Top 10 MLM Juice Companies

What are the top 10 MLM Juice Companies?

Let me start by telling you that there are probably hundreds of different network marketing companies that sell some type of secret juice. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know every single MLM Company that sells juice. Even if I did, new companies open up every month, so it’s hard to keep up.

For the purpose of this article, I’m going to discuss the top 10 MLM Juice Companies, as I see it.

This list is from my own research online. The companies are listed in no particular order. If I left your company off the list, leave a comment at the end of this post and let me know about it.

Top 10 MLM Juice Companies

Top 10 MLM Juice Companies

# 10: Forever Living

Forever Living is a POWER HOUSE in the network marketing industry. They do more than $2 billion in sales each year. While they are really known for their aloe vera nutritional products, I had to add them to this list of the best MLM Juice Companies because of their aloe vera juice. They sell a TON of it!

It comes in a 33.8 ounce plastic bottle/container and retails for $19.31. It is lemon-lime flavored.

Our aloe vera gel is carefully grown and hand filleted before being extracted and processed within hours of harvesting, ensuring the more than 8 million gallons of aloe vera gel we process each year is as fresh as we can make it.

Forever Aloe Vera Gel® is aseptically processed allowing the formula to remain free of added preservatives and boast an amazing 99.7% pure inner-leaf aloe vera gel. Packaged in Tetra Pak packaging made with 100% recyclable materials, Forever Aloe Vera Gel® ensures that you are able to enjoy the fresh taste of undiluted aloe vera gel with all of the potent properties of aloe just as nature intended.

Source: Forever Living website

# 9: Vemma

Vemma is a liquid nutrition company. They have several different juice products, such as Vemma Premix, Vemma Premium, Verve and Thirst. These different juices include healthy energy drinks and mangosteen juices.

The company gets lots of positive reviews for the taste and quality of their juices.

Nourish your body on a cellular level with plant sourced phytonutrients reduced to the smallest most bio available form.* This ultra premium blend contains 12 essential vitamins, over 65 plant-sourced mineralswhole-fruit mangosteenglyconutrient-rich aloe vera and organic green tea.

Source: Vemma website

Health-conscious consumers have steadily drifted away from traditional soda

# 8: Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils is another multi-billion dollar MLM Company. They are best known for their world-class essential oils; however, they also have an amazing juice product. It’s called NingXia Red.

Add a daily shot of NingXia Red® to your diet to enjoy the benefits of this powerful, whole-body supplement. This sweet and tangy drink’s formula includes wolfberry, which is touted for its health benefits. Also featuring plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices and extracts, Young Living’s NingXia Red is packed with superfoods to support overall wellness.

In addition to these antioxidant ingredients, NingXia Red’s formula includes pure vanilla extract and Lemon, Orange, Yuzu, and Tangerine essential oils for a great-tasting, healthy treat.*

Young Living NingXia Red benefits include support for energy levels, normal cellular function, and whole-body and normal eye health. A daily shot of 2–4 ounces helps support overall wellness with powerful antioxidants.*

Source: Young Living website

# 7: Lifeforce International

This great company was founded by Wayne and Gerri Hillman in 1995 and does business in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Their most popular product is their Body Balance.

The revolutionary concept of combining two of nature’s most nutrient-rich land and sea plants has made Body Balance® a proven daily wellness leader for over 30 years. Today, it remains a nutritional powerhouse delivering a broad range of minerals and phytonutrients ideal for supporting each of the body’s core systems.

Source: Life Force website

# 6: Juice Plus

Juice Plus+ is a branded line of dietary supplements containing concentrated fruit and vegetable juice extracts fortified with added vitamins and nutrients. It is produced by Natural Alternatives International of San Marcos, California, for National Safety Associates.

Source: Wikipedia

The company launched in 1993 and has some great products to choose from. Their products come in chewables or blends.

