Six Tips for Promoting Your MLM Business via Newspapers

One of the most effective and most overlooked ways to grow your network marketing business is to place classified ads in your local newspaper. For some strange reason, many distributors have ignored this venue in an attempt to build their business online. And I think that is a huge mistake.

Personally, I think it’s wise to begin building your MLM business locally. That way you are in close proximity to the people you sponsor and you can provide better support.  It makes no sense to try and build a national and international business if you haven’t even started out in your own back yard yet.  And as I see it, the best way to find local distributors is to advertise in the newspaper.

Listed below, I want to share a few helpful tips on how to grow your MLM business with newspaper classifieds. Let’s get started.

1. Place a Catchy Ad: You want to place an ad in the classified section under business opportunities. Don’t mislead people by placing your ad in the employment section. Try to keep your line to four lines or less. You want a catchy title, a featured benefit and a call to action. An example ad might be “Fire Your Boss. Start Your Own Home Business. Call 800-000-0000 to learn more.” You might want to use a bold border around your ad or even consider a color ad so it stands out.

2. Provide a Toll Free Phone Number: If possible, get a toll-free 800 phone number and have calls sent straight to voice mail. You don’t want to answer the calls yourself. Some people think it’s best to use a sizzle call. This is simply a 5-20 minute pre-recorded message explaining your opportunity. Personally, I think it’s just as effective to leave a simple message such as “Thanks for calling. Please leave your name, number and email and one of our associates will call you back in the next 24-hours.”  Remember, people will be less likely to call you if they think you will answer the phone. So put in the ad that it is a pre-recorded message.

real time mlm leads3. Don’t Answer the Calls Yourself: As mentioned above, don’t answer the calls yourself. If you are forced to answer calls, several bad things might happen. First of all, you won’t have a life. If your phone is ringing off the hook, the calls will be a huge distraction in your life. Also, you want to be in the right frame of mind when you talk to prospects. If you are arguing with your spouse and you answer the phone, you won’t be in a good mood. And your prospect will know it. Just let the calls go to voicemail and check the messages at your convenience.

4. Follow Up: You must follow up with your leads. You should follow up in 24-48 hours.  The sooner the better. Make sure you call your leads. Your primary goal is to qualify them and set an appointment to meet with them face-to-face, via a three way call, or a webinar.  DO NOT try to explain everything in detail right there and then when you call them back.  Leverage technology and work smart.  Furthermore, you should also keep a database of every lead you generate, so you can follow up again in 6-12 months.

5. Track Your Results: You should track your results for each ad. How many calls did you get? How many appointments did you set? How many presentations did you give? How many distributors did you sponsor? How many customers did you get? If you don’t track your advertising, you won’t know what is working and what isn’t working. You can use a software program or piece of paper to do this.  Try out a few different ads in a few different papers until you find something that converts well for you. At this point you can really expand your efforts.

6. Be Consistent: You can’t advertise once and expect great results. You must be consistent. At a minimum, run your ad for three months straight. You don’t have to run the ad every day. You can have the ad appear 1-2 times per week, on the same days each week. Remember that most people need to see your message many times before they will respond. If you only run your ad once, you will be greatly disappointed with the results you get.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are my best six tips on how to grow your MLM business with newspaper classified advertisements. Many distributors have built enormous downlines, just by using classified ads in newspapers. If it worked for them, it will work for you.

What are your thoughts? What are your best tips for advertising in newspapers to grow your network marketing business?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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4 thoughts on “Six Tips for Promoting Your MLM Business via Newspapers

  1. I will definitely try this. Thank you so much for the information. But I am wondering, where would I advertise the company’s products? I am with health and fitness and we sell shakes. Would the classifieds be the right place for that too?

    • I would instead offer a free consultation or free coaching, or even a free sample. There is a section in the classified section marked announcements. I would put it there.

  2. In this technology driven society, I am surprised to see that growing a network marketing business through the newspaper classified advertisements is an effective way in obtaining leads. However, after reading this article it does make sense, especially if you desire to reach an international market. The 6 tips in this article is great advice.

    • Newspapers are often overlooked because they aren’t sexy. While advertising online is fine, I think you get better quality leads when you advertise offline. I’ve used newspaper ads many times myself and I can attest that it works.

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