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best ctfo productsIt is a company I was not familiar with until just recently. And from everything I have read, I am impressed.

The company is called CTFO which stands for Chew The Fat Off.

Today, I am going to explain a little about CTFO and also tell you the top 10 CTFO products.

Disclaimer: At this time, we are not affiliated with CTFO. This post is for educational purposes only and we are not compensated by the company or affiliates for this post.

About CTFO

Stuart Finger has been involved in network marketing for many years.

Since he was small, Stuart had a problem with obesity. And when he discovered a product that would help him slim down, he decided to start a MLM company with it.

In 2015, Stuart founded CTFO and he rounded up a team to manage the company. Since its start, CTFO has been growing fast and steady.

The CTFO Management Team

Stuart knew that the bottom line to success was having a great management team…

  • Steve Finger – CEO and President
  • Michael Kahn – COO, Treasurer and Secretary
  • Steve Sakal – National Training Director
  • Meagan Harris – General Manager

Stuart and these 4 are running a great network marketing business that is gaining new representatives daily.

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The Top 10 CTFO Products

I am going to do this slightly different from other top 10 posts. You see, CTFO is well known for their products that use hemp. Yes, CBD Hemp Oil, but it is not the kind of hemp you can get high off. This hemp does not have the “high” causing substance, THC.

CBD Oil has become quite popular as of late.

I am going to give you the top 5 CTFO products that use hemp. But CTFO also has products that do not use hemp. So I will give you the top 5 products in that line too.

Top 5 Hemp Products

#5: CBD Chew Treats For Pets

Many pet medications have a lot of side effects and can damage your pet’s organs. These chews made with pure CBD oil have no side effects and can help treat seizures, nausea and stress.

Each chew has 5mg of CBD oil.

#4: CBD Sleep Support Oral Spray

Combining the effectiveness of CBD oil with the power of Melatonin, this spray is designed to give you a peaceful, fulfilling sleep.

#3: CBD Anti-Aging Under Eye Cream

This cream is infused with CBD oil and a proprietary blend of ingredients that hydrates and erases aging signs mike fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps minimize puffy eyes and dark circles.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

#2: Roll On CBD Pain Rub

This analgesic uses a cold therapy system. It is infused with 100mg of CBD oil as well as menthol. Just roll it on the areas where you have deep pain and soon the pain will diminish.

#1: CBD Oil Herbal Drops

CBD has been shown as a supporter of healthy immune systems, blood sugar levels and many other benefits to human health and well being. You just take a couple drops under your tongue to help you overall well being.

Top 5 Non-Hemp Products

#5: Vitamin C Skin Serum

Loaded with Vitamin C, this skin serum reverses aging effects on your skin and promotes the natural production of collagen to keep your skin healthy.

#4: Lash And Brow Growth Serum

Using a proven blend of ingredients, this product is designed to give you thicker and fuller brows and lashes. It is a great selling CTFO product. Many have noticed an extreme difference in their lashes.

#3: Anti-Aging Cream With Apple Stem Cells

This product utilizes a blend of apple stem cells and avocado oil to provide an excellent cream that erases signs of aging. Skin becomes brighter, tighter and younger looking.

#2: Chewoff

This cherry flavored snack bite helps you defeat hunger pangs and also provides needed energy. By chewing these tablets before meals, you eat less but still feel satisfied.

#1: Shakeoff

These great tasting meal replacement shakes are what helped the founder lose his pounds. They are full of vitamins and minerals and come in 2 flavors: chocolate or original.

They are gluten free and are one of the most popular CTFO products.

Final Thoughts

CTFO… Chew The Fat Off is a well designed MLM company. It is free to join and you can earn compensation even if you don’t buy products yourself. But I always do suggest you use the products before promoting them.

I must admit that I am even considering joining the CTFO program. It seems like they offer an excellent compensation plan and the products do seem fairly priced.

What are your thoughts?

Have you tried any CTFO products?

Leave all comments and questions below.

Thank you.


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