Top 10 Sample MLM Classified Ads

MLM Classified Ads are a great way to advertise and grow your MLM business, if you do them the right way.

You can place your MLM Classified ads online (not recommended) or in your local newspaper.

Magazines, trade journals and weekly papers work well, too.

Personally, I prefer OFFLINE publications rather than online classifieds.

That being said, there is a right way and a wrong way to write a classified ad!

Chances are, if you are like most network marketers you will just advertise your business opportunity or create a work from home ad.

Let me do you a favor and tell you to keep your credit card or checkbook in your pocket.

The LAST THING you want to do is spend your hard earned money to advertise a business opportunity in the classified ads (or anywhere else)!

I’ve been there and done that and it doesn’t work like it used too.

Yes, it worked really well during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, but in today’s world, it isn’t anywhere near as effective as it used to be.

Fortunately for you, there is a much better way to advertise your network marketing business via classified ads.

What is that secret?

I call it the two-step selling process.

mlm classified adsThis is the process of advertising something free, to generate a lead, and then offering your products and/or business opportunity on the back end.

You can read the article I wrote about it to learn more about the two-step selling process.

I highly recommend you do that after you finish reading this post.

Listed below are my top ten MLM Classified Ads using a two-step selling process.

You can use any one of these MLM Classified Ads, combine two or more, or create your own.

Here they are, in no particular order.

1. FREE REPORT!  7 Tips to Lose Weight and Have More Energy.  Visit our website to learn more.  NOTE: This is great for anyone with weight loss products.

2. FREE CD: 10 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Start a Home Based Business.  Call our toll free number to request your report.  NOTE: This is a great way to find people interested in starting a home business.

3. FREE DVD: 5 Amazing Ways to Turn Your Coffee Addiction Into an Extra Income Stream! Visit our website to learn more.  NOTE: This is great for anyone in a coffee oriented MLM Company.

4. Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation! Call a Trusted Home Based Business Coach to Help Find the Right Business Opportunity for You!  NOTE: This is a great way to find potential business partners.

5. Need More Energy? Free PDF Download with 23 Tips to Have More Energy Throughout the Day.  Visit Our Website to Learn More!  NOTE: This is great for anyone selling energy drinks or energy related products.

6.  FREE REPORT: Learn How an Unemployed Dad Created Multiple Streams of Income Online!  Visit Our Website to Learn More!  NOTE: This is great for anyone doing online MLM and promoting several different things.

7. FREE BOOK: How I Built a Successful Home based Business!  Call Me to Get Your Copy.  NOTE: This is a great way to find people looking to start a business.

8. Free DVD: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Stress with Essential Oils! Visit Our Website to Learn More.  NOTE: This is good for anyone selling essential oils.

9. Free eBook: Top 10 Mistakes Most Network Marketers Make In Their Business! Visit Our Website to Download Your Copy!  NOTE: This is great for anyone trying to recruit other network marketers.

10. FREE Beauty Tips eBook: Discover How to Look and Feel Beautiful On a Budget.   Visit My Website to Learn More.  NOTE: This is great for anyone selling beauty products who is looking to find more customers.

Aren’t these ads a lot more appealing to you than a standard business opportunity ad?

I hope so.

Can’t you see how you could arouse your prospect’s attention with an ad like this?

Trust me, this is MUCH better than most ads that you see in newspapers.

People like stuff for free.

People love free INFORMATION that will help them solve a problem or achieve something specific.

The beauty of this step is that you focus on generating a lead, and then you let your free information do the SELLING, SIFTING and SORTING for you.

This is EXACTLY how I build my business.

Additional Tips

In most cases, your MLM Classified will need to be 20 words or less, unless you are willing to spend more money.

I think it’s best to keep your ad simple and to the point.

DO NOT try to mislead people about what you have to offer.

Avoid hype!

selling is about educating memeIn addition, you need a catchy headline to get your prospect’s attention.

Words like free, discover and how to work very well.

Make sure you include a call to action, such as “visit my website” or “call the following toll-free number for more information.”

Personally, I think it’s best to have them call a 24/7, pre-recorded voice-mail message rather than visiting a website or calling you directly.

That advice is from personal experience.

What you do is up to you!

Another key to success is frequency.

I’ve been told that it takes the average person 5-10 times (or more) to see a marketing message before they respond to it.

Therefore, don’t just put your ad in the paper one time and then call it quits.

Either keep it in the paper every day, or once a week, every week.

Consistency is important.

The more times a prospect sees your message, the higher the likelihood they will eventually respond.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are 10 sample MLM Classified Ads you can use to promote your network marketing business in newspapers, trade journals, and magazines.

When you write an ad you want to be short and to the point.

Use a catchy headline that grabs your prospect’s attention, talk about a couple benefits of what you have to offer and then tell them what you want them to do!

It really is that simple.

Even though the internet is gaining popularity, people still read the newspaper, especially weekly publications.

Plus, you will have a lot LESS competition if you focus on newspaper ads since so many network marketers are obsessed with the internet.

Combine that with a two step selling process and you will be on your way.

What are your thoughts?

What are your favorite classified ads to promote your MLM Business in newspapers?

What type of results have you experienced?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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30 thoughts on “Top 10 Sample MLM Classified Ads

  1. I recently read an article, I forget exactly where, but the person said that it is much more effective when advertising in printed material such as magazines or newspapers to have 4,5 or 6 small ads placed throughout the publication instead of 1 large one. This makes perfectly good sense, because many people are “skimmers”. They may not see your 1 large ad, but by having multiple small ads, you give yourself better odds.

    What are your thoughts on this? I just thought it sounded smarter than using 1 larger advertisement.

    • I would much rather do that myself, use a few smaller ads. I would also use a tracking code with each ad to see how they perform.

