Top 10 Avon Perfumes

In today’s post, I would like to share my top 10 Avon perfumes of all time. Please keep in mind that the picks and choices I have made with these Avon perfumes are only my opinion. By all means, we can agree to disagree. My ranking is based upon independent research online, testimonials, sales figures, and product reviews.

Prior to giving you (my) opinions and recommendations on Avon’s top 10 perfumes, allow me to tell you a little about Avon’s history.

In 1886, founder David McConnell created Avon, although in 1886, the mass corporation did not exist as of yet. As a matter of fact, it was the last thing on McConnell’s mind. He was, at that time, going door-to-door selling books to the ladies of the houses, and when they purchased a book from him, he gave them a token of thanks with a small bottle of perfume. It came to be that the ladies were much more interested in the perfumes than the books!

I would think that a light bulb went off and David McConnell created an opportunity to give women the chance to make a living 34-years prior to being eligible to vote. History made its appearance when David McConnell mixed the very first fragrances for his new team of sales ladies to network out to their friends, family, and later the world.

Top 10 Avon Perfumes

Top 10 Avon Perfumes

Without further hesitation, here are my Top 10 Avon Perfumes, beginning with number 10.

# 10: Avon Haiku Flower Eau De Parfum

Avon’s Haiku Flower Eau De Parfum is a bit more daring scent than the popular time-honored Haiku, but the Haiku Flower has taken the same floral scent and added a musk.

It also carries notes of:

  • White Peony
  • Cotton Musk
  • Violet Leaf

The Haiku Flower at 1.7 FL oz. can be purchased for $23 dollars.

“Haiku Kyoto Flower is a very pretty, comforting scent. Soft enduring white musk blended with uplifting sweet puffy peony , a tickling touch of violet leaf and a hint of cherry blossom makes this scent both cooling and gently warming.

Kyoto Flower dries down to a definite powdery FEEL. If you find this scent too strong, try it in the body lotion. The lotion is also very long lasting. I wear it with the spray and it lasts forever on my skin until I wash it off.

Soft, almost powdery, sweet, but not too sweet, with moderate projection, Kyoto Flower is perfect for Spring. Also great to wear any time you need to feel calm and beautifully feminine.”

~ Joliecat

# 9: Avon Haiku Reflection Eau De Parfum

The essence of Avon’s Haiku Reflection brings calmness and peace. This soft gentle scent has a tasteful mixture of:

  • Capucine
  • Amberwood
  • Crisp Pear
  • Magnolia

Selling for only $23 dollars at 1.7 FL oz.

“This is my every day scent. I originally got it from my Aunt, and she wears it all the time! It smells sweet and floral and all around enticing. I love the packaging, it looks like a little temple in Japan! A couple sprays in the morning and it stays all day long! Will be repurchasing in the future!”

~ Tiffany R.

# 8: Avon Absolute Parfum

Avon’s Absolute Parfum brings on the fragrances of love. Constructed with silky passion oils, Absolute Parfum is made of high concentration to the wearer of the scent. Some of the notes included in Avon’s Absolute Parfum include:

  • Calabrian Bergamot
  • Orris
  • Hibiscus Petals
  • Italian Lemon

Avon sells Absolute Parfum at 1 FL oz. for only $30 dollars.

“The scent reminds me of walking past a flower shop in summer. A mix of all of the different flowers mingling together on a warm day. Just scenting the air. It has a slight vanilla creaminess to the scent that makes it wearable at the same time. Sweet yet sophisticated.”

~ Eithne

# 7: Avon Ultra Sexy Lace Eau De Toilette

Avon’s Ultra Sexy Lace Eau De Toilette’s scent leaves nothing to chance, the scent is extremely alluring. You will receive a full 1.7 FL oz. bottle for only $25 dollars, and some of the notes to this fragrance consist of:

  • Golden Amber
  • Pear
  • Magnolia

“Sadly this was retired by Avon. Best fragrance ever, in my opinion. I always got compliments on this. I went through so many bottles as it used to be my signature. It was perfect in every way. Love it. Wish it would be brought back. Pear, magnolia and amber. Rich gourmand, warm spicy, and musky sweet. Very sophisticated, sexy fragrance.”

~ Amber Woods

# 6: Avon Little Black Dress Eau De Toilette

I’ve been told that every woman should own a little black dress, now, Avon’s Little Black Dress Eau De Parfum can make this a reality. This wondrous fragrance is for every mood with notes including:

  • Black Plum
  • Baies Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Sandalwood
  • Rose Petal

Avon sells Little Black Dress for only $25 dollars per 1.7 FL oz.

“I have to say I am so impressed with this fragrance that I really wanna try other ones from Avon as well. This is one of the most subtle yet classic perfumes I have ever come across. It is a very rare quality for a perfume to be so powerful yet be so toned down at the same time. I would highly recommend this to everyone. This is ideal for office to your saturday dinner date. The Top notes are Cyclamen, Coriander, African Ginger, Apricot Blossom and Honeysuckle. The Heart notes are of Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, Pink Peony, Jasmine and Datura; and the base notes consist of Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Musk, Japanese Plum and Woody Notes.”

~ Shweta

# 5: Avon Prima Noir Eau De Parfum

Avon’s Prima Noir Eau De Parfum is an adventurous nighttime scent that promotes a graceful yet bold statement. Avon’s Prima Noir comes in a 1.7 FL oz. beautiful bottle and is sold for $30 dollars.

