annual sales for the company? How much has it grown each year during the past five years? Compare these numbers to other MLM Jewelry Companies and see how they compare.

3. How many reps are in your local area?  

Look through the yellow pages or do an online search. Are there already hundreds of reps in your local area? If so, consider finding a different jewelry company to promote. You definitely don’t want to join a company that is saturated with competition.

4. How does the compensation plan work?  

Read the entire compensation plan. Find out what percentage of each sale gets paid back to distributors. Find out how big of a team you would need to make $1k, $2k or $5k a month. Read the ins and outs of the compensation plan and ask your potential sponsor any questions you might have.

5. What are the rules in the distributor agreement?  

Read the distributor agreement with a fine toothed comb! Does it have a non-compete clause? Does it have strict internet marketing policies? Make sure there is nothing in the distributor agreement that is shady or impractical. For example, if you want to build a website to sell the jewelry, but the company doesn’t allow it, then find another company to partner up with!

6. What is the wholesale/retail markup?  

This is a big one. It actually might be the most important question to ask. If you’re going to be selling a lot of jewelry yourself, you want a company that pays at least a 40% wholesale/retail markup, and preferably 50%.

7. Does the MLM Jewelry Company belong to the BBB and DSA?  

If the company is serious about its reputation, it will belong to the Better Business Bureau and Direct Selling Association. Make sure your company is affiliated with these two organizations.

8. What type of training is available?  

Find out what type of training the company provides to its independent reps. Find out about distributor websites, conference calls, seminars and meetings, and training materials. You want to make sure you can get the training you need to succeed.

9. How much stuff is for sale on eBay and Amazon?  

Do a quick search on Amazon and eBay to make sure there isn’t too much of the company’s product line for sale at a steep discount. This is a good sign of a high failure rate and it also hurts your chances of making sales to retail customers, especially if they can buy it online for a much cheaper price than you can sell it to them for.

10. What is the company’s reputation?  

My final piece of advice for evaluating MLM Jewelry Companies is to look at the reputation of the company you are thinking about joining. Do a quick search online and see what you can find negative about the company.

Every company will have a few negative things written about it, but if you find page after page after page of negative stuff, look for a different MLM Jewelry Company to join.

This isn’t a conclusive list of questions, but it is a good starting point. Here’s a post I wrote about how to find the right MLM Company.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many great MLM Jewelry Companies in the direct sales and network marketing industry.

If you enjoy selling jewelry and socializing with other women, you should consider partnering up with a large network marketing or direct sales jewelry company as an independent distributor. It can be a great way to supplement your income or even provide a full-time income. Best of all, you can be your own boss and work from home.

On a side note, if you are currently involved with a MLM Jewelry Company, I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and experiences with the rest of our online community by leaving a comment below.

Tell us how long you have been with the company, what level of success you have experienced, and what you love most about the company. I look forward to reading your story.

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56 thoughts on “Top 20 MLM Jewelry Companies to Consider”

  1. I personally do not wear jewelry myself, but I did when I was younger. The only pieces that I wear now are my wedding ring and a special pair of earrings.

    However, I do know a lot of people who consistently love and buy jewelry for every occasion from these companies, as well as know people who are consultants.

    Even though I don’t buy jewelry I have tried to support their businesses by making a purchase; however I can’t say the customer service was there. Needless to say I have never either received my order, was not followed up with or thanked for the order.

    These companies do provide a great alternative from what you may find at the local store.

    1. Yes, there are a ton of jewelry companies to choose from in the direct sales industry. Finding a good rep who knows what they are doing and provides great customer service makes a huge difference.

  2. Thank you very much for that info. It has helped me as I am intending to start MLM in my own business in the long run. I am running a training & beneficiation centre. We train un-employed youth to manufacture jewelry. We are in South the northern cape province. We make very amazing jewelry from gemstones in our area, e.g. tiger’s eye, Rose quartz, Jasper etc. We cut and polish gemstones. We also use glass and make beads. I am just really trying to see how I can make my business profitable. So appreciate what I am learning here.

  3. This is one thing I considered myself but not as far as MLM but just running it by myself. I know a good number of stores online that do wholesale and it is beautiful jewelry. I spent a few a few $100 with them for gifts and it is like I spent well over $1000.