      • Yes, with online ads, it is wise to use a tracking code, but when it comes to printed items such as magazines and newspapers, you really cannot use a tracking code. How do you suggest determining which of those ads are getting the attention? I know some companies create a system where the person must send the ad in to receive whatever “free” or reduced price item they are offering. That is a good way to see which ads are the best. Do you have any other ideas?

        • You can use a different phone number with each ad, or you could put a CODE on each ad and have them leave the code in their message.

  2. This is a great list of sample advertisements. One of the first things almost everyone notices is that magical word: FREE. This is where many network marketers make a mistake; they try to sell something on that first advertisement. there is nothing I detest more than reading through an ad that is long and drawn out just to find them wanting me to send them $39.99 to receive an eBook; and usually they had that magical word at the beginning of the ad. Deceptive practices such as that will not work…well maybe it will for a few suckers, but is it really worth it?

    Thank you for the help in how to set up proper ads. Hopefully many will learn from this post.

    • Yes, people love free stuff. The goal should be to generate a lead first and then offer them something to buy once you have provided some value.

  3. So for offline ads, you recommend sending them to a phone number, not a website? Where would you get a number for them to call that isn’t your home number? I’m presuming that this is an 800 number or something similar. Is there a service you recommend?

    Thanks. I hadn’t considered offline ads like this before!

    • Yes, it’s easier to send someone to a website, but typically far less effective than sending them to a toll-free pre-recorded number that you DO NOT answer yourself. You can get a sizzle call number, such as and you can pre-record a 2-3 minute message that gives your prospect more information. This will help sift and sort them, so only interested people leave a message. And then all you need to do is follow up with people to give them your free information.

  4. Thank you for the great article and I appreciate all the comments too. Very, very helpful!!

  5. Craigslist is also an effective, free (in most cases) venue to place a classified ad in. I have had some successes using Craigslist: the sheer volume of traffic that website enjoys is amazing. It is greater than any of the paper publications in my area. Any of these sample ads will work: thank you so much for sharing them. Sometimes I struggle with the wording of my advertisements. I do not want to sound like everyone else out there, so I would add some more detail to my ads. If nothing else, just putting website name out there builds familiarity.

    • I’ve done some ads on Craigslist myself in the past, but never with much success. I prefer newspaper ads if anything at all.

    • Another venue that works are magazine ads. Find a magazine that is geared toward the niche market you are after, and put one of these ads in there. Also many people go after newspapers, but rarely do people consider the “sales fliers and papers” that are everywhere. In the Midwest we had the Thrifty Nickle. These type of items are a great place to put these ads too.

      • You can do different tests with all of these resources to see which one gives you the best return on your investment. The truth of the matter is you never know which MLM Classified Ad or which publication will pull best. Experiment. Track your results and you are bound to find a winner. Magazines are definitely worth trying.

  6. Many six figure earners have built their MLM Business primarily with classified ads. They still work today, even in the internet age. And many people in other industries (mail order for example) have built huge businesses using local and national classified ads.

  7. Classified ads present their users with unlimited source to gain profits. As a simple classified ad is read by thousands or millions of people, the product or service that uses classified ads surly gets high readership and thus enjoys increased returns from a single inexpensive classified advertisement.

    • Yes, classified ads do work well in certain situations, depending upon your niche, your offer, and the medium you choose to advertise in.

  8. I like the idea of the MLM ads. I think they’ll get people’s attention and puts the ball in their court. I was going to ask what a 24/7 pre-recorded message might sound like, but you answered that in your post (above). It makes sense to have them leave a message. Hopefully, it will create some anticipation on their end, and allow you to call back at your convenience.

    • It’s always better to be the hunted rather than being the hunter. What’s great about classified ads is that they get people to call you. It takes a fairly serious person to pick up the phone, call you, listen to your message and then leave a message. That helps weed out the tire kickers and put you in a position to succeed.

  9. I’m formulating my own MLM lead-generating classified ad right now! Your examples give us some great ideas to work with. Are you going to write something about how to get the most benefit from the pre-recorded message? That would be quite helpful. Most of us don’t like answering machines…

    • I can do an add on a pre-recorded message. It would say something like this: “Thanks for calling today. My name is Rick Smith Smith and I’m pleased to be partnered with a leading health and wellness company. If you would like to know how our products and business opportunity can help you meet your financial and/or fitness goals, leave a message and I will call back within 48 hours. Thanks for calling. Have a great day.”

      • I feel as if I’m missing something here. So they call, leave a message, then you’re stuck chasing them down again. What do you do to avoid that?

        • No matter what type of advertising you do you are going to have to follow up. Nothing beats following up by phone. Yes, you can use an auto-responder too, but I would prefer the phone follow up over anything else. Hope that helps.

          • Yes it does, thank you. 🙂

  10. This is an excellent and informative article regarding generating leads and being ahead of the competition in this industry. I really like how word play can be used to reach the audiences of any demographic through this use of classifieds via internet and newspapers. I agree that newspapers are still the way to go in this technology driven society. Since the competition is less, the rewards will be greater for the network marketer.

    • By all means use the internet to grow a business, but don’t neglect time tested methods like newspaper advertising. They are by no means sexy, but they still work and are very cost effective.

  11. I hadn’t considered newspaper ad placement. The lower level of competition because everyone is obsessed with internet marketing is a good point, I hadn’t thought of that. I guess that means I am online obsessed as well!
    It seems that if you approached a classified ad the same way you would an internet marketing piece, namely, having the focus be a call to action (CTA) to drive leads, like you are recommending, a classified ad would be successful.
    Thanks for the ideas!

    • The internet is great, but newspaper ads can pull just as well. And in most cases, your leads are better quality.

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