Top 10 LiveGood Recruiting Tips: How to Level Up Your Recruiting

Today I want to share my top 10 LiveGood recruiting tips.

I’ve been doing network marketing for over 20 years now. Recruiting is a skill very few people are good with, especially when they’re brand new to the business. Learning to recruit is like learning anything else. It takes practice, the willingness to make mistakes, and sticking with it long enough to figure it out.

No one is born a recruiter. It is a skill that anyone can learn and master if they choose to. Keep in mind, you will be bad before you are good and good before you are great. You will make mistakes and look foolish once in a while.

Things won’t always be easy. You will have setbacks. But if you take the time and you become a student of your business and you become a student of sales and marketing, there’s no doubt in my mind you will eventually figure things out.

I believe anyone can become a great recruiter, but not everyone will. Most people let fear control them. Or they give up at the first sign of defeat. The good recruiters are people who put in the work an stuck around long enough to figure things out.

Recruiting is the secret to success in network marketing. If you want the leverage that our industry offers, you must learn how to recruit. That’s where the magic happens. When you have a team of people, you will always outperform the performance of one person. Of course, you need customers too. But you must build a team to create the big bucks.

Think about a real estate agent versus a real estate broker. A real estate agent must keep hustling, and keep making sales if they want to keep getting paid. A broker might sell a couple of houses themselves too, but they also have the leverage of 50, 100, even 200 agents that they earn an override or a percentage off their performance, in addition to their own personal sales. Who has the better deal? The broker! The broker has leverage. The agent does not.

With LiveGood, you can be the agent or you can be the broker. You choose. You can just sell the products and earn retail commissions, or you can build a team and enjoy the leverage (like a broker does). That is what I recommend you do.

If you want to be a better recruiter, and enjoy the benefits LiveGood has to offer, these are my top 10 LiveGood recruiting tips.

top 10 livegood recruiting tips

Top 10 LiveGood Recruiting Tips

It’s hard to put these in order. All of these things are important. Learn and master all ten things.

# 1: Set Your Daily Goals

Everything begins with your goals. Set daily goals for the following things:

  • # of new people added to your list
  • # of invites to learn more about the products or business
  • #  of people who visit your website
  • # of people who take the free tour and pre-enroll
  • # of people you will follow up with
  • # of people who upgrade or buy

# 2: Calculate Your #s & Success Ratio

By tracking the results of your daily goals, you can monitor your productivity and you can determine your success ratio.

Your success ratio is simply your conversion rate. In other words, how many people must you approach to get a sign up? This number will vary from person to person. However, once you know your success ratio, your business becomes predictable.

You can simply work “your ratio” in your favor. For instance, if you need to approach 20 people to get one signup and you want to signup 10 people per month, you need to approach 200 people per month, which is about 6 people per day. See how manageable that is?

# 3: Create Your Action Plan (DMO)

Your Daily Mode of Operations (DMO) is simply the list of tasks you will do each day to accomplish your goals. It’s normally 3-7 important tasks. It will vary from person to person. If you need ideas about what tasks you should do each day, check out this post.

# 4: Massive Exposures

Network marketing is a numbers game. It’s also a game of skill and strategy but you must work the numbers. Ultimately, the goal of your Daily Mode of Operations is to make 10-20 exposures per day. If you’re only approaching a few people per day, or a few people per week, you will fail miserably. I suggest you pick a number between 10-20 and never let a day go by where you don’t approach that many new prospects.

# 5: Master 2-3 Lead Generation Strategies

Leads are the lifeblood of your LiveGood business. You need at least two or three different ways to get leads. You must keep your pipeline full with new prospects. There are literally hundreds of ways to get leads, but you need to focus on two or three strategies max, learn everything you can about those strategies, and then take all out massive action.

# 6: Follow up

The fortune is in the follow up. Most prospects need 10, 20, even 30 follow ups before they buy or join. You want a systematic way to follow up with your LiveGood leads. The company does a great job following up with people for you, once they pre-enroll, but you need a way to follow up with your prospects who haven’t pre-enrolled yet. I suggest you use an auto-responder.

# 7: Master the Close

You must learn how to close your prospects. People will not go and sign up on their own, even if they want to! You must lead people through the decision making process without using pressure or hype. Here are a few example things you can say to close your prospects:

Jim, based off our conversation today, I know you would do well in this business. How about we take two minutes right now and create your account and get you started?


What questions do you need me to answer before we get you started today?


Which product would you like to try today, the coffee or the Super Reds?

Once you ask the closing question, be quiet and wait for your prospect to respond. If they respond favorably, sign them up and strike while the iron is hot.

# 8: Test, Track, Tweak, & Improve

Track everything you do. If you don’t track it you can’t improve it. Keep track of your exposures, follow ups, and sales. Know your conversion rate. Make small adjustments as necessary. Sometimes even the smallest change can yield a huge, positive impact.

# 9: Be Someone Worth Joining

Are you someone worth joining? Honestly? Are you all in or are you just dabbling with the business? Would you want to sponsor someone just like you? These are important questions you must ask yourself.

Are you attending the training, using the products, participating in the team’s Facebook group, and talking with new prospects daily? If not, it will be difficult to enroll people. Why? Your prospect evaluates you more than they do the business. People do not want to work with non-committed reps! Plus, a stud does not want to work with a dud!

# 10: Keep it Simple

Keep it simple. Do not reinvent the wheel. Ask people to visit your website and take the free tour. Within 12-24 hours, follow up with them and ask them this:

What excites you more, the products or the business?

Then be quiet, listen to them. After you do that, ask them to join!

Remember, any fool can complicate this business but it takes a genius to keep it simple!

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In conclusion, these are my top 10 LiveGood recruiting tips. None of this is rocket science. Most of these things are easy to do and easy not to do. You must choose!

Once you learn how to recruit, the business becomes fun. Most of your stress goes away.

What are your thoughts about my top 10 LiveGood recruiting tips? Do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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