The Top 10 Nefful Products

Today, I am going to tell you the top 10 Nefful products, as I see it.

But before I do so, let me give you a quick overview of this MLM company…

The Nefful History

The Nefful History

Nefful was started in 1973 in Japan by Hisami Kamijo. Hisami directed heavy research and development of form fitting undergarments of superior quality. Using the home party method of direct sales, Nefful soon gained a solid reputation in Japan. This allowed Hisami and Nefful to expand into other product lines by introducing the Nefflon product line which included many forms of clothing, bedding and other products that carried negative ions.

Nefful has created 4 brands…

  1. Neoron
  2. Newell
  3. Nefflon
  4. and Nature’s Clean

These four brands will all carry a place in today’s post.

The quality of the Nefful products brought global expansion. Nefful opened in:

  • Taiwan – 1989
  • United States – 2002
  • Hong Kong – 2005
  • and Malaysia – 2006

Nefful is recognized for outstanding products, superior training and customer service like no other.

And no, I am not affiliated with the company at all… I just have to tell it like it is.

Top 10 Nefful Products

Top 10 Nefful Products

Now scroll down as we look at the top 10 Nefful products starting with #10 and ending with the best… The #1 Nefful product.

Again, this is just my opinion and you have a right to disagree. Actually, feel free to tell us your favorite Nefful products in the comment area at the end of this post.

# 10: Optibrain

Using sources from nature, Nefful created Optibrain; a dietary supplement that enlivens your thinking and memory.

Optibrain is high in vitamins B1, B12 and B5 as well as having a proprietary blend containing natural roots and herbs such as:

  • Chicory Root Powder
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Olive Oil
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract
  • and more…

# 9: Dual Purpose Blanket

Made with Neoron, this floral print blanket immerses the sleeper in negative ions allowing you to sleep peacefully without stress filling your system.

It comes in full and twin sizes.

In August 2017, his 43-year-old brother was diagnosed with stage 4B Sinus Cancer. His left cheek was completely affected by the tumor. While waiting for chemotherapy, he used a Negative Ion shawl, layering it with the mask, the hat and the blanket to wrap the affected area.

Three weeks later, blood clots and foreign matter began draining from his nose!

~ Ya En

# 8: Eskimode Undershirt

It is said to be warmer than wool or cotton. It keeps your body temperature regulated and feels comfortable with the proprietary Teviron interior. The Eskimode Undershirt comes in three choices of colors.

It keeps you warm on those chilly days and nights.

I am a registered nurse, I used to hike and dance even thought I had pain in my knees. I always thought these activities caused pain. I love to live naturally without medication and I thought pain was the price I had to pay to be active. In 1999 I fell because of uneven ground and I injured my neck and my shoulder. The constant and severe pain was unbearable and it caused insomnia and depression. It caused the end of my 35 years career in the medical profession. I refused the epidural injections and surgery which my orthopedic doctor suggested. I tried cortisone shots, anti inflammatory medication, pain medication, and sleeping pills, for several days. They didn’t even give me temporary relief. I still had my pain. As a nursing professional I knew that cortisone shots and anti inflammatory and pain medications all had bad side effects or they caused addiction. I tried acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic and massage for more than 4 years and they just gave me temporary relief and still the pain woke me up after 1 or 2 hours of sleep. At least they didn’t have bad side effects. At the end of 2003 I was introduced to negative ion clothes and blankets. Even though I was skeptical about the results I decided to give myself a chance and try these products. I bought a whole set of the products as was suggested. When I got home I put everything on as instructed. I put on the Eskimo shirt and pants and another set of underclothes too and the hat and all of the supporters and the waist band the neck warmer and the eye patch. Then I realized this is ridiculous. I was so angry I took them off, I got buyer remorse. Then I thought well, since I already bought it and I had been in pain for almost 5 years I decided to give myself a chance and I put it all back on. I went to bed in my blanket and I slept more than 12 hours. Usually I got up to go to the bathroom several times during the night. I don’t think I even got up once that night. When I woke up in the morning, I was still in the same position that I was in when I went to bed. I slept like a baby. I was so happy and jumping up and down. I was thankful and I felt the blessing of having these products. Amazingly my degenerative arthritis in my knees and my back pain have gone away. The white growth in my eye (like a cataract) which the doctor suggested I have removed surgically when It impacted my vision went away. My grey hair is improving. The brown spot on my face and my wrinkles are going away. I have slimmed down to a healthy weight. I was sick looking before and now I have a healthy glow. I am feeling and looking younger. Now I have no more pain when I go hiking and dancing. Because of these products my hiking performance has increased. I feel the blessing and I want to share the product with other people and help other people.

