Top Big Al Tom Schreiter MLM Books & Quotes

In today’s post, I’d like to share my favorite “Big Al” Tom Schreiter quotes and books. Tom is one of my favorite MLM Trainers and authors. He has a great sense of humor and tons of experience. He’s been involved in this industry longer than I’ve been alive! I’ve learned a ton of valuable lessons by studying his books. I even attended the big MLM Mastermind Event in Orlando and watched him speak.

What I like most about his training is that he keeps things simple. He has a way with words that ANYONE can understand. His books are fun and entertaining. He is a master story teller.

In the first section of this article, I will share my favorite Tom Schreiter quotes from his books. After that’s done, I’ll do a quick summary of my favorite “Big Al” books. Enjoy the training.

Big Al Tom Schreiter Quotes

Top “Big Al” Tom Schreiter Quotes

# 1: Want to guarantee your group’s decline? It’s easy. Just stop working and watch.

The speed of the leader is the speed of the team. Your group will watch what you do and if you are lucky, they might do 20% of what you do. If you do nothing, your group will die a quick death.

# 2: Recruiting and retailing activities builds business.

These are the two most important activities in your business. Spend MOST of your business hours doing these two things and you will be set. Don’t confuse busy work with being productive.

# 3: The best contests have provisions that allow everyone to win.

Make sure that your contents are designed for the part-timers, so everyone has a chance to win. You can have a grand prize winner, but also have smaller, achievable prizes. This will encourage your part-timers to participate, which will result in more team growth.

# 4: Distributors, like ordinary people, are short-term planners.

Most people in the real world think short-term. It’s natural for most people. Leaders, on the other hand, tend to think long-term. Most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do planning their life. Most reps are thinking pay day to pay day. They aren’t looking three, five, or ten years down the road.

# 5: If your contests are longer than two weeks, distributors will wait thirteen days before starting.

People tend to procrastinate in everything they do, especially in this business. That’s why it’s better to have 1-day contests rather than contests that last a few weeks.

# 6: People work better in pairs.

Team up your downline members so they have an accountability partner to work with. When you put two people working together they can get a lot accomplished.

# 7: We must build deep to help our distributors taste some success.

Light a fire in the basement of your team so everyone gets excited. Build your business from the bottom up. When you work on level 10, for example, you automatically motivate and help the nine levels above them.

# 8: Professional recruiters spend their time in front of qualified prospects. Amateurs spend their time in front of anyone and everyone.

Make sure you have a simple way to pre-qualify people BEFORE you show them the plan. This will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. By no means should you pre-judge someone. Talk to everyone, but make sure you ask qualifying questions with people BEFORE you spend a lot of time sharing the products and business with them.

# 9: Understanding builds credibility. Credibility builds trust.

People will only join or buy from you if they like you, know you, and trust you.

# 10: It’s almost impossible to help someone who has given up.

You can’t drag people across the finish line. You can’t make anyone else successful. Work with the willing, the people who deserve your time.

# 11: Prospects put us under a microscope and judge us more than they judge the opportunity.

 People don’t join companies, they join people! Make sure you are someone worth joining.

# 12: New distributors need follow-up, patience, and training. They don’t need an absent leader.

 Nearly 95% of your team will need intensive support, especially during their first 90-days in the business. Be accessible and have a game-plan for your new people.

professional mlm recruiters

# 13: Everyone wants to make an appointment with the expert.

An expert is someone from out of town with a briefcase. Sometimes, it’s hard to be a prophet in your own land. The people who know you best are often the most critical of you. Also, work by appointment whenever possible. That’s what professionals do.

# 14: Logic doesn’t sell. Emotions and credibility sells.

Appeal to people’s emotions whenever possible. People make emotional decisions and then justify those decisions with logic, not the other way around.

# 15: A key to a profitable multilevel business is not getting more distributors but keeping the present distributors.

Recruiting will make you money but retention will make you rich. Spend as much time retaining people as you do recruiting new people. It’s not about how many people you bring into the business. Instead, it’s about how many people you KEEP in the business and get to DUPLICATE your efforts.

