Top 10 Avon Colognes

In today’s post, I want to share the top 10 Avon Colognes, as I see it. Please keep in mind that these ideas that I portray of these particular colognes that I have chosen are only my opinion. You may think otherwise and we can agree to disagree.

Avon has been an honest and reputable company since founder David McConnell began it in 1886.

Buying Avon products such as these 10 top colognes I have picked out is not only affordable, but easily and conveniently accessible. I find myself speaking quite highly about Avon’s products such as these top ten colognes, because Avon is a company that I believe in.

Avon has always been the type of company that aims to please each and every customer over decades, and in my opinion, these men’s colognes are a true statement of how a man’s cologne (should) smell. If you are truly looking for a scent that is not only fresh, clean and most of all manly, you have definitely come to the right page.

The Top 10 Avon Colognes

Top 10 Avon Colognes of All Time

Without further ado, I bring you the Top 10 Avon Colognes that I have chosen. I would like to remind you that these Top 10 men’s colognes are my opinion alone. I have compiled this list from online review, sales figures, and my own experience.

# 10: Avon Exploration Eau De Toilette

Avon’s Exploration Eau De Toilette is filled with a vast amount of citrus scents including:

  • Zesty Grapefruit
  • Musky warm driftwood
  • Splashes of Orange

This particular fragrance is a part of Avon’s campaign of buying one and getting one free and is sold for $26 dollars per 2.5 FL oz.

“I gifted this fragrance to my brother, my husband and a friend and I had great feedback from them. When I ask them why they love it, they answer ‘it smells luxurious’.”

~ Maroua Bouaffoura

# 9: Avon Prime Eau De Toilette

Avon’s Prime Eau De Toilette is one of the top selling Avon colognes because of its desirable scent.

The fragrance consists of:

  • Lavender
  • Fresh Bergamot
  • Apple

Avon sells Prime Eau De Toilette for $30 dollars per 2.5 FL oz.

“I bought this Avon Prime Eau de Toilette for my Darling Husband. We’ve been married for over 13 + years. I have bought him many different colognes over the years. He really likes the scents in Prime. I think he will smell even better than soap when he wears Prime.”

~ Olivia

# 8: Avon Blue Escape Eau De Toilette

The fragrance has been compared as to be a fresh aquatic scent, considered soothing with the lush tinge of summer.

This fragrance consists of:

  • Hot skin musk
  • Ocean mist
  • Blue Geranium

The price for this wondrous cologne is $23 dollars for 2.5 FL. Oz.

“Its not heavy and smells clean. Not overpowering like some colognes. It’s basically all I use.”

~ fge003

# 7: Avon Alpha Eau De Toilette

Avon Alpha Eau De Toilette comes in a handsome bottle and sets a confident mood.

It’s notes of scents include:

  • Sparkling verbena
  • Cedarwood Heart
  • Italian Bergamot

For $23 dollars you will receive 3.4 FL oz.

“This is definitely one of my favorites. I bought this for my fiance and I don’t know who loves the smell more:)”

~ Cheyanne Jones

# 6: Mesmerize Black Eau De Toilette

This cologne is represented in a very handsome bottle and has an alluring masculine scent that literally mesmerizes.

Some of the fragrances you will notice are:

  • Leather
  • Sandalwood
  • Lemon
  • Pink Peppercorn

For $23 dollars you will receive 3.4 FL oz.

“I’m not a fan of Avon perfumes and bought a tester. Very nice surprise…yummy unisex almond musk. Smells much more expensive than the price would suggest. Does not disappoint, would consider buying a full bottle of this.”

~ Essy_C

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Avon Black Suede Cologne

# 5: Avon Black Suede Essential Eau De Toilette

Avon’s Black Suede Essential Eau De Toilette is a remarkable cologne for the price. An extremely manly scent with a charm all its own. The fragrance consists of a soft suede with a hint of wild blue Lavender as well as a burst of citrus.

It sells for $18 dollars for a remarkable 3.4 FL oz.

“I just wanted to say something about black suede. I’ve used black suede since I was 15 years old, now I’m 55 and I still use it. I’ve never had a single bad comment about how it smells on me, however I have gotten thousands of compliments on how good it smells . I’ll continue wearing black suede as long as they continue making it. I would highly recommend that everyone try it out, you’ll probably love it and get plenty of good comments. Thanks Avon.”

~ Bob

# 4: Avon Attraction (for him) Eau De Toilette

This newer Avon cologne, Avon Attraction Eau De Toilette has the appealing aroma of Ginger root among other inviting scents including:

  • Crushed Cardamom
  • Smokey Woods
  • Indonesian Patchouli

This magnificent Avon cologne can be purchased for $30 dollars at 2.5 FL oz.

“I got compliments almost every where I went.”

