Top 15 Aloe Vera MLM Companies

Today, I’m going to share my list of the top 15 Aloe Vera MLM Companies of all time.

Considered one of Mother Nature’s greatest healing plants, Aloe Vera is revered by many. I know that Aloe Vera does have some amazing properties. That is why we are growing a small garden of it here where I live in Puerto Rico.

Just a short story of why I know Aloe Vera has miraculous properties…

When I was a teenager, I caught a ride with a trucker and jumping into the cab, I touched my arm on the extremely hot exhaust stack. It created a huge burn and when I came home, mom screamed.

We broke her Aloe Vera plant and squeezed the juice on the burn. She then wrapped gauze around it. In the evening on the next day, we removed the gauze. Where did the burn go? It was completely healed.

Since that day, I am completely sold on the power of Aloe Vera. Many other people feel the exact same way.

Products have been developed using Aloe Vera and they have amazing results. But keep in mind that not all Aloe Vera products are created equal. Some companies will tell you there is Aloe Vera in the product, but it is so minimal that it has no effect.

The Top 15 Aloe Vera MLM Companies

Today, I have decided to share the top 15 Aloe Vera MLM Companies, as I see it. Now don’t assume Aloe Vera is their only product ingredient. However, the companies I am sharing with you have high quality products that do contain Aloe Vera.

Starting at #15, here are the top MLM Companies using the powerful Aloe Vera plant.

Top 15 Aloe Vera MLM Companies

# 15: Amway

Being the most well-known MLM company, Amway offers a wide range of various products. Amway didn’t start off in 1959 offering any Aloe Vera products, but the product developers did recognize that Aloe Vera has amazing powers.

Amway may have other products that contain Aloe Vera, but two that come to mind are:

  1. BodyKey™ Super Green Aloe Shots – These “shots” help your digestion and metabolism.
  2. ALOE CARE Natural Aloe Vera Gel – This is a multi-use gel for injuries, sunburn or just dry skin.

We take pride in our commitment to business excellence, caring for people and their communities, and our concern for the environment. We are committed to doing what is right, rather than doing just whatever ‘works’.

Source: Amway UK

# 14: NeoLife

NeoLife is the Fremont, California MLM Company founded by Jerry Brassfield.  As a child, Jerry’s Mother wondered if he would live because of his bad allergies. She began giving him various natural supplements and Jerry discovered nature has many healing items that grow naturally.

He started NeoLife with the intent of showing people how to live a healthy life by using nature. And one product that NeoLife offers is a hit.

  • Aloe Vera Plus – This proprietary blended juice is a healthy alternative of other drinks. A blend of pure Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Chamomile that heals, calms and provides energy.


# 13: Herbalife

Another huge MLM Company that was founded in 1980, is it no wonder that Herbalife does offer products containing Aloe Vera? With a huge range of various products, two great selling Herbalife products that contain Aloe Vera are:

      1. Herbal Aloe Concentrate – This is a highly concentrated juice drink that comes in original, mango, mandarin and cranberry.
      2. Herbal Aloe Soothing Gel – This gel is made to soothe and soften your skin.

I am sure Herbalife has more products that contain Aloe Vera, but these are their best-sellers.

“Our mission at Herbalife Nutrition is a simple one – to change people’s lives through high-quality nutrition and a business opportunity.”

~ John Agwunobi, CEO and Chairman

# 12: Nikken

While primarily known for their health magnets, the Asian based Nikken MLM Company also allows independent representatives to sell various other products. Two Nikken products that contain Aloe Vera and are great sellers include:

  1. True Elements® Refreshing Tonic Lotion – A completely organic skin tonic and lotion has a large amount of Aloe Vera to help your skin’s texture.
  2. True Elements® Nourishing Face Cream – Aloe Vera along with Shea Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil create a perfect blend to moisturize your face.

So Nikken isn’t just magnets, they also have organic products like those above.

The Nikken mission is both simple and inspirational—to help people discover Active Wellness.

Source: Nikken

# 11: Shaklee

Forrest Shaklee founded the company back in 1956. Always on the search for all natural elements to use for high quality products, Shaklee found Aloe Vera as an ingredient to use in several products. While Shaklee does not have many products with Aloe Vera, the ones they do have are tremendous.

  • Hand Wash Concentrate
  • and Shakleebaby Gentle Wash

Wellness has been our mission since Dr. Shaklee started it all in 1956. That’s why we give every person the products and tools they need to live their healthiest lives.

Source: Shaklee

aloe vera antioxidant compounds

# 10: Essante Organics

Founded in 2009, Essante Organics is moving full steam ahead with some great organic products.

  • Earth Greens – This great powder has many nutrients you need on a daily basis.
  • NourishMint Hair Conditioner – This conditioner has many ingredients including Aloe Vera, and I can testify it works great. I used it last night.
  • Sweet and Shower Gel – Aloe Vera leaf juice is a primary ingredient in this amazing shower gel.

I’m glad to have found Essante Organics. All products are really good and made with Toxic Free and Organic ingredients. I love Sweet & Shower Gel, which smells good and my skin is softer than it used to be.

~ Octavio A.

# 9: DXN

DXN is a Malaysia based MLM Company that was founded in 1993. They make and market a number of products in health, personal care, cosmetics and more. Many are based with Ganoderma, but DXN also has a popular line that is based with Aloe Vera. It is called the DXN Aloe V Series and contains these products:

  • cleansing gel
  • hydrating mask
  • hydrating toner
  • facial scrub
  • aqua gel
  • hand and body lotion
  • and nutricare cream

The core business activities of DXN include cultivation, manufacturing and marketing of the health food supplements. Based in Malaysia with worldwide operations, the company is well-known for its Ganoderma business. Its product lines include dietary supplements, food and beverages, personal care products, skin care and cosmetics, household products and water treatment system. Since its inception in 1993, DXN has upheld its concept of ‘One Dragon One World One Market and One Mind’. With this powerful concept, DXN has sailed through continuous growth over the years.