# 16: Performing specific goals and activities daily separates leaders from distributors.

Set a goal. Make a plan. Get to work. Repeat daily.

# 17: Long-term multilevel income comes from long-term distributors and customers.

Success in this industry is not about short-term opportunism. Instead, it’s about long-term focus.

# 18: The # 1 reason a prospect joins a multilevel company is YOU.

Your prospects will evaluate you more than they do the company or products.

# 19: The world is full of people searching for leaders to follow.

Be the leader and you will attract other leaders. Figure out your why and vision, constantly share it with others, and keep leveling up your leadership skills.

# 20: You are only paid on the production of your downline.

This is the blessing and curse of our industry. If you can’t get other people to duplicate and produce, you won’t make much money in network marketing.

# 21: It is much cheaper to invest time and money in keeping your present distributors than it is to invest in new distributors.

Retention and repeat orders are where the real money is made in network marketing.

# 22: Many distributors will work harder for recognition than for money.

Babies cry for it and grown men die for it: RECOGNITION. Find simple, creative, and low-cost ways to provide lots of recognition to your team. Recognize the behaviors you want more of.

# 23: Most distributors will never earn the big checks in multilevel, but they will stay loyal to the product line.

This is why it’s important to find a company with a product line that is great quality, priced fairly, and offers great value to customers.

# 24: The measure of a successful multilevel organization is the number of leaders, not the number of distributors.

Customers and reps come and go like the common cold. LEADERS generate your real income.

# 25: Support your distributors but work with your leaders.

Save your one-on-one time for your leaders. Train everyone else in a group setting.

# 26: Most distributors get good advice but never realize the value or put it to use.

Most people would rather learn how to do something than actually go and do it. If you’ve been in network marketing for even a month, you know WHAT to do. Most people’s problem is they haven’t figured out WHY they should do it.

# 27: Don’t judge the unmotivated distributors for what he might do. Judge him for the potential distributors in his organization.

Work through the people you recruit. Let everyone lead you to someone else. Repeat until you find your serious people. Even a dud knows a stud.

# 28: Your job is to work in depth, get referrals, and work to replace your unmotivated distributor.

Work with the green, the newest, most excited distributor in your team.

desire an opportunity

# 29: The professional recruiters readily admit that they didn’t sponsor most of their workers.

Your best leaders always show up in depth.

# 30: The real people you want are those with jobs who want to build a part-time business.

Rather than look for people who NEED the business, focus on people who are searching for something better.

# 31: The secret to recruiting is not in convincing people, but in sorting people.

Your job is to turn over rocks until you find your diamonds. It’s not your job to convert rocks into diamonds.

# 32: It is ten times easier to locate a prospect who wants to work than to convince an unwilling disinterested prospect to work.

It’s better to run with one than push or pull twenty.

# 33: You can save a lot of time by pre-qualifying your prospects.

Before you give a presentation, or make a pitch, ask a few qualifying questions. This will keep you from wasting time with unqualified prospects.

# 34: Give the person with a need a job and give the person with a desire an opportunity.

This is one of my favorite Big Al quotes.

# 35: The major problem of network marketing leaders is that they believe that by squeezing harder you can get more milk. The real solution to get more milk is to get more cows.

You won’t hit the next rank with the same team. Keep recruiting and keep looking for new talent.

# 36: You don’t have to be a superstar in network marketing to reach financial security.

Correct. You just need to keep recruiting, keep tap-rooting, and let other people lead you to your leaders.

# 37: Your MLM Prospect will not join your downline for your reasons but will join your MLM Downline for his reasons.

People join (or not) for their reasons, not because you want them to. This is why it’s important to figure out each person’s hot buttons.

# 38: You can target your recruiting efforts for short-term profits or for long-term income.

Stop looking for MLM Junkies. Instead, look for people with leadership qualities who can stick with one company long-term.

# 39: Keep your presentations simple and to the point.

People have short attention spans. Don’t expect someone to sit through a 60 or 90-minute presentation.

