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In today’s post I’m going to share my top 10 blog posts for 2013 here at I launched this website in April 2013, because I really love this industry and I want to help others become successful.

As of 2014, our site has hundreds of blog posts and I try to add at least 300 to 500 new pages each year.  Pumping out new content is a lot of hard work, but I really enjoy it. What I enjoy even more is helping people and knowing that people get value from my website.

I’m an analytical guy by nature, so I always enjoy studying the trends and statistics with my websites and other businesses.  I believe we can all learn a lot by doing that.  After all, the numbers never lie.

Today, I logged into my Google Analytics account to do some research on my website.  Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see which pages were the most popular this past year.  What I found amazed me.  So, I figured I would share it with you.  What you will see below is the top 10 blog posts and pages on my website in 2013.

Top MLM Blog Posts in 2013# 10 How to Achieve MLM Success

This is a post I wrote sharing my steps to success in network marketing.  The post is very informative and would benefit anyone, whether you are trying to build your business online or offline. It’s also a great post to share with your team.  Learn how to achieve MLM success.

# 9 Top 10 MLM Juice Companies

There are lots of different juice companies in the network marketing industry.  In this post, I evaluated many of these companies and ranked them in the best order possible.  Yes, it’s just my opinion, but if you’re looking to join a juice company this is a must read.  Read more about the Top 10 MLM Juice Companies.

# 8 Newsletter Thanks for Subscribing

I’m not surprised this post made my top 10 list considering that I get a lot of new email subscribers.  This is the page people are forwarded to after they sign up for my newsletter or free boot camp.  Check out my thanks for subscribing page.

# 7 Rolf Kipp Forever Living Products

Rolf is one of the top earners in the entire network marketing industry.  He is one of the few guys in network marketing that I really admire and would love to meet.  He has a solid seven figure a year business with Forever Living Products.  Read more about Rolf Kipp.

# 6 Top 10 Herbalife Marketing Tips

There’s no surprise this one made my top 10 list.  Herbalife is an industry leader.  Many folks in the company are looking for new and effective ways to promote, market, and grow their Herbalife business.  This post offers a lot of helpful tips.  Check out these Herbalife Marketing Tips.

# 5 Top 10 MLM Jewelry Companies

Who doesn’t like jewelry?  There are lots of great jewelry companies in our industry. This top 10 list will help you find the best company for you to work with.  Check out the top jewelry company list.

# 4 How to Build Your MLM Online

I am really surprised that this was not my # 1 most visited post on the entire website.  This is my formula for building your MLM Online.  It’s a long and very popular post.  It took me HOURS and HOURS to create this one.  It’s definitely my favorite post on my website.  Check out the post about building your MLM online.

# 3 Top 4 MLM Cell Phone Companies

Who doesn’t want to get paid for using their cell phone?  There aren’t too many companies in the network marketing industry that specialize in cell phones.  This list provides my top four cell phone companies to choose from. Read the post about top cell phone companies.

# 2 Home Page

I’m definitely shocked that my home page came in at number two on this list.  I get most of my traffic from the search engines, and most of that traffic goes to specific pages on my website, not the home page.  I’m guessing most of this traffic came from people linking to me, from links I’ve built myself, from my email signature files and from comments I’ve left on other blogs. Check out our home page.

# 1 Advocare Success Tips

This was hands down my most popular post of 2013.  I never realized how many folks in Advocare were looking for success tips online.  It has inspired me to write other posts about Advocare, which is one of the best companies around.  Read my post about Advocare Success Tips.

Key Takeaways

I think there are a few key takeaways from this list.  First and foremost, four of the top 10 posts were “Top Lists.”  Obviously, people like lists.  If you have a blog of your own, you should definitely consider doing “Top Lists” to create content that people want.  I also noticed that two of my top 10 lists were about how to be successful in MLM, or in a specific company.  Once again, that might be a good idea to write posts about.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These were my top 10 MLM Blog Posts of 2013 for my blog,  I’d love if you would check out each post, read it, and leave a comment.  Tell me which post was your favorite.  To share your thoughts, just leave a comment below.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Blog Posts and Pages on in 2013

  1. These are quite interesting statistics.

    I am really surprised to see the Advocare tips as #1. To be honest, I am not surprised your homepage is in the tops. Sometimes people clicking through will just click your banner which takes people to the homepage.

    In doing a search of online MLM Chuck, I did run into this site: I was wondering?? It seems there are similar article titles and I just want to make sure you haven’t been plagiarized.

    If it is true, you should probably file DMCA.

    Your #4 probably should be #1. I look for it to move up. Great post.

    • I will check it out. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I really like how you use real companies to demonstrate how to build success in this industry. By showing your readers/subscribers how other companies have achieved success they have some really great models to follow or use to build success for themselves. You can hear people tell you what you should do, but when you can see for yourself that what they are telling you to do actually works it makes the information far more reliable. Great information to share.

  3. It’s not surprising that Top lists and “How to Succeed” articles are some of the most popular posts on the site. This is the kind of information people are generally seeking when they want to learn about MLM. Rather than sift through thousands of MLM companies, just seek out the top 10 or so in an industry you’re interested in and things suddenly become much less convoluted. If you’ve found an industry that suits you, you can then seek out a “How to Succeed” post to get you started on the road to success in this business. Something I find surprising is the lack of business/company reviews that made it into the Top 10.

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