Top 10 Tips for Approaching Your MLM Prospects

In this post, I’m going to share a few of my best tips for approaching your MLM prospects. Most network marketers directly or indirectly interact with hundreds of people on a daily basis, without even realizing it, yet claim they don’t have any prospects for their business.  Crazy, isn’t it?

I’ve learned that if you can step out of your comfort zone and talk to people, your business will grow each month.  There are literally 350+ million people in America alone and many of those people would be a great fit for your products, services or business opportunity, if you approach them.

During the past 13 years I’ve learned that there is a right way and a wrong way to approach people about the products and business.  Most network marketers are absolutely clueless in this area.  Because they haven’t been trained properly and don’t know what they are doing, they ruin a lot of their prospects.

Sometimes fine tuning your approach even a little bit can make a huge difference on your response rate.  In fact, just changing a few words can make a huge difference.

What I want to do in the paragraphs below is give you 10 tips to help you approach people the right way.  The approach is vitally important.  It’s the critical first step in pre-qualifying people, before you invite them to take a look at a presentation. Do it right and your business will explode.  Do it wrong and you will probably get frustrated and quit.

# 1 Be Natural

The first thing you want to do when you talk to someone is be natural.  You don’t want to come across as a salesperson.  Start out by having a normal conversation and see where the conversation takes you.  Be relaxed, have posture, and don’t be overly aggressive.  Simply put, be yourself.

# 2 Ask Questions

One of the quickest ways to win someone over is to ask questions and listen to what they have to say.  Get people talking about themselves.  People love to talk about themselves.  Ask questions that will get you the responses you are looking for, so you can pre-qualify your prospect.  You have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Use them in that proportion.

# 3 Smile

When you smile at someone, most of the time they will smile back at you.  Check your body language and make sure you smile at the other person when you are talking to them.  It’s a great way to break the ice and initiate a conversation.  Having a frown or pout on your face is a recipe for failure.

# 4 No Pressure or Hype

Whatever you do, contain your enthusiasm.  Don’t get so hyped up that you start spitting out all of the MLM Jargon or talk about how to get rich quick or make easy money.  You want the person to be relaxed.  The minute you use hype or pressure, their spider senses will tingle and they will retreat (and rightfully so).

tips for approaching your mlm prospects# 5 Put the Person at Ease

When you talk to someone you want to put them at ease.  You do that by having a normal conversation and being relaxed yourself.  Ask them about their friends and family, occupation and recreation, also known as F.O.R.M.  Don’t come across like a desperate salesperson.

# 6 Look for Common Ground

We all have things in common with everyone we meet.  Sometimes these things are obvious and sometimes they aren’t.  Look for common ground.  That will make a huge difference when you are talking with someone.  After all, we all like people who are similar to us.

# 7 Dress Nice

Don’t go prospecting in your pajamas, torn up jeans, daisy dukes, or yoga pants.  Don’t wear a tuxedo either.  Make sure you are well groomed and at least wear business casual.  Make sure your clothes are clean and that you don’t smell.  Realize that people judge you initially, based upon what you look like.

# 8 Check Your Breath

Bad breath is a quick way to kill a conversation with your prospects.  Make sure you have gum or breath mints or breath spray readily available before you start talking to someone.  You don’t want to breathe your bad breath on someone and have them pass out from the stench!

# 9 Be Authentic

Be yourself.  You are unique.  Don’t try to be someone you aren’t.  Don’t think there is a certain way you have to talk or act to prospect someone.  Regardless of who you are, not everyone will like you.  Being genuine and real goes a long ways.  Be yourself and you will attract the right people.

# 10 Initiate the Conversation Yourself

Don’t wait for others to initiate the conversation with you.  Start out by saying hello to everyone you meet and then see where the conversation takes you from there.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are my top 10 best tips on how to approach your MLM prospects the right way. Just remember that the average person comes in contact with several hundred people per day. If you put a smile on your face, say hello to people, and follow the advice mentioned above, you will have a never ending flow of prospects and leads in your business.  And that’s exactly what you want!

What are your thoughts?  What are your best tips on approaching your network marketing prospects?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips for Approaching Your MLM Prospects”

  1. LOL! Chuck I had to laugh at #8…. and can testify that it can be a deal breaker. I was listening to this guy’s speech before and could not wait until it was over because his breath was that bad.

    I honestly couldn’t focus on what he was saying. I did that poor guy a favor by taking gum out and putting some in my mouth then offering it to him.

    When I approach people I always start off with a compliment if I have one. I will ask if they know something about what I am looking at, or with parents of young children I can comment that my children are they same way.

    I find that comment alone gets them talking / laughing, which leads to other questions that could be guided to what I would like to know. Having my apparel on makes it easier because if they have heard of the company you don’t need to go into the type of company you are with. They may start asking questions about it.

    Never approach anyone about the products and act like a salesperson, it turns people away immediately. Think of when you walk in the store and some poor guy is there from a phone company and starts off by saying “can I ask you a question?”. How many times does that person get shut down in one day?

  2. I’m sort of introverted and so I often wear a branded T-shirt or carry a branded bag so that people will see me and ask me about the business. This approach works but it is limited to people who have probably heard about the business before or are just curious people. I think taking a more direct approach and initiating contact is a better way to find prospects. Prospects really are all around us everyday. They just need to be invited to take a look at the opportunity. These tips are easy to do and I believe they will lead to more leads, which is what we all want.

  3. Your first tip is exactly where it should be….#1.

    So many network marketers act unnatural and give away that they are trying to sell something the minute you start talking to them. In most cases, a natural conversation will lead to the question from the prospect of what you do for a living. That is your “in.” Again, you still need to be natural, but you can gently lead them down the road of : First the products or services. As you converse, you can find out where they are sitting financially, and then explain how this has helped you buy those extra things you have longed for.

    Keeping it natural is the biggest step. If you can’t do that, prepare for difficult times.

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