Top 20 ARIIX Products of All Time

In today’s post, we will take a look at the Top 20 ARIIX products of all time. These are the company’s best products that you should definitely check out.

It is always important to look after your health and well-being and use products that are safe. This is what the network marketing company ARIIX believes and thus it offers only the best nutritional supplements and products to boost your health.

ARIIX means gold in Latin and the company’s golden rule is to deliver the topmost quality products as well as strong financial opportunities.

Below I have listed the Top 20 ARIIX products of all time based on various sources by conducting online research and by looking at sales ranks and customer reviews.

I would like to point out one thing that I am in no way associated with ARIIX and I am just helping you choose the best nutritional supplements and healthcare products. This list is entirely for your benefit and is in no way any advertisement for ARIIX.

ARIIX Overview

ARIIX Overview

The leading nutritional experts and businessmen got together in 2011 to create a world-class network marketing company called ARIIX. Deanna Latson, Riley Timmer, Dr. Fred W. Cooper, Jeff Yates and Mark Wilson founded this health and wellness company with an aim to help you achieve complete well-being.

Most of its members are leading nutritional and marketing executives and some have even worked with top marketing companies before joining ARIIX. ARIIX offers a number of wellness products like vitamins, minerals, personal care products, essential oils, air purification systems etc.

The company takes pride in making high quality products. ARIIX also compensates you if you help market their products. If you refer their products to others, you may get discounts or compensation from the company for your efforts.

This relatively new but vibrant network marketing company is creating a storm in the health industry with its superior products.

Top 20 ARIIX Products

Top 20 ARIIX Products of All Time

Let us now take a look at some of the best products offered from ARIIX.

# 20: REVIIVE Shampoo

A shiny head of hair can make a person look and feel better and more youthful. It boosts your confidence to no extent. But in today’s fast paced, hectic environment, the harsh toxins can make your hair dull and lifeless.

You should consider using REVIIVE’s shampoo to help revive your hair and to make it more luscious and bouncy. It does not contain any colors, harsh chemicals and carcinogens and is thus perfectly safe for anyone to use.

# 19: REVIIVE Body Wash

Made from completely natural organic ingredients, REVIIVE Body Wash makes your skin glow. You should use this daily to get more radiant and clean skin and also to remove any harmful effects of UV rays. It contains ingredients like Coconut Oil, White Tea and Sweet Blue Lupine that helps keep your skin elastic and nourished, thus making it more youthful.

# 18: Jouve Brightening Cream

Providing complete nourishment for your skin, ARIIX’s Jouve Brightening Cream helps remove spots from your skin and lightens your pores to make your skin much more youthful.

Just use it daily and watch all those wrinkles and dark spots disappear within no time. It helps moisturize your skin to the core and creates and also helps protect you from any environmental toxins that can make your skin harsh and dry.

# 17: Jouve Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum

When you use ARIIX’s Jouve instant tightening and restoring serum, you will have smoother skin that will look more youthful and refined. Use it daily to remove any wrinkles, to lift and tighten your pores and to do away with any fine lines.

If you suffer from a lack of sleep making your eyes puffy, you can use this product under your eyes to remove the puffiness. It completely nourishes and rejuvenates your skin and makes you feel much younger.

# 16: PRIIME Ice

If you feel too heated up and want to cool yourself and your body down, you should just dab a few drops of ARIIX’s Ice essential oil. This product will make you feel much better and you will be able to ease any tense nerves and muscles. Your body will feel instantly energized and you will be up and about in no time.

ARIIX name comes from the combination of the Latin word aurum meaning gold

# 15: PRIIME Fractionated Coconut Oil

The multiple benefits of coconut oil have been stated plenty of times and ARIIX recognizes the value of this ingredient and has created a fractionated coconut oil product for you. When you use this product at any time, you will find that your body will feel much healthier.

You can use this daily to make your hair and skin shine and glow and you can also add a few drops to hot water and consume it to help regulate all your bodily functions. Just massage a little bit of this oil on your body to moisturize it and to make yourself feel more relaxed.

