Top 10 Things to Advance Your MLM Business in 2016

Today, I want to share 10 simple things you can do to advance your MLM Business in 2016.  Many of these are simple, practical things that ANYONE can do, even on a tight budget and restricted time schedule.   I hope you find the information helpful.

# 1 Write Down Your Goals

If something isn’t written down on paper and given a deadline, it is a wish, not a goal.  I suggest you take an hour and write down what you want to accomplish with your business this year.  How much money do you want to make?  How big of a team do you want to have?  How many people do you want to sponsor?  How much volume do you want to have?  What rank level do you want to reach?  Be as specific as possible.  Write down three to five goals you want to achieve this year for your business and then rank them in order of importance.  Print out a few copies of your goals and post them on your bathroom mirror, in your day planner, in your office, next to your computer, and even keep a copy in your wallet or purse.

# 2 Create a Daily Mode of Operations

Once you have clear goals written down, you need to establish your daily mode of operations. This is what you are going to do each day to accomplish your goals.  A daily mode of operations should contain three to five money producing activities you will do every single day.  An example daily mode of operations is:

  • Meet three new prospects when out and about
  • Call two new prospects to set an appointment
  • Follow up with one prospect previously contacted
  • Reach out to one team member or customer for a care call
  • Spend 30 minutes on personal development

Write down your daily mode of operations and NEVER ever let a day go by where you didn’t do everything on your list.

# 3 Plan Out Your Week Each Week

Get a day planner and plan out your week.  Every Sunday night take 30 minutes and plan out what you are going to do each day for your business.  How many hours are you going to work?  On what days will you work?  What activities will you do when you work?  If you don’t plan it, it won’t happen.  Also plan out time for family commitments, time to exercise, and any other responsibilities you might have.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.

# 4 Work on Your Personal Development

Leaders are readers and readers are leaders.  If you aren’t reading a book that can teach you something new every single day, you are WAY behind the power curve.  Make a commitment to read at least 15 minutes every single day and listen to one tape or CD a day.  Enroll in automobile university and replace the music in your car with something that will help you with your business and teach you new skills.  Listen to audio training about sales, marketing, network marketing, communication, leadership, mindset, relationship building and a variety of other topics.  You should also make it a point to attend one workshop or seminar every 90 days.  If you aren’t growing your business won’t grow.  Here are some of my favorite MLM Books.

# 5 Make at Least Two New Exposures Every Single Day

This business is a business of exposures.  The more exposures you make the more money you will make.  I recommend you make a minimum of two new exposures every single day. This means you initiate conversations with at least two people you have never talked to before about the products or business. Two would be the bare bones minimum.  Ten to twenty is what you really want to do, but I know 99.99% of the people reading this will never commit to that.  Even if you did just two a day, that would equate to 732 people this year (leap year).  What would your business look like if you invited 732 people to check it out?

# 6 Create a Prospect Data Base

Not creating a database of names is one of my biggest regrets in this industry.  Starting today, fill out an index card for EVERY person you ever talk to about the products or business.  Write down on the index card how the conversation went.  Keep track of their name, email and phone number at a minimum.  If you do this for every person you meet, you will never run out of prospects or names.  If you connected with 5 people a day, you would have 1800+ index cards filled out at the end of the year.  If you stayed in touch with each person every six months I can assure you that you will sponsor more people into your business.  The money really is in the list.

# 7 Get Busy with Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle marketing is a simple concept I learned from Jordan Adler.  He is one of my top mentors of all time.  Lifestyle marketing is the process of getting involved in activities you enjoy to meet new people.  There are two benefits of doing this.  First off, you have more fun.  You get to do more things that you already enjoy.  Secondly, you get to meet new prospects that you have something in common with.  Since you both enjoy the same activity, you now have common ground with the person.  This makes introducing the products or business much easier, since most people like to do business with people they like, know and trust.  Do more things you enjoy and you will never run out of people to prospect.

Advance Your MLM Business in 2016# 8 Get a Bumper Sticker, Decal, Car Magnet, Button and Shirt

These are PASSIVE recruiting strategies.  Get a bumpers sticker or a car decal to place on your vehicle(s).  Get a car magnet.  You can get a nice one on eBay with free shipping for less than $50.  Order a pin-back button that you can wear when you are out and about living life.  Order some polo shirts and t-shirts with your company name on it and wear the clothing whenever possible.  All of these things are great ways to initiate conversations with people.

# 9 Hand Out Five Drop Cards Every Day

Drop cards are a simple way to promote your network marketing business.  They are a little bit bigger than a business card and a little smaller than a postcard.  A drop card has a headline, a few bullet points and a call to action.  Make it a point to drop five drop cards every single day.  Put one in an envelope every time you pay a bill.  Whenever you go through a toll booth give one to an attendant.  Whenever you go out to eat leave one with the waiter/waitress.  Whenever you go in a gas station put one on the bulletin board.  Make it a point to drop five drop cards every day no matter what.

# 10 Try New Products

Most distributors use the same products each month.  If your company makes a bunch of different products make sure that you try new products each month.  You should be your own best customer and the best way to share a product story with a prospect is to share your own story.  If you aren’t using the products you won’t really know the features and benefits each product offers and you won’t have the conviction in your voice when you are talking to your prospect.  Make it a point to try at least one or two new products each month when you place your order.  Teach your team members to do the same thing.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are ten simple things you can do to move your network marketing business forward in 2016 and beyond.  What do you think?  Did I forget something?  Which tip is your favorite?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Things to Advance Your MLM Business in 2016”

  1. Excellent!!!

    I believe goal setting is a huge factor, and writing them down is ultra-important. As part of a business plan, setting goals should be a priority. I believe in both long term and short term goals. Personally, I have yearly goals, monthly goals and daily goals.

    I also love the car decal, or other forms of advertisement you listed. I think shirts and hats are a great way to advertise also, and very cost effective. I do think that a blog or website is also a good move. If done properly, they can help grow a network marketing business too.

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