Top 13 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Today, I want to share my top 13 ways to get more traffic and visitors to your website. It’s true, learning how to generate traffic on demand is quite perhaps the most important online marketing skill that you can possess.

You may have what you consider to be an excellent blog. Maybe even your friends and family are telling you how great it is. But, without traffic, even a high quality content blog won’t get found, noticed or read. I have been building blogs and websites since 2009. I have had both failures and successes, and I have discovered that one of the first priorities in having a successful blog is TRAFFIC. So, I have decided to share with you the best website traffic techniques that have worked for me.

I will start first with the paid methods.

Paid Website Traffic Methods

1: Solo Ads: Simply put, a solo ad is when you pay another entity to send your information to their large email list. There are many people you can contract to do this, but I recommend researching the person or company before using their services. Not all solo ad contractors are equal in results. The key is finding a solo ad contractor who works within your niche. You also want to have a landing page. The key is not to sell through the solo ad they send for you, but to focus on generating leads instead. Track the clicks and your results. This can help you determine if that particular solo ad contractor fits your needs.

2: Pay Per Click: Pay per click consists of simply developing an ad to send those who click it to your landing page. It could be a simple text ad or an image based ad. You simply find a pay per click advertising vendor who will install your ad on websites and blogs that are within your niche. You pay a certain amount for each time a person clicks your ad no matter if they buy from you or not. I think it’s best to start small and test your results.  Focus on long-tail keywords.  Also, send people to a landing page first, and then redirect them to your blog after they opt-in.

3: Banner Ads: You can create your own custom banner ads and then pay other people to put them on their websites.  When someone clicks on your banner ad, they are then sent to your landing page or sales page. You can use a banner ad network, or simply find websites within your niche that would be willing to sell you some banner ad space.  I suggest you use a unique tracking link for each banner ad so you can see how much traffic you are getting from each vendor you hire.

Free Website Traffic Methods

4: Epic Content: Without a doubt, the BEST way to get more traffic to your website is to write epic content. You want to create content that is so good people WANT to link to it and share it with others. You want to write LONG blog posts with 1,000 to 5,000 words; not a short post with 300 to 500 words. You want your readers to say DAMN, that was an amazing post. It’s much better to have fewer posts, but have amazing and high quality content. One really popular post can FLOOD your website with traffic. It is true: CONTENT IS KING!

5: Create a YouTube Channel: YouTube is a great way to send more traffic to your website. Ideally, you want to create your own YouTube channel for your blog. You want to create hundreds of videos that all link back to your blog or website. What I like to do is create a video after I publish a blog post. I take the key points from the post and make a short three to five minute video about it. At the end of the video, I tell the person they can learn more about the topic by clicking on the link below the video. I also make sure my videos have good titles, tags, descriptions and keywords. You must realize that videos typically rank faster and higher then text content does. Google owns YouTube and they do give preferential treatment to YouTube videos.

6: Commenting On Other Blogs: When you leave high quality comments on other websites and blogs that are related to your niche, people will click your name to view your website. Be wise in your choice of words you use in commenting, because it is a direct reflection on you and your blog or website. I have gained many visitors from comments I have left. Best of all, this is a passive strategy.  Once you do it, the link stays active as long as the other website is active.

7: Email Auto-Responder: I know some of you may be wondering how an auto responder can get blog traffic. Simply put, if you are sending out quality newsletters that carry a link to your blog or website, those individuals who receive them will click into the blog to see more. You simply give them a small taste of what is on your website and invite them to click to read more.  The money is in the list.  I get about 15% of my traffic from email marketing.

8: Guest Posting: Networking and working with other bloggers can create a traffic phenomenon for all involved. Writing a guest post for a blogger that is in a niche that directly relates to your niche can bring you traffic to your website. In most cases with guest posts, the blogger allows you to provide a short author biography and a link to your website. If you write a high quality article, people will want to read more of your content. They will click your link to see more. What’s more, some bloggers will pay you to write a guest post.

9: Social Media: This is an area where you have to be wise. You do not want to spam people, so I suggest not “tagging” individuals. But, I find nothing wrong with sharing your quality blog content on your social media pages. Your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and more will visit and possibly share your content. You can also do paid advertising on social media.  Or, you can create niche topic groups and share content in those groups.

10: Have Social Sharing Buttons On Your Website/Blog: If you have them, your readers will share your quality content, but if you do not have the social sharing buttons, most visitors will not work as hard to share the material. Add those buttons for every social network available, even if you are not a member of it. If readers love the material, they will have no issue with pushing the share button so others will read your content.

11: Start A Facebook Group: This is a great way to keep from spamming your friends and family. By creating a Facebook Group within your niche, you will attract those who are truly interested. Share your content, but also share content, pictures and videos from others within your niche. You may even want to run periodic Facebook ads to add subscribers to your Facebook Group and to send traffic to your website or blog.

12: Connect With Other Bloggers Within Your Niche: I had mentioned networking with other bloggers in the guest posting tip, but this can go deeper and further. We can all learn from one another and business will abound within that particular niche. Sharing links back and forth; sharing email subscribers; sharing ideas are all a part of the wonderful world of networking with those in similar positions. While some may think it is befriending the competition, I disagree. There is enough for all when we work together instead of battling each other.

13: Host Free Webinars and Conference Calls: When you host webinars and conference calls, those who attend will see you are an “expert” in your particular niche. They will keep visiting your website, and they will talk with family and friends telling them about your webinar and your website. The traffic will come as they discover you truly are wise in the niche your blog is about.

Additional Tips

One of my best tips to do is DON’T DO ANYTHING SHADY. Don’t buy links, do anything “blackhat” or try to trick or manipulate the search engines. Those are all quick way to get your website in trouble.

Keep track of your website stats and visitors. As you use methods, find what works and discard what doesn’t work. Much of getting website traffic is trial and error. You will want to view bounce rates and length of time visitors stay on your website. Just because you are getting a lot of traffic doesn’t mean they are staying to read the content.

Do you have any website traffic achievement tips? Do you have any questions? You can post all comments and questions in the section below.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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Chuck Holmes is a Network Marketing Professional, author, and blogger. He's been in the industry since 2002. He is one of the top producers in his network marketing company. He is happily married and lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, Rachel. He enjoys flea markets, reading, writing, walking, fishing and funny movies. You can call Chuck during business hours at (352) 503-4816 EST or you can email him at

2 thoughts on “Top 13 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog or Website

  1. These are all great tips Chuck. I would also recommend that a person should also be patient. Some blog posts will not get recognized by search engines for a long time. I also recommend that you take steps to make sure that your content is not getting stolen by the many thieves roaming the internet. I check my material often, and if it is on another website, I file a DMCA complaint. Normally, when you do, the content will be removed quickly. I also suggest using long tailed keywords. This can help you get viewers who normally wouldn’t find your content. Thanks for all these great tips!

    • Tons of my traffic gets stolen every day. I stopped even checking. It’s upsetting.

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