# 40: If you want to learn how to be successful in MLM, learn from someone who is already successful.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Find a coach who has acquired what you want in the business, and humble yourself enough to follow their lead.

# 41: Distributors come and go. It’s how many MLM leaders you have that count. Your strength, security and income depend on the number of leaders in your group, not the number of transient distributors passing through.

If you want to know if you have a good group, determine how many leaders you have. How many people are showing their own business presentations? How many people are independent of you? How many people are actively building their own teams without your help? These are the folks that will determine your success, not the person who joined looking to get rich quick.

# 42: If you don’t have downline leaders in your MLM group you can never rest.

If you’re just building a team of distributors (followers) you will burn out and eventually quit. If everyone depends on you and needs you to do everything for them, you will create yourself a low-paying job. Your primary objective is to find and develop LEADERS.

# 43: The smart MLM superstars have several MLM leaders in their downline. And their life is easy.

I would personally rather have five leaders in my team than hundreds of followers. Leaders are the ones that will go out and do the work and build a group, with or without you. When you have leaders you have leverage. Remember this: When you sponsor followers you add people to your team, but when you sponsor leaders you multiply your team.

# 44: You may have to invest in several potential MLM leaders to get your superstar.

People will fool you. People will tell you they are a leader or tell you they WANT to be one of your top leaders, but at the end of the day they are just blowing smoke. Watch what people do, not what they tell you they will do. If they tell you something, but don’t do it, find someone else to work with. One good leader is worth a lot of money to you. Remember you must dig up a lot of dirt before you find gold!

# 45: Great MLM potential talent will come to you if you do your job right.

Lead by example. Set the pace and do the things you want your team to do. Inspire people with your own personal example. Be the most persistent and consistent person on your team. Do that and you will naturally attract other leaders to you. Leaders want to partner with other leaders. Be that leader, even before you have a large group, and good things will happen in your business.

# 46: The longer an organization exists, the slower its growth.

In most cases, your organization will grow the fastest in the first few years and then it will eventually plateau. If you always have new people joining your team, it will continue to grow. If you stop building depth or stop sponsoring it will die a slow death.

number of mlm leaders

# 47: Most leaders spread their efforts too thin. They try to reach levels of achievement and rank too fast.

Pace yourself. This business is a marathon, not a sprint. Build one or two legs at a time UNTIL they are rock solid and independent of you. You can only work with two to five people at a time effectively. It’s better to work with two to three people at a time until they don’t need you anymore, and then go start a new leg.

# 48: Focus on long-term steady progress.

Nice and steady is what will win the race, especially if you combine it with a 90-Day Blitz. Grow your group a little bit each month and repeat that for a few years and you will eventually have a big team. Whatever you do, be persistent and consistent, but also be patient.

# 49: Personal letters are hard to ignore, especially if they are sincere and handwritten.

Send handwritten notes to prospects and team members whenever possible. This is a quick way to differentiate yourself and stand out in the crowd. Most people get a lot of junk mail every day, but very few personalized letters. When you mail out a personalized letter to someone, the person will read it.

# 50: You only need a couple of good leaders to make a fantastic income in MLM.

Most top earners make 90% of their income from just two or three leaders on their team, even if they’ve sponsored hundreds of people personally. One good leader can change your life, financially. These folks are hard to find, but they are out there. In fact, they normally show up in depth.

# 51: Too many distributors join just for the money and forget about product value.

If the product doesn’t make sense neither will the business. People who join a business to make money usually quit within 90 days or less. People who join because they love the products will keep reordering each month (normally) whether they ever build a business or not. That is where your residual income comes from.

# 52: If the product or service is not a good deal for the distributor on the bottom, he will drop out.

The product must provide real value to the end user. If the only reason people are buying products is so they can qualify for a bonus check, you are missing the boat. The products ARE the business.

# 53: The quality of the person responding is more important than the number of people who respond.

Quality trumps quantity. I’d rather generate one good lead than 100 bad ones.

