Tips for Working Your Warm Market in Network Marketing

Today, I want to share some tips on working your warm market to build your network marketing business.  Personally, I think EVERYONE should start with their warm market.  It’s foolish not to.

Most people know at least 200 people they could share their products and business opportunity with.  And if they were to sit down for a few hours and put some serious thought into it, most people could come up with at least 1,000 names to put on their name list.

Sound impossible?

Do yourself a favor right now and do the following.  Get out a piece of paper and write down all of these names on it:

  • All of your Facebook friends
  • All of your spouse’s Facebook friends
  • All of your phone contacts
  • All of your neighbors
  • All of your friends at work
  • Everyone on your Christmas Card List
  • Everyone in your email contact list

I just did this myself and came up with almost 1500 names!  I’d bet that if you did this exercise you would have at least 800 names.

Now that I’ve shown you that you have a big enough warm market to work with, the real question is: will you work with them?

Do you believe in yourself and your products and your business opportunity enough to share it with people you know?

If you won’t, get ready to eat a big lunch!  Get ready to struggle and fail.

Let me put things in perspective.  If you knew you had access to a pot of gold for 24 hours and you could help all of your friends and family have the same thing, wouldn’t you tell them?

I hope so.

Network marketing is the same way.  You have access to something that can completely change your life for the better.  Why wouldn’t you share it with everyone?

If you are going to work with your warm market, and you should, there are a few things you should do.  Here is what I recommend.

# 1 Make a Large Name List – The first step in the process is to make your list.  You want a BIG list.  The more names the better.  Get it all written down and centralized in one location. The goal is at least 1000 names. Do the exercise I mentioned above and that won’t be a problem.

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# 2 Call Everyone to Make an Appointment – What you want to do is contact everyone on your list ONE at a time. Don’t blast out a message on Facebook.  Don’t send out a mass email. Call people, ask them a few qualifying questions and set an appointment to show a complete business presentation with them.

# 3 Meet One-On-One, Or Preferably Face-to-Face – Meeting face to face with your warm market is the best option.  I understand some of them live far away, so in those cases, you want to chat on the phone or by SKYPE.  You could also invite everyone to a home party.

# 4 Show the Plan and Share the Products – Your goal is to expose everyone to the business opportunity and products and let them decide which option is best for them.  Your job is to sift and sort, not sell.

# 5 Work with the Willing and Get Referrals from Everyone Else – Some will join your team and some won’t.  You have no control over that.  Just be positive and treat everyone nicely. Try to get referrals from everyone.  This will help you keep growing your list.

These are the five steps I recommend when it comes to working with your warm market in your network marketing business.

At the end of the day, you already know enough people to build a large network marketing business.  All you have to do is contact them and find the people who want what you have to offer.

What are your thoughts?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


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Chuck Holmes is an author, blogger and network marketer. He is a top producer in his network marketing company. He is happily married and lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, Rachel.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Working Your Warm Market in Network Marketing

  1. That list you shared to generate contacts is great. I never really considered all of those individuals to be contacts that I could share information with. I guess I sometimes just get focused on the individuals like friends and family that I know will support me, that I forget about the extended network. I intend to complete that exercise tonight and see how many contacts I can generate. I think you are right that I will be able to get up to at least 800.

  2. I must say that it would be an amazement to me if a person in network marketing didn’t work their warm market first. It just makes common sense. One thing I want to mention with your warm market, is don’t give up if someone says no at first. Situations can change and their answer may switch to yes. That doesn’t mean to be overbearing or obnoxious, but stay in contact and remind them of the opportunity. You may find more of your warm market jumping in by staying in contact.

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