# 5: Jeunesse

Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The company’s mission is to:


They offer a wide variety of products with an emphasis on skin care and nutritional products. They offer the MONAVIE Juice and the Reserve.

RESERVE™ makes the feeling of youthful living last. With a botanical blend of antioxidants that super-charge your internal systems, RESERVE™ is a naturally sweet supplement bursting with exotic fruit juices. It contains a host of powerful ingredients that repair free radical damage and protect cells against future harm. Your cells stay healthier, live longer, and leave you looking and feeling great.

Source: Jeunesse website

# 4: Trivita

Trivita is a popular health and wellness MLM Company. They’ve been around more than 20-years now and have a great reputation. They offer a very unique juice, which is called Nopalea.

TriVita was founded in 1999 by Michael Ellison, who wanted to start a company that would provide people with the resources and inspiration needed to create lasting wellness.

The fusion of the words Tri (three) and Vita (life) serves to remind us that we are PhysicallyEmotionally and Spiritually connected.

Source: Company Website

The average volume per person in the Juices segment

# 3: Zija International

Zija International is a privately owned network marketing company located in Lehi, Utah. They specialize in weight loss, essential oils, nutritional products and more. The company was founded by Ken Brailsford. They acquired Xango and Qivana in 2017.

Our unique products and business opportunity allow you to create the life you want and deserve, a life with endless possibilities. Feel your best, look your best, be your best, and have the energy and vitality needed to enjoy it. This is Life Unlimited.

Source: Zija website

# 2: Mornida

Morinda is a very popular network marketing company in Provo, Utah. Founded in 1996, it specializes in noni juice, personal care items and nutritional supplements. The company does approximately $500 million in yearly sales and has approximately 700 employees.

In 1996, Morinda disrupted the health supplement industry with the introduction of Tahitian Noni Juice, launching a multi-billion dollar industry virtually overnight.

Today, Morinda uses its unquestioned noni expertise to drive their mission to help everyone obtain the three things they want the most: Better health, better appearance and financial freedom. That is how Morinda changes lives all over the world.

As a driving partner with New Age Beverages Corporation, Morinda is focused on its goal to be a part of the largest healthy beverage company in the world.

Source: Morinda website

# 1: Youngevity

I had to put Youngevity in the number one spot, mostly because of the VARIETY of different juices they offer. They have Gogi juice, Muscadine Grape Juice, Cherry Berry, Saxi Juice Powder, and much more.

Established 20 years ago, Youngevity’s core philosophies are based on the principles of co-founder, Dr. Joel Wallach, who has dedicated his 40-year career to answering one crucial question: How can we live younger, longer? Dr. Wallach’s pioneering work proves that nutrition and environmental changes have a profound effect on our overall well-being. He helped expand the definition of wellness, while launching a movement that puts people on a holistic path to better health.

Today, we continue to answer Dr. Wallach’s all-important question to achieve our mission. With a growing line of revolutionary products, a one-of-a-kind business opportunity and our Be the Change Foundation, we believe your health and life can always be better. But we don’t sit back and wait for things to change; we lock arms with our tight-knit community of inspiring friends and guide each other to fulfillment, in all areas of our lives.

Source: Youngevity website

Defunct MLM Juice Companies

Defunct MLM Juice Companies

Just like any other type of business, not all MLM Juice Companies stay in business. Many close down, file bankruptcy or merge with another company. Here are a few defunct MLM Juice Companies.

# 1) Tahitian Noni

While the company is still in business, they no longer do business as Tahitian Noni. They are now called Morinda. They changed their name in 2012.

# 2) Xango

Xango was the talk of the town for nearly 15-years. They opened for business 2002 and exploded (in a good way) right out the gate. They closed their doors in 2017 and were acquired by Zija International. You can still buy the Xango juice from Zija.

# 3) Freelife International

Freelife International put Goji juice on the map. They opened for business in 1995 and were sold to Youngevity in 2017. You can still buy their Goji juice through Youngevity.