# 54: Almost everyone is a prospect sometime during his life. However, he won’t be a prospect every day of his life.

Timing is key. Just because someone tells you no today does not mean that they will be a no forever. The fortune is in the follow-up. Every prospect is a prospect for life.

# 55: Low volume, hand-written prospecting letters pull up to ten times better than photocopied or printed form letters.

Mailing 100 personalized, handwritten letters is more effective than mass mailing 5,000 letters to strangers.

# 56: Don’t get into the herd mentality by following the followers. Be different. Recruit where your competition doesn’t recruit.

Be unique. Be different. Stand out in the crowd. Use your own unique talents and abilities to grow your business. That’s what leaders do.

# 57: When giving a presentation, they try to present the opportunity from the prospect’s point of view.

Tailor your presentation to your prospect. Before you give the presentation, spend some time to figure out their “hot button” and then focus on that. Remember, people do not buy a drill because they want a drill. Instead, they buy a drill because they want a hole.

# 58: Prospects will choose to remember only bits of our presentation.

No one will remember everything you say during your presentation. That’s why it is important to be brief and to the point. Focus on the key points during your presentation and do not overwhelm your prospect with information overload. Less is more!

# 59: Write down all the great features and benefits about your program.

Features tell and benefits sell. Know the benefits of your products, services, and company. In other words, what do people gain by using your products or services? How will people look or feel when they use your products?

# 60: You’ll have to look very hard to find a prospect today who will sit through a one-hour or two-hour opportunity presentation.

Keep your presentations to 10-20 minutes max. People have a short attention span, and most people are busy. Very few of your prospects will sit down with you for more than 30 to 60 minutes.

mlm leaders

# 61: You build a solid network marketing business by building relationships.

This always has been and always will be a relationship business. Relationships are the glue that holds your business together.

# 62: People make weird decisions based on illogical, emotional criteria.

Appeal to people’s emotions whenever possible. People make emotional decisions and then justify those emotions with logic. Don’t think that being logical will help you sponsor anyone!

# 63: A new distributor can write a letter to every friend and relative announcing that he (or she) is going into business for himself. Instead of asking them to join, he can ask each friend and relative to purchase just one product to help his starting inventory.

This is a wonderful way to initially contact your warm market in a rejection free zone.

# 64: Premiums are anything you can offer as an incentive for fast action.

When you try to sell your product, service, or business opportunity, offer a special bonus or something free along with it. This will help influence more people to buy.

# 65: Forget logic and needs. Market to basic human desires.

Figure out what people want and show them how to get it. Once again, people are emotional creatures.

# 66: If you buy leads or run an advertisement, 95% of those prospects won’t join your program.

Most of the people you encounter will not be interested in what you have to offer. If you are doing paid ads, you need a way to make money from those 95% of people as well. That’s where a funded proposal such as a tool, affiliate product, system, or leads comes in handy. Use a two-step selling process and back end people into the business.

# 67: If you worked hard to get a prospect or a customer, don’t walk away with only a partial profit.

Don’t give discounts when you are selling a product or signing someone up. Instead, offer them a low cost, free bonus product with a high perceived value. This is called a premium.

# 68: Sharing great deals or great discoveries is as natural as breathing.

We are all natural network marketers. Most of us simply don’t get paid for it. We all recommend different things to our friends and family.

# 69: In every problem there is an opportunity for a great marketer to make money.

Find a problem and offer people a solution to that problem. Recessions are a wonderful time to build your business since more people are looking for a Plan B.

# 70: You must help prospects feel that they want your products, services, and opportunity.

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes whenever possible. Get in their mind and learn how they think. Think of things from the other person’s perspective.

# 71: When your prospect feels strongly about doing business with you….price doesn’t matter.

Most prospects are more interested in how you can help them succeed in the business than they are in the company or products.

be different in mlm

Books by “Big Al” 

What I’ve done below is share some of his most popular books. I listed them in alphabetical order to keep things simple.

26 Instant Marketing Ideas

26 Instant Marketing Ideas to Build Your Network Marketing Business by “Big Al” Tom Schreiter is a concise yet impactful handbook packed with immediately applicable strategies designed to amplify marketing efforts. In this book, Schreiter presents a compendium of 26 actionable ideas that can be swiftly implemented to enhance marketing effectiveness across various industries.

