Top 15 Ganoderma MLM Companies

In today’s post, I am going to share the top 15 Ganoderma MLM companies.

What is Ganoderma?

Ganoderma is a species of mushroom that is widely known for its health properties in Asian countries. There are around 80 various species of Ganoderma. Most grow in tropical or sub-tropical regions.

Ganoderma has a distinctive appearance. It is known as a “shelf” mushroom. It grows sideways off fallen trees and decaying logs.

The health properties from Ganoderma come from bioactive compounds. It is believed that Ganoderma may carry a plethora of medical benefits that include:

  • anti-cancer effects
  • reduction of cholesterol
  • immunity benefits
  • anti-fungal properties
  • anti-oxidant effects
  • anti-viral effects
  • hypoglycemic effects
  • anti-bacterial effects
  • and much more!

Now just to be clear, none of these have been absolutely proven. And keep in mind that any and all health claims have not been substantiated by the FDA. But, there are good chances that Ganoderma is good for you.

Many people have discovered they love Ganoderma and that has come from trying products from various companies. Many of those companies operate on a multilevel marketing format.

Top 15 Ganoderma MLM Companies

Scroll down and learn more about the top 15 Ganoderma MLM Companies. Let me know if you agree with my list or not.

#15: Javita

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Javita was founded in 2011 by Stanley Cherelstein. You may be familiar with Stanley, as he also founded the MLM company Waiora in 2004.

Javita allows their distributors to sell various coffees. While the majority of Javita’s coffees rely on the power of Garcinia Cambogia, they have also utilized Ganoderma.

I put them at #15 because they use very little Ganoderma.

#14: Total Life Changes

Many call it the company that Jack built. Jack Fallon was a Ford Motor employee when he started Total Life Changes in 1999. Jack had noticed many of his fellow employees were overweight, and he set out to solve that problem.

With offices worldwide, Total Life Changes is headquartered in Fair Haven, Michigan. Total Life Changes uses the power of the mushroom in their coffee offerings. But the Iaso® Gano supplement with Ganoderma is the huge seller.

#13: Healthy Coffee

Founder Rick Aguiluz had an idea, what he calls the F.R.M. Business Model™. It combines franchise, retail and MLM all in one. Representatives can be in 1, 2 or all 3.

Based in Irvine, California, Healthy Coffee has coffee, energy drinks and other wellness products. All products have a mix of Ganoderma (Reishi) with Ginseng to provide health, well-being and energy.

#12: Xianzhilou

You may not be familiar with this Chinese MLM company but believe me, they are growing fast.

They are completely built around the Ganoderma mushroom and have growing areas where they cultivate. They have a team of scientists researching all that can be done with Ganoderma.

The Xianzhilou website does come in English and Ganoderma is the primary source of all products they offer.

#11: Alphay International

Alphay International is another China based MLM company that has gone international. Founded in 2002 by Hui Chen, the company has a wide range of products, but Ganoderma based products are one of their biggest selling products.

Alphay International has a United States office in Orange, California. With nutritional supplements and coffees loaded with Ganoderma, many people have claimed Alphay manufactures some high quality products.

#10: Healthy Habits Global

Founded in 2009 by Ted Fitzgerald, Josh D. Nelson, and Kambree Nelson, Healthy Habits Global is based in Anaheim, California.

Healthy Habits Global offers various health and wellness products but are best known for their various coffees and teas that contain Ganoderma.

It seems the company has had steady growth and will continue to do so.

#9: NuSkin

Founded way back in 1984, NuSkin is based in Provo, Utah. The MLM Company has spread out across the world and is considered one of the top rated multilevel marketing companies with an international following.

While NuSkin does not offer a whole lot of Ganoderma products, there is one that has been a top seller for its powerful immune support.

NuSkin’s ReishiMax GLP supplement has been selling like wildfire, especially in Asian countries. With claims that it helps the immune system, protects the liver and stabilizes blood sugar, people are enthralled about purchasing this NuSkin product.

#8: GanoLife

Founded in 2011 by Joven Cabsagl, GanoLife is a huge Healthy Coffee MLM Company in South America. From the looks of it, the United States GanoLife business has not done as well.

I see that many people love the taste of the various coffees with many of them containing Ganoderma mushrooms.

Will it grab hold in the U.S.? We will have to watch and see.

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#7: Chini Enterprise

Focused on the health and wellness of the world’s population, Chini Enterprise was founded by Lee Yen Ping (Chini) and incorporated in 1989 in Taiwan.

Chini Enterprise is a direct sales company and many of their fabulous products contain Ganoderma.

The Chini Enterprise distribution network has spread out around the world and people are enjoying their quality.

#6: Shuang Hor

Shuang Hor is another Malaysia based MLM Company founded back in 1987. They are committed to the wellness of both mind and body, and as such, Ganoderma is one of the ingredients they use in various products they allow their independent representatives to sell.

With healthy foods, drinks and personal care products, Shuang Hor is huge in Malaysia and is quickly growing its international presence.

#5: Hokkaido Reishi

This Japanese direct sales company claims they produce the best Reishi (Ganoderma) in the world.

It seems Noriyasu Okita was a diabetic and was searching for natural help. He found Ganoderma and because of the great feats it did in his life, he set up a team of researchers to develop the best Reishi growing methods for the purest Ganoderma possible.

He founded Hokkaido Reishi in 2004 and the Japanese based company is quickly gaining fame around the world. They have developed a cool range of products with the mushrooms. The tea is highly favored as well as many of their supplements.

I believe we may see this company climb higher in popularity in the coming years.

#4: Gano Excel

Founded in 1995 by Mr. Leow Soon Seng, Gano Excel is a MLM Company that is based in Malaysia but has gained a worldwide reputation of delivering high quality products using Ganoderma.

Naturally, there are coffees and teas, but Gano Excel also manufactures toothpaste, soaps and other products using the fabulous Ganoderma mushrooms.

#3: Sisel International

In 2006, Tom Mower and his son founded Sisel International in Utah. Tom had the intention to create the most powerful personal care and wellness products made.

In doing so, he discovered the power of Ganoderma. Some of the high quality coffee offered by Sisel International independent representatives have Ganoderma infused.

Sisel has become a well-known name and I see nothing but praises from Sisel home based business owners.

#2: DXN

DXN is another Malaysian based MLM Company and has been growing by leaps and bounds.

Founded in 1993 by Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, DXN actually cultivates Ganoderma to use in various products they offer.

DXN has a large range of products:

  • supplements
  • water treatment
  • skin care
  • personal care
  • and cleaning products

I have heard that DXN reps just love the compensation plan from the company.

#1: Organo Gold

Organo Gold is considered the King of Ganoderma infused, high quality coffees.

Bernie Chua founded Organo Gold back in 2008, but the procedures used for marketing were bad. But the executives found the touch in 2010 and the legendary Holton Buggs helped with that.

Organo Gold has its headquarters in British Columbia, Canada, but has distributors extending to the 4 corners of the Earth.

I have tried some of the Organo Gold coffees and I must admit they are amazing. I also know that distributors love the compensation they receive in building their Organo Gold businesses.

It really wasn’t too difficult determining that Organo Gold still deserves the #1 spot on this list.

Final Thoughts

Do you find my list accurate? Have you tried any Ganoderma products?  Do you know of any other Ganoderma MLM Companies?

We would love to hear your opinion or answer any questions you may have. You can post them below. Thank you for coming by, now I need a cup of coffee. All this coffee talk has me thirsty for the hot caffeine energy.

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