    1. I considered several of these companies before deciding to go with Paparazzi Accessories. I choose Paparazzi because they had quality jewelry that everyone could afford. I own some Traci Lynn pieces but they were a splurge purchase as oppose to all of Paparazzi jewelry is only $5.00 each.

  4. Hello Chuck,

    I just saw your review on the direct sales jewelry companies and I was just wondering why would you think Traci Lynn jewelry is for mostly Black women? I didn’t see you lable any other company as for mostly white women or any other color except Traci Lynn Jewelry. For your information Traci Lynn Jewelry is for all women regardless of color. I live in Washington state and I provide Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry to all women, all colors and all sizes and they all buy. You really need to fix that because you gave out incorrect and misleading information about my company.

  5. Chuck, you made a great point in selling techniques. High pressure sales is a dead system. No matter the jewelry line you offer, it needs to be done in such a way that the product sells itself. In home parties, in which people can handle the products and try them on is a great way. Here in Puerto Rico, many people set up road-side stands. This would also be a great way if it is legal where you reside.

  6. I am a huge fan of Silpada. Their jewelry is among the most expensive offered by the companies on your list, but it is wonderful, well-made stuff that you can wear for years and years. I know quite a few of their representatives and they all love working for the company. They can be very proud of the products that they put out.

    Also, Avon is a sometimes-overlooked good source for quality jewelry. I still have a green stone ring that my mother bought for me when I was a teenager. I won’t tell you how many years ago that was!

    1. I have heard great things about Silpada too. Lots of these companies have good jewelry, but in most cases it is just WAY overpriced compared to what you can get in other venues.

    2. You mentioned Avon, and I believe you are quite correct. Avon distributes and sells an enormous line of jewelry products that are reasonably priced. I think that many people forget that Avon is also an MLM. They have grown to such a large proportion that many people assume they are just a normal business. I personally do not wear much jewelry, but I love many of the other products that Avon carries. It is from Avon that I get my deodorant and many other personal care items.

      1. I think of all the companies on the list, Avon is the best bet for selling jewelry. Most of their products are in the $5 to $10 range, which just about everyone and anyone can afford. You also can make up to 50% from each sale.

  7. Nice to see my company Traci Lynn listed in your top 10. When I started with the company there were less than 3000 women total. As a matter of fact, I am number 2798. I did not consider all these questions when I joined (I should have). I was able to meet the founder herself. She was motivational and inspirational and I joined mainly because I had access to not only training but people who cared about my success and not just the business. Now for some that may not be important but in an MLM can be difficult some days if you are struggling to get new customers or make the money you want to make. Having a company that thrives on treating you like family is a plus. Just a side note, we are a company that started in the African American community but our jewelry is gorgeous on any woman and our consultants are much more diversified now.

    1. Thanks for sharing some more insight into your company Brie. I know a couple of people who have joined the Traci Lynn company and they seem to be having a fair share of success with it. A part of this is that they are always promoting and advertising and hosting events to keep the Traci Lynn name and the jewelry pieces in the spotlight. And the pieces are indeed beautiful. I on a few of my own.

  8. This is a great list of jewelry companies, Chuck. My favorite is Park Lane. I’ve been a rep with them for almost two years now and I just love the jewelry.

  9. I’ve attended jewelry parties for some of the companies listed, and I’ll tell you Silpada Designs is a good solid company. I’m not much of a jewelry wearer, but I know people who are. Silpada offers a high end quality product and their reps are energetic and bring an aura of fun. Stella and Dot has a great reputation and has been around a long time showing stability.

  10. Number eight is a great point to consider! If the company doesn’t offer a lot of training opportunities, it is so easy to get discouraged. I have found that training can keep a representative motivated. We all know that motivation leads to revenue. Thanks for the great tip!

  11. Not being a huge “jewelry” person myself, I am not very familiar with the majority of these companies. I will say though, when it comes to great established policies, and a very good reputation, Avon is far above the majority.

    You can get a lot more than just jewelry through Avon. This gives an Avon representative a wider range of a customer base.