Some of the fragrant notes you will find in Prima Noir include:

  • Violet
  • Vanilla
  • Jasmine

“I use it everyday, I absolutely love it. I’ve discovered my signature perfume and I’m going to stick with it. I highly recommend it. I’ve gotten more compliments on this perfume than all other perfumes combined.”

~ Gracie

# 4: Avon Far Away Infinity Eau De Parfum

Avon’s Far Away Infinity Eau De Parfum holds the captivating scent of Oriental floral infusions.

Some of the notes you can expect with Avon’s Far Away Infinity include:

  • Luminous Marigold
  • Italian Bergamot
  • Jasmine Sambac
  • Lacquer Gardenia

Avon sells Far Away Infinity for $23 dollars per 1.7 FL oz.

“OMG! I’m in love with this perfume. The scent smells much expensive than its price! I can’t stop smelling my wrist after used. I can smell a hint of honey jasmine and sweet vanilla, and it’s not cloying. The lasting is moderate and also its sillage, but I don’t mind reapplying during the day. I think this is suitable for daytime. It’s kind of a good office scent. You can blind buy it, and I am sure you’ll like it.”

~ Waekkae

# 3: Avon Femme Eau De Parfum

Avon’s Femme Eau De Parfum has a captivating fragrance all of its own that can easily be worn from day to nighttime.

The beautiful notes you will discover with Avon’s Femme Parfum include:

  • Magnolia
  • Amber woods
  • Jasmine

The long-lasting scent of Avon’s Femme Eau De Parfum is $30 dollars per one 1.7 FL oz. bottle.

“I love this one! It was love at first inhalation when I sampled a vial, and my appreciation for it has only grown. Very fresh without being green, and pink without being sugary. I am finding I adore notes of pink grapefruit, magnolia and fresher jasmine in fragrances, and they all play a starring but tasteful role here. I’d add, like previous posters, that I think notes of pink roses and gardenia are present here.

I find it lasts quite well, 4-6 hours, though I suspect my twice-daily habit of body-moisturizing helps this in general. (I usually use unscented body lotions as I need super-rich ones & can’t afford lotions in each scent anyway).

Sillage is about 3 feet max, which is the most I’d be comfortable with generally.

A lovely pink-fresh spring & summer flurry of petals!”

~ Julia Glenn

# 2: Avon Passion Eau De Parfum

Avon’s stylishly brilliant Passion Eau De Parfum puts the L in luxurious, as even displayed in its very own jeweled 1.7 FL oz. bottle.

The glamorous notes you will receive from Avon’s Passion Eau De Parfum include:

  • Sensual Jasmine Sambac
  • Creamy Musk
  • Vanilla Bourbon
  • Sparkling Starfruit

The unforgettable fragrance of Avon’s Passion Eau De Parfum is sold for an amazing $36 dollars.

“Avon Passion Perfume is wonderful. Sexual and seductive with hints of vanilla bourbon, jasmine, and sparkling fruit. it’s bold, yet lasts all day. It leaves me with a warm feeling, like you are walking thru a tropical destination smelling all the fragrances of the island. A+”

~ ChrissyJ

# 1: Avon Rare Amethyst Eau De Parfum

Avon’s Rare Amethyst Eau De Parfum is a glamorous and passionate fragrance that can easily be transformed from day to nighttime wear.

The smooth silky notes you will unearth consist of:

  • Passionate Wet Plum
  • Rich Sandalwood
  • Blooming Velvet

As rare as the scent of Avon’s Rare Amethyst Eau De Parfum is, so is the price at 23 dollars per one 1.7 FL oz. bottle.

“Rare Amethyst is a simple, but elegant fruity floral that I quite like. The plum gives an unexpected sweetness to the scent that I quite like as it gives this something a little bit different than what you might expect. The violet gives the scent a soft floral element that adds femininity without being overtly floral, with sandalwood to add a touch of warmth to the final dry-down.”

~ Bailey


Keep in mind Avon is always offering some type of sale, so the prices of these perfumes might go up or down from time-to-time.

avon perfume prices

Final Thoughts

The Top 10 Avon perfumes that I have mentioned above are only a taste of what the Avon collection has to offer. My choices of these particular ten Avon perfumes is that they are what I believe to be the best-of-the-best, of course this is in my opinion only.

The company of Avon has moved mountains since the days of Avon’s founder David McConnell selling books door-to-door in 1886.

The Avon line of perfume is unmistakably amazing, and you really get a “bang for your buck” with as many choices, scents, and amounts of quality perfume as they offer. Avon itself has come a long way from selling to the public door-to-door (which by the way still do) to the high magnitude of sales on the internet.

As I have stated, Avon is a large company that really started from scratch. This is one of the many reasons that I have a tremendous respect for the company. It has an amazing amount of products including their glorious line of women’s perfume, and I feel that Avon will continue on its amazing journey into the future.

Now it’s your turn, what is your view on Avon? Have you had the chance to try any of Avon’s spectacular perfumes? Do you feel as though you would recommend Avon Perfumes to your family, friends, or your co-workers?

If you have a story to tell of an experience with an Avon perfume may it be a special day you had, an event you wanted just the right scent to wear to, or just plain interested in finding out more about this vast selection of fragrant perfumes, go ahead and drop a line at the comment section below.

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