Think Like Your MLM Prospect If You Want to Sponsor More People

If you want to sponsor more MLM Reps you need to learn how to think like your prospect.

One of the best ways to connect with your prospect is to put yourself in their shoes.

Take your eyes off yourself and focus on what’s in it for them.

I learned about this simple concept from Dale Carnegie, in his famous book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

He basically stated that one of the quickest ways to make a friend and connect with someone is to focus on them, not you.

I think that is sage advice.

During the past 14 years of sharing my business opportunities with prospects, I’ve learned that my best presentations happened when I asked a lot of questions and found out what the other person wanted FIRST, and then showed them how what I had to offer could help them solve their problem.

Remember this: People don’t really care about the compensation plan, the company leadership team, or the company’s history.

In many cases, they don’t even care about the products.

They don’t care about you either.

Instead, they care about themselves and what’s in it for them!

ALWAYS focus on what’s in it for them.

Do that and you will sponsor a higher percentage of the people you share your business opportunity with.

Furthermore, you have to realize that your prospect has a lot of things going through their head while they are sitting down with you.

The first thing going through their head is you.

They are looking at you and asking themselves:

  1. Is he serious or will he quit?
  2. Is he honest and sincere or just trying to make a quick dollar?
  3. Does he know what he is doing?
  4. Can he help me?
  5. Will he help me?

In other words, most prospects are evaluating the person who shows them the plan more than the plan themselves.

Chew on that baby!

This means you should be honest, sincere, prompt, professional and courteous.

Treat each prospect as nice as you would treat your own parent or child.

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The next thing going through a prospect’s mind is FEAR.

best presentation memeMost people fear the unknown.

Most people will not pursue a new opportunity, even if it interests them, because they fear the unknown.

They also fear failure.

They fear rejection.

They fear change.

They fear what people will think of them.

Walking your prospect through these basic fears, even if they don’t address them, is very important.

Another thing your prospect is thinking about is TIME.

They think they are too busy and don’t have time to add one more thing to the plate.

We all know that people have plenty of time for the things that are important to them.

Your job is to show them HOW working the business will eventually give them more time to do what they want.

If you can’t overcome that obstacle, you’ve lost them.

I always ask people who tell me they are busy these two questions.

What is your plan to be less busy?

If you keep doing what you are currently doing, will you EVER have more time?

That usually gets your prospect thinking and opens their mind a bit.

Another thing your prospect is more than likely thinking about is their past failures.

They remember all the things they’ve tried in the past and quit, or failed at.

Maybe they’ve even spent some time in the industry before and never achieved the success they desire.

I always like to tell people the worst case scenario is that they can get a discount on their products, be part of a great team, and make some new friends.

The best case scenario is that they can create the lifestyle they desire.

Finally, your prospect is probably wondering what their spouse will think!

You would be surprised at how many people have un-supportive spouses.

Sometimes it’s justified.

Sometimes it’s just the way it is.

One of the best things you can do is NEVER share the business opportunity with just one partner.

Make sure that both partners are present and see the complete presentation together.

That gives you a better chance than just showing one partner and having them try to explain it to their partner when they get home.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that you need to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes whenever possible.

Think about things from their perspective.

Always think about what’s in it for them.

Ask a lot of questions and be a good listener.

Focus on their wants, needs and desires and you can’t go wrong.

What are your thoughts about this concept?

I would love to hear what you think.

Leave a comment below to share your opinion.

Have a great day.

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One thought on “Think Like Your MLM Prospect If You Want to Sponsor More People

  1. You gave out some stellar information here Chuck.

    I am in full agreement that we should always try to put ourselves in the prospect’s shoes.

    You mentioned that spouses can sometimes be unsupportive, and I fully agree that is at all possible, we should try to meet with both partners at the same time. This way we can provide the information to both parties and dispel both sets of fears and other objections.

    I do believe that the number 1 objection is time, and understandably so. All of us are busy people and time is valuable. I like the rebuttals you give.

    Great post Chuck. Thanks.

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