Tips for Building Long Distance Lines or Legs in Your MLM Business

Today, I want to talk about a subject that you need to know about.  That subject is “building long distance lines or legs in your MLM Business.”

This is something that most distributors are never taught about, so they don’t know what they should or shouldn’t do.

Just to clarify things, I define a long distance leg as anyone who lives more than three hours away from your home.

To be considered local, I think you have to be able to drive there and back after you get off work for the day and still get home in time before you have to go to work the next day.

Anything more than three hours away is a stretch.

Most distributors are taught to build locally first.  This makes a lot of sense to me, but most new distributors fight it.  People who live in Miami, Florida think that people in Atlanta, Georgia are better prospects.  And the people in Atlanta think that the people in Miami are better prospects.

What does this mean?  It means that the people in Atlanta travel to Miami while the people in Miami are traveling to Atlanta to build their network marketing business.  The only people who benefit are the travel industry and the gas companies!

You see, the grass is not greener on the other sideThe grass is greener where you water it.  Whether you live in a big town, small town or city, there are plenty of good local prospects in your home town.   It’s just your job to meet them, show them the plan and sign them up.

Why should you start local?  Because it’s inexpensive and much easier to help your new team members get started.  It’s easier to hold meetings for them and train them than it is a long distance leg.  By building locally, your business will naturally expand into other cities, states and countries.

If you get nothing else out this article remember to start locally and then expand from there.

How to Do It

Now that we’ve got that out of the way I want to talk to you about building your long distance legs.  At some point in your business you will have some long distance legs whether you intend to or not!

The beauty of long distance legs is that they are forced to become independent of you.  They don’t have you there to baby or coddle them so they are forced into a leadership role from day one.  Whether you realize it or not right now that is a GOOD thing!  The last thing you want is a bunch of adults who are dependent on you.

Once you find someone long distance who is serious about the business you want to do at least two home meetings for them.  That means you travel to their home to do a group business presentation.  They invite over their friends and family and you come in as the expert from out of town.  You do two meetings in their home and help them sign up their first few distributors.

Once you’ve done that, you take their newest, most excited distributor and do the same thing with them.  Have two meetings with them, help them sign up their first few people, and then repeat the same process over and over again in depth.  By the time you get the leg 10 levels deep, you should have a very stable leg with several serious people.

At this point, you can transfer leadership over to the top person in the group.  They can be responsible for doing meetings and conducting training in their local area.  In addition, you can plug them into any crossline’s or company training in their area.

how to build long distance legsThat doesn’t mean you stop coming to visit and help.  It just means you do it less often, so the person at the top of the leg can assume leadership.

This is quite perhaps one of the oldest and most proven ways to build a long distance group in your network marketing business, and it works.  Just ask anyone who has built a stable long distance group.

Another key point to consider is NEVER stop working in a long distance leg.  Just work at the bottom most point of your long distance legs, with the newest most excited distributor.  The deeper you build a leg, the stronger it becomes.

If you don’t have the luxury of traveling to build a long distance leg, you have two other options.  You can (1) leverage technology to help build the team or (2) just focus on a local group.

I think that technology such as SKYPE and GOOGLE Hangouts are very effective, but I also realize that nothing beats face to face interaction.  Doing home events, one one one’s, and face to face meetings will always be the most effective way to expand your business.  But if you don’t have that luxury, you can still meet with people face to face on SKYPE.

Your other option is to stay local.  Most people could build a really profitable business just from people in their own home town.  Keep in mind that if you do that your team will naturally expand to other cities, states and countries as well.  So you should still have a plan to build your long distance legs.

Since I build my business online with my blog, I don’t have anyone locally.  I use SKYPE, Facebook and conference calls and emails to communicate.  It works for me, but I know it isn’t anywhere near effective as face to face interaction.  I wish I had a local group. I’m working on that right now.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are my best tips on building long distance lines in your MLM Team.  At the end of the day, you should always start locally and let your business naturally expand from there.

When someone serious pops up long distance, make sure you travel to their location to help them get started.  Drive or fly in, pour some fuel on the fire and get out of town as quickly as possible.  Try to build a taproot leg at least 10 levels deep in each long distance group and you should find three to five key leaders from doing that.

What are your thoughts?  What are your best tips for building a long distance leg in your MLM Group?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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10 thoughts on “Tips for Building Long Distance Lines or Legs in Your MLM Business”

  1. This all makes great sense Chuck, but as you said, some businesses naturally expand quickly away from local such as yours; and for that matter, mine too. As an English language author living in Puerto Rico, most of my business is in the United States. I have discovered Skype to be a very good tool in this regard. Another wonderful tool for a multi person meeting is Go To Meeting. I just wanted to mention that in case you were not familiar with it.

  2. Diamond Grant

    Very good ideas you shared here. I never really considered expanding beyond my local area simply because I know I cannot really afford to spend time away constantly training and conducting meetings. But when you mentioned the fact that you can pass on the training and meeting responsibilities to the strongest person after awhile, it makes the short term work seem more worth it.

  3. Someone told me years ago that the best businesses and markets always start small and start local. I never knew what local meant until recently. To me, 3 hours is a bit of a stretch. I do 2 hours away. Anything with in two hours of me is local. This is even true for online. Starting sites or forums are best started out small and local.

  4. Great advice, its good to start locally. Because it is inexpensive and you don’t have to suffer heavy gas bill and travelling expenses. If you properly build your team locally, it will automatically marketed to other cities by mount to mouth publicity.

  5. I totally agree with you about starting locally! I think that in any business it’s important to start in a familiar area, but especially if you want to eventually go long distance. It gives you a sold base to start with and expand from. Great post!

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