Each idea is a gem, offering practical techniques, creative approaches, and insightful tactics to attract and engage prospects, boost sales, and fortify relationships with customers. Schreiter’s accessible writing style makes this book an invaluable resource for marketers seeking quick, effective solutions to invigorate their marketing endeavors and achieve tangible results in a short span of time.

Be the Top 1%

Be The Top 1% in Network Marketing by Big Al (Tom Schreiter) is a compelling exploration of what sets the most successful network marketers apart from the rest. Tom Schreiter, drawing from his extensive experience in the industry, distills the crucial habits, mindsets, and strategies employed by the top echelon of MLM professionals.

This book offers practical insights into building a resilient mindset, effective prospecting techniques, mastering the art of duplication, and fostering leadership skills essential for achieving unparalleled success in the network marketing arena. It’s a blueprint for aspiring network marketers aiming to join the elite ranks, providing actionable steps to elevate their performance and mindset, ultimately propelling them toward the top percentile in the industry.

Big Al’s MLM Sponsoring Magic

Big Al’s MLM Sponsoring Magic by “Big Al” Tom Schreiter is a transformative guide unveiling the secrets to mastering the art of sponsoring within the realm of multi-level marketing (MLM). Schreiter distills complex sponsoring strategies into simple, actionable steps, offering a roadmap for network marketers to effortlessly attract, engage, and recruit prospects.

Through practical techniques and proven methodologies, the book teaches the nuances of effective communication, identifying prospects’ needs, and addressing objections skillfully. It emphasizes the power of building relationships, storytelling, and leveraging curiosity to create a compelling sponsoring process.

Schreiter’s expertise provides invaluable tools for both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the MLM industry, enabling them to elevate their sponsoring abilities, expand their networks, and achieve remarkable success in their ventures.

The Four Color Personalities of MLM

The Four Color Personalities for MLM by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter presents a dynamic framework elucidating the diverse personalities encountered in the realm of multi-level marketing (MLM). Schreiter outlines four distinct personality types – Analyticals, Amiables, Drivers, and Expressives – and offers an in-depth understanding of their behaviors, preferences, and motivations within the MLM landscape.

By deciphering these personalities, Schreiter provides invaluable insights into tailoring communication, approaches, and strategies to effectively connect, engage, and recruit individuals of varying dispositions. This book acts as a powerful tool for network marketers, empowering them with the knowledge to adapt their communication styles, build rapport, and create meaningful connections with prospects, thereby enhancing their ability to recruit and build successful teams within the diverse spectrum of personalities encountered in the MLM industry.

How to Get Appointments without Rejection

How to Get Appointments Without Rejection by “Big Al” Tom Schreiter is a game-changing guide unveiling powerful strategies to secure appointments effortlessly while sidestepping rejection. Schreiter, drawing upon his wealth of experience in network marketing, unveils practical and non-intrusive approaches to initiate conversations and secure appointments without encountering resistance.

Through his insightful techniques, readers learn the art of creating genuine connections, crafting compelling messages, and fostering trust, thereby transforming the appointment-setting process into a smooth, rejection-free experience. This book serves as a treasure trove for professionals seeking to revolutionize their approach to securing appointments, empowering them with the tools to effortlessly navigate the often challenging landscape of appointment setting with confidence and finesse.

How to Build Network Marketing Leaders

How to Build Network Marketing Leaders authored by “Big Al” Tom Schreiter is a definitive guide unveiling the blueprint for cultivating strong leadership within the network marketing realm. Schreiter shares invaluable insights and actionable strategies that focus on developing and nurturing leadership qualities essential for success in the industry.

From identifying and mentoring potential leaders to fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment, the book provides a comprehensive roadmap. It delves into the art of effective communication, coaching methodologies, and creating an environment conducive to fostering leadership skills in team members.