# 4) MonaVie

If you’ve spent any time in our industry, I know you’ve heard of MonaVie. This company came on the scene in 2005 with their acai berry “MonaVie Juice!” They went into foreclosure in 2015 and were eventually acquired by Jeunesse Global. You can still purchase the MonaVie juice through Jeunesse.

# 5) ViaViente

ViaViente, was introduced to the public in 2003 following years of research that included studies of mineral rich waters whose source is found in the Andes Mountains and flow thru Vilcabamba, Ecuador, a region known for its high concentration of centenarians. In 2007 ViaViente became the first product in the market to receive the coveted Brunswick Labs ORAC Seal of Certification for its Anti-Oxidant content.

Source: Globenewire

ViaViente was acquired by Youngevity in March 2018.

Additional Insights

In terms of sales, these are some of the larger MLM Juice Companies. I’m not going to claim that one company or one product is better than another. I’ll leave that for you to decide.

However, please don’t think this list is exclusive. There are many other MLM Juice Companies to choose from. Plus, many companies come and go. Out of the 10 initial juice companies I originally had on this list, 7 of them shut down, so I had to rewrite this post.

What I like most about MLM Juice Companies is that they have a consumable product that gets used up each month and is reordered month-after-month. That can lead to repeat sales and residual income.

Additionally, many of the products are very high quality and offer lots of health benefits.

The major downside of choosing a network marketing juice company is that the juices are normally quite expensive. Most juices on this list sell for $30 to $50 (or more) per bottle. I’m not claiming that they aren’t worth it. But, it might be difficult to convince some consumers who can buy a bottle of juice at their local supermarket for $4 that your product is a good deal.

Also, most of these juices would be considered a luxury item, not something that most people HAVE to HAVE. And, they are EXPENSIVE to ship!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many different MLM Juice Companies in the marketplace today. If you are considering partnering up with a MLM Juice Company, you should do your due diligence first.

The best thing to do is to start as a customer until you can find a juice product that offers real value for its customers. In other words, the product must be high quality, reasonably priced, taste good, and have a high perceived value to the customer, not just distributors.

Once you find a juice product and company you are passionate about, you could join that company as a distributor and start building your business.

What are your thoughts? What is your favorite MLM Juice Company? What do you like most about your company’s product line? Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts with the rest of our community. I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these companies. The products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results will vary. All names are registered trademarks. All sources are cited.

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36 thoughts on “Top 10 MLM Juice Companies”

  1. Dear Chuck ,
    I want to launch any good juice company MLM in Pakistan.
    i need your support and guide line .
    Farhat Abdullah Paracha.
    Director Sales
    Maspro International Pharma.

  2. Great breakdown here. I knew a few from the list but most are new to me. I will look into these more. I know someone who wanted to get into MLM with juice because it is his passion and he LOVE juice. Thanks for all this information.

  3. I must say that I absolutely love juices that have aloe in them. Now if only these companies could get their prices down closer to what a person pays in retail outlets, I would gladly purchase from an MLM the juices I love, but when I can walk into a gas station and get a juice with aloe in it and pay just $1.79, it is very difficult for these network marketing companies to beat that.

  4. Personally, I have an issue with paying such an outlandish amount for juices. Living on the island of Puerto Rico, I am growing a great mango tree; I can get oranges, grapefruit and many other fruits for cheap if not free. Yes, it takes a bit of work making juice, but it is well worth it. I also love cutting one of the aloe branches and squeezing the gel into my juice.

    Maybe I should start bottling them and selling them. Yes, juices are a great thing, but from what I have seen, MLM juices are much too expensive. If these companies could get the prices closer to supermarket prices, I believe business would be better.

    1. I agree that many of the juices are very expensive and overpriced. That’s why the only people buying the juices are people doing the business. It’s hard to get a customer when they can buy something similar at the supermarket for 90% cheaper.