# 14: PRIIME Escape

When you dab a few drops of PRIIME Escape essential oil on yourself, you will feel all the tension leave your body. This product is one of ARIIX’s best sellers, and helps you soothe all your tense muscles and relax your nerves. It is an ideal product to use in today’s fast paced hectic world. It has been tested and uses completely safe ingredients.

# 13: PRIIME Sentry

One of ARIIX’s best products is the PRIIME Sentry essential oil that is a defensive blend and provides the perfect protection for your body. You can dab a bit of this essential oil on your body or use it as an air freshener to keep yourself fit and healthy.

# 12: PRIIME Calm

When you have had a long and hard day and just want to come home and soothe your nerves, you should use ARIIX’s PRIIME Calm essential oil. When you dab this oil on yourself or use it as an air freshener, you will find yourself becoming calmer and more relaxed.

# 11: Magnical-D

ARIIX’s Magnical-D combines Vitamin D, Magnesium and Calcium to strengthen your bones. When you start consuming this product, you will find yourself becoming much healthier and fitter and your bones will be tougher.

This is perfect for people with a calcium deficiency as it improves your calcium and magnesium levels and gives your body the right kind of protection and strength.

# 10: Slenderiix and Xceler8

One of the best products to help you lose weight and to maintain your figure is ARIIX’S Slenderiix and Xceler8 which only has homeopathic ingredients and is completely safe. You can use this product to remove toxins and fat from your body and also helps get rid of any belly fat.

When you consume these two, you do away with all your hunger pangs and can eat a more controlled and balanced diet. You will notice the difference for yourself when you use this product and see all those calories burn away.

# 9: Puritii

When you are on the go and want to drink water that you know is completely free of any kind of bacteria and is safe to drink, you must keep in mind ARIIX’s Puritii. This water filter comes with a stainless-steel water bottle as well to provide you continuous healthy drinking water.

This filter is useful in removing various kinds of bacteria, Giardia, viruses and Cryptosporidium. The antimicrobial technology is also useful in removing any kind of fungus and mildew and also makes the water chlorine free.

The ZeoSleeve Technology has a silicate mineral called zeolite that can remove radiochemical substances and metals from the water, making it safe for you to drink.

The stainless-steel bottle is made of a durable plastic and can be reused. You can be assured of drinking absolutely clean water as the lid keeps out any dust and grime. It has double insulation to keep your water or any other liquid that you keep in the stainless-steel bottle cold or hot.

# 8: Purenourish

ARIIX’s Purenourish is the perfect product for all those health freaks who love maintaining their weight and getting all the essential nutrients. The vegetable-based proteins in this product like almond protein, pea protein and cranberry protein help build lean muscles and also improve the functioning of the heart.

When you consume this product daily you can even increase your blood sugar levels and maintain a good cholesterol level. You also get around 20 percent of whatever your day to day fiber intake may be.

You don’t need to worry about any side effects from this product and it is easy to digest. Just consume this daily and you will be able to maintain your figure as well as help stay healthy.

If you suffer from any kidney problems, you can consume this daily to enhance your kidney functions and restore your health. There is no shortage of health benefits in this product and you will actually be purely and completely nourished after using this product.

# 7: Restoriix

In this fast-paced modern world, we are all leading stressful lives and it often becomes hard to keep a track of our health. But every human being needs to give their body and mind some rest or they will not be able to function properly.

When you constantly worry or keep exerting your body, you are slowing down its ability and thus inhibiting several of its functions. This results in a number of disorders and diseases and a weakened immune system. You may gain or lose weight and may not have sufficient energy to keep you going through the day.

In such circumstances, you can use ARIIX’s Restoriix to help enhance your detoxification process and make your body as good as new. Once you consume these capsules with water, you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest and all your body systems will start functioning properly.

The ingredients in this product are Organic Spirulina, Organic Ginger Root Powder, Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, Zeolite (micronized), Chlorella (cracked cell wall), Activated Charcoal and Chia Seed.