Schreiter’s expertise offers a transformative approach, equipping network marketers with the knowledge and tools needed to not only build a successful team but to empower leaders who drive sustainable growth and success in the network marketing arena.

How to Follow Up with Your Network Marketing Prospects

How to Follow Up with Your Network Marketing Prospects by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is a comprehensive manual that delves into the art of effective follow-up in network marketing. Schreiter intricately outlines proven methods and approaches for nurturing relationships with prospects, emphasizing the critical role of consistent and purposeful follow-up in the network marketing journey.

From understanding different communication styles to utilizing various channels and scripts, this book provides invaluable insights and actionable strategies to enhance follow-up techniques, ultimately empowering individuals to build stronger connections, overcome objections, and achieve success in network marketing endeavors.

How to Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence, & Rapport!

How to Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence, & Rapport! by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is a practical guide unveiling powerful strategies to build immediate connections and influence others effectively. Schreiter presents actionable insights and techniques, emphasizing the importance of trust, belief, and rapport in establishing impactful relationships.

From mastering communication skills to understanding psychological triggers, this book offers valuable principles and real-world examples to help readers foster trust, gain influence, and create lasting connections in various personal and professional settings.

Pre-Closing for Network Marketing

Pre-Closing for Network Marketing Prospects by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is a strategic guide illuminating the pivotal phase before the final pitch in network marketing. Schreiter unveils powerful techniques and psychological triggers to lay the groundwork for successful closures.

Focusing on the crucial steps leading up to the closing stage, the book emphasizes the importance of building trust, addressing objections preemptively, and understanding prospects’ needs. It offers actionable insights and practical advice, including effective communication methods and scripts tailored to various scenarios, empowering network marketers to navigate the pre-closing phase skillfully and increase their success rates in converting prospects into clients or team members.

Turbo MLM

Big Al’s Turbo MLM is a comprehensive guide that delves into the intricate world of multi-level marketing (MLM), offering practical strategies and invaluable insights to navigate this industry successfully. Authored by Big Al Schreiter, a seasoned expert in network marketing, the book provides a treasure trove of tips, techniques, and proven methods to accelerate one’s MLM business.

It covers essential aspects such as building a solid network, effective communication skills, fostering strong relationships, and maximizing sales through compelling storytelling and persuasive techniques. Big Al’s engaging and straightforward approach makes this book an indispensable resource for both newcomers and experienced individuals seeking to excel in the dynamic realm of MLM, empowering them with the tools needed to thrive in this competitive field.

Big Al Tom Schreiter

About “Big Al” Tom Schreiter

“Big Al” Tom Schreiter is a prominent figure in the realm of network marketing, renowned for his expertise in teaching effective strategies for success in the industry. With over four decades of experience, Schreiter has become a sought-after speaker, author, and mentor, impacting countless individuals worldwide.

His unique approach to network marketing focuses on simplifying intricate concepts, making them accessible to everyone regardless of their background or experience. Schreiter’s engaging and conversational style resonates through his books and training sessions, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with practical skills to navigate the complexities of network marketing.

His dedication to helping others achieve their goals and his passion for teaching continue to make him a respected authority in the field.


Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s impact on the world of network marketing and personal development is profound, evident through his insightful books and timeless wisdom encapsulated in his top quotes. His books, such as “How to Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence, & Rapport!”, “How to Follow Up with Your Network Marketing Prospects,” and “Pre-Closing for Network Marketing Prospects,” serve as guiding beacons for individuals navigating the complexities of network marketing.

These books offer actionable strategies, communication techniques, and psychological insights that empower readers to forge genuine connections, overcome hurdles, and achieve success in their endeavors. Schreiter’s top quotes echo his profound understanding of human psychology and the importance of relationships, encapsulating his teachings succinctly.

With his guidance, individuals in network marketing discover the transformative power of trust, effective communication, and strategic follow-up, paving the way for sustainable success in the dynamic world of network marketing. As Big Al says, “Facts tell, but stories sell,” highlighting the enduring importance of storytelling and relatability in connecting with others, a testament to the timeless wisdom found in his works.

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