Top 10 Tips for MLM Beginners

Today, I want to share my top 10 MLM Tips for Beginners.  These are some simple and practical tips that will help any new and inexperienced network marketer get started right, right out the gate.

Let’s face it; every distributor was brand new at some point.  When you are new you don’t know what you don’t know! So many folks get started in our industry wrong because of their inexperience, poor mentorship, lack of skills, and unrealistic expectations.  My goal is to help fix that.  After reading this post you will know 10 things you MUST DO to get started right.  Enjoy the training.

# 1 Focus

Without a doubt, you will need to focus on your business.  That means you only promote one network marketing company and only do one marketing strategy at a time.  You avoid shiny objects at all costs.  You don’t try to create multiple streams of income right away.  You don’t look at other business opportunities.  You don’t try 10 different ways to build your business.  You don’t listen to five different experts.  After you set up your daily action plan and goals, and do your initial training, you spend at least 1-2 hours EVERY DAY working on your business, following the strategy and plan you have created.

# 2 Find a Mentor

Find someone in your upline who has accomplished what you are trying to accomplish in the business and follow their lead.  This might be your immediate sponsor, but there’s a good chance that you will have to look further up into your upline to find this person.  Keep calling until you find someone who is successful, knowledgeable, helpful, accessible and willing to help you.  Follow their lead and do what they recommend.  Ask this person to be your personal coach during your first 90 days.  The last thing you want to do is follow someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

# 3 Pick a Business Building Strategy that Works for You

There are hundreds of different ways to build a successful network marketing businessAt the end of the day you need to develop a simple strategy that works for you.  What works for one person might not work for someone else.  I believe that we are all wired differently and should use our own talents and abilities to grow a successful business.  Different ways to build your business include events, home parties, one-on-one presentations, three ways calls, video marketing, Facebook, email marketing and more.  Pick one method that makes the most sense to you and use that method exclusively.  Learn everything you can about that method until you master it.

# 4 Have a Daily to Do List

I am a former Army guy and one of the most important lessons I learned in the Army was the importance of using checklists.  I suggest you create a simple daily checklist with 5-10 tasks that you are going to do every day to build your network marketing business.  Never EVER go to bed at night (NEVER) until you have done everything on your checklist.  An example checklist might look like this:

  1. Talk to five people about the products and/or business
  2. Follow up with leads from the previous day
  3. Send two handwritten notes
  4. Spend 10 minutes on product education
  5. Read for 20 minutes
  6. Talk with upline/mentor

# 5 Plan Out Your Time

Time is our most precious asset.  The most common excuse you will hear from people about not doing the business is lack of time. The truth is we all have time for things that are important to us.  If your business isn’t a top priority, it will never get built.  You have to plan out your time every day.  What I suggest you do every Sunday night is plan out the upcoming week. Determine what days you will work the business, at what time, and what activities you will do during that time.  Write it down in your day planner and have enough discipline to execute it. Check out these time management tips.

# 6 Make a MINIMUM Two Year Commitment

Rome was not built in a day.  I know that deep down you know that.  You have to have realistic expectations about growing a successful business of any kind.  Typically, the goal of your first year in business is to survive.  It’s probably going to take you a year or two to earn any type of worthwhile income with your business.  Don’t let that stop you though.  This is NOT a JOB.  This is a business.  You are building equity, an asset, not just income.  You have to give yourself a fair chance to succeed.  Anything less than two years is not a fair chance.

# 7 Write Down Your Goals and Why

You have to know WHY you are doing what you are trying to do and you have to have clear, written goals.  Spend some time and identify your why.  Talk with your mentor about your income goals for your first one month, three months and twelve months.  Have them sit down with you and draw out what your organization will need to look like to get to that point.  See if you are willing to invest enough time and energy to accomplish these goals. If not, adjust your goals accordingly.  WRITE IT DOWN.  Put a copy on the bathroom mirror, one in the fridge and keep a copy in your purse or wallet.  Look at your goals daily.

# 8 Invest in Your Business Education

Get plugged into your upline’s training system.  Listen to tapes or CDs in your car when you drive to work every day.  Read every day.  Attend local training events and meetings.  Be a student of your business and learn everything you can about your products, the company, and the industry.  Learn something new every day.

# 9 Get at Least 10-20 Customers before Recruiting Reps

Every legitimate business needs customers.  Don’t let your sponsor fool you and only talk about sponsoring distributors and recruiting.  Ideally, you want to have a minimum of 10 customers, if not 20, before you try to recruit people as business builders.  Doing so gives you good cash flow.  It’s not right to talk to others about making money if you aren’t making any money yourself.  By finding a few customers first, you can teach your team members to do the same thing.  Plus you will make money, even if you aren’t very good at recruiting.

# 10 Be Consistent

This is quite perhaps the biggest area that new distributors mess up with.  You cannot work your business one day a week and expect much to happen.  You should work your business minimum 1-2 hours a day, on the money producing activities, every day, at least six days a week, for your first two years.  If the business is important to you, you will find a way to make this happen.  If not, you will find an excuse why you can’t do it.  The more consistent you are the better things will go.  Being consistent is the # 1 key to success.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are my top 10 MLM Tips for Beginners.  I hope you found the information helpful.  I would love to hear what you think about this subject.  What are your best tips for beginners in network marketing?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips for MLM Beginners”

  1. this is a great tip list for beginners in Network Marketing Chuck! I especially like the goal setting statements and tips you made, and also the part about getting customers first. By having customers, the new person can start earning immediate revenue which can take a lot of the stress out of the business.

    I also agree with investing in education. This blog for one can help new network marketers learn a lot about the best ways to market, attain leads and other aspects of network marketing. There are also many great books, and I suggest that a new network marketer, and experienced ones too, read at least 1 book every month if not more.

    Very good post and hopefully sponsors will share this with their new distributors.

  2. To do lists have been lifesavers for me for several reasons. First, I am a visual person. Being able to look at a list of things to do and then see that list getting smaller and smaller as things get done gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Second, to do lists allow you to break down your larger goals to smaller mini goals. Things seem more achievable when they are separated into smaller units. Finally, ever since my son came along my memory just hasn’t recovered. So I need the list to ensure I am getting everything done that I am supposed to.

  3. I especially like your tip #4 on having a to-do list. Every successful entrepreneur has a list of tasks or a routine which they stick to everyday. That’s one of the key things that make them successful.

    I also like your advice no Never go to bed at night without without completing all the tasks on your checklist.

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