# 6: Biopro Q

To help you get that instant energy boost, you must check out Biopro Q that blends Bioperine and CoEnzymeQ10 to create a powerful energy-packed product. You can consume these capsules at any time of the day and you will find yourself completely rejuvenated and relaxed.

It also serves as a powerful antioxidant so that your cells have complete protection. This is also helpful in preventing deadly diseases like cancer and enhancing your overall physical and mental well-being.

Mark Wilson started his first business at age 20

# 5: Vitamins

ARIIX’ Vitamins seeks to provide your body with all the essential nutrients necessary to keep it in top notch shape. The best vitamins have been blended in this product for you to use to promote your bodily functions and strengthen all the systems and parts of your body.

Consumption of this product daily, optimizes the functioning of cells and also helps maintain and support your metabolic system, digestive system, cardiovascular and skeletal systems.

Some of these ingredients in this product are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Grape Seed Extract, Bromelain, Folic Acid etc.

# 4: Minerals

When you use ARIIX’s Minerals, you will note the difference for yourself as your body will look and feel much healthier and energized. With 32 minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, this product will help your body function to its highest possible ability.

When use consume this product daily you are helping new and healthy cells grow in your body and are protecting your joints and spine. Regular intake of these capsules also improves eye, lung, skin, heart functions and enhances bone and muscle health.

Some of the ingredients in this product are Magnesium Oxide, Rosemary Extract, Citrus Bioflavanoids, Magnesium Citrate, Calcium Carbonates & Citrate, Magnesium Amino Acid, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Co-Q10etc.

# 3: Vináli

If you are looking for a product that enhances your well-being and also makes you look and feel younger, you should check out ARIIX’s Vináli. Each capsule of this dietary supplement blends grapefruit extracts and Vitamin C.

If you take these dietary supplements regularly you will help boost your immunity system as well as be able to promote your skin’s elasticity. You can also use this product to remove any tan as it helps lighten brown spots and reduces any sun damage.

It is one of the best products that you can use that will make your skin glow.

# 2: Omega-Q

ARIIX’s Omega Q combines omega fatty acids and coenzymes to create the perfect product to promote your overall health and well-being. It blends lemon oil, Cholecalciferol, fish oil and CoQ-10 to create the perfect wellness product.

You can use this dietary supplement to enhance your mental health, maintain proper cholesterol levels and regulate cardiovascular function. The ingredients in this protect your brain cells, improve reproductive health and minimize cholesterol levels.

If you are feeling low on energy and need an instant boost, you should consume this product and note the difference.

# 1: Rejuveniix

This is definitely the best product on offer by ARIIX as it combines some of the best natural compounds to help protect you against any kind of disease and to instantly energize you.

Rejuveniix blends Goji Berry, Kava, Acai Berry Extra, Hawaiian Noni Fruit, L-Theanine, Extract, Maqui Berry, Mangosteen Rind Extract, Caffeine and Sea Buckthorn. These are perfect energy boosters that perk you up within no time and revitalize you completely.

The reason why this product is ARIIX’s best is because it uses antioxidants that have been extracted from super fruits and helps fight cancer, fatigue, stress and much more. These ingredients have all been well-tested and help calm you down as well as cheer you up.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the above post states the top 20 ARIIX products that can promote your well-being to a large extent. You should check them out and if you feel I have left any product out, you can leave a comment in the section below.

Try out not only these top products by ARIIX but others as well and let me know if you disagree with anything I have claimed above. You can write in to me and let me know. The above review is in no way an advertisement for ARIIX as we are not affiliated with them in any way. It is merely a list of their top wellness products so that you don’t get stuck when wondering which product to buy and for what need.

Check out the rest of their products on their corporate website and tell me what you think in the section below. Have a great day!

Disclaimer: ARIIX is a registered trademark. We are in no way affiliated with the company. This was not a paid review. The products are not designed to prevent, cure or treat any disease. Individual results will vary.


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