  5. I have heard a lot about Tahitian Noni juice over the years. I have an aunt who swears by its health benefits and after about 1 year of using it and seeing positive change in her body and her husband’s body, she became a distributor. I personally wasn’t a fan o the taste but many of her clients said they could easily overlook that because it was so helpful when it came overall physical health and treating common symptoms like inflammation.

    Because the company has been around for so long it is probably one of the more successful models that can be used to study how to become a successful MLM brand.

  6. I have been taking the Limu and find the results to be incredible. I have also met people whose health has been transformed from the Fucoidan. I think that most of these companies have great products for antioxidants etc. However the published medical journals on Fucoidan seem to provide much more concrete health benefits than some of the other “JUICE” MLM’s. Also found there 3 for free program very intriguing.

  7. I’ve been selling MonaVie for about five years now and I think our juices are the best. Most of my customers stick around for a long time and really enjoy the product. I make most of my money retailing and I love when you have a good product with good profit margins that people actually want to buy.

  8. The best juice I’ve ever had is the Xango juice. I know the company isn’t as popular as it was a few years back, but the products are still amazing.

    1. Sorry, Ramesh. I don’t see Herbalife and Amway as juice companies. They do not have good products, but don’t meet the criteria I used to pick juice companies.

  9. Love XANGO Juice!! The new Favao Pro Line Limitless, Ignite and Reload is spreading globally quickly. Go MB30 20Twenty Movement!

  10. I think MonaVie is the top MLM juice company. That have so many great products with the acai berry. I think the products are great.

  11. I’m still a big fan of MonaVie. I’ve been a customer with the company for almost four years now. The juice is awesome, priced fairly and great quality. It gives me so much energy throughout the day. I drink a cup in the morning and in the afternoon.

  12. I love the Zija products. I enjoy the taste and the health benefits. It is all natural and made from Moringa Oleifera. It is 100% absorbable and 100% bioavailable. It has 3 times the Potassium in bananas, 7 times the Vitamin-C as in oranges, 25 times the Iron in spinach, 4 times the Calcium in milk, 4 times the Vitamin A in carrots, 46 Antioxidants, 36 Anti-Inflammatories, Omegas 3, 6, and 9, all 8 essential amino acids and this is just the beginning!

  13. Has anyone tried Kyani sunrise? I am looking for a great tasting antioxidant that proves better health results. My friends is selling the Kyani line and she genuinely praises this product line. I\’d like to get more feedback if any one has tried it.

  14. Personally, I’m a big fan of Xango. There juice is amazing, tastes great and has tons of health benefits. It’s priced pretty reasonable too. And the business opportunity that goes with it is absolutely amazing.

  15. I did some due diligence myself this evening, and there are a number of articles talking about how to choose the best MLM company in general, but I think you nailed it best, Chuck. As far as MLM Juice Companies, I am partial to Monavie for a couple of reasons. One, Monavie has the View, which is a scanner that measures the antioxidant levels in your body. The scanner uses the same technology used to analyze Saturn’s rings, and yes, because it sounds space-age and “out of this world,” I did my own research to verify their claims. In addition, while a bit pricey, their products are, in my opinion, awesome! Disclaimer: I am not a distributor for Monavie, nor am I closely associated with anyone affiliated with the company. I am merely a satisfied customer.

    1. Mona Vie is definitely one of the more popular MLM juice companies on this list. I never knew they had an antioxidant scanner. That is pretty neat. Thanks for sharing, Amy.


  16. If only more people shopped around before dumping their money into just any MLM marketing company, they would probably get better results. If you’ve tested the product yourself and you know it works/tastes good/saves money or whatever else the marketers are claiming, then you know you’ve found a good investment. If that happens to be with a MLM juice company, then so be it.

    1. Good points, James. Before joining any MLM Juice company, regular MLM Company, or even buying a franchise, you should do your due diligence and learn everything you can about the products and business. That way you can make an educated decision. Never let hype or excitement cloud your business decisions.


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