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If you have ever wondered where exactly Transylvania is; where Dracula had his castle and roamed the area looking for victims to feed from, it is Romania. But Dracula is purely fiction and do not worry if you are planning on a Romanian vacation. You need not carry a string of garlic, wooden cross or silver bullets.

Romania has a rich and amazing history. It became a recognized country in 1866 when it gained independence from the Ottoman Empire.

A member of the European Union, entrepreneurship is a norm in Romania. As such, network marketing is big in this country that sets near the Black Sea.

In today’s post, I am going to give my opinion of the top 10 MLM companies in Romania. I am using sales, recruiting numbers and opinions of native Romanians. But it is still my opinion, so feel free to voice your opinion at the end in the comment section.

Before we start, here is a wonderful video:

Starting at #10 and working to #1, here are the top 10 MLM companies in Romania and their website links are in the reference section.

#10: Jeunesse Global

With a fantastic line of anti-aging skin care products, Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, Jeunesse has become a worldwide sensation and Romania is no exception. I see there are several Romanian Jeunesse representatives promoting on Facebook.

#9: Herbalife

It seems no matter where we travel, there is a Herbalife representative nearby.

I see there is even a Herbalife “Deposit” in Bucharest, Romania.

Herbalife was founded as a premiere weight loss and sports nutrition MLM company in 1980. The company was started by the late Mark Hughes and is based in Los Angeles, California.

#8: Gano Excel

Using the mystical, healthy properties of the ganoderma mushroom, Leow Soon Seng founded Gano Excel in 1995. Headquartered in Malaysia, Gano Excel is best known for manufacturing a Ganoderma coffee that tastes wonderful.

Gano Excel has a large following in Romania and has an office in Bucharest.

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#7: CaliVita

Founded by a man with an amazing story of escaping Communism from Hungary many years ago, Gerry Hargitai founded what was known as California Fitness in 1991.

Now, California Fitness is CaliVita and sells via MLM a wide variety of health and wellness products.

Romanians support Gerry’s CaliVita whose European headquarters is in the Netherlands.

#6: FM World

Founded by Artur Trawiński in 2004 and headquartered in Wroclaw, Poland, FM World has a strong group of representatives in Romania.

FM World markets and sells high quality perfumes and Romanian women adore them.

#5: Blue Diamond

This Romanian started MLM company has a wide range of products in beauty, house care and even water and underwear.

I am not sure when this MLM company was founded, but it is supported greatly in their native country.

#4: Forever Living Products

Founded by Rex Maughan in 1978, Forever Living Products manufactures and sells Aloe Vera and Bee Derived based products. The company has gained a great reputation worldwide and you can find Forever Living home based business owners throughout Romania.

The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

#3: Oriflame

The Jochnick brothers founded this high quality cosmetics company in 1967. Oriflame has continued strong growth and most say it is a combination of superior products and the compensation plan.

Oriflame is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

#2: Amway

It is one of the largest and most well known MLM companies in the world. Amway was founded in 1959 and offers a huge array of products. From what I see, the Romanians especially love the Amway nutritional supplements.

Amway is a strong #2 and is based in Ada, Michigan.

#1: Avon

Avon was founded in New York in 1886. The company’s headquarters are now in London and since that move, Avon has become even more popular in Romania.

No matter where you are in Romania, there is an Avon lady somewhere near.

I bet Dracula even uses Avon products.

Final Thoughts

There you have my opinion of the top 10 MLM companies in Romania.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to post all questions and comments below.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: Neither Online MLM Community nor I are affiliated with these MLM companies. This information is provided as a service for your education.



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