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Tony and Elaine Young are Double Diamonds in the Amway business. They live in Hong Kong and have one son. Elaine learned about the business from a friend. Prior to joining the business Elaine was a stay-at-home mom and Tony was a newspaper editor.

After Elaine achieved some success with Amway, Tony got more involved and helped her build the business. As time progressed, they achieved more and more success. They built their business by sharing the products and business opportunity with everyone they knew via in-home meetings and one-on-one presentations.

amway business cardAs they sponsored people, they helped their new distributors get started right by finding a few customers and building a team. They kept repeating this process over-and-over in depth and ended up building a large business with thousands of distributors in it. Obviously, they know what they are doing. Anyone who can achieve the level of Double Diamond is a success story.

They participate with the Britt World Wide training system. The purpose of Britt World Wide is to train, educate and motivate Amway Distributors within its line of sponsorship by providing business support materials such as tapes, books, seminars and functions. The Young’s earn a significant income from tool money, in addition to their Amway income.

Although I’ve never met this couple in real life, I would like to. From what I’ve heard, they are dynamic speakers and motivators. In addition, they are excellent leaders and recruiters. Anyone who can build a MLM Business that lasts more than 20 years definitely knows what they are doing.

If you’ve worked with Amway Double Diamonds Tony and Elaine Young personally, I would love to hear from you. Please tell us when you joined their organization, how long you were involved with Amway and tell us about your overall experience with the company?  Leave a comment to share your story.

Disclaimer: Amway and BWW are registered trademarks.  I am not affiliated with either company.

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3 thoughts on “Tony & Elaine Young Amway Hong Kong Double Diamonds Britt World Wide”

  1. The story of Tony and Elaine Young is truly inspirational. It is an excellent example of how unity in a marriage can create a successful outcome, not only in this business, but also in life. I am happy to see they did not despise their humble and small beginnings. I believe they deserve this prestigious award. I wish them all the best in their business and in their life together.

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