Top 10 MLM Travel Companies

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In today’s post, I am going to share the top 10 MLM Travel Companies, as I see it.

So many of us want to “live the dream.” Often, that dream entails traveling, but is there a way to travel and make money doing so?

According to many, there is!  The way to do that they say is by becoming a member of a MLM Travel Company where you actually sell travel packages and recruit other members to do the same thing. In doing so, you can earn and win free travel and get paid at the same time.

Top 10 MLM Travel Companies

I have decided to use various sources such as online and offline reviews to rate various MLM Travel Companies.

Keep in mind that I am not a member of any of these companies. The information you are receiving is unbiased and based simply on my opinion. I highly recommend that you research any company closely before deciding to join.

Now starting from #10, here are the top 10 MLM Travel Companies.

#10: Coastal Travel Package

According to their website, this MLM Company is managed by a team of entrepreneurs. There are no names given, but I did do a WhoIs lookup and found the website created back in 2002. So this travel MLM company has been operating for quite some time.

What you do need to know is, “Coastal Vacations is NOT a seller of Travel and therefore is not licensed to sell travel. Coastal sells Travel and Travel Related Discount Packages that provide discounted access to many travel and travel related companies.”

I do see quite a few members offering the opportunity online. I did find this training handout you may want to see:

#9: Pro Travel Plus

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Pro Travel Plus is actually quite new; started in 2015 the CEO is Seth Fraser who has been involved with several MLM companies.

Pro Travel Plus is a lot like #10, they just offer discounted travel opportunities.  As a member you get perks like:

  • $500 in travel vouchers
  • Up to 45% savings on luxury vacations
  • Etc…

I will say that the PTP website seems quite unprofessional and I am looking because I actually think the background picture is one I took last year at a beach here in Puerto Rico.

Essentially, Pro Travel Plus is similar to an affiliate program using a MLM business format.

#8: GoodLife USA

Founded by Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner, Goodlife USA is similar to the two previous MLM companies. It offers discounted services on travel vacations and lodging.

Both men have made their mark in MLM prior to starting this company. Seyforth partnered with Herbalife with a diet shake he developed and Dovner built a huge business with First Choice Armor & Equipment.

There are various membership opportunities and supposedly you can get huge savings. You can also make great compensation by signing up new members.

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#7: Travelution

Just launched in 2016, we will see if this travel MLM will be a stud or a dud. Unlike the prior ones, Travelution turns you into a travel agent. You make commissions off travel sales and also from recruiting new agents.

The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida and the founders are Dave Manning and Faraday Hosseinipour. Both have ample experience in MLM and travel.

#6: TVI Express

Travel Ventures International or TVI Express was started in 2009 and is headquartered in Cyprus.

According to their website, they have made many people worldwide financially free.  You get your own website and can promote various travel deals along with recruitment opportunities.

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TVI Express has had its share of negative publicity, but the company continues to move forward and upward.

#5: ROI Unlimited

At one time this company was based in Arizona, but I now see they have moved the headquarters to Boise, Idaho.

ROI Unlimited is a travel discount MLM Company and the founders were Fred Schwartz, CEO and Co-Founder and Brian Spangler, Co-Founder.

Depending on your membership level, you receive cards and perks to help you save on various travel vacations. And you can make money by enticing others to join.

#4: Global Travel International

Founded in 2001 in Orlando, Florida, Global Travel International was founded by Michael Gross and Randy Warren as a high quality travel MLM company.

Global Travel International offers cruises, vacation packages, business travel, as well as group and incentive trips. From my understanding, Global Travel pays outstanding commissions to independent travel agents.

You receive your own website and a host of training materials. You can make money by booking travel or referring new travel agent members.

#3: Zyndio

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, it seems that Zyndio and the Zyn Travel Portal are the work of entrepreneur Anthony Powell.  Created in 2011, it seems that Zyndio provides extreme discounts on travel related services.

You have 3 choices when signing up which will allow you to travel cheaper and make money recruiting:

  1. Gold – $199.99
  2. Platinum – $499.99
  3. and Black Diamond – $999.99

#2: World Ventures

With their headquarters in Plano, Texas, World Ventures is one of the biggest names in MLM Travel Companies.

I know there are many representatives quite happy with the money they have made selling World Ventures travel discounts and also recruiting other members. The company was started in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue. World Ventures continues to be a top company in travel.

#1: Paycation

Paycation has made huge strides as a travel MLM company.  Dave Manning founded Paycation back in 2004 and it has been growing steadily since. Some of the many benefits Paycation home based business owners have…

  • Access to the Success Travel Institute developed by DL Wallace and recognized around the world for its certified soft skills training.
  • Earn on travel.
  • Enroll in Xstream Travel University (XTU) and learn from top travel industry professionals.
  • Get a professional website that you can refer to friends and family to book their travel.
  • And a whole lot more!

With dynamic leadership and a compensation plan that seems to be loved by all, I had to make Paycation #1 on the list.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts?  I know that many MLM Travel Companies have had their share of negative reviews.

Have you used any of these MLM Travel Companies before? Are you a member of any? If so, please tell us about your experience. If you are interested in becoming a member of any of these MLM Travel Companies, the links are listed in the reference section below.

You can post your comments and questions below. But please, if you have something negative to say, be respectable and don’t use names or we will not allow it to be published.  Thank you and have a great day.



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