~ Danie Tamun

# 3: Avon Luck (for him) Eau De Toilette

Many have claimed that this is the cologne they wear for their special events. This 2.5 FL oz. bottle is priced at only $29 dollars and has a nice variety of casual but memorable scents including:

  • Nutmeg
  • Cedarwood
  • Pink Pepper

“This is the fragrance that started it all for me. This on my opinion is one of the best smelling cheaper scents out there. The longevity is not the greatest but man you will not be disappointed with how this smells. It’s not crazy expensive so if you want to start in the fragrance game I would start here.”

~ Jose E.

# 2: Avon Black Suede Cologne

Avon Black Suede has been a favorite of many because of its sweet mossy tones as well as spicy accents which give this cologne a background of Amber, woods, and musk.

Avon Black Suede cologne also shows hints of:

  • Hot Skin musk
  • Ocean mist
  • Blue Geranium

This is a must have Avon cologne at $18 dollars for 3.4 FL oz.

“My husband’s one and only cologne. It’s the only one he uses. Thank goodness Avon is still making this scent! It is perfection, can’t think of any way of improving it. It is a bit pricey but not bad at all really. I highly recommend to anyone. My husband smells amazing!”

~ Natalee K.

# 1: Avon Perceive Cologne

Avon Perceive cologne has an amazing clean, fresh and crisp scent. I have been told it also has mood enhancing qualities. This Avon cologne comes in a spray and is only $23 dollars for 3.4 FL oz.

Looking at this from a price point, there is no comparison to the bigger name brands, looking at the quality of this scent, I personally would invest in Avon. Oh, of course this is just my opinion.

“Oh my goodness I absolutely love this smell on a guy. it is just the perfect cologne. it is not too strong but not subtle.”

~ Yvette A.


As you can plainly see, Avon has put out many different styles and scents of men’s cologne. They range from the wild musky scents and fragrances to the softer tones and notes.

I must say that it sometimes amazes me that some will pay outrageous prices at the mall or a department store just for a certain name brand product (I won’t mention any names), and usually will even receive a smaller oz. amount, but again, that’s only my opinion.

As I have stated, Avon has been around since (1886), and has had a wonderful reputation all through time. It is one of the few companies left that will actually and literally bring your product, in this case these wonderful Avon colognes, to your very door. Again, only in my opinion, does that not set Avon apart from all the rest?

Final Thoughts

The Avon cologne collection that I have presented are only a handful of the colognes that Avon has to offer. These Avon Colognes were (in my opinion) some of the best Avon has on their wide-variety menu.

I have been a great fan of Avon through many years and can’t begin to tell you what a reputable company Avon really is. After all, you don’t hang around since the eighteen hundreds for nothing. The service, quality, and professionalism within Avon in my opinion is about extinct in so much of our world today.

The Avon colognes are remarkable and for the amount you receive as well as the price, I feel that I personally would not consider any other brand.

Now it’s your turn. Have you tried any of the above Avon colognes? Would you suggest any of these colognes to your friends, family or co-workers?

Do you possibly have a story to tell where you were wearing one of these magnificent Avon colognes to a special event, of something or somewhere that these Avon colognes were the right scent at the right time?

Go ahead and drop a line at the end of this article, I would like to have your feedback or stories about Avon colognes. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask below and I will gladly get back to you!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Avon Colognes”

  1. Yes!!! Saw perceive at #1 and was overly pleased cause of how much women can’t help but comment on how sexy the scent is, it’s turning heads every where I go and I’m just feeling like a million bucks. As to the part where you would invest I actually would buy Avon because of this amazing female attracting scent 😏

  2. ‘Glad you included in your review. They also have reviews of Avon’s vintage fragrances such as Moonwind and Topaze.
    I wonder after recently acquiring some of each in the old style vintage bottles (Moonwind in a blue pillar shaped bottle and Topaze in a deep green rosebud vase bottle) if Avon can release these fragrances again or if due to the ingredients and new regulations they can’t.
    Moonwind and Topaze by Avon are pleasant fragrances based on what I received (‘found via eBay and a local garage sale-the son of a trade show wholesaler now in a nursing home was at the end of reselling the contents of 15 warehouses full of wholesale products including vintage Avon that he began collecting due to his meeting a company representative of Avon in the 1970’s) there were fragrance and aftershave containers shaped in everything from cars to buffaloes, teepees, motorhomes,cars of various types including gold Cadillacs! Guns,turkeys, geese, quail etc. too. It saddened me to see that Avon most likely due to costs involved in the manufacture had to quit making them but anyway, the vintage fragrances I have worn around coworkers and my husband has worn vintage Tai Winds and others with compliments no less makes me think if Avon could ‘bring them back’ they’d be a hit if they did!

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