Top 12 Reasons To Join Purium

Today, I want to share 12 reasons to join Purium.

Are you familiar with the MLM Company called Purium? I wasn’t until I met a top earner with the company and I must admit, I was quite impressed. If I were not already involved with my own MLM business, as well as freelance writing full-time, I would have considered joining Purium.

In the paragraphs below, I will briefly cover the company’s history and also share 12 things that really make the company stand out in the MLM world.

Purium History

The company was founded in 1993 and went by the name Organic By Nature. It was Dave Sandoval and Amy Venner who started the company by selling organic foods they grew on their farm in Utah.

In 2004, Dave and Amy re-branded the company into Purium. Using the same organic principles, Purium has grown to a renowned name in network marketing.

reasons to join purium

12 Reasons to Join Purium

Here are the top 12 reasons to join Purium, as I see it.

#1: Organic

As I mentioned in the Purium history, Dave and Amy have maintained a complete organic system with Purium. The company knows that many of the health issues and obesity problems in the world today are from processed and chemical laden foods. Dave even wrote a top-selling book called The Green Foods Bible.

#2: Cool Events

Every time I turn around, I see that Purium top earner posting on Facebook about some exotic or ultra-cool location where they are having a company event.

So where will it be next?

  • Aruba
  • Las Vegas
  • Cozumel
  • Etc…

#3: Phenomenal Growth

I put this reason because EVERYONE wants to be part of a winning team.

Purium is growing fast and huge. It is one of the fastest growing MLM Companies in the world. Plus, they have everything in place to be a BILLION DOLLAR MLM Company. The have great products, a sound leadership team, systems, events, training and infrastructure.

#4: The 10-Day Transformation

Developed by Dave Sandoval himself, I have heard and seen so many testimonies about how people have detoxed and lost sufficient weight in just 10-days (individual results will vary).

I am usually skeptical about so quick of a weight loss, but I have watched those same people keep the weight off and live fulfilling lives.

#5: The Leadership

This company as a SOLID leadership team. From the CEO, to the corporate employees, to the leaders in the field, they have it all. From personal experience, I believe that LEADERSHIP is ultimately what makes or breaks a company.

#6: 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Purium is so sure of the quality of their products, when you purchase any Purium product, you have a full 60-day guarantee. This means ALL of your purchases are risk free.

#7: Monthly Cash Bonuses

Purium is very generous with bonuses. Many of the Purium members pull in great cash bonuses. These bonuses are on top of the commissions you earn.

#8: Text Message Marketing System

Purium instituted a great text message marketing system that all members can use with their leads. Short, sweet and to the point, many Purium home based business owners have built huge downlines with simple but powerful text messages.

#9: The Purium Lifestyle Club

Upgrading to the Purium Lifestyle Club allows members several benefits:

  • Save 15% on personal purchases
  • Earn 15% more on retail customer purchases
  • Shipping discount of $10 on every order
  • and, Monthly product specials

#10: The Compensation Plan

Purium has a great compensation plan for both part-timers and full-timers. It is fair and balanced. I see many Purium business owners living lives of the rich and famous. No need for me to explain their comp plan, just visit this PDF link to see.

What I like most about the Purium compensation plan is that you can make a great income just selling products to customers, even if you don’t build a team.

#11: Residual Income

Because the products are so great, there is a high reorder rate with Purium. This leads to a steady residual income: money that comes in month after month for something you did one time.

#12: Gift Card Marketing

I always like to save the best for last.

The folks at Purium started this cool marketing plan where you get a certain amount of $50 gift cards with your personal purchase. You then give these gift cards to your prospects and when they use the gift card, you make $50 right away.

So you give $50 to get $50… How cool is that?

Featured Distributor

If you would like to work with a successful distributor in the company, get in touch with our friend, Sonia. She is a 4-Star Crown in the company and is more than willing to help you reach your wellness and business goals.

Final Thoughts

In review, these are 12 great reasons to join Purium. Overall, Purium seems to be taking the world by storm.

It IS a great company with fabulous products… Not to mention some tremendous leaders who will train you with pride.

I suggest you check out the products and business opportunity and see if it might be a good fit for you. Thank you for visiting and have a great day.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Purium. This information is for educational purposes only and we receive no compensation for this review. These products have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. They are not to cure or treat sickness or disease. Please contact your Doctor before using any of these products and for your own health issues.


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