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In today’s post I’m going to share my top 10 blog posts for 2015 here at I’ve been blogging for almost three years now with this site.  I blog every day (except weekends) and try to provide high quality content that can help any network marketer in any company.

I’m also an analytical guy when it comes to business.  I love numbers.  I enjoy studying trends and statistics on my blog to look for ways to improve.  I figured it would be beneficial to look at the top 10 most visited posts/pages for 2015 to see what content and information my readers are really looking for.  Not only does it help give me ideas for future content, but I think this list will also be beneficial to you as well.  Enjoy.

# 10 Join My Team

This is the page on my website that lots of visitors check out after they have read my other content.  It’s not a popular entry page.  On this page, I introduce people to my business opportunity and give them a chance to partner up with me. I think most people visit this page out of curiosity, just to see what company I am in.  Visit my join my team page.

# 9 How to Build Your MLM Business Online

This is one of my favorite posts on my website and probably one of the most important ones.  I provide step-by-step instructions on what every network marketer should do if they are trying to build their business online. It’s definitely worth checking out. Visit my how to build your MLM business online page.

# 8 Amway World Wide Dream Builders Review

World Wide Dream Builders is a line of sponsorship/system within Amway.  In this post I talk about my experience with it when I was in Amway. I share what I liked and disliked about the system and try to provide an objective review. Read my WWDB review.

# 7 MLM Company with Most Six Figure Earners

This post has been gaining popularity over the past couple years.  I wrote a post asking people which company they think has the most six figure earners.  Of course, it is all speculation since most companies don’t publish these stats.  Most of the comments claim that Primerica is the top company.  What do you think? Read about which company has the most six figure earners.

top mlm blog posts of 2015# 6 Top 40 MLM Books of All Time

I crafted this post over many months.  I am an avid reader and I am always looking for the next great network marketing book.  This is a must read post for any network marketer.  Start by ordering the top ten books on the list and study them.  It’s a great way to improve your business education and develop your skills. Read my top MLM Books of all time page.

# 5 Top 10 Herbalife Marketing Tips

This post has also been gaining in popularity over the past 18 months.  It seems as if many Herbalife reps are looking for creative, yet simple ways to build their business.  Who isn’t?  In this post I share some practical marketing tips to find new customers and distributors for your Herbalife team. Check out my Herbalife Marketing Tips page.

# 4 AdvoCare Success Tips

Similar to the Herbalife post, this post gives tips for AdvoCare reps.  I share some simple things that any rep could do to move their business to the next level.  I’m sure the advice applies to anyone from any company. Check out my AdvoCare Success Tips.

# 3 Home Page

Most of my referral traffic comes to my home page.  That’s why it made the list.  This is probably from blog comments, links people have made to my website, YouTube videos, social media, and other sources.  My home page typically shows my most recent post. Visit my home page.

# 2 Top 50 MLM Companies of All Time

This was a guest post I paid someone to write for me.  She did a great job, even though I would have ranked the companies much differently myself.  Everyone has their own views about which companies are best and why, but this is one person’s opinion.  Check out the top 50 MLM Companies.

# 1 Top 27 Amway Diamonds of All Time

This post is hands down my most popular post.  It brings in more traffic than number 2, 3,  and 4 combined.  In this post, I spent 20+ hours researching the top Amway reps of all time.  I interviewed people, did research and added in my own experience while I was in Amway many years ago.  Check out the most popular Amway Diamonds ever.

Key Takeaways

My key takeaways from my list are that lots of people are researching Amway.  I had two of their blog posts make my top 10 list.  Also, many people are looking for success tips for specific companies.  It also seems that people are looking for the right MLM Company to join and how to build their business online.  What are your observations from my list?

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These were my top 10 MLM Blog Posts of 2015 for my blog,  I’d love if you would check out each post, read it, and leave a comment.  Tell me which post was your favorite and why.  To share your thoughts, just leave a comment below.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 MLM Blog Posts in 2015 on

  1. This is an enlightening blog post about your top blog posts. While I agree that people are searching Amway, I believe that researching the top people from other major companies such as Herbalife, Primemerica, Avon and others may also create some high viewed posts.

    It is wise to study what posts are bringing in the most traffic. This can help you decide other types of posts you can do in the future. Thanks for sharing this with us Chuck. It is quite interesting.

    • Great points. Thanks for sharing Greg. That might just be my new idea for new posts this year.

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