Top 10 MLM Companies In Malaysia

In today’s post, I will share the top 10 MLM Companies in Malaysia, as I see it.

Network marketing is huge in Malaysia. I would say that overall, multilevel marketing is bigger per capita in Malaysia than it is here in the United States. The people of Malaysia are honest, hard working, and entrepreneurial. They typically do quite well in our industry.

mlm companies in malaysia

Top 10 MLM Companies in Malaysia

Starting at #10 and working up to #1, here are the top 10 MLM Companies in Malaysia. This list is subjective and is just my opinion. I used a combination of online reviews, company reputation, years in business, number of distributors, product value, compensation plan, and corporate leadership team to put this list together.

# 10: Gano Excel

Ganoderma is a mushroom found in Asia. The health benefits are amazing and in 1995, Leow Soon Seng founded Gano Excel. The company is completely built on the benefits of Ganoderma with the primary product being a Ganoderma coffee. The company has spread all around the world.

  • Gano Excel’s company headquarters is in Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
  • The company’s product lines include personal care items, supplements and beverages.
  • Their most popular products are: Bellagene, Gano Fresh, and Reishi Gold.
  • Gano Excel is the only Ganoderma Lucidum provider in the world to own all of its own mushrooms.

At Gano Excel, our greatest strength is our stakeholders. The founder and corporate executive of Gano Excel have instilled a strong culture in our stakeholders’ mind that “WE ARE A FAMILY” and we shall grow together collectively in achieving our dreams. ~ Gano Excel

# 9: Kyäni

Kyäni was started in 2007 by the Hansen and Taylor families in the United States Northwest. The idea was to use the power of Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and Alaskan Wild Blueberries. The company’s products were developed using these two super foods.

Since the founding, the company has added more great super foods…

The products are made to take internally as well as externally. Kyäni is a favored company in Malaysia.

  • The Kyäni headquarters is in Idaho Falls.
  • The most popular products are Kyäni Sunrise ®, Kyäni Sunset ®, and Kyäni Nitro ®.
  • Kyäni has earned the “Grand Gold” Award, 2018 Monde Selection and Grand Gold Quality Award.

Kyäni enhances lives in many different ways. From our wellness products that combine the best that nature and science have to offer, to a business opportunity that allows anyone to partner with highly successful founders with the tools for success, Kyäni is ready to help anyone realize their wellness and financial goals. ~ Kyäni

# 8: Infinitus

Infinitus is a large Chinese direct sales company who opened offices and started operations in Malaysia in 2009. The Infinitus products are all focused on health and well-being. There are foods, personal care, skin care and more. I believe Infinitus will continue to grow and will probably even climb higher on this list in the future.

  • Infinitus was founded in 1992 by Lee Kum Kee.
  • Their company headquarters is in Baiyun New Town.
  • The product lines include health products, food, skin care, personal care and household items.
  • Their most popular products are: Homemate Concentrated Dishwash, PHYTOCARE Shower Cream, and Dried Tangerine Peel Pu’er Tea (Halal).
  • Some awards Infinitus has earned include the Happy Company 2018 and 2017 Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

Infinitus creates a unique health philosophy of “Promoting healthy life through life nurturing and vitality assurance” that is derived from the premium Chinese health regimen which has a two-thousand-year history. ~ Infinitus

# 7: Edmark

A Malaysian direct selling company, Edmark has made its mark all around the world. Started by Sam Low Ban Chai in 1984, this company has grown into a huge Malaysian MLM. The majority of their products are centered around health and well-being. They have weight loss, safe energy drinks, and much more.

  • The Edmark headquarters is in Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Their product line includes weight loss products and energy drinks.
  • The company’s most popular products are Shake Off Phyto Fiber, MRT Complex, and Spirulina Tablets.

Today, Edmark continues to focus on our on-going developments to ever improve and better ourselves. Edmark has grown by leaps and bounds and will only continue to do so, making an impact in and changing the lives of others for the better.

# 6: Atomy

Started as a Korean direct sales company, Atomy has grown strong all throughout Asia and the South Pacific. With a Malaysian headquarters, many of the people have enjoyed the financial independence of being Atomy representatives in Malaysia.

  • Atomy was founded in 2009 by Han Gill Park.
  • The Atomy headquarters is in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.
  • Their product lines include cosmetics, skin care, and personal care items.
  • The most popular Atomy products are Evening Care 4 Set, Foam Cleanser and Skin care 6 System.
  • Atomy has received the 2013 Most Excellence Award and the 1st Sejong Enterprise Award.

Our objective is beyond consumer satisfaction; rather it is centered for success. A corporation that cherishes the spirit! We believe that valuing individuals is our priority. Be our partner in faith and believe in your own success through Atomy. We will always serve you with the utmost humble heart. Enjoy a beautiful life with Atomy and make your dreams come true.

# 5: Tiens

One of the largest Chinese direct sales companies did open operations in Malaysia. Similar to Atomy, Tiens offers a wide range of products from household cleaning to nutritional supplements. Tiens is well respected all throughout the Asian area.

Here are a few additional facts about Tiens:

  • Tiens was founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan.
  • Tiens headquarters is in Chennai, India.
  • Tiens product lines include food supplements, personal equipment, personal care and home care items.  

Maintaining human health, serving the community, growing the industry, and contributing to the country. ~ ~ Li Jinyuan, Chairman

network marketing is very popular in malaysia

# 4: Amway

Is anyone surprised that Amway is on this list? You shouldn’t be. One of the oldest MLM Companies in the world, Amway has a headquarters in Malaysia.

Most of you know that Amway offers a wide range of products, but I see the Amway nutritional supplements are a huge seller in Malaysia.

  • Amway was founded in 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel.
  • Amway’s headquarters is in Ada, Michigan.
  • Amway’s product lines include vitamins, skin care, health, weight loss and beauty products.
  • Some of the popular Amway products include: XS™ Energy Drink, Artistry makeup, and the Nutrilite™ DOUBLE X Vitamins.
  • In recent years, Amway sales have ranged from about $8 to $10 BILLION per year, making it the largest MLM Company in the world.

AMWAY Malaysia has always had one aim in mind: to help Malaysians live better lives. It still keeps helping them every step of the way through its strong community, trainings and mentorship. The proof is in the success of over 350,000 Amway Business Owners (ABOs) in AMWAY Malaysia.

# 3: Chini Enterprise

Chini Enterprise has its headquarters in Taiwan. It is a favored Malaysian MLM Company, as they offer high quality bio-tech health products, skin and body care, as well as therapeutic machinery that many Chini customers love. I actually will not be surprised if we see Chini Enterprise move into the United States market.

  • The company was Founded in 1989 by Mr. Lee Yen Ping, Chin.
  • The company’s headquarters is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Their product line include health food, skin care and personal care items.
  • Their most popular products are PERFECT RINSE-OFF GEL and  LONG-HEH GANODERMA.
  • The company’s main business is in manufacturing all sorts of biotech healthcare products, high-tech therapeutic machines and apparatus as well as skincare products with the brand called “Long-Heh”.

Chini Enterprise is a company that adheres to the business philosophy of honesty, business ethics and sincerity. It also recognizes that consumers should be self-responsible. We believe that the most direct relationship between people should be care and service. Through the business partners to provide all-round, omnipresent love and patience and professional knowledge and advice, pay attention, organize a close and harmonious service network, and make services omnipresent. ~ Chini Enterprise

# 2: Cosway

Cosway is a native Malaysian direct sales company. Founded in 1990, Cosway is similar to some other direct sales companies in that area in that they have a huge selection of products that can be bought using the internet. It is essentially like visiting a mall without leaving your home. Cosway just barely made #2 as they are close to the #1 position in Malaysia.

  • The Cosway headquarters is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • The Cosway product lines include: health and nutrition, skin care, fragrances and more.
  • The company’s most popular products are: Nn Hi-C Fruit Chewies, Nn PeptiSoy™ and Bioglo Collagen Peptide Essence Mask .

Cosway is at the forefront of delivering the best in quality and value because we want our consumers to lead healthier, more enriching lives – the smarter way. We care, and we consistently strive to improve and meet our ever-changing, diversifying consumer and market needs to stay ahead. Constantly evolving our business strategies to steer growth for nearly 40 years, Cosway remains steadfast in serving its consumers with the same dedication, commitment and empowerment.

# 1: DXN

DXN was founded in Malaysia in 1993 by Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin. The primary products from DXN when first starting were all based on Ganoderma… The miracle mushroom. DXN still is huge in Ganoderma, as well as other high quality products.

Many Malaysian natives have found DXN an excellent opportunity to earn an extra income while using great products at fair prices. As far as the world outlook, DXN carries a 24th ranking in Direct Selling News worldwide. I have to rank this MLM Company #1 in Malaysia.

Our philosophy – to provide low price and high quality products, to keep a low profile while generating high income is ideal for direct selling. This system is equitably accessible to anyone of any background. Our free enterprise system enables anyone to enjoy personal achievements that lead to greater financial independence. More importantly, numerous people have testified to the benefits of our products when they gained better health through consumption of our products. Our philosophy is the foundation on which our success in the direct selling industry is built. ~ DXN

My Recommended Malaysian MLM Company

If you live in Malaysia, or want to build a business there, I can recommend a network marketing company you probably haven’t heard of before. It is growing rapidly. The products are AFFORDABLE. There are no monthly purchasing requirements. No volume requirements either. There are no legs to balance. The company pays weekly and offers six different ways to earn. You can check out my link to learn more about it.

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Honorable Mention

There are tons of MLM Companies in Malaysia. Many of these are established companies and some are up and comers. I figured I would add in an honorable mention list, just to give you additional options to consider. They are listed in no particular order.

  1. Forever Living Products
  2. Herbalife
  3. Isagenix
  4. 4Life
  5. Flantech
  6. Longrich
  7. Mary Kay
  8. Modere
  9. QNet
  10. USANA
  11. Nu Skin
  12. Young Living
  13. Unicity

facts about malaysia

Quick Facts About Malaysia

In case you aren’t familiar with Malaysia, here are some really neat things about the country:

  • It is located in South East Asia.
  • It consists of 13 states and three federal territories.
  • The capital is Kuala Lumpur.
  • The official language is Malay.
  • The 2017 estimated population is 31.8 million people.
  • The currency is the Ringgit.
  • Islam is the most popular religion.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Malaysia is considered a MLM Mecca. There are many people in this Asian country who have found financial security via network marketing. If you live in this wonderful country, you may want to consider one of these top ranked MLM Companies in Malaysia.

Do you have any questions? If you do, or if you just want to share your thoughts, feel free to leave them in the comments area below. Thank you for visiting! Have a great day.

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20 thoughts on “Top 10 MLM Companies In Malaysia”

  1. Hi Chuck,

    DIJOMAA founded in 2019 by Prof Dato Dr Azman Ching should be in the mention and worth checking out with 23 products, 9 treatments and a Hybrid Binary Plan offers the highest payout in the Malaysian MLM Industry.

    Would appreciate your opinion.

  2. Hi,

    Now can take a look at BE International, a fast growing MLM company founded and based in Malaysia. Only after 3.5 years, we already have members in 90 countries wordwide. Focusing in health and wellness, we have an award winning products with clinical studies and excellent business model.

    1. Thanks for the update, Rocky. I had never heard of BE International. I’m glad it is growing internationally, and quickly. When I update this post in the future, I will take a closer look at BE International.

    1. I’ve personally never heard of Riway, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good company. There are lots of companies in our industry, many of which I have never heard of before.

    1. Yes, Malaysia has a lot of network marketers. If you work with a MLM Company that does business there, you definitely want to focus on growing your team in Malaysia. Many of the people there are hungry for a good opportunity.

  3. Have you not heard of Bin Han, an MLM company based in Taiwan? It’s already in Malaysia for about 30-years, selling only one product: organic ginseng powder. It also has branches in the USA, Canada and more than 10 countries across the globe.

    1. Steve,

      I have not heard of Bin Han before, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good company. Any company that has been around 30+ years is doing something right. With that being said, I’m surprised they have done so well with just one product.


    1. Yes, network marketing in Malaysia is very popular. Maybe there are less good jobs to choose from in Malaysia. Or maybe, Malaysian people are more entrepreneurial than Americans. Who knows?

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