Top 15 Robert Kiyosaki Quotes of All Time

Robert Kiyosaki is one of my personal favorite business mentors. While many people disagree with his teachings, I find it fascinating and very helpful. I’ve been reading his books and taking his courses for about 10 years now. Through the years, I’ve found some really powerful Robert Kiyosaki

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6 thoughts on “Top 15 Robert Kiyosaki Quotes of All Time”

  1. Hi Chuck,

    My favorite quote seems to be #7. I like your interpretation more, “The only way to destroy fear is to take action.” I find it very relevant and helpful to me. Thank you!

    Quote #11 is also excellent. Dream big and want what you want to achieve as bad as you want air, and you’ll have it, and don’t let failure stop you along the way.


  2. Passion absolutely builds business. Fear is a normal part of the process, but your passion should always be greater than your fear if you want to succeed. So many people let the uncertainty of the future consume them and also allow negative people get in their heads. It robs them of the ability to dream bigger and work towards bigger thing. If you can remind yourself WHY something is important to you, you’ll always be able to overcome fear.

  3. These are some great quotes. I was really grabbed by the one that states your house is not an asset. That is very true. While it has value, it doesn’t make you money. The only way homes can be assets is if you are in the business of “flipping” homes.

    I also like the one that says education is what you learn after leaving school. In my opinion, every day of our life should be educational. We should always be trying to learn something new.

    Yes, I agree that Robert Kiyosaki is a very wise man. I don’t always agree with everything he says, but the majority of his statements are dead on.

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