~ DXN website

# 8: Isagenix

Isagenix is a dietary supplement MLM Company that was founded in 2002 by Jim and Kathy Coover and John Anderson.

While not having many products that contain Aloe Vera, they stand high on this list because of one of their products that uses the power of Aloe Vera to cleanse.

Cleanse For Life is a product that detoxifies your body and has great reviews. It has a high concentration of Aloe Vera as well as other ingredients that take all the junk from our bodies.

Our health is our greatest personal asset. Which is why better wellness opportunities should be accessible to everyone. Isagenix makes that possible.

Source: Isagenix

# 7: Aloeveritas

Just launched, this European MLM Company has the makings of success. And as you can tell from the name, all products contain Aloe Vera.

They have beauty products and health and wellness products.

I look for great things from this new MLM Company.

With AloeVeritas, we want to show how much value we place on honesty. Our mission is to make aloe vera and all its healing powers accessible to everyone as nature intended. Our gentle processing methods and carefully chosen packaging enable us to offer aloe vera in its purest natural form. We treat our customers, natural surroundings, and lifestyle coaches fairly and do nothing to trouble our consciences.

~ Chris Hardy, Founder AloeVeritas

# 6: Mannatech

This Texas-based MLM Company was founded in 1993. They are focused on providing wellness and personal care products that use plant-based materials.

Mannatech has even issued a warning that there are many fake Aloe products on the market.

The Manapol® Powder made by Mannatech is based with the gel of the Aloe Vera plant.

While expensive, many claim this powder is amazing.

Today, Mannatech enjoys an exclusive partnership with Natural Aloe de Costa Rica (NACR), a manufacturer of premium aloe products in Costa Rica, which grows a superior aloe plant.

Source: Mannatech

# 5: Melaleuca

When Frank Vandersloot founded Melaleuca in 1985, he was determined to offer the best products using all natural ingredients.

Aloe Vera has been a primary ingredient in many Melaleuca products. Some of the better sellers are:

  • Sun Shades After Sun Hydrogel E
  • Melaleuca Body Bath Bar Soaps
  • and many others.

Every product has been developed and manufactured to stand out from the competition. Each must be superior in a very clear and relevant way to the products you might otherwise use. That means they are researched, refined, and scrutinized before they ever go to market. Melaleuca Preferred Members deserve only the best. And that is exactly what Melaleuca is committed to providing. ~ Melaleuca website

aloe vera burn wounds#4: Nature’s Sunshine

This older MLM Company was founded in 1972 and is based in Utah. They manufacture and sell herbs, vitamins, minerals and more. While Nature’s Sunshine has a few products that contain Aloe Vera, their big seller is Aloe Vera Juice that is processed in a way that keeps all the good stuff intact.

Nature’s Sunshine is committed to helping you capture the magic of TODAY—and every TODAY that follows. We know you didn’t come this far, just to come this far! That’s why we’ve spent nearly 50 years scouring the globe for the purest most potent ingredients and expertly crafting the highest quality products to ensure that each of our proprietary formulas can help strengthen your mind, nourish your body, and fortify your spirit. By connecting with the healing power of nature TODAY, you’ll be on your way to a happier healthier tomorrow.

~ Terrence Moorehead, CEO Nature’s Sunshine

# 3: Arbonne

Arbonne is one of the recognized leaders in high quality MLM Skin Care products. What makes so many of their skin care products so great is one key ingredient, Aloe Vera. The Arbonne Calm skin care line is high in Aloe Vera. Other Arbonne products also have Aloe Vera.

Mission: We empower people to flourish with sustainable healthy living.

Source: Arbonne

# 2: Forever Living

I have the feeling we will hear from many Forever Living independent representatives claiming their company should be #1. Forever Living was founded in 1978 and after acquiring Aloe Vera of America, they started offering a huge range of products that have Aloe Vera in them.

I will admit that the Forever Living product line is great. Two great Forever Living products with Aloe Vera are:

  1. Aloe Shave
  2. and Forever Aloe Gel

It all begins at our aloe fields in Texas and the Dominican Republic. We control how our plants are grown and harvested. This allows Forever to produce more than 8 million gallons of the highest quality inner leaf aloe vera every year.

Source: Forever Living

# 1: Univera

Yunho Lee from Korea recognized the amazing power of Aloe Vera. As such he founded Univera who now boasts of having the largest growing operations of Aloe Vera.

The company has Aloe plantations all over the world. All Univera products are based on the miraculous Aloe Vera plant. And people love the products. Founded in 2007, I have to rate Univera as the top Aloe Vera MLM Company worldwide.

Univera’s innovative science unlocks the secrets of nature and delivers them to you. And that’s worth toasting!

~ Univera website

Final Thoughts

Who do you think are some of the top Aloe Vera MLM Companies? Do you use any Aloe Vera products from any of these companies? Tell us about your Aloe Vera experiences. We would love to hear of any cool healing experiences related to Aloe Vera. If you have comments or questions, please post them below. Thank you for visiting.

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  1. I really enjoy the Aloe Gel Drink from AloeVeritas. However, they are no longer in business. They were acquired by Jeunesse about a year ago. Not all products made the move though, only the Natural Drink.

    I don’t believe Amway has the aloe products you named at this time. At least not available in the U.S.

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