Top 10 MLM Companies in South Korea

The top 10 MLM Companies in South Korea…

South Korea is one of the most Amercanized nations in all of Asia. One of the biggest reasons is, we have had troops stationed there since the Korean War many years ago.

MLM Companies in South KoreaAnd for the biggest part, South Koreans have a go – get – ‘em attitude. There are many entrepreneurs ready to make their success in today’s world.

Also, the economy in South Korea is suffering. Jobs are not easy to come by and the ones that are do not pay enough to support a family. Starting a brick & mortar business has high costs. Like many of us, South Koreans have discovered that starting their own home based MLM business can be quite lucrative.

Using a variety of resources

  • Sales figures
  • Online reviews
  • and forums and chat rooms

I am going to share my opinion of the top 10 MLM Companies in South Korea.

Before I do, let me share a few facts about South Korea.

South Korea Facts

  • Babies are considered one year old at birth.
  • South Korea is roughly the size of the state of Indiana.
  • South Korea has the second-highest suicide rate in the world according to the World Health Organization.
  • South Korea has the lowest number of obese citizens in the world.
  • South Korea passed a law in 1999 that requires all online shopping and banking to be done using Internet Explorer.
  • Mandatory military service of 21 to 24 months is required for South Koreans.

Those are just a few facts about South Korea. Now, let’s see what the top 10 MLM Companies in South Korea are starting from #10 and working up to #1. The company links will be in the reference area at the end of this post.

Top 10 MLM Companies in South Korea

#10: Aphrozone

The world of stem cell research has come to multilevel marketing, and South Korea is one of the countries who are embracing the future.

Aphrozone is a multilevel marketing company based in Los Angeles, California. Products that independent representatives can sell include:

  • The Ruby Cell Line
  • and the ATO Rak Line

They are mostly anti-aging products.

#9: ACN

ACN started in 1993 as primarily a telecommunications MLM company. Based in North Carolina, ACN has spread its wings globally including South Korea.

The company has products and services ranging from phone services to home security and even now offers stem cell hydration creams.

With such a wide variety of items, South Koreans have flocked to the opportunity.

#8: Seacret

It is quite obvious that South Koreans are very conscientious about their skin. That is why Seacret has gained huge popularity in this Asian country.

In 2011, two brothers who were born and raised in Israel brought the magical minerals from the Dead Sea and developed skin products from them.

There are many South Koreans joining the Seacret business opportunity and the revenues continue to climb.

#7: Atomy

Another great skin and personal care MLM company that has become quite popular in Asian countries, especially South Korea, is Atomy.

Atomy was founded in 2009 and is a South Korean MLM company, but actually started in the United States.

We expect there will be continued growth with this MLM company.

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#6: Unicity

Founded in 2001, Unicity is a complete health and wellness MLM company.

Unicity’s headquarters are in Orem, Utah but has grown worldwide. And with their superior quality products, many South Koreans use the products and have become independent representatives for Unicity.

#5: Nerium

Nerium began in 2011 with one product…Age-Defying Night Cream.

Not long after, because of huge acceptance, Nerium added a full range of skin care products. And, as I said earlier, South Koreans are adamant about keeping their skin healthy.

Nerium will continue to be a MLM force in South Korea. They may even someday reach #1.

#4: Herbalife

It seems no matter where you travel in the world, you will find a Herbalife business owner. And there are many in South Korea.

The late Mark Hughes founded this popular weight management and nutrition MLM company in 1980.

Herbalife has expanded to all corners of the globe and will continue to do so. I have even heard the North Korean leader uses Herbalife products… Or is that just propaganda?

#3: Ariix

Dr. Fred Cooper left USANA and started Ariix in early 2011. The Ariix way has been to develop various brands in nutrition, weight loss and skin care, with a strong focus on keeping them made from all natural ingredients.

Ariix has made strong strides in South Korea which has shot this MLM company up to this #3 position in a very short time.

2 MLM Companies Tie For Top Honors

It doesn’t happen very often… I can usually determine a #1, but with South Korea, there are 2 #1s.

#1: NuSkin

Founded in Provo, Utah in 1984, NuSkin sells skin care, personal care and nutritional supplements.

NuSkin has been the leader in expansion into Asia… Both China and South Korea have been highly accepting of the NuSkin products and opportunity.

Many South Koreans have found financial freedom by building their own Nu Skin business.

#1: Amway

Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel started the huge Amway MLM company in 1959.

Amway has so many products that are considered high quality, it is no wonder that South Koreans grabbed on to the opportunity immediately… Probably from American service members stationed in the country… Because Amway stands for the American Way.

Will any company ever knock Amway out of #1?

They will have to work very hard to do so.

Final Thoughts

That is my opinion of the top 10 MLM Companies in South Korea.

Do you think I am accurate or do you disagree? Please tell me your thoughts below. I would especially like to hear from any South Koreans personally.

And, Kim Jong Un, if you read this, is it true you use Herbalife products?

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any of these MLM companies. This information is for educational purposes only and we receive no compensation for this review.



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2 thoughts on “Top 10 MLM Companies in South Korea

  1. I can see why South Korea is a great market for network marketing. People want to make money. They are not lazy. They are entrepreneurial. They are hungry for a good opportunity. To me, that’s the perfect match!

    • Good points, Joyce. This is one of the reasons network marketing is growing rapidly internationally. Here in America, we enjoy a great lifestyle, even if we are broke. Not so in most other countries. Most people in the world would love to have the opportunities that Americans have, but often overlook.

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