Top 10 Best Pets For Home Business Owners

As a person who works from home, I am a firm believer in having a pet. When those lonely moments come, my pet is there to comfort and console me.

Do you have a pet? Feel free to tell us why or why not in the comments section at the end.

In today’s post, you are going to get my opinion on the top 10 best pets for home business owners. I will start at #10 and work my way to #1.

Let’s take a look…

#10: Guinea Pig

These small, furry creatures just roam around their cage and they love to exercise. The sound of that spinning wheel as your guinea pig can be task inducing.

Not only that, your guinea pig may be just the coach you need to get the exercise you need. We know that working at home can be a temptation to eat too much and get too little exercise.

Guinea pigs will live, on average, about 7 to 8 years. They eat pellets you buy at the pet store and you can feed them fresh vegetables. You should always keep water in their cage.

#9: Fish

While the initial cost of a fish tank and the equipment may be somewhat high, the upkeep is actually quite simple. Just feed your fish at certain times and enjoy their company as you daydream looking at the tank.

You can get some really cool looking fish, and I always recommend getting one of the “sucker” fish that will help keep your tank clean.

#8: Lizard

Personally, I won’t put a lizard in a cage since I can step outside and see at least 5 lizard varieties before I get to the trashcan (we have many lizards here in Puerto Rico).

But lizard can be a great pet that is extremely low maintenance. You will want a heat light so your lizard will feel at home.

As for feeding, you will want to ask the store you buy it from as each variety of lizard has different eating patterns.

#7: Chinchilla

These cute little buggers are another excellent choice as a pet. But don’t let them get loose, because they are very fast and hard to catch.

Otherwise the chinchilla is low maintenance, fun to pet and very quiet.

#6: Cockatiels

These are fun birds to have as pets. They sing so beautifully!

I say it in the plural because I believe you should have a male and a female.

They are not too difficult to care for and the music they sing will inspire your creativity.

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#5: Hedgehog

With similarities to a porcupine and the size of a gerbil, the hedgehog is not related to either. It is in the insectivore family. Somewhat like an anteater.

Just have a clean area for the small hedgehog to poop in and feed it insects and fruit.

The hedgehog normally lives approximately 5 years.

#4: Parrot

They are really not hard to care for and are beautiful birds. They will let you know if they are startled with a loud screech.

Personally, I love seeing parrots in the wild. As a matter of fact, I just spotted one yesterday near the El Yunque Rainforest.

You need a large cage or if you have a room you could make into an aviary, they would love you for it.

#3: Chickens

I call them pets, but I do suggest you keep them outside in a coop. There are several advantages in raising chickens:

  • You won’t have ticks in your yard, they eat them.
  • They lay eggs you can eat.
  • If you can handle killing a pet, fried chicken is a great meal.

There are many types of chickens and they can be a great hobby.

#2: Cat

That furry creature rubbing up against your leg begging for your attention can be a great companion for home business owners.

Cats are easy to take care of and they will help keep rodents out of your house too.

I do suggest you have a scratching post so they don’t ruin your furniture.

#1: Dog

How could “man’s best friend” not be #1.

We now have 2 dogs and I love them dearly.

They will warn you if someone is nearby and they are a great way for you to get exercise… Go Walk The Dog!

Final Thoughts

Well, there is my opinion of the top 10 best pets for home business owners. Do know there are many other ideas too:

  • Hamsters
  • Tarantula
  • Rabbits
  • Ferrets
  • Turtles
  • Etc…

Or maybe if you had proper permissions and licensing, you could get a pet lion… Ha Ha Ha.

So tell us about your pet.

Thank you for visiting and have a great day.

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Chuck Holmes
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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Pets For Home Business Owners”

  1. Lovely!! We do have Parrots and hens at home. As we are working from home, we have some time to take care of them. It is really a good stress buster. We are eating healthy fresh eggs. Absolutely, every home business owner needs a pet. Spending time with pets makes our life more comfortable.

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