# 7: Ultra Dish Liquid

This highly concentrated dish detergent is made with a natural surfacant from coconut oil. Free of the man made chemicals that can harm humans, the fragrance is delicious as it is formed using organic lemongrass essential oil.

One ounce of detergent to three gallons of water makes your dishes sparkle and shine.

# 6: Lady’s Black Camisole Undershirt

Loved by many women, this camisole undershirt fits like a glove. Made with Neoron, sizing is ordered by bust size…

  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • large – large

boxer briefs market in the US was expected to rise to 103 billion dollars by 2025

# 5: Men’s Boxers

Made with Terviron with just a dab of Polyester, these boxers come in 4 sizes and are made with extra length to fit comfortably. The durability is amazing from the reviews.

Comes only in white.

After a few days of wearing the nefful men underwear, I started to notice that I have more pee in the morning. On the second week of wearing the nefful underwear I noticed that my first urine of the day in the morning is accompanied with bubbles, which I later found out that it is actually fats, toxic from my body. By third week of wearing nefful underwear, I began to have smoother flow of urine and now I am so much relief and happy.

~ Tim, Sengkang

In 2019, the value of the men’s boxer brief market in the United States amounted to about 0.77 billion U.S. dollars. The value of the boxer briefs market in the U.S. was expected to rise to 1.03 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

Source: statista

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# 4: Fruit & Veggie Wash

Do you clean your fruits and vegetables before ingesting them?

You should! And using just water will not take various chemicals and toxins from them.

This product from Nefful uses natural cleaning agents and leaves no aftertaste. And you can be assured you and your loved ones are not ingesting harmful agents… Only the wholesome properties our bodies need from fruits and veggies.

# 3: Knit Beanie

So cool!!!

These beanies are made with a blend of Neoron (52%), Acrylic (37%), Nylon (9%) and Wool (2%).

They come in a choice of one of four colors:

  1. wine
  2. black
  3. purple
  4. and navy

These are great gift for the beanie lovers.

I was a really sick person I was ill all the time, headache, flu, lack of energy, fibroid, wherever I had menstruation it usually bled for 20 days, and the amount of blood the first couple of days was enormous. Because of the lack of iron and low blood pressure, I looked pale; also I had hyperthyroid, bad appetite, insomnia, and palpitation. I gave up going to the doctors because none of them could ease my pain, not until I found out that I had lupus erythematosus, my eye collapsed, my face was infected, I got strange rashes which looked like beans. I also had arthritis, fever, and canker sore it stung everywhere on my body, I don’t think anyone can understand what I was going through, I blamed God for being so unfair to me. I bought a negative ion hat because of a suggestion from one of my colleges the result was satisfying I no longer suffer from headaches. Then I bought a full set and used it a lot. Now I not only look healthier but also actually feel better.

I have to say that I am getting my health back and I wish that everyone can beware of your bodies, stay healthy!

~ He Li Min

# 2: Sleek Tummy And Hip Support Shaper

Let’s face it, many women get uptight about slight bulges and misshapes in their stomach and hips. Made with nylon, teviron and polyurethane, this high-selling product brings it all together giving them the shape they long for.

# 1: Lady’s Rib Socks

One of the best-selling Nefful products, these socks pull on with ease and feel as if you are sock-less.

Made with a blend that feels good and is durable:

Outer Material: Cotton 59%, Nylon 32%, Polyester 5%, Polyurethane 4%

Inner Material: Neoron 70%, Nylon 28%, Polyurethane 2%

The Lady’s Rib Socks can be ordered in either wine, black or navy color.


Nefful has a plethora of products designed to fit your form and give you the sense you have nothing on at all. The one negative I hear about Nefful is outlandish high pricing, but as I always say, you do get what you pay for.

Have you used Nefful products? Do you agree with my list? Please tell us your favorite Nefful products and any other comments you have in the area below.

I hope this information helps you.  If you would like to try any Nefful products or possibly start a Nefful home based business, the website link is in the reference section below. Thanks for stopping by.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with Nefful. This information is for educational purposes only and we receive no compensation for this review.

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