The Top 10 MLM Companies In Venezuela

The Top 10 MLM Companies in Venezuela…

If I were to jump on a boat and head directly South from my home here in Puerto Rico, when I came to South America, I would land in Venezuela.

It is a country that has been in deep turmoil and political uprisings as of late. Some even say it could be one of the most unsafe countries to travel to at this point in time.

mlm companies in venezuela

The economy has been in a chaotic state in Venezuela and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has even created a Cryptocurrency called the Petrol. United States President Trump signed an executive order declaring it illegal for United States citizens to buy or trade the Venezuelan Petrol.

The reason I bring all this up is essentially the state of the Venezuelan economy. People need to make money and network marketing has been a great option for Venezuelan citizens to do just that. I did some research to find the top 10 MLM Companies in Venezuela.

If you think you want to join any of these companies or try any of their products, I am putting their website links in the reference section at the end of this article.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor Online MLM Community is affiliated with these MLM companies. This information is for educational purposes.

Top 10 MLM Companies in Venezuela

Here are the top 10 MLM Companies in Venezuela starting with #10 and working up to #1.

#10: Fuxion

Álvaro Zúñiga Benavides had the idea and enticed Frank and Derek Michell Lopez de Romaña, and his brother, Rafael Zúñiga Benavides into starting Fuxion. The company offers various health and wellness products and has a huge presence in Venezuela.

Fuxion’s main headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.

#9: Biovida

Headquartered in Singapore, Biovida is all about Activated Phenolics. To put it all in easy terms, it’s all about apples.

Apples are what are active in the Biovida products and they claim they are the most potent antioxidants on Earth.

Someone once said, An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

Biovida has a good Venezuelan following.

#8: Herbalife

At one time Herbalife had an even higher place in Venezuela but because of some potential fraud allegations, Herbalife dropped slightly.

Founded in 1980 by the late Mark Hughes, Herbalife has helped people with their weight and energy all over the world.

Herbalife is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

#7: Isagenix

Since its founding in 2002, Isagenix has grown substantially worldwide. Known for a tremendous weight control system, this MLM company also has a variety of personal care products.

Isagenix has gained a strong foothold in South America and Venezuela is one of the countries this company has many distributors in.

Isagenix is headquartered in the State of Arizona.

#6: Nu Skin

Based in Provo, Utah, Nu Skin launched in 1984 and has become a MLM phenomenon in every corner of the world. Nu Skin has a huge range of products in personal care and dietary supplementation.

Venezuelans have accepted Nu Skin as a solid MLM opportunity. I believe Nu Skin will continue strong growth in South America.

#5: Amway

This really is no surprise… I actually thought Amway may even be higher.

The company started in 1959 and based in Ada, Michigan is alive and well in Venezuela.

Amway offers a huge range of products with home care products being a top seller in Venezuela.

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#4: Mary Kay

Beauty is of prime importance to women everywhere, Venezuela included. The Mary Kay beauty products are loved by many Venezuelan women as is the compensation plan for being a Mary Kay consultant.

Mary Kay is headquartered in Addison, Texas and was founded by the late Mary Kay Ash in 1963.

#3: 4Life

Started in 1998 and headquartered in Sandy, Utah, 4Life provides customers with various dietary supplementation to live a healthier life.

4Life has made a strong showing in all of South America and Venezuela has been the location of many 4Life superstars.

#2: Forever Living Products

The Aloe Vera and Bee derived products from Forever Living Products have been a “hit” in Venezuela.

This MLM company was founded by Rex Maughan in 1978 and has continued to grow like wildfire around the world.

Forever Living Products is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

#1: Avon

“Ding dong Avon llamando!”

That’s right, Avon is in Venezuela too and loved immensely there. You can get your colognes, perfumes and other fairly priced Avon products from any number of Venezuelan Avon representatives.

Avon was founded in 1886 and is now headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have my opinion of the top 10 MLM Companies in Venezuela. Do you agree or disagree?

If you are a Venezuelan, please tell us your impression/opinion. Thank you for visiting and please share this with others.


  1. Biovida
  2. Herbalife
  3. Isagenix
  5. Amway
  6. Marykay
  7. 4life
  8. For Everliving
  9. Avon
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