Top 10 Cryptocurrency MLM Companies

Today, we’re going to discuss the top 10 cryptocurrency MLM Companies…

Several years ago, many thought the idea of a digital money would be a passing fad with no stability. Now we see that cryptocurrency has become extremely popular both online and offline.

Bitcoin is the king of the crypto empire, but many other digital currencies are making claims they are the Bitcoin Killer.

Cryptocurrency became a ripe location for multilevel marketing companies. Some of these companies have there own digital currency while others use the network marketing format to sell, buy and trade other cryptocurrencies.

Is it a good idea to join a cryptocurrency MLM company?

I cannot answer that question for you. The crypto MLM business structures are still quite young.

Maybe you have considered the possibility of getting involved with cryptocurrency MLM. But it can be difficult finding the right company.

What reviews there are seem to come from people affiliated with one of these companies, so the review is biased.

I want to first assure you that I am not affiliated in any way with any cryptocurrency MLM companies. The list I am giving you today is my opinion based upon stats, figures and overall impression from online communities.

By the way, you will not find OneCoin on this list. Various countries have blacklisted this MLM cryptocurrency claiming it IS a Ponzi scheme.

Starting from #10 and working to #1, these are…

The Top 10 Cryptocurrency MLM Companies

#10: My Trader Coin

Quite popular in South America and making a splash here in the United States, My Trader Coin is a MLM designed on winning with Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurriencies.

The company is not quite clear about ownership of the company but when digging, we find the name Andre Feitosa pops up.

It seems Andre has been involved with other crypto MLM trading companies, and he decided to start a company with the idea of rewarding the reps better. Upon looking at the My Trader Coin compensation plan, I would have to agree that he has created a great plan for the home based business owners.

You can take a look at the My Trader Coin site at:

#9: Latium

While some would say Latium does not work on a MLM business format, I would say it is close.

Latium works on the Ethereum crypto network. Those within Latium get paid in tokens for tasks they perform. They also earn tokens by referring others.

These tokens can then be exchanged for Ethereum.

Latium is growing in popularity. Especially for semi-busy freelancers who have spare time and can complete tasks.

Latium shows huge transparency and I predict it to grow huge. See more at:

#8: Ormeous Global

A brand new MLM company, Ormeus Global launched in February of 2017.

On the home page of the Ormeus Global website, you may get the sense this company is a health and wellness MLM. They are actually all about trading in cryptocurrency.

The company offers extensive educational resources on cryptocurrency trading.

One drawback is, Ormeus Global does not allow U.S. citizens the opportunity.

See more at:

#7: Digital Gold Share

This is another ultra-new cryptocurrency MLM company.

Set up on a 3 x 7 matrix compensation plan, Digital Gold Share is set up to trade in Bitcoin. You earn commissions as you sign up new recruits who get a Bitcoin wallet and purchase at least the basic package.

I list it here even though this is new and untested. This is because it seems people are “flocking” to this MLM in droves. You can see their website at:

#6: Starbit

I simply love the unique concept of trading in cryptocurrencies that Starbit is using. Based in Dubai, Starbit offers educational materials to help normal people understand how to win in blockchain technology.

They also have Walkybit… This cool device measures how far you walk and rewards you with altcoins that you can convert to cryptocurrency.

So, the more you walk, the more you earn. You can learn more at:

#5: MasterCoin Plus

This is another new cryptocurrency MLM that uses the Bitcoin investments members make and trade on various markets. You are assured a Return on Investment after 120 days. You also earn from downline members who invest.

The company is based in Florida and the CEO is one Thomas Armour.

This is their website:

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#4: BitClub Network

This is a very popular Bitcoin MLM over in Europe and Asia. It also has many critics. But they do actually mine bitcoin.

The thing I don’t feel good about is their lack of transparency. You cannot find out who the leadership is or even where they are located.

The reason this MLM gets #4 is the amount of people who belong to BitClub Network.

By the way, United States citizens are not welcome.

#3: Trade Coin Club

There is a lot of controversial talk online about this company, but the amount of members is huge. The way Trade Coin Club works is the person invests so much of their bitcoin into buying the trading software and then trade cryptocurrency using the software.

You also earn from recruiting others into the Club.

Many of the naysayers claim that this is a Ponzi scheme.

You can check it out at:

#2: iCoin Pro

iCoin Pro is a favorite MLM cryptocurrency company for many. While there isn’t actual trading or crypto purchasing, the products are educational items. The training teaches people the details and strategies for winning at investing in cryptocurrency.

This is one of the most transparent companies in this whole list. Paul De Sousa is the founder and CEO of iCoin Pro.

You can learn more at

#1: Bitqyck

Bitqyck takes the number 1 spot because not only do they have deals on blockchain crypto investing, the company also has various other brands:

  • Healthqy
  • Qyckdeals
  • Travelqy
  • Calorchi
  • and Mobile App Development

So Bitqyck has a great range of products and services allowing independent business owners the ability to sell in more areas.


If you are considering getting involved in a cryptocurrency MLM, you may want to look closer at some of these I listed.  What are your thoughts?  Do you think that this list was accurate?  Please leave all comments and questions below. Thanks.

Disclaimer: This is a completely unbiased review. Neither I nor the Online MLM Community are affiliated in any way with any of these cryptocurrency MLM companies.



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