    I have to agree with Charles on another strong statement…Do your research. Before you join, know what your going to gain. By checking Ebay and other online sales sites, you can get a good idea of the product and if it is favorable.

    The other advice I would offer is show your friends and family. Would they buy products? That will be a good indicator.

  12. Point number 9 is one I hadn’t thought of. Checking eBay and Amazon for an MLM company’s products before signing is a great idea. I also believe that the DSA membership holds more weight than the BBB, although both are good tools.

    1. Both the DSA and BBB memberships are paid memberships. Just because a company belongs to those groups does not necessarily mean it is a good company to do business with.

  13. I love Silpada Designs. They are so good to their reps and their products are awesome and priced right. I’ve been a rep for just about two years now and consistently make an extra $500 per month doing a couple parties a month.

    1. Good for you Amy. Yes, Silpada is a great company, especially if you want to do the party plan to grow your business. I’m glad you are experiencing success and making money with Silpada.

  14. I’m a big fan of Silpada Designs. Their jewelry is great quality and it is priced right. I’ve been buying their stuff for a couple years now.


  15. My favorite MLM Jewelry Company is Avon because the prices are so affordable. You can buy a nice ring or necklace for $5 to $10. Try doing that in any other jewelry company.


  16. Ok, one more thought, speaking of younger entrepreneurs, Avon has a line directed toward the younger generation as well. Their Mark line, which includes not only jewelry but clothes, makeup and skin care, is quite popular and successful, and, again, I know of some teens who market it like the Cookie Lee products. I really like the efforts to open up opportunities to our youth. Can you imagine that if any of them stick with the companies they are working with right now, where they will be in 10 years? Wow!

    1. Good point, Amy. If you can get a young lady to join of these MLM Jewelry Companies and stick with it, there’s no doubt in my mind she would EVER need to find a job after college. She could go full-time in her jewelry career.


    2. I love the Silpada Jewelry myself. My sister sells it. I’ve hosted a couple home parties for her and we always had a lot of fun. Plus, I got some free gifts that I really enjoyed.

  17. I just wanted to comment on one more of the companies you listed. I have several teenage nieces who, while signed up under their moms because of the age requirements, do the selling and are rather successful at it. Cookie Lee seems to appeal to the younger crowd, although I have purchased a few items because I’m not going to NOT support some of my favorite girls. They make enough to pay for some of their extra curricular habits like cell phones and car insurance, and one of them even pays for all of her fees and dresses, etc because she regularly participate in beauty pageants.

  18. My personal favorite is Lia Sophia. I host parties twice a year because the bonuses for hosting are so fantastic that I end up with a generous amount of free jewelry. I love the pieces that they offer, and, you are right, they are affordable as well. In addition, being what people would call a typical woman (in some respects…lol!), it’s a lot of fun to get together with the girls and play with jewelry. Finally, I really like it when jewelry comes to me.

      1. I can tell you that Avon offers a lot of low cost jewelry too! They have new pieces in each campaign and it is priced much lower than what these other jewelry companies sell.

  19. BBB ratings are a bit slanted in my opinion. Some companies can get away with some really wicked stuff while maintaining a high rating while others who don’t have the money to cover up their deeds get bombed with an awful rating for just a handful of mistakes. Still, it’s better than nothing at all.

    1. Good points, James. Most people don’t realize that companies can buy their way into the Better Business Bureau. It is not a membership you get for being a good company.


    2. I have come to realize that checking with the Better Business Bureau on any company can be a waste of time. As a company, if you pay them, you will get great promotion no matter how good your products or services are. I have found you can find out much more about companies just by using your search engine and typing in the company name and reviews. It is always wise to look at them all too. Any company that has been in business awhile will have some bad reviews, but we must always weigh the good with the bad.

      1. Exactly. Every organization has some bad reviews. If you read a bad review about something, the first thing to look for is to see if the person who wrote the review put their name to it AND they aren’t trying to profit from it. A lot of people in our industry write bad things about one company to make money with the company they are promoting!

  20. I’m a Lia Sophia rep and have been selling the jewelry for almost two years now. I love the company, the pay and the products. The jewelry is really easy to sell. Women love the design and price points.

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