Top 10 MLM Companies In Italy

mlm companies in italy
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In today’s post, I’m going to cover the top 10 MLM Companies in Italy. 

It is a country I would love to visit someday in the future. Definitely on my bucket list:

  • The Vatican
  • Colosseum
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Naples
  • Milan
  • Sicily
  • and much more

When Italy is mentioned in conversation, people have various thoughts… Grapes and wine, The Godfather and The Pope. While Italy is popular for those things, it’s also very well-known for network marketing.

There are many popular network marketing companies doing business in Italy.  My goal today is to whittle that list down to the top 10 MLM Companies in Italy.

This is my opinion based on reviews, sales figures and research. Keep in mind, your opinion may vary. That’s cool!  Feel free to share it in the comment section at the end of this article.

Top 10 MLM Companies in Italy

I will start with #10 and work up to the top MLM Company in Italy. If you would like to try any of the products or start a home based MLM business, the website links to these companies will be in the reference section.

Disclaimer – Neither I, nor Online MLM Community is affiliated with any of these MLM companies. This is for educational purposes and we are not compensated for this by any representatives of any of these companies.

#10: Tupperware

It really is no surprise that Tupperware is on this list. After all, Italians are known for some wonderful recipes. And when there are leftover pasta dishes, the perfect storage is made by Tupperware.

When Earl Tupper developed and founded Tupperware, who would have thought it would grow to such a huge company?

Tupperware is big in Italy and if you are looking for a company to start, it may be a great choice.

#9: Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. But the company has become a hit worldwide and Italy is one location. The Forever Living product line consists of products using Aloe Vera and/or bee derived products.

Forever Living continues strong growth, especially in Italy.

#8: PartyLite

It all started with a woman who made and sold candles from her home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. That was in the early 1900’s. In 1973, using the same concept, the candle MLM PartyLite was started.

PartyLite has a strong following in Italy where candles are a norm.

The many scents and flavors ensures that every household smells delightful when their candles are lit.

#7: Evergreen Life

Evergreen Life is an Italian MLM Company founded by Livio Pesle. Unique in the fact that Livio studied all the health and wellness benefits of the olive tree.

Evergreen Life products have become popular in the United States as well as in Livio’s home country of Italy.

I predict this Italian MLM Company will continue surging upward.

#6: Jeunesse

In 2009, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis co-founded Jeunesse. The company is based in Lake Mary, Florida but has expanded worldwide.

Italians as well as other nations love the cosmetics and other high quality products offered by Jeunesse consultants.

#5: Avon

Founded way back in 1886, Avon is a well-known name in personal care products:

  • Perfumes and cologne
  • Deodorants
  • and even some clothing and accessories

Once headquartered in New York City, because of the overwhelming business flowing in from the European market, the base was moved to London. This meant operations were closer to Italy and Avon businesses exploded there.

There is surely an Avon representative somewhere near if you are in Italy.

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#4: Herbalife

With all the wonderful pasta flowing through Italy, there are many who are trying to lose weight. This has made Herbalife wildly popular in Italy. The weight management and nutritional supplements are greatly accepted.

Herbalife was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California

#3: AMC

This South African cookware MLM company is huge in Italy. With all you need to cook delicious meals, the housewives in Italy always welcome an AMC dealer who comes knocking.

I believe as time goes by, we may see AMC make a huge move into the United States market.

#2: Amway

Many people have started Italian Amway home based businesses. One of the top names in MLM, Amway has a huge range of products.

The company was founded back in 1959 and the home base is Ada, Michigan. But believe me when I say, Amway is extremely popular in Italy.

#1: Vorwerk

Easily taking #1 is the direct selling company of Vorwerk. This German company was founded in 1883 and has a wide variety of brands.

  • Kobold vacuums
  • Thermomix appliances
  • Jafra cosmetics
  • and more

Quite popular all throughout Europe, Italy has many Vorwerk offices and representatives.

There is no doubt that Vorwerk is #1 in Italy and it will be difficult to knock them out.

Final Thoughts

Well, there is my opinion of the top 10 MLM Companies in Italy. I would love to hear your opinion… Especially from other Italians.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please share it with others.

Now I think I will go eat some lasagna. This post made me